Charles Angels in Town


“Charles… Come in here.” someone called me when I walked past the pantry.

I looked in and saw Jessie waving at me. Beside her was Lyn. Jessie was from the marketing department. She was average looking, had long hair, standing about 1.6m tall but had a fantastic body. She was a bitch, someone who you would not want to mess with. Lyn was from the finance department, one of our lunch-mate too. She had shoulder hair, almost as tall as Jessie and had big sparkling eyes.

“Sister… Are you free next weekend?” Jessie asked as she put her arm around my shoulder.

Being a member of the gang and the only guy, I was often regarded as a sister.

“Why… What’s the occasion?” I asked.

“It will be Fiona‘s birthday next week. We are planning to book a hotel room and have a celebration.” she said.

“So far only Jessie, Belle and me is in. Kath and Ella are on oversea trip. How about you?” Lyn asked.

“Err… Sounds like I am the only guy.” I said.

“Why? You are our sister mah… You scared we will eat you up, is it?” Jessie said and hit me on the chest.

Lyn giggled and also put her arm around me.

“Come on… You should be honored to be invited for our gals party ok.” she said.

“Ok… Count me in.” I replied.

“Great… I will book the hotel room and email everyone.” Jessie said.

Sat… 1.45 pm.

I was sitting in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton hotel, where we supposed to meet. The girls were still nowhere to be found. I was starting to wonder if this was a trick on me. Must be another great idea by Jessie, so I thought. Suddenly someone tapped onto my shoulder from behind.

“Ooi… You are early?” Jessie grinned.

“You scare me…” I said as Lyn, Belle and Fiona appeared from behind Jessie.

“You are late gals… Always.” I said.

“Sister… Don’t be angry k… We need to dress up mah.” Fiona said.

Fiona was the tallest and prettiest among all. She used to be a part time model before she quitted her job and took up a marketing job. Belle was a typical party gal, who spent most of her weekend in disco and pubs.

“What’s there to dress up…? You gals are dressing so little.” I said.

The gals busted out laughing and started to pose in front of me. All four of them were dressed in low waist jeans short and tight tank tops, almost like in a vacation.

“Alright… Let’s check in. I can’t wait to jump into the pool.” Jessie said.

Once we are in the room, the gals dropped their bags onto the floor and threw themselves onto the bed and rolled over each other.

“Gosh… The bed is so good!” Lyn said.

I walked near to the window and slid open the curtain. The scene was awesome.

“Alright girls… Let’s not waste the afternoon. Let’s hit the pool!” Jessie jumped out of the bed and began digging into her bag.

“Charles… You can change in the shower room while we girls change here.” Fiona said.

I took my bag and walked into the shower room. It was huge and spacious. I closed the sliding door and realized that the door has no lock. With a wary mind, I started to change into my swimming trunk and slipped back into my t-shirt.

“Girls… Are you done?” I shouted.

“Not yet… Keep your butt in there for a moment.” Jessie replied.

I walked near to the bathtub and the scene from the window beside it was equally breathtaking.

Minutes later… The girls shouted to me they are done. I entered into the room and I gawked hard at the gorgeous sight in front of me. All the four girls were in their bikinis, which was barely enough to cover their tits and butts. My face blushes for a moment, and I had to try hard to keep my eyes away from their bodies.

“How sister… Do we look like those babes in FHM?” Jessie put her arm around me and asked.

“Err… I never read those magazines.” I replied.

“Who are you kidding? I don’t believe you.” Fiona said.

“Ok… Ok… I think you girls look better than some of those babes.” I admitted.

“There’s better… Come… Let’s head for the pool.” Lyn said.

At the pool, I took my chance to rest on the sun bench and sun bathing myself under the sun. With my sun-glasses on, my eyes were busy drooling on the girls, one after another. Their glistering wet copper colored bodies sparked under the sun. And their barely covered tits jerked as they raced around and splashing water against each other. I was so tempted to pull down my swimming trunk and jerked my cock. Feeling tired, the girls rested themselves on the side of the pool.

