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At this moment, I am going to shamelessly post my own story. This one has been posted on two other Delphi forums, so I am not going to bother to give the background story behind it. PS: Sometimes ‘He’ and ‘I’ the terms got mixed up, was too engrossed in writing the story down. The story is original. Trust me.

First time sexual experiences.

This story was translated from one told by my friend at a chalet gathering.

Don’t believe if you choose to, but this story is real. 🙂

PS: Shaan is pronounced as ‘Sha – ann’.


Richard was a young man in his teens. An all-rounded person, he was actively involved in the NCC, and other than having come from a family that was relatively well-to-do, he was also blessed with an intelligence that granted him good results for his O level examinations. His parents were, least to say, extremely happy about his results. However, Richard was not a child who was allowed much freedom. It was only his good results which just managed to convince his parents to allow him to spend part of his long December holidays at a class gathering at a chalet in East Coast.

“Listen, ah boy, your father and I will be off in Genting Highlands for the next three days too, so here is $200.” Richard’s ears could not believe what his mother just said. “Don’t party too hard hor.” A snide grin appeared on her face, just before she and Richard’s father lugged their huge luggage out of the home. Richard’s hands trembled with the money. He had the time, the money and the energy. The possibilities only awaited…

Day one

The class arrived at the chalet and quickly, everything was set up and rooms were assigned to each person. The girls were to share one room while the guys will have the other. A slow afternoon began. Everyone was down at the beach, either swimming or engaged in ball games.

Richard was hesitant for a moment.

“Hey Rich! Why so gloomy?” He turned around to see Shaan, standing before him with a warm smile.

Shaan was the school belle. She was of middle built, about 1.68 meters tall, but she had extremely beautiful features and was very well built. She had nicely tanned skin and long flowing black hair. Her most outstanding feature was her body. Shaan had full large breasts, a slim waist and a rounded ass with a really sexy pair of legs. She was on the volleyball team in school and every time the school went to tournaments, Richard would be among the supporters, his eyes fixed on her. She had a tube on and had worn blue bermudas. The clothes could barely hide her perfect figure.

“Well, erm… I am not really sure what I want to do at the moment.”

“Come on!” Shaan‘s hands clasped on Richard’s and suddenly Richard found himself being pulled along to join the others, who were in a game of beach volleyball. Richard quickly became excited by the pace of the game. And also by Shaan. Her breasts, although covered by the sports bra she wore, shook every time she forcefully hit the ball. That afternoon continued on till the evening came and everyone retired to the chalet for a quick bath and some rest.

In the blink of an eye, the evening had arrived. Everyone gathered in the living room and prepared to leave for dinner at a hawker center. Rich quickly stole a glance at Shaan, who was half done drying her hair. Droplets fell and soaked her white t-shirt, making the contents underneath it even more prominent. Rich struggled to pull himself away from the sight before he got noticed. He quietly left with everyone for dinner.

Dinner was dull except for an occasional conversation here and there. Rich was gladly finishing up his meal. Abruptly, Shaan walked over to him, looking significantly pale.

“Eh? Hey, are you ok?”

“You want me to get one of the other girls to bring you back to the chalet?”

Rich looked around. The gang had already left for a night of partying at a nearby pub, not knowing the two were left behind.

“Damn. You mind if I escort you back?”

“O… Kie…” Shaan managed to finish her sentence, cold sweat now broke over her face.

Rich and Shaan quickly got back to the chalet. He quickly tried to find anything that might help to bring some relief for her. Incredibly, a glass of water seemed to have done the trick. Shaan‘s complexion returned to her usual rosy appearance.

“You ok now?”

“Yerp. Thanks. Must have been something I ate. The rojak maybe.”

Richard looked at the clock on the wall, it was late. Too late to go out to try to find the rest, too early to sleep either. He decided to turn in early, turned to face Shaan, who now was comfortably sprawled across the sofa.

“Hey, I guess I will sleep early I guess…” The words choked before they came out. Richard was stunned. He could just see her bra peeking out from the collar of her tee from where he was standing.

“What was that?”

“I… Err… Err…” He had clean forgotten what he had wanted to do.

“Hey, they are showing that new movie on the television, why don’t we just watch it and wait for the gang to return?”

Rich wasted no time hopping on to the sofa.

Although classmates for almost two years and also close friends, the two had never been alone with each other before. Nervous silent minutes passed by with both of them nervously nibbling on tidbits.

A single sentence broke the ice. “Pass me the coke please, Rich?”

