Chinese New Year Is the Only Time I Get to See My Hot Cousin


Chinese New Year is the only time I get to see my hot cousin, her curves and jugs are out of this world. Maenna is her name, couldn’t believe she is already nineteen this year and still single. Oh, and by the way, my name is Nathan, twenty one this year, fresh out of the army.

We used to be playmates and had frequent stay-overs at each other house, role-playing as doctor and nurse, husband and wife, etc. We were just so innocent back then.

However, our relationship distanced since her long one year stay with her family in Australia when she was fifteen.

“Nat, please check Mae out for me please. She is in her room way too long today.” My aunt ordered me while serving goodies to my mom.

‘Knock-knock’. “Your mom is calling you.” I exclaimed hoping to hear her ever so sweet voice.

It was just silence as I dumbly waited outside. I slowly opened the door as I saw Mae in my singlet that I left at her house four years back. I was dumbfounded by her slender body with only my singlet on, nothing else.

“What never see before chio bu ah?” Mae jokingly flirted.

“Why are you wearing my singlet?” I questioned her.

She slowly walked towards me, pressing her boobs on my chest, locked the door and whispered, “Because I missed you.”

“What the fuck?” I replied, shocked.

“Oi, can you not do this to me. I finally pulled up the courage to tell you this and this is what I get?” She agitatedly replied.

My switch went haywire as I pulled up my singlet with only her bare breasts left.

“Fuck… That’s beautiful.”

I was absolutely stunned by her amazing body.

“Nat, could you stop staring at me, it is frickin weird…” She shyly exclaimed.

Mae… I was just shocked… You have grown so much…” I said while I placed my hands all over her erotic body while I slowly rubbed her.

“Uh… Cousie, you’re rubbing it too erotically, I couldn’t stand it any longer. Take off your pants…” She demanded with her soft voice.

She unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants, she seemed like she was experienced. She grabbed my harden dong as she started yanking it on my little brother’s behalf.

“Finally, my dream of pleasing my dear cousie is fulfilled.” She winked.

“Suck on it for me Mae… I want it in your mouth.” I demanded as she slowly licked it like a harden lollipop and engulfed my whole dick. I was in some sort of dazzling state, while I thought of ways to fuck her upside down. Her tonguing skills were amazing. She was licking my wanker inside out and tonguing my shaft and my ball continuously. My pre-cum was leaking all over her mouth, but she was enjoying every single bit of it.

I forcefully pushed her to the bed, held her tender hands. Her back was facing me with her ass left wide open, helpless and defenseless. Without a second thought, she spat out some of my pre-cum and used it to lubricate her own pussy for me to begin feasting.

Mae you so good at it, I bet you ain’t virgin.” I cheekily exclaimed.

“What? This is my first time… Just that I have seen lots of porn. Can you not make this any more awkward? My cousin and I are fucking right now.” Her whole face was blushing as I was teasing her even further.

“Crap almost forgot… We need protection.” I tried to delay further, making her more awkward.

“Nat, stop it just fuck me raw… I want it now…” She shouted.

I was pretty sure my aunt heard something.

She grabbed my dong and pushed it into her. “Uhh…” She moaned immediately. She cringed a little biting her own blanket, trying her best to control her moans as I plunged her continuously.

“You’re a dirty girl dear cousie.” I whispered into her ears.

“But I am your dirty girl now.” She replied while giving me a wink.

She turned around, with her bare boobs and seductive face facing me and started hugging me while riding me to the depths of the earth. “Nat harder… Don’t stop…” As she was moaning damn loudly. I squeezed her tightly, her perky little tits touching my chest, as my hips rammed her harder and harder, like she wanted to.

All these times, she was cumming non-stop, as this was her first time. “Yessss cousiee, we are one.” Her eyes were closed, giving me a look that she had reached the highest level of sensation.

I tried to be cheekier, “Shut the fuck up, I didn’t say you can talk.” I grabbed her head and tongued her while her glaring eyes were looking into mine. It felt like we were connected both physically and spiritually.

‘Knock-knock’. Mae, ah boy ah, you all okay inside or not?” My aunt (Which is her mom.), shouted across the door.

“Ma… I am okay ah… Uhhh… I am just playing games with kor kor Nat… Uhhh…” She shouted back, all this time with my dick still inside her with her face all red.

I was pretty sure the moans were too obvious, but her mom replied okay and left.

“Baby… Give it to me!” She yelled. I pushed her back on the bed, pulled her legs up on my shoulder, scissoring the hell out of her. Her hips were moving back and forth, and damn that was amazing.

I couldn’t take any much longer. I grabbed the back of my dick and slowly tried to pull it out. She definitely knew what was going on, that I was going to cum. She pushed it right back and wrapped my head with her slender legs.

“Fuck what are you doing, you will get pregnant.” I exclaimed nervously.

“You’re just gonna take responsibility then.” She winked.

And that moment, I came inside her tiny little pussy. Her whole body was filled with excitement slowly leaking out of her glory hole.

“You belong to me now, dear cousie.” She took out my donger and grabbed at it and started licking it like a freaking lollipop.

“Let’s get cleaned up now. Mommy is waiting for us.” She ordered.

“That will not be the last of it.”



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