“Charles… Come and joins us.” Belle shouted to me.

I reluctantly got off the sun bench and walked towards them. As I towered over the girls, I realized the girls were turning their attention on my huge bulge.

“Gee… Charles…. Are you having a hard on?” Fiona asked.

“Huh? No… I am not!” I panicked and looked down again to make sure.

“Just kidding… Haha!” Fiona said and the girls all busted out laughing.

“Great… Very funny.” I said and jumped into the pool.

We swam till the late afternoon before we headed back into our room.

“Gosh… I am so tired.” Belle threw herself onto the couch and followed by Lyn.

The towels wrapping around them loosen its grip and fell apart. But both Lyn and Belle were not making any attempt to cover themselves back.

“Right… Now there are five of us. Are we going to take turns to take our shower?” Fiona asked.

“That is going to take a lot of time. The shower room is big enough for all four of us to bath at the same time. Belle and Fiona can take their shower in the glass cubical while Lyn and I could take the bathtub. What said you guys?” Jessie said.

“I am fine. Maybe Charles should take his shower first.” Fiona said.

“I will be quick.” I said and took my bag into the shower room.

In the shower room, I peeled down my swimming trunk and looked at myself in the mirror. I was reasonably well built and my cock was thick and long, even before it was fully erect. I posed for a while before heading into the glass cubical. As I soaped my body, my mind began flooding back to the girls. Pictures of their sexy bodies began filling up my mind. I started to soap my cock and it hardened fast.

I closed my eyes for a moment, thinking I had Fiona here with me. I imagined her soft hand stroking my long thick cock. The hot, steamy water was running down my back as I stroked up and down my length. I thought I was hearing thing. But the giggling could be heard clearly again. I opened my eyes and to my horror, the shower door was slide opened and I saw Fiona and Jessie sticking their heads in.

“Gosh… Sister… Are you jerking yourself?” Fiona giggled and asked.

“Shit… Why are you gals peeping at me?” I turned my body away from them, my face turned almost white.

“Too late… We had taped you.” Jessie grinned.

It was then that I realized Jessie had a video cam with her.

“What are you gals doing…?” I shouted.

“Let me see…” Lyn snatched the camera away from Jessie and shared it with Belle.

“You have a nice butt.” Jessie said as she walked into the shower room.

“And a nice cock too.” Fiona too followed in.

“Right… This is getting too far. Erase off the recording please.” I said.

“On a condition, if you listen to me.” Jessie said.

“And me.” Fiona said.

“And us.” both Belle and Lyn had also entered in.

“What do you want me to do?” I said.

“Dumb head… We asked you here for a reason.” Jessie said as she started to peel off her bikini top and bottom.

I was gawked hard by her sudden act. Her tits were beautiful, with large brown nipples.

“How do you like my tits?” Jessie squeezed her tits lightly with her own hands and jerked them.

“And how about this?” Belle walked behind Fiona and undid Fiona‘s bikini top. It dropped onto the floor and revealed her gorgeous firm tits.

I was totally speechless.

“You don’t like this too?” Belle cupped onto Fiona‘s handful tits and jerked them lightly.

Fiona flashed a wicked smile and undid her bikini bottom as well. It slid down onto her feet and she kicked it away.

“Sister… The glass cubical is too small for us. Come out.” Jessie said.

I took a deep breath and turned to walk out slowly. My hand was still covering onto my soften meat. Jessie pulled me towards her and took my hands off.

“My gosh… Your dick is so thick.” Jessie cooed.

“And look at those huge sags hanging down.” said Belle.

“But hey… The hair looks kind of messy. Unlike us.” Fiona said as her finger rubbed across her neatly trim pubic hair.

“Let’s do a little hair cut for our little fellow here.” Lyn suggested.