Rich absent-mindedly handed a glass to her and it spilled all over her. Rich at this point panicky grabbed a napkin and tried to clean up the mess. His hands rested abruptly on her chest. Her reaction turned from that of a shock to astonishment. He was in an indescribable dilemma in which he had to pull his hands off.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to… I…” He could not move his hands, nor were the words he spoke coherent.

Shaan, a normally bubbly, outgoing girl, was at this point flushing red. She spoke the three words that seemed incredible to Rich.

“It’s… Ok, Rich…”

“What??” He could not believe his ears.

She reached out and pressed on his hands, which further made them apply pressure on her breasts.

“Richard, do you like me? I… Noticed you were looking at me a lot…”

Richard stared into her clear hazel eyes and at this point did what was natural. He leaned forward and gave her a kiss. He was surprised by how sweet her lips tasted. He hesitated for a moment, but then pushed his tongue into hers. Shaan let out a muffled cry of surprise, but responded in a similar manner. His eyes half opened, he could see her eyes tight shut. He reached for her body, his hands moving slowly in an embrace up her firm tummy, and then over her coke-soaked bra, both covered by her t-shirt. He began to pull off her shirt.

Shaan was enveloped by a mixture of emotions. She knew it was wrong, but she loved the pleasure when Richard touched her and allowed it to continue. Eventually, she uncontrollably began to start stripping Rich too. Still locked in a hot french kiss, a fluster of hands were all over each other and they were about to get into the act when the footsteps were heard outside. The gang was back.

A hasty retreat was made and when the gang finally came in, they only saw two people staring at the television, with their clothes and hair somewhat messed up.

“Everything ok? You two alright?” Hafis, one of the guys, asked.

“Yah!” Shaan and Rich replied in unison.

The gang was too apologetic about having left behind the two and enjoying a great night of partying at the pub without them that they did not notice the two were behaving strangely. Everyone began to take turns to shower and prepare to sleep. Rich grabbed his towel and saw Shaan coming out of the girls’ room with her toiletries. This time their eyes looked at each other much longer.

That night, Rich tossed about his bed. With Shaan still hot on his mind, he decided to go outside for some air. Shaan was there, outside. The same thoughts were in her mind, and her body, never touched by a man before today, were now aching for the sensations she had experienced. Her clothes gave off the same message too, a tight tee plus short Hawaiian hot pants were more than enough an invitation for Richard.

“Did I ever said that I love your ass, Shaan?”

She giggled a little. Both were surprised how obvious their lust was. Rich held her hand and made their way down to the beach, to a section where the trees provided a dark cover. He waited no time, he quickly stripped her while she did the same to him. The sight of Richard’s bare muscles lighted by the full moon made her suddenly felt a wetness at her crouch. She realized at this point she was incredibly horny. She reached out for his cock, which throbbed with her every touch. Richard, overwhelmed with the excitement of it all, quickly tugged off her bra. Deeply tanned, the pale contrast of her big tits became like bulls-eyes to his hungry eyes and he reached out and grabbed her breasts. After a while, the initial animalistic action subsided, he calmed down and instead proceeded to slowly rub her nipples. A moan escaped from her mouth, which only made him more horny. He slid her panties down her legs and tossed them onto the grass, binding her with his kisses. Shaan‘s magnificent teenage body was revealed to his hungry eyes. His cock throbbed again as he gazed at her sexy naked body.

Richard leaned over her and began to fondle her pussy. Fringed with dark black hair, he slid his middle fingertip up and down between the two plump lips of her warm cunt. Her pussy began to get slick and wet. He let his whole finger slipped in and then slowly began to finger fuck Shaan. The only sound at the beach at this point, was Shaan‘s ruffled breathing, occasional moans and a squishy sound as he continued to finger her pussy. He spread her legs and then climbed directly on top of her, straddling her naked body. He lowered his groin down so that his cock was rubbing between her wet pussy lips.

Shaan at this point realized what Richard was about to do. She tried to push him away, but opened her eyes and froze. Totally captivated by his eyes, she let her hands limply fell again.

“Fuck me, Richard.”

Rich continued. Balanced on his knees and elbows, his hands reached out and began to fondle Shaan‘s large tits. He inserted his cock and Shaan felt a sharp pain as her hymen was torn. He rocked his hips back and forth grinding his dick against her wet pussy. Her nipples stiffened under his fingers and he slowed his thrusting, trying to prolong the exquisite feeling of his cock, pressed against her wet cunt. He pulped and squeezed her big tits as he slowly slid his hard cock through her sopping pussy lips. Shaan was at this point a muttering fool, overwhelmed by the overwhelming pleasure she experienced.

