Charmaine from Uni

Her name was Charmaine and we had the same group of friends in University; a mix-and-match of people from one hall, and some girl who knew a couple of guys from his JC CCA, whatever. She definitely wouldn’t be classified as someone I was close to, nor was she the kind of girl who kept me away at arm’s length. The only interactions we had were just the casual ‘Hey, how’s it going’ when too many people went to the toilet or too many people came late and our options for conversation became limited.

Now, I was as horny as any other 22 year old guy in Singapore, but it was easy to see how one could place Charmaine in the realm of the ‘do-not-fuck’ zone. She’s homely, studious, goes to church, and had an air of aloofness about her past schooling and appeared to carry that with her as she sneered at strangers or PRC’s walking down the halls. I mean, she never said it out loud, but the narrowing of her eyes and that slight tilt of her head told us all. Still, as a guy, I must admit that I had allowed my eyes to rove down the smoothness of her thighs more than once.

“We should hang out sometime-“

It must’ve been part of the lyrics to whatever shit was playing on Spotify. I read the question in my Econometrics tutorial again, but there it was again; her faint voice wafted through the chords of a Metallica guitar solo and somehow reached my eardrums.

I removed my earphones.


“You and me, we should hang out sometime.”

I looked to my left; Celine and John had abandoned their seats in the library, presumably to go make out between the VAC and WUX bookshelves; you know, the shelves no one goes to.

My gaze dipped down to her hands, fidgeting with that Stabilo pencil she had chewed to oblivion. Beneath the shitty fluorescent lighting, I could make out her lips trembling.

“You want us to hang out, like, together?”

I looked into her eyes, black irises stained with the tiniest specks of brown, like a teaspoon of Milo in a cup of kopi-o. I had never noticed it until then, but for some reason, the brownness in her eyes made my heart clench. The arctic library air-con passed over us both, blowing tendrils of her ponytail along the back of her shirt, emblazoned with the word ‘Raffles’. Faint streaks of burgundy adorned the otherwise raven-black ponytail, remnants of a school-holiday of acting out against authority? The thought sent my heart into a flutter.

“Yea, like, together. Y’know – without the others.”

I feigned reaching into my bag for something; really, just to hide the sight of my hands quivering. When I came up again, she was biting on her lower lip, and I nearly fainted at that sight.

“Sure, why not?” I muttered, throwing a lazy glance at the clock, which had moved a grand total of ten seconds since her first question. I could’ve swore she tucked a wisp of her fringe behind her ear, but at that moment my sight was already going from the pulsating thump of my own pulse behind my eyelids to notice. Before either of us could follow up on that noticeable flush creeping over our faces, Celine and John returned. The edge of her shirt had come untucked, and his hair was unkempt, but neither of us raised any questions.

Probably as a result of this interruption, the question didn’t come up again, and my next three days devolved into the usual routine of studying, DOTA, and soccer. Still, lodged deep into the crevice of my subconscious was the knowledge that Charmaine had asked me out and I had responded in the most nonchalant and flippant manner possible. My skin crawled with the thought that she had dismissed me based on this, and the fear was enough to keep my eyes wide open at night.

It was on one such night that she messaged me.

“So, when are we going to hang out?”

My first instinct was to hurl my phone at the wall. Every lesson and experience I learned about girls growing up was that guys always made the first move, and any girl who hit on you was either a hooker or out to get something from you (Not mutually exclusive items.). Still, the Whatsapp profile picture of an ordinary girl clutching a puppy made me think otherwise. What harm could such an innocent-looking girl do? Honest to god, I even enlarged it, just needing to make sure that was Charmaine on the other end, and not some vixen out to take my soul.

“You’re so freaking beautiful, sometimes I am afraid you’ll take my breath away and not give it back.”

No, no, backspace, backspace.



And that was it. I mean, that was the end of the conversation. No ‘Great, I will see you’ or ‘Where do you want to go?’ or god forbid, ‘Who else is going to be there?’. Just a simple and the glow of an iphone threatening to bash my face in.

I saw her at the foot of Marina Bay Sands, outside the Art Science museum. She was leaning against the railings, the posture lending a slight curve to her butt, accentuated by the black denim shorts she was wearing. The evening breeze caught in her hair, sending it fluttering as she looked out over the bay.

I didn’t think I had ever seen her like that before.

“Didn’t think you were going to come,” she whispered as she looked down at her black Steiger ballet flats. Rich cunt.

“I wouldn’t miss hanging out with you for all the DOTA in the world.”