“Great… Someone gets the scissor.” Jessie grinned.

“Girls… I don’t think…” I tried to protest.

“Relax sister… You will like it.” Fiona said.

Belle came back within seconds with a scissor.

“Into the bathtub sister… You don’t want to mess up the floor with those hairs.” Jessie said.

I stepped into the bathtub and with Jessie on my left, she began trimming away my pubic air as the rest look on, all looking equally amused and interesting. As she cut with great care, Jessie had to nudge and pull my cock aside at times. Soon it was done, and with shorter hairs my semi erected cock and balls look bigger.

“See… I told you it will look nice.” Jessie said as she put away the scissor.

“And the naughty boy likes it too…” Fiona said, obviously referring to my growing member.

“Boy… How long can this grow?” Lyn sat down on the bathtub on my left and asked.

“I… I am not sure.” my face turned red.

“Let’s find out.” Fiona stepped into the bathtub too, on my right.

I was too nervous to move. I felt Fiona‘s cold hands onto my abdomen and slowly slide its way down. I let out soft gasp as I felt her long, slim fingers grabbed around my meat.

“Ohh… Your cock feels so warm.” Fiona cooed as her hand gave a light squeezed on my cock.

“You should touch this…” Fiona said to Jessie, as she moved her body closer onto me, pressing her warm soft tits onto my arm.

Jessie moved closer to me too, and reached out her hand to fondle onto my huge sagging balls.

“Gosh… This fills my hand completely.” Jessie said.

Belle sat onto the bathtub too, joining Lyn and reached out her hand too to caress onto my balls. My body shivered lightly by the touch. It didn’t take long as my cock swelled harder and longer in Fiona hand. Her fingers could hardly wrap around my thick shaft.

“My… This is awesome. Almost as big as I have seen on those porn.” Belle cooed.

She too reached out her hand onto my fully erected cock and joined Fiona.

“Ahhh… Girls…” I gasped and moaned, and swallowed hard.

And I was starting to leak hard, oozing out huge gobs of precum.

“You are drooling…” Belle giggled and scoped a huge gob of my sticky precum onto her hand and coated it around my huge knot.

Fiona stroked her hand up till it reached my cock head and down again, making my shaft slick with my juice. I whimpered like a baby as the two hands took turns stroking on my wet slick thick shaft.

“Can I touch it too?” Lyn asked.

She moved her hand from my balls to my shaft and began stroking it, faster than what Fiona had done. Fiona moved behind me and pressed her soft, warm tits onto my back, as her hands moved onto my chest and caressed it lightly. I groaned hard and bite my lips hard, and my hip was thrusting against Lyn and Jessie hand, sliding my wet slick cock in and out their hands.

I turned my head to the side. Fiona pressed forward her face and our lips locked tight. Our tongues swirled and tasted against each other. I could Jessie pressing near me too. I turned to her and we kissed too. Lyn was stroking fast and hard. My cock jerked and swirled like a huge baton in her hand. I groaned hard into Jessie mouth. I grabbed both Jessie and Fiona tight into my arms and thrust my hip forward. Both Belle and Lyn eyes widen with great anticipation. Lyn stroked madly, and my balls tightened hard.

“Argghhhhh…!” I arched up my head and groaned like beast.

My boiling cums spurted hugely onto Lyn’s neck. She was taken aback by the sudden huge blast. But she kept on stroking. My cock was spurting wildly, jetting load after load of hot white thick cum onto her chest. I gasped hard and my cock jerked hard in Lyn hand, as she finally slowed down her stroking. She gave a few more squeezed on my thick shaft and few more huge gobs of my white cum oozed out and dripped onto the bathtub. Belle caught some with her hand.

“Gosh… You almost flood the bathtub.” Fiona said.

Belle playfully placed her hands onto Lyn chest and spread my white thick cum onto her tits.

“This is going to be fun… Let’s buy back some beer tonight.” Fiona said.