“Ahh… Ahhh… Ahhhhhh!!!”

Richard heard her orgasmic screams and could not endure much longer. He felt the pressure building in his balls and knew he had only a few more thrusts left. He realized he would cum in her if he did not stop and quickly sat up, grabbed his straining cock, gave it a few good yanks and a stream of hot white cum blasted from his cock, shot up across her body and landed on Shaan‘s face. He continued to pump his cock and jet after jet of sticky cum pulsed from the engorged tip and splashed onto her naked body. Her tits were spattered as his cock slowed its spewing, her chest and stomach became dotted with cum. He let out a breath and only realized that he had been holding his breath as he came. Shaan felt Richard’s thick cum all over her body and her face. To Richard’s surprise, she licked up some of the cum off her face and swallowed it. Smiling, she said, “Tastes just like vanilla ice-cream!”

“I could let you have some more if you want!” Richard laughed, still panting from his exertion.

Richard helped clean her up before they made their way back to the chalet. They went up to the rooms where, they unwillingly said their goodnights and went to sleep. Richard thought of the pleasure he felt just a while before. He smiled a little and fell asleep.

Day two

By the time Richard woke up and had brushed his teeth, the rest were already all having breakfast. Richard went down and went over to get some bread and coffee. Hafis and Nora were in the kitchen, laughing as they made sandwiches. Rich got his food and went to sit in the living room. Chong Seng, Victor, Madeline, Jasmine, Stefanie and some others were either on sofas or on the floor, happily eating. Richard continued to look around and found Shaan, in the corner on the floor. Rich went over.

“Morning Shaan.”

Shaan was startled from her daydream. “Erm? Hi! Hi… Morning.”

The two began to talk for a long time, right into the afternoon. Even when the gang played several indoor board games, the pair seemed to be especially close. The gang understandably, began to notice.

High noon came and everyone decided to go down to the beach. Shaan and the girls changed and put on their cover-ups before heading down with the guys. Some of the guys, ready for a swim, had swimming trunks underneath. Rich, a NCC sea seal, was naturally in his element when he was in the water. Pretty soon, everyone had stripped into their swimming gear and jumped into the sea to avoid the sun.

Rich swam out further. He dived deeper and remained in the depth of the murky waters. He was startled when a hand appeared from nowhere and touched him. He returned to the surface where he found Shaan in front of him.

“Scared you har!?” A cheeky smile appeared on her face. Beads of seawater dripped down as she stayed afloat on the water. Richard was about to reach out and touch her irresistible face when a cry came out.

“Eh Rich! Water polo with us or not?!” Chong Seng shouted in the distance, with a ball in his hands. Victor, as well as Madeline and Stef were nearby. The girls were obviously giggling at him and Shaan being so intimate. Rich suddenly felt embarrassed and decided to join in. Shaan followed soon after.

Time flew by fast and soon evening arrived. As everyone was bathing or cleaning up, Hafis pulled Richard aside.

“Eh, you really like Shaan ah?”

“Erm? I don’t know what you mean?” Richard was startled.

“Eh, don’t bluff lah! I understand one. We all brothers right? Me and Nora also like that.”

Seeing Richard’s redness, Hafis continued. “Eh tonight’s BBQ, you know right? Going to be quite wild, man. I got people from class 4E2, 4E3, 4E4 to join us. Don’t worry, all happening one. One some more DJ some more, bring turntable. One guy from 4E3 bringing beers and stuff, so tonight good for ‘Happening’ ah… Know what I mean?”

Rich shook his head?

“Wah lau. You virgin, right?” Richard did not dare to reply. “Eh Rich, tonight, be a man! Here!” He handed Rich a small plastic piece. “Play, but don’t pay ah!!”

Very fast the party sizzled up. The BBQ began and the guys and girls began pouring to the chalet. Richard could see that most of the people were geared for a havoc night, some girls were even dressed in low-cut tubes. “Guy magnets.” He thought. The night quickly became wild as ‘DJ Yaz of 4E2’ and ‘DJ Hafis’ spun out fast tunes after tunes. Everyone got down and threw their hands up in the air. Richard joined in, with a giggling Shaan beside him. Even in his euphoria, he could not help noticing that some guys of the other classes had taken some girls upstairs. He remembered the condom Hafis had given him and suddenly had a hard-on. He gave Shaan a smile and danced with her, shaking like nothing mattered. Shaan responded with similar enthusiasm and they became the dance pair on the floor. Particularly to the guys. Shaan‘s hot physique was hard not to miss.