She smiled, her pearly teeth only served as an ornament to the browns in her eyes, now made even more prominent by the glare of the setting sun. Every detail of her dressing, from the white Forever 21 tank top to the maroon Uniqlo plaid blouse she wore over it, screamed basic, yet fit her curves like a glove. My pulse began to race as she brushed past me, and even with the breeze blowing, I caught a breath of her scent, that Nivea moisturizer she used after gym. I searched her face for the faintest sign of makeup, and found none.

It was like she’s trying desperately to show she wasn’t trying to look good, yet trying at the same time.

“We should eat.”

From some kind of warped instinct, I brushed the heel of my palm against the small of her back. My skin burned with excitement as I felt the fabric of her blouse caressing against me, the excitement heightened by the fact that she didn’t brush me off. I watched the smoothness of her thighs shifting with each step of her gait, and my brain clenched with an unquenchable thought.

You should try to fuck her, tonight.

That thought tossed in my head as we had a light dinner. She declined my offer of wine, opting for water to wash down whatever thin-crust vegetarian pizza she was eating. Instead, we spent the better half of the evening strolling along the bay. The conversation flowed like a buttery stream. We regaled each other with tales of our travels, and before long that icy stare which I had known her by, began to melt into something else.

“…and I don’t think about it that much anymore.”

I stared back into her eyes, now dark like the night which had settled over Marina Bay. Really though, I was focusing more on the edge of her neckline, just barely concealing the slightest hint of her cleavage. My heart squeezed as she inhaled sharply, raising her bosom by an inch.

“Neither do I,” I muttered.

“What do you think about?” She pondered aloud, “You’re always so quiet around the others.”

Not you, for sure. Not until tonight. And now I had enough thoughts about you to last two lifetimes.

“Do you ever think about me?” She asked, looking down at the boardwalk.

“Just once,” I answered, “It was the first time we met, and I have never stopped thinking about you ever since.”

Even in the dimness, I could tell she was looking at me. Without looking, I heard her breathing accelerate, and imagined her heart fluttering at my words. I gripped the bench as she moved closer.

“You’re so sweet.”

Again, my hand found its way to the small of her back. She curled toward me.

“It’s nothing, I just think you’re incredible, that’s all.”

Charmaine took smiling to another level. In the dimness, I could still see the spark of life dancing about in her eyes as she flashed me a beautiful set of teeth. It was quiet and I swore she could feel my heart racing as she shifted her svelte figure into the crook of my arm. Emboldened by her response, I slipped my fingertips beneath the hem of her top. At once, I could feel her entire body seething with excitement as she curled against my touch. I ran my fingers along her tailbone, enjoying the way her pulse raced beneath her skin.

“Let’s go,” she muttered, without saying where or when. It wasn’t necessary; the searing heat radiating from her face told me.

We found ourselves at the foot of PGPR an hour later. The moon had risen high in the inky sky, but between us we felt like we had the whole night ahead. She leaned on that pillar on the first floor as we talked some more, illuminated by the glow of the staircase lamps. Almost unwilling to end the evening.

“You wanna come upstairs for a while?” I asked.

I couldn’t tell read her reaction, but she looked away and sighed.

“We probably shouldn’t, right?”

“We’ll be quiet-“

It took a few minutes of scampering down hallways and looking around corners, but finally – the door shut behind us with a click. I contemplated switching on the air-conditioning, but didn’t, and was rewarded with the sight of her taking off her plaid shirt. Instead, I found a beer for her from the fridge, and at once we sat on the bed to watch Scrubs.

It took two episodes for her to lay down on my bed, chin propped against her palms. Two more episodes in, and I mustered enough balls to run a palm along her back.

“Could I use your shower?”

I swallowed, but it couldn’t stop my heart from spilling into my mouth.


I handed her a towel, and she got into the bathroom, shutting the door such that it bounced off the latch, leaving it barely an inch ajar.

She didn’t lock the door.

My heart began to pound so violently I thought it was going to burst. I shifted slightly in my chair and caught a glimpse of the mirror as she turned on the shower. Lean, tanned arms swept in a single motion as she pulled the tank top over her head. From the little viewing slit, I made out a simple, black cotton bra being unclasped and flung onto the counter. My pulse accelerated as her shorts followed, and then her panties. The shower door rumbled shut.

I threw myself onto the bed and stuffed my face into the pillow, trying desperately not to hyperventilate as the sight of her smooth skin burned behind my eyelids. By the time my heart rate slowed to 150 bpm, the sound of the shower stopped.