“Great… Looks like we don’t have to fight for the shower room anymore.” Belle stood up and began to take off her bikini.

Fiona turned on the shower and began splashing water onto us. I was in total heaven, sandwich between these gorgeous hot warm soapy bodies. Fiona was on my front and Jessie behind my back. They were like dancing, rubbing their soapy breasts against my chest and back.

“Hey Belle… Can you gals do this too?” Fiona challenged her.

Standing just outside the bathtub and beside us, Belle and Lyn looked onto each other and Lyn began to move her body and peeled off her bikini slowly.

Belle joined in by rubbing her perky ass against Lyn’s and slowly turned to mash their soft breasts together as Fiona started showering them with some nice warm water.

I was fucking dumb struck by the wanton scene, and I couldn’t be more thankful. The girls were cooing and dancing with joy and excitement. My cock had again became hard and was sliding and slapping against Jessie‘s flat belly. I knew she had noticed it, as she would sometimes slide her soft breasts low down onto my erected meat. But I don’t want to neglect Fiona. I would turn and slapped my cock onto her belly. She would grab my cock and stroked it to return the favor. We wouldn’t care less if anyone could have seen us from the window.

I stepped out of the bathtub to join Belle and Lyn. They happily sandwich me and started sliding their wet, slippery bodies against mine. Fiona showered more water onto us as Jessie moved near Fiona and fondled her beautiful breasts. Fiona wrapped her arm around Jessie and they kissed. Belle and Lyn cheered. Fiona and Jessie rubbed their peaky tits against each other, nipples to nipples. I could sense the heat rising again. Fiona and Jessie swirled their tongues lovingly against each other, as they pressed their bodies harder against each other.

As I watched on with intense excitement, Belle had quietly kneed down and stuffed my meat into her hungry mouth. I gasped hugely and placed a hand behind her head, stroking lightly on it. Her soft lips sunk down more than half my length before she slowly dragged it up, tasting my meat along the way. Just when I had my mind on Lyn, she had too kneed down to join Belle. She leaned low to flick her warm tongue onto my balls, lapping and fondling them. My head spinning with immerse pleasure, as the two sweet mouths nibbled and lapped so deliciously on my shaft and balls.

Inside the bathtub, Fiona had fell back and sat onto the edge of the bathtub with her long slim legs spreading wide. Jessie leaned down between her and kissed onto her breasts and very slowly down her flat belly. Fiona grabbed Jessie‘s head and was thrusting her body lightly up against Jessie‘s teasing mouth. Jessie nibbled slowly and reached upon Fiona‘s pinkish gaping slit. She split apart Fiona‘s tender, soft cunt lips and rubbed them lightly.

“Ahh…” Fiona moaned and thrust her swollen cunt up, eager for more.

My eyes fixed onto the gorgeous scene. Belle and Lyn took turns to soak my huge meat as deep as they could into their slurping wet mouths. I thrust my cock a couple of times into Belle gagging mouth before I pulled it out and stuffed it back into Lyn’s. My mouth drool as Jessie pushed her little tongue into Fiona‘s wet slit and flicked hard.

“Argghhh…!” Fiona lifted her hip and reacted hugely.

Jess grabbed onto Fiona‘s legs and dive her face deeper onto Fiona grinding cunt. Fiona grabbed her own breasts and arched her head back against the cold wall, gasping and moaning like a slut.

“Charles… Fucks me…” Belle urged me.

I nodded my head lightly. She kneeled down on her all fours and sticks her beautiful ass high into the air. I pulled out my slick cock from Lyn mouth and positioned myself behind Belle. Her hand went underneath her body and grabbed my cock to position onto her gaping slit. I pushed forward and stuff my huge thick cock in.

“Argghh… Sssooo… Bigggg!” Belle dropped her face onto the wet floor and groaned hard.

