CJC Classmate to My Girlfriend Then to Fuck Buddies


She was a virgin, how could I not even know… She just turned eighteen then. But her experience level was hard to believe, she totally took my breath away. It was either she had experience with other males or she watched porn as her career…

She was my classmate in double math class in CJ. We seldom talked, but we exchanged shy glances always. She would sometimes come to me and borrow little things such as eraser or ruler. She came to borrow a ruler from me one day… But as she was walking back to her desk, I saw a freaking ruler sitting there! That was when I realized that those were all her attempts to interact with me! How stupid can I get, after two months…? Really?????

Anyways, I didn’t wait long at all. I took the initiative to begin writing on her table when she went to the toilet. Took me a while to harness the courage to walk to her desk and write my number on it, I signed off of course. She got the message and we chatted there since.

I managed to get her out within a week. We went to movies initially, but I didn’t dare to make any moves on her. Sometimes during movies I just acted as if it was an accident and brushed her hand – it was always her right hand. So there was this time when I sat on her left, which then exposed me to her left hand. It was then when she leaned onto me, resting her head on my shoulders. I immediately got a hard on, she totally caught me off guard. The thing was, she didn’t just rest her head, she rested her entire left boobs on my right arm. I could feel the softness of her bra and was so tempted to grope her on the spot. Of course I resisted the thought.

From then on, our interactions became intimate… We began fondling each other on buses, on our way home. We would usually wait for double decker buses then we boarded. 147 distant journeys were our favorite, other than a few stops with lots of abu neh neh, the rest of the journey we were pretty much undisturbed. We started off with soft kisses. Again, it was her initiative to french. But from there, the frenchings got me bold. Somehow I saw that as a sign to welcome me onto her body. I unclipped her bra while she was still in her uniform. She giggled and I became even more bold, I slipped my hands inside her uniform and began fondling her breasts. One of the times I was on her nipples. I only touched the outskirt of her breast, part of me was resisting because of shyness but part of me wanted to tease her. She began flushing and moaning pretty loudly I remembered. She held on to my upper arm while I was working on her with my hands. After about five minutes of tickling her, I rubbed my fingers on her nipple. She let out a squeak, I remembered it was loud enough for people at the front to turn back. I quickly pulled out and she lowered herself by sliding lower on her seat. She actually felt embarrassed for a while.

We were a little awkward… Again, it was only for a while. She then rested her hands on my pants. On top of my dick. She must have been really proud because he was already long standing.

Her hands didn’t move for a long while, I could feel him throbbing in pain, from the teasing. She must have been nervous, because her hands were ice cold. Either that or my cock was burning hot…

Her name was Jasmine. She was standing 162 while my height was 179. When I asked her what her weight was, she refused to say, but I knew it couldn’t be more than 45 despite her height because she was really small. Everything about her was small. She was the slimmest in the class, we used to call her bony sometimes, but behind her back we always commented on her hot body.

A man walked all the way from the front of the bus to sit adjacent to us. One look and you knew he’s those who were desperate for some free show. She was uncomfortable, so we decided to alight, yes bus rides were free for us, a privilege that had been much missed by me.

We waited and boarded the next bus, it was a right choice. The bus was literally empty at the top, not a single soul. As I walked down the aisle behind her, my heart started throbbing faster and faster, my hard on getting even more unbearable. I had to do something about it and I knew I would. But I kept my cool, I smiled when she turned around with a shy but horny grin, signaling the start of the next round. When I slid onto the seat beside her, she reached for my zip and swiftly unzipped it. I froze and my jaw dropped. She did it so smoothly that I would never believe it was her first time. Anyway, it didn’t matter to me, at least not at that point.

I placed my hand on top of her to reassure her that I wanted it too. She smiled at me and lightly brushed up and down while leaning her head on my shoulder.

“Do you want some too?” I whispered into her ears gently. I could feel her hands trembling on my cock even across the smooth fabric of our uniform.