My head started to spin as she came out. Beads of water dripped down her neck, staining the white towel I had given her, which sat precariously around her body, held up by a knot tied around the midpoint of her cleavage. The sight made my entire body quiver.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said, placing a stack of her folded clothes and underclothes on my desk.

I should have given her the smallest goddamned towel in my closet.

“I am gonna shower too.”

The bathroom was still filled with her heady fragrance, amplified by the moisture. I took less than five minutes to shower, but it felt like five hours. My throat tightened as I wrapped a towel around my waist and emerged from the bathroom. She had started another episode without me.

“You started without me-“

“You didn’t ask me to wait,” she muttered with a chuckle.

I looked away and fiddled with my phone. She pretended to be engrossed in the show, but from the corner of my eye, I could feel her gaze roving up and down my bare torso.

She shifted her body on my bed, lying prone with her feet up. I gulped as the knot around her chest came undone, but she held the towel to her chest. My eyes wandered down the towel, its hem barely covering her butt cheeks. All I had to do was shift backwards an inch, and I would’ve caught a glimpse of her pussy.

I did.

She knew I was looking, even staring, at that narrow slit hidden beneath the shadow of her towel. From my angle it looked bare, and my brain churned with the idea that she shaved / waxed before meeting me. With a trembling hand, I reached for her ankle, and brushed my fingertips up her calves.

“You’ve such beautiful skin.”

I bit my lip as my hand brushed past her knees and moved up her thighs. The heat between her legs flashed from a warm glow to boiling hot in an instant, and the bed creaked as she gripped the sheets.

But before I could cop a feel of her ass or that bare pussy just inches from my fingers, Charmaine shifted herself. Like an awoken beast she stirred and swept her body over the edge of her bed, and sat facing my computer. The towel slipped from her chest, and she tightened it around her bosom, much like the knot that tightened in my chest. There was no going back now. At once I shifted behind her, and smiled as I felt her pushing her body back into mine. I slipped my hands around her hips and shuddered as her hair’s fragrance hit my brain like a MRT train. Without thinking, I leaned forward and nuzzled into her shoulder, before pecking at her neck. My lips brushed further up as I slid my hands down her hipbones. With a tilt of her head, she allowed me access to her ears; and her entire body glowed with anticipation as I took a delicate earlobe between my lips.

“You’ve no idea how much I want you now,” I whispered.

At those words, Charmaine‘s body rumbled with want. I kissed behind her ears as my hands roved further down her thighs. Deep within the pit of her stomach, I heard the starting of a moan, begging to be set free. With both hands, I stroked up her inner thighs as the blistering heat between her legs threatened to set my hands on fire. The quivering in my hands intensified as they wandered up the towel; it took forever before coming into contact with the weight of her bosom.

Charmaine moaned.

The tension in her chest lifted as she loosed that melodic sound from her throat. My fingers travelled further to the knot between her breasts, before loosening it with a tug. Like silk descending across marble, the towel slipped from her body.

“Please,” she begged, as I felt her hand snaking around the back of my head, and pulling me closer. Like a slave to her fragrance, I complied and resumed kissing up her neck.

Without warning, Charmaine turned, and her lips captured mine. Our entire bodies lit on fire as hands snaked around waists and our skin brushed against one another. She tasted of cheap beer, yes, but beneath that, a primal longing, like a beast kept caged for too long, now threatening to spill itself out onto my tongue.

“You complete me,” I whispered, for the brief second my lips could bear to part from her. With a whimper, she sat upright and pushed her lips up against mine, the hunger evident with each movement she made. The hunger in her kiss emboldened my intentions, and I caressed her breasts, brushing my thumb against her nipples.

“Yes,” she moaned against my lips, clasping a hand to mine and spurring me on. I sat down on the bed and allowed my other hand to pull away her towel, and at once the radiating heat between her legs was laid bare. A pair of fingers slid down her lithe waist, and brushed up hard against her lips.

Charmaine threw her head back and groaned as I did it again. She was impossibly smooth down there, and a smile spread across my face as I noticed how slick with moisture she was. As I stroked up hard against her outer lips, she threw a hand over mine and tried to push it in.

“Like this,” she pleaded, as the strength of her hunger battled against me. Unwilling to give in, I gingerly brushed her slit, before easing my way in. With a groan, Charmaine‘s entire body tensed in an expression of contorted pleasure as my finger made contact with her clitoris. At once, I could feel her pulse thumping against me even as I gently slid my finger over her. I did it again, and she pushed harder back into me. She grit her teeth and fidgeted beneath my grasp as I began to work on her clit, starting with a gentle rhythm before picking up a steady pace as she pleaded between whimpered sobs.