Lyn kneed down beside me and locked her mouth onto mine. I started to slide my entire meat into Belle, and soaked it deep in. Her tight wet cunt was like a little hand, clasping and clamping tight onto my meat. I drew out my meat slowly and pushed it in again, and again, and again.

“Ohhh… Sooo… Gooddd!” Belle looked back towards me and Lyn and moaned.

I increased my pace and strength, sliding my steaming meat in and out Belle wonderful tight cunt. From the corner of my eyes, I could see Jessie pushing two fingers into Fiona‘s cunt. Her mouth locked tightly around Fiona dripping cunt and her fingers making fast little digs. Fiona‘s was gasping hard for air, her body wriggling like a snake.

“Yeaa… Deeppperrrr… Fassstterrr!” Fiona urged Jessie on.

Jess sucked and licked furiously, her fingers squishing in and out Fiona‘s cunt. I thrust my cock into Belle in the almost identical pace of Jessie‘s fingerings. Then, with a deep groan and her body spasm hard, Fiona jerked her groin continuously as Jessie slurped and licked deliciously onto her bursting juice. Fiona looked onto our direction with her dreamy eyes and flashed a satisfying lustful smile at me. Jessie removed her mouth away from Fiona cunt and stood up. She had one leg onto the edge of the bathtub and rubbed herself lightly. Fiona sat up and locked her mouth onto Jessie‘s protruding cunt lips.

“Hmmm…” Jessie grabbed her own breasts and moaned hugely.

This reminds me of Lyn. I pulled out my cock and pulled Lyn down onto the wet cold floor. I spread her slim legs wide and went between her. Belle moved to my side and helped to position my steel hard cock onto Lyn inviting cunt. I thrust down my butt and dive my cock deep in.

“Oooooooo…!” Lyn half cooed and moaned, extremely delighted at the massive entry.

I grabbed her feet and thrust my butt forward hard and fast. My eyes returned back onto Fiona and Jessie. Fiona did the same, thrusting her long middle finger into Jessie‘s dripping cunt as her tongue flicked and lapped onto her exposed clitoris. Fiona occasionally bites and pulled hard onto Jessie‘s protruding cunt lips. Jess was not standing probably, and she had to steady herself with a hand onto the wall. Her other hand was grabbing onto Fiona hair, pulling Fiona face harder against her. Her groin was grinding madly, forcing Fiona tongue to dive deep into her wet cunt.

Belle was sucking and kissing onto Lyn’s jerking breasts. I thrust in my cock furiously, slapping and almost stuffing my balls into Lyn’s burning cunt. My cock was sliding in and out like a flash. Lyn arched up her breasts and grabbed my arms tightly.

“Pour your cum onto us Charles…” Belle said.

I pulled out my cock and kneed over Lyn’s panting body, towering my cock just above her gasping face. I stroked my almost bursting cock fast and hard. Belle leaned down and positioned her face just above Lyn, both eagerly and hungrily waiting for another of my massive eruption. The corner of my eyes caught Jessie now having two hands on the wall and her body began jerking hard. Fiona had her hands grabbing tightly onto Jessie‘s grinding ass and her mouth locked hard onto Jessie‘s erupting cunt.

“Yeeeaaahhhh… Yessss!” Jessie threw back her head and screamed in great ecstasy.

I timed myself almost perfectly and jet my first load hard onto Belle nose and lips. The huge load dripped down her chin and flowed onto Lyn forehead. I jerked my hip forward again, and the second load warm onto Belle tongue and lips, as she sticks it out to taste my sweet cum on her lips. I lowered my spurting cock and jet the next load onto Lyn hungry face. A string of huge white thick cum soaked across her lips and nose. I jerked my cock again and managed to jet the last huge load onto Lyn’s tasting mouth.

Belle leaned forward and took my oozing cock into her mouth, milking and tasting in the last few oozing loads of my cum.

I looked out of the window and it was not even dark yet.

Sat… 7.00 pm…

We have been waiting for the dinner. The beers were almost ready in the fridge, nicely chill.