“What do you think? Of course, but slow ok.” She replied very shyly. I had more experience, I knew what to do, but I didn’t want to intimidate her. So I faked innocent and tugged on her skirt buckle as if I couldn’t get it off. She giggled and lifted her hands off my cock and unbuckled her skirt. I was regretting what I did when she lifted her hands off my brother. But soon enough she was back into action. I got both happy and bolder. I slid my right hand into her skirt and immediately into her panties, she gasped. I stopped and asked her if she was ok and she nodded. My instinct told me to reach for her clit straight, but I decided to hold it and tickle her first.

I slanted my angle and avoided her clit, moving down the side of her vagina so such that my middle finger touched part of her left ass. Her stroking motion stopped again, she took a deep breath and continued. This time she also unbuckled me to free my throbbing cock further. She slipped her hands into my underwear, skipped my cock and went for the side of my balls. I knew exactly what she meant by that. Swiftly, I tilted the angle, gently, I cupped her entire private part with my hands. My palm was on her clit and my fingers with over her vagina. “What the fuck is this… She’s wetter and more slippery than my experiences with girls who are having sex?” I thought to myself. She rewarded me by moving her fingers upwards to the tip of my cock. That was when I snapped my thoughts. I peeped down at my own cock and actually felt disgusted. My pre-cum were all over my cock head. I was even wetter than I had ever been. I got embarrassed and whispered, “Sorry, I know it is disgusting.” She shook her head and wrapped her hands over the tip of my cock. I swore to god I almost came right on the spot into her hands, I tried to distract myself thinking of Katong, kueh lapis and all the nicest food in the world to hold my cum back. Lucky thing was she stopped there and didn’t move, I guessed she could sense what was about to come had she moved a single inch more.

Meanwhile, I had totally forgotten about her hands. Man sucks at multitasking and I bet mankind learnt about it during the 69 position, you know what I mean. Anyways, she put her left hand on my right to urge me to continue. I didn’t do much, I could feel her clitoris swelling up and I knew she was horny at that time. I just circled my entire arm slowly, making sure that every part of my hand was in contact with her skin. Her moans just got louder and louder.

We alighted the bus, full of smells of sex in our hands. I didn’t come on the bus that day, but went home to release as if I never had sex in a century. I bet she relieved herself at home too. We didn’t chat that night, there was something seriously wrong with us. We weren’t even in a relationship yet! Technically, we were just friends, yet our lustful bodies yearned for each other so much that we couldn’t stop thinking of each other. I reckoned that was the wrong thing to do, even if I were to have sex with her I would want to do it in the name of her boyfriend. I left a message for her during class that day to meet after school again at the bus stop. We didn’t talk throughout the entire time waiting for the bus. When a double decker came, we both stood up in harmony and boarded the bus, it wasn’t even our bus, but it didn’t even matter.

Once we sat down, we began french kissing again. I completely forgot what I was supposed to ask her. Again, we relieved each other off our bottom buckles and began fondling at each other’s parts. This time I got really bold, I rubbed her clit with my index finger gently. This time she moaned softer because the bus was relatively more packed than the previous day. Still we were at the extreme back seat and the rattling of the engine muffled her moans enough to keep us alone. After a while I switched hands, instead of using my right hand, I leaned forward and boldly used my left hand to reach for her pussy. She was taken aback and attempted to sit up higher to distance from my approaching fingers. “Hey, slowly ok?” She whispered. “Don’t worry, I will.” I replied into her ears. I lowered her body again, this time she sat even lower, to allow my fingers easier access to her pussy.

I am a left hander, so my left hand is stronger and more sensitive. I wetted my fingers with her pussy juice. From her face, I could tell she really enjoyed it a lot. I then began rubbing her clitoris slowly, but by this time both my hands were on her, my right hand was on her inner left thigh. Her hands were awkwardly crossed to reach my cock too. After a while, she gave up trying because I succeeded in weakening her entire body. She relaxed and let me do everything. I switched hands and rubbed her clit with right hand while tapping her vagina with my left. She started rocking along with the beat of my tap and for a long while, this went on. I enjoyed it so much that my hard on could not subside and kept throbbing. But I knew that my turn will come soon enough if I did that well. Her hand stuck out after a while to press somewhere around her pubic hair area and began rubbing there. I didn’t know what it was then – it was after a while that I realized that’s where the female G spot is.