With trepidation, I slipped my other hand from her breasts as I held it up to her lips. She took it into her mouth and lavished one of my fingers with her saliva, and pushed it downwards. The heat of her arousal greeted my finger with its cheery glow, before I pushed it into her.

“Fuck,” Charmaine groaned, as her body twisted from the pleasure rippling through her. She was impossibly tight, and the pulse in her soaking wet cunt thumped against me like the chugging of an engine. Without thinking, I slid out and in again, starting off slow, before pumping her with my middle finger and rubbing her clit at the same time.

“You’re killing me,” she cried out, before her back arched up against me, “I am gonna… I am gonna-“

From a mirror on my desk, I made out Charmaine‘s face contorted in ecstasy, her eyes rolled back in her head as the climax washed over her. Her grip on my wrist was vice-like, and in between her whimpers I imagined hearing my bones creak. She let out another moan, before slumping against me. I laid her still-heaving body on my bed, as strings of her juices slithered down my wrist.

“You’re messy,” I muttered, holding up a glistening finger to her, “Want a taste?”

She didn’t protest as I slipped a slick finger into her lips, and I, too, partook of the salty-sweet taste of her arousal.

“That was… That was amazing,” Charmaine slurred, “You were awesome.”

“More where that came from-“ I shrugged.

I got off the bed and shut off the computer. As I turned around, the sight of her body on my bed stopped me cold. Like a Renaissance sculpture, her naked form sprawled on my bed. The loose fabric of my towel draped her hips loosely, and her untied hair adorned those youthful breasts of hers, rising and falling as the aftermath of her orgasm glowed from her body.

“You’re beautiful,” I whispered, the words more meant for myself than her. The male in me desperately sought to mount her and plant my seed deep within her womb, but her beauty was paralytic, like if I moved an inch from my position, I would wake up and she’d be gone.

“I am flabbergasted, thunderstruck,” she muttered, as she sat up. Her pert breasts sat perky on her chest, draped partially by her hair. Plucking a hair-tie from her wrist, Charmaine pulled her hair into a ponytail. I bit my lip as I thought of what that could mean.

“You’re a playboy, aren’t you?” She asked, as she stood up and moved closer to me, “All that bro shit was just an act.”


Before I could answer, I felt the warmth of her lips against mine. Her breasts swept against my chest as she perched herself on a chair and kissed me.

“I could get used to the way you taste, playboy,” she purred against my lips. Our hands slipped around each other, and for a moment, I felt entranced by her presence. The feeling swept over me so much that I hadn’t noticed she’d begun kissing my chin and neck. With delicate flicks of her tongue, she slithered down my chest, and drew lines along my torso. I swallowed hard as her head moved below my waist. The throbbing in my chest intensified as she slipped her fingers beneath my towel and tugged it off, and all of a sudden, I was naked before her eyes. The vulnerability crept up on me quickly as she gazed upon my genitals, surveying it with her lips slightly ajar.

“Wow,” she whispered, as she cradled it in her hand. The touch of her warm fingers to my cock sent a surge of adrenaline through my veins. My mind began to spin as she gripped its length within her palm, and all the blood in my head went straight to my loins.

I grit my teeth and groaned as my cock began to stiffen in her hand. She dropped my member and stared at it swelling, the gap of her mouth widened as it reached its full length, as though she had never seen one before. I breathed hard as my cock reached its peak length, just inches away from her awestruck face. A bead of sweat dripped down my forehead; she gripped my cock in her hand and squeezed several times, testing its hardness in her palm. With a grin, she gripped and eased my foreskin down, exposing its slick head, wet with precum from where I had been unconsciously begging for her touch.

“You’re wet,” she observed, sliding her hand slowly up and down my cock. Charmaine leaned closer still, until I could feel the warmth of her breath against my head. I gripped the table until it creaked.

“It’s such a magical thing,” she whispered. I looked down and was rewarded with the sight of her beautiful Milo / kopi-o brown eyes as she stuck out her tongue and ran it up the length of my manhood. I nearly fainted from the pleasure of it sliding across my head, but the steady pump of her hand on my shaft kept me steady. She kept her eyes fixed on mine as she circled her tongue around my head, but before I could savor that pleasure, it disappeared into her mouth.

I bucked my hips into her head at the sensation of her oral sex. With her hands on my hips, she sucked, lavishing her tongue against my head. As my posture steadied, she resumed pumping and sucking on my cock, oblivious to the fact that she was making my knees weak with her ministrations.