“Wah… Why so long… I am starving.” Belle stood up and walked near to the window.

She was dressed in a red color translucent baby doll night dress with sexy lacy bra and panty underneath. The girls had planned for tonight a lingerie party, which, of course, was much to my sheer delight. Lyn had dressed herself in just a red sexy lacy bra and panty, while Jessie chose a white bustier bra. Fiona was the birthday gal, so they bought her a Victoria Secrets black satin bra and panty, simply gorgeous and sexy.

From left to right: Lyn, Jessie, Fiona, Belle

They insisted I wear only a boxer for the night. Finally, we heard a knock on the door.

“Yes… The food is here!” Belle jumped like a little gal and dashed for the door.

“Err… Belle…!” I shouted to her.

She stopped and looked back onto me.

“Should you maybe put on the bathrobe or something…?” I asked, and looked at the rest of the gals as well.

“And you gals too?” I added on.

Jessie and Fiona were on the bed, while Lyn was sitting on the couch with me. But they looked very much unconcerned. Belle flashed a naughty smile at me and proceeds to open the door. My eyes widen and I was starting to think how the room service boy would react.

“Good evening… Ro…o…m…” as expected, the room service boy was totally gawk by the sight.

He stood rooted for a moment, his eyes fixed onto Belle.

“Hi… Are you bringing our food in?” Belle asked and brought back his losing mind.

He slowly pushed in the cart of food and stopped in front of me and Lyn. He stared around the room in great disbelief and swallowed hard. Fiona sat up on the bed and leaned her body lower, purposely showing more of her luscious cleavage.

“Err… Please sign here…” he passed me the bill with his slightly shaking hand.

I signed and he took back the bill, his eyes filled with total envy and jealousy. As he walked towards the door and past Belle, she gave him a naughty wink and closed the door. Within seconds, the girls busted out laughing.

“Did you see his look?” Jessie giggles and rolled off the bed.

“He looks so cute… And drooling.” Belle laughed.

“I would have reacted the same way too.” I said.

“Let’s dig in… I am going to faint.” Lyn said.

Dinner was finished fast. We pushed aside the small cart and started our drinking session. Belle took out her i-Pod and portable speakers to play some dancing music. Fiona pulled me up from the couch and we started to dance. She was pressing her butt tightly against my bulge as she danced. The rest of the girls started cheering. Belle moved behind me and rubbed her boobs against my back. My blood raised high once again, as I grinded my body between these two sluts.

Jessie and Lyn were not sitting still either. They stood onto the king size bed and began dancing together, body to body. Like on a stage, Jessie looked onto us with her slutty eyes and moved her hands all over Lyn. Then moving behind Lyn, she snapped open Lyn’s red bra and it fell off her chest.

“Yesss…!” we clapped wildly as Lyn threw her red bra onto my face.

With a turn, her back was facing us and she bent down showing us her beautiful ass. Jessie gave a smack on it and slowly pulled down Lyn’s red t-back panty. Suddenly Fiona pulled me onto the bed and made me kneel-sit behind Lyn’s sticking ass. Lyn neatly trimmed cunt was just inches above me.

“Enjoy your beer…” Fiona grinned as she snatched the can of beer away from Jessie hand, and slowly poured a drip of beer onto Lyn ass crack. Lyn gasped instantly as the ice cold beer trickles slowly down onto Lyn’s little brown hole and her gaping slit.

Instinctively, I moved my mouth onto Lyn cunt and began lapping and slurping away the flowing beer.

“Yeeaahh…!” the rest of the girls cheer as Fiona poured more beer down.

I gulped hugely and noisily like a goldfish. Some beer leaked down my chin and onto my chest. Lyn’s ass jerked lightly. Jessie helped to spread Lyn’s ass cheeks wider, I licked higher and lapped my fat tongue over her little asshole. She cooed hugely like a baby.

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