Rich had to rest. He went over to sit with Chong Seng and Victor, who were downing glasses of tequila. That someone from 4E3 had certainly knew where to get the good stuff. Rich drank a cup of beer and chatted with the guys a while, before Shaan came.

“You guys drinking? Can I join in?” She gamely sat with the three and grabbed a can of Tiger. Surprisingly, she gulped down the contents swiftly, but from her flushing red a while later it was obvious she was no drinker. She proceeded to get up again, but stumbled back onto Richard. She grinned in a silly manner. Just then, DJ Yaz noticed their hanky-panky and played a hot number. She without thinking, gave Richard a lap dance. Richard was shocked, but at the same time, in ecstasy every time her bum wickedly grinded against his balls. He turned to look at a disbelieving Chong Seng and Victor and could not help but gave a satisfied smile. They looked at each other and decided to get down on the floor. The alcohol they drank seemed to have boosted their pick-up skills. Rich could see they were pretty hot with girls a while later. Rich felt the time was right and whispered to Shaan.

“Shall we do it?”

She dreamingly looked at him and giggled a little, a bit of a high from the alcohol. “Sure!”

They left the party and retreated upstairs. They went into the guys’ room, but was puzzled to find it pitch black. An exhilarated scream explained the reason. Richard’s eyes could not see in the darkness properly, but could make out about three other groups of shadows, all in vigorous motion. The pair realized the deeds being done and decided to join in on the orgy.

Horny, Rich quickly felt for Shaan‘s bra restrained beneath her cotton blouse in the dark. He impatiently unbuttoned her top, hungry to get at the contents beneath it. He felt her lace bra in his hands soon. Shaan had already stripped his pants and underwear, leaving him half-naked. Rich then stopped to look for the condom Hafis gave him. He barely put it on properly when suddenly, a soft hand grabbed his dick. Rich could only barely made her features, but saw that she was naked, and extremely beautiful.

Shaan must be impatient.” He thought. He pushed her onto a mattress.

Prepared to take her from the top, Rich suddenly had an evil idea, quickly he flipped the girl over and had her on her hands and knees, her ass aimed at him. The girl, half-stoned by liquor before this, was semi-conscious of Richard’s intentions.

Richard’s large dick was shoved quickly into her ass. A shriek of surprise and pleasure went on top of the noise in the room. Richard lovingly fucked her, grabbing her buttocks and repeatedly pulled her to his crotch, feverishly fucking her. The girl, blind with pleasure, soon responded by spontaneously pushing herself to be filled with his thick cock. Loud moans were heard from her. Richard suddenly realized that this girl was not Shaan. He was fucking another guy’s girlfriend. However, he was too high to stop now. He fucked the girl harder and harder until he could no longer endure. He flipped the girl around and pulled off his condom and as he was about to cum, shoved his dick into the girl’s mouth. She, again surprised by her ‘boyfriend”s creativity did the natural thing began to suckle and nurse at the end of his cock. Rich had not cummed as he had thought he would but strangled a cry as her mouth and lips sucked on the end of his cock. The feeling was incredibly intense and he began to buck his hips in time to her sucking. Holding her head steady, he pushed another inch of his hot cock into her mouth as her tender lips slid over the shaft. He could feel her exhaling through her nostrils on the shaft of his dick. He began to gently move back and forth fucking her mouth as he felt his orgasm finally began to start. His balls were boiling and he thought that the prudent thing to do was to pull out and cum on her face. But the male instinct when you were coming was to push forward and instinct won out. Involuntarily, his hips rocked forward and another inch of his cock entered the girl’s mouth.

Rich was in immense pleasure as his cock spurted its hot load of semen into her mouth. He could feel streams of cum leaking from the corners of her mouth as he continued thrusting his cock into her mouth. Again and again, his cock pulsated as cum shot from the tip of his penis into her mouth. He felt her swallowing as he pushed even more of his cock into her mouth as the final load of hot cum shot from his dick. He felt a sense of satisfaction as she slurped a few more times as cum dripped from the corners of her mouth. His cock twitched a couple of times as the last of his orgasm flowed into her mouth.

She gently caressed his dick and removed it from her cum-filled mouth. She swallowed the remains and fell into his arms and whispered sweet nothings to him. “Oh Simon, I never knew you were such a stud!!!” Rich struggled to suppress a grin, panting and hugged her tight too. She fell into a deep sleep in his embrace and he laid her onto the mattress again. He stumbled about the room and found Shaan on the floor with her legs wide open. Apparently, ‘Simon’ had similarly mistaken her girl for his own too. Rich felt his dick began to recover from the exquisite pleasure and felt that he was still fit for another shag. He slid his hand over Shaan‘s waist and lifted her so that her body laid against him. He could feel ‘Simon”s cum splattered all over her chest, but was too involved to care now.