We kissed, she frenched me so hard. I could feel her asking me to go faster, although she didn’t ask. Her breath got faster and louder. I continued that for a while and that was when she squeaked again. This time, many people turned their heads around. They could only see me from their angle because she literally went underneath the chair already. Some turned back with a grin on their faces, a few adults shook their heads in disappointment, but hey, who the hell will give a damn – especially when he knew his turn was about to come?

She wore 32B, but I think she was bigger than that because she looked like she had outgrown her cup. Still, her frame was small and slim.

Panting, she gazed up at me. I gave her a grin and played with her hair. Her position was awkward, she was kneeling between the chairs, facing the side we were seated with her back leaning on the chair in front. Her eyes were closed, her breast looked erected. I could see droplets of sweat on her back through her shirt. I couldn’t help but feel proud.

Then she smiled. She didn’t get up, but instead reached for my hard on through my pants. No, not through my pants anymore. She swiftly slipped her hands into my underwear and groped me. I jumped, “Woah, woah, haha… Slowly…” I thought. She didn’t. She didn’t take it slowly, she tucked on my cock and bent it downwards towards her. Without warning, she leaned forward and licked on the tip of my cock. I cringed and bent forward… My muscle contracted so hard my cock almost cramped. She looked up and laughed softly. “Like it.” She asked. “Oh… My… Fucking… God, are you serious?” I replied. She didn’t even say anything, she leaned forward again and wrapped her lips around on the tip, gently. She paused there, didn’t move, neither did I. My fucking world froze, I had tried heavy petting, but none of my ex had given me blowjob yet. She peeped upwards at me and grinned with my cock still in her mouth. Then I felt something move in her mouth, her tongue licked the bottom of my cock, to be exact, it was right below where my cum would have come out from. I jerked back and forth for a while, didn’t know what position to adopt until she pushed me against my seat with her left hand. I let her go on, trying really hard to control myself. Slowly, she lowered her head deeper down onto my cock. That moment was unforgettable, it felt like forever. I watched closely how she did it, but when she went deeper, her head covered her mouth and all I could do was to feel. It was enough, I wasn’t complaining. Slowly, she rose again, really slowly. If I were to put a speed to it, it would be about one centimeter per second kind of speed, real slow. She was a pro I knew, I had read about amateurs’ teeth brushing against guys’ cock, but she did none of those mistakes. She kept it loose and wet initially, then slowly tightened her mouth, all this while keeping her teeth away. While she was deeper inside, she lifted up her tongue and ‘rested’ it on the entire length of my cock. I touched her face, gently at the beginning. As her pace got faster, I tugged on her hair, I put my palm underneath her chin and I could feel the shape of my cock. I knew I couldn’t hold it much longer and wanted to push her shoulder away. Instead of obeying, she went even faster, apparently sensing that I was nearing the brim. When she swirled her tongue round and round my cock, I ejaculated in her mouth…

My face was flushing hot, my heart was thumping like it had never thumped before. I could hear my heartbeat in my ears that were on fire. Only after I gathered myself back did I realize that her mouth was still on my cock, and that was at least after twenty seconds. Her final stroke left her at the middle of my shaft, I could feel my tip touching the back of her mouth. Expertly, she used her thumb to gently squeeze the remainder of my cum, from the base of my cock upwards. She then tightened her lips on the balance cum in my cock and in a swift motion lifted off it with her mouth full of my semen. I was stunned, she did it so perfectly. I knew there’s something more about her that I didn’t know, but I really didn’t care. I was impressed, I was so impressed that I almost felt ashamed of giving her so little.

She took out a packet of pieces of tissue from her pocket, wrapped it around her mouth and spit into it. I was even more impressed, “She saw this coming… She knew this was going to happen. She prepared the tissue in advance!” She closed her eyes and paused for a while, then slowly turned around and slammed herself back in her seat beside me. She looked more satisfied than I do and I was puzzled. “Thank you,” she looked at me and whispered. “What?? I should thank you!” I thought to myself. I leaned forward and kissed her on her lips, which felt warm after the job. The scent of my cum in my mouth actually made me feel proud. “No, thank you.” I replied.


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