She pulled my cock from my mouth and smiled at the job she did. With a grin, Charmaine took it back between her lips, pushing my head further and further into her mouth.

“No, no you don’t have to-“

I heard a brief gag as the head of my cock slid into her throat. Pleasure erupted in my veins as she swallowed, her throat muscles pulsating against my head. Even with this, she grasped the rest of my cock outside her mouth and pumped.

“Yes,” I moaned. Without thinking, I slid my hand around the back of her head and pulled her in closer. The gagging intensified as she took the rest of my cock down her throat, but only for a brief second, before wrenching herself from me. Alarm bells rang in my head as I noticed a tear sliding down her cheek.

“Oh no, Charmaine, I am so sorry-“

“No, I wanted to,” she sniveled, wiping the tear from her face, “You made me cum after all.”

She stood up and placed a finger on my chest.

“Besides,” Charmaine continued, “I can handle whatever you give me.”

“So, we’re going all the way tonight?”

She looked into my eyes and whispered, “Please.”

Our lips met in agreement, and I savored the taste of my own precum on her tongue. She held me by the hips and edged me towards the chair. As I sat down, my lips parted as she straddled me.

“Hold me,” she ordered, taking my arm and wrapping it around her lower back, “Don’t let go.”

I watched every moment happened in slow-motion: the way she grasped my cock and lined it up to her slit, how she slowly eased herself onto me, the way her eyes screwed shut as I gripped her by the hips and pushed in. The sensation struck me like a meteor, how impossibly tight she was, yet slick like a waterfall. It took a full ten seconds for her to ease down the length of my cock.

The tightness was indescribable; as she held onto my shoulders and lifted herself up from me, I felt like my cock was getting pulled from my body by her tightness. The sensation left me speechless, and even in my bewilderment, she picked up her pace, clinging onto my neck as the riding intensified.

“Fuck, you’re killing me,” I muttered against her collarbone.

Her breath came hot and heavy against my face, but she dismounted me and got on her knees. My cock glistened with her juices and mine, and she took it into her mouth. The sudden change of sensation from pussy to mouth took me by surprise, and I gripped the chair as she pleasured my cock. The pleasure of having her tongue slide up and down my slick cock lasted all of a minute, before she got up, and laid on my bed.

“You’re almost too beautiful for words,” I whispered, the heavy air doing nothing to dull the meaning of my words.

Like pieces of a puzzle, I fit myself to her. She was even tighter lying down, and I could sense her hesitation as she held my hips when I pushed into her.

“Fuck,” she muttered, as I eased my head past her slit, “Oh god.”

I could feel my girth stretching her cunt, the sensation causing her to throw her head back. Charmaine‘s tightness gripped me like a vice, but still I persevered, not stopping until my entire cock slid into her. Manicured fingernails scratched at my forearms, the pleasure too much for her to bear.

“You like that, don’t you?” I whispered, easing myself from her and pushing in again.

The arch of her back gave the answer, so I thrusted into her again. In between the fucking, I felt our lips touch, and it was enough to send a flutter of passion through my heart.

“You’re amazing,” she breathed into my lips.

“I dream of you all the time,” I whispered back, without breaking my pace. Enslaved by lust, my cock developed a mind of its own, thrusting into her as though its only purpose was to give and receive pleasure.

The sensation was unbearable. I slid both hands up her chest and groped her breasts. Without thinking, I fucked her harder and harder until my loins felt like they were on fire.

“Oh yes,” I moaned against her neck, our skin slick with each others sweat.

“Slow down, playboy,” she chuckled, “I want tonight to last longer than it should.”

She pushed hard on my hips until my thrusting slowed to a halt. A mix of pre-cum and lubrication spilled from her slit when I pulled from her. My cock was still throbbing, her juices glistening on my head.

“Like that,” she said, putting a hand on my chest and beckoning to lean back on my knees, “Stay that way-“

With my dick standing straight up, I gasped as she dipped her head and closed her lips around it. The change of sensation from the tightness of her cunt to the tactile touch of her tongue flicking against my head drove me mad with desire. She grasped my cock and sucked hard, pumping as my cum-filled balls begged for release. But before I could get used to the excitement of her oral sex, she stopped, and shoved me hard in the chest. Before I could protest, I felt her lips close around mine. I could taste my own precum on her lips, the taste made even more arousing with the aroma of her juices. Without positioning herself, Charmaine slid onto me, the sheer wetness of her cunt fitting around me like the tightest glove.

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