“Again? Rich? You have a lot of energy!” Shaan drunkenly laughed. Rich slightly infuriated, decided to ‘punish’ her. He realized his parents were due back in two days and the chalet would end the next day in the afternoon. He wasn’t sure how if he would ever be able to do this or even got Shaan into the frenzied stoned state she’s in. Until the perfect opportunities knocked on his door again, this was his last chance at her inviting body. He decided to forget all his worries and end it with a bang.

He spread her legs and again fingered her young cunt. She voluntarily enjoyed his advances and quickly got wet. As he felt the heat escaping from her naked body, his cock began to harden as he slipped a second finger deep inside Shaan‘s hot cunt. He moved himself between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock between the juicy lips of her cunt. The head of his cock was soaked with her juices as he leaned forward and pushed. He felt the head of his cock entered her cunt. It felt tighter and hotter and wetter than he remembered the night before. He pushed forward again and about half his cock sank into her pussy. He paused, acclimating himself to the feeling and then with a final lunge, his cock slid all the way into her cunt and he felt his balls up against the cheeks of her ass. To him, it felt like heaven. His cock was gripped tightly in her pussy, as he leaned forward, he felt her tits crushed against his body.

“Oh… Rich… Fuck me, you fucking hunk… Umm… Hmph… Ahhh…” Shaan just managed to gasp those words before she returned to her moans again. Slowly he moved his hips backward until just the head of his cock was in her pussy and then he drove his hips forward until he was totally within her again. “So this is what sex is all about,” he thought.

He reached his hands up and grabbed her cum-covered tits and fondled them as he began to move his ass back and forth again fucking Shaan. Her nipples hardened under his fingers and he stared into her face, hidden by the darkness. Her tits flattened under his hands as he began to thrust harder and harder, driving his stiff cock into her yielding flesh. His hands grew slick as he rubbed his slick cum onto her tits. He looked downward fascinated as he felt his cock withdrew and then disappeared inside Shaan‘s body. Shaan‘s eyes were wide shut and she could only respond through screams and then suddenly orgasm erupted like an explosion within her. He felt a sensation in his balls and quickly withdrew and pinched the head of his cock stopping his ejaculation. Richard was breathing heavily and his knees felt weak. He suddenly thought of Shaan‘s body naked in his reach. Her words were incomprehensible as she recovered from her own ecstasy, her juices dripping from her cunt further flooding his cock, still tight in her. His own nipples were hard and his cock throbbed harder at this point. Amazed by his own stamina, he pulled out his dick and then again guided his cock to the entrance of her cunt and let the engorged purple head slipped in. He pushed forward and allowed his dick to slowly enter her wet cunt until his balls were pressed firmly against her ass.

He began to slowly and lovingly fuck Shaan as she twisted and buckled from the unbearable sensations. Her tits jiggled from the force of his thrusting which excited him even more. He folded her knees and grabbed her kneecap, pushing harder as he tried to get his cock as far inside her snatch as it will go. He felt it plunged in and out of Shaan‘s hot cunt. He grunted even as he plowed his cock in and out, her tits flopping around from the impact of the bodies and her screams piercing the other loud fucking sounds. He felt a familiar rumbling in his balls and gripped tighter, causing her ass to become even tighter as his hips were flying back and forth. He had planned to pull out and shoot his load on her tits and face, but was unable to do it. He dropped her ass and moved her thighs so they were together and placed his legs on the outside of hers. He squeezed his legs together, which only squeezed her thighs together, which made her cunt grabbed his cock even tighter. He reached out and held her tits again. His hips were bucking wildly as he fucked her without regard for the fact that he could cum in her at any moment. He felt his penis get even larger as he lunged forward, his cock as deep as it can be in Shaan‘s cunt. It began. The first load of cum shot from his cock into her hot pussy. His ass cheeks were clenched as he squeezed her big tits in desperation as jet after jet of hot cum exploded into her body. Her orgasm seemed to have arrived closely synchronized after his as her scream pierced the room again and he felt her cunt juices flooding and mixing with his own jism in her. He collapsed on the bed next to her, totally spent. They huffed and puffed and had to rest a while before their breath returned. Rich searched for their clothes and they managed to put on their apparel reasonably before they got up and quickly went out of the room, the moans and screams made by the others were still loud in their ears. Richard decided to return downstairs for some food, but before he did, turned around to catch Shaan unprepared and kissed her on her cheek. He held her hand and they went down together.

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