Camping for Cassandra

Story submitted by: Valerie

Standing at about 160cm tall and weighing about 50 kg, Cassandra was nothing exceptional. Just an average girl-next-door that made it to a local university. She was bright-eyed and excited to experience the next chapter of her life!

Orientation camp day one:

Day one of orientation camp was a mess for Cassandra. She had overslept and forgot to pack her bag the night before and thus, she had simply piled whatever clothes she could find hanging around the house and rushed off to school in her pajamas. She quickly called for an Uber and luckily, she made it right on time! The camp was a blast and Cassandra had a lot of fun. She particularly enjoyed the wet games as they flopped around on the blue canvas sheet, without a care in the world. As she was enjoying herself, however, she had noticed something odd – one of the many photographers for the camp had been paying an unnatural amount of attention to her. She wondered if it was because of the length of her FBT shorts, but did not give much thought to the idea.

As the day came to a close, the campers were given two hours of free time to grab dinner and shower before a movie marathon. Cassandra was a hot and sweaty mess, as she dug around her bag for her clothes. She was eager to take a shower and unwind, but for some reason, she just could not find her panties. She could’ve sworn that she had stuffed a pair or two into her bag as she was scrambling out of her house this morning. “Oh well, guess it is just my luck.” Cassandra sighed and opted for a navy blue pair of FBT’s which had a thicker inner lining as she headed off to shower.

Jonathan’s point of view:

He couldn’t believe the situation he had found himself in. Just a few hours ago, he had seen this amazing cutie decked in what looked like her previous night’s pajamas and now he was raiding her bag for goodies. Although Jonathan had wanted to be an orientation leader initially, he now thanked his lucky stars that he was only a photographer and no one would notice his absence. He had snuck into the girls’ room and he knew exactly what he wanted. He ransacked Cassandra‘s large duffel bag and eventually his fingers chanced upon the soft pieces of fabric he had been looking for. He quickly lifted the pair of panties up to his nose and took a long, deep breath, as he stuffed his face in the crotch area of the panties. He quickly realized that of the two panties he held in his hand, the light blue one seemed to be clean, but the pink one seemed to be unwashed. He was delighted as he took another quick whiff and scurried off before anyone caught him.

Cassandra‘s point of view:

Having just showered, Cassandra‘s legs were wet with moisture and her FBT shorts had attached themselves to her lady parts, causing a camel toe situation. Cassandra was entirely unaware of this and proceeded to the auditorium for the scheduled movie marathon. There, she caught the stares of many male and females alike, but there was a familiar face in the crowd – the photographer that had been eyeing her shadily. She took a seat at the back of the auditorium at the last row, hoping no one would bother her. Unfortunately, she noticed the photographer making his way towards her, and he planted himself right next to her.

Jonathan’s point of view:

This was it, this was his chance. Those hours in the sun snapping shots had finally paid off. He had transferred a few ‘interesting’ photos from his DSLR to his iphone, and was ready to put his plan into motion. He sat down next to Cassandra and as the movie started, he whispered:

“Hey, Cassandra right? I have got something to show you.”

“What? Who are you? Can you bother me some other time, I would like to watch the movie.”

“You really need to see this.” Jonathan whispered enticingly, as he unlocked his phone and flashed an image on the screen.

“What the hell? How did you get this? Delete it right now!” Cassandra demanded aggressively.

“Now now, I am sure you don’t want these images circulating among the student population. I don’t think you’d receive much positive response if they saw these up-skirts and your hairy pussy poking out of your panties. Tell you what, let me have my fun, and I will make sure these photos never see the light of day.”

Cassandra didn’t know what to do, she had just been shown at least twenty images of her own pussy peeking out from her skimpy underwear. She was terrified that these images might get leaked and thus she responded with:

“Alright, alright, but please delete them!”

Jonathan smirked as he quickly brushed his hand over Cassandra‘s crotch. The sudden sensation caused Cassandra to let out a soft yelp, and this just turned Jonathan on even more. He started rubbing his fingers against her pussy through the FBT’s, and he felt the moisture gradually leaking out of Cassandra‘s tight pussy and staining the FBT’s. When he felt that she was ready, he shoved his hand down Cassandra‘s FBT’s, knowing that she would not have worn any panties. He got straight to the point and started rubbing her discretely, but vigorously. Cassandra started producing louder moans, but thankfully, the superb sound system overpowered her gentle moans.

Jonathan decided that it was time for him to get serious, as he undid the button on his bermudas and guided Cassandra‘s hand towards his rapidly hardening cock. As his cock met with the cool air and Cassandra‘s warm hands, it sprang up almost immediately. Cassandra did not know how to feel about this. It was her first time getting fingered by another person and it was her first time feeling a real life dick in her hands. Jonathan sensed her inexperience and skillfully guided her hands up and down his shaft, teaching her how to give a hand job.

Jonathan enjoyed seeing his precum leak all over Cassandra‘s tiny hands, and it gave him a sense of confidence when he saw how much larger his dick was as compared to her petite hands. As he edged closer and closer to his climax, Cassandra was experiencing the same. She leaned in close to Jonathan and whispered:

“Stop please, I am going to cum all over my shorts.”

Hearing this, Jonathan lost all control over his body and he started rubbing Cassandra even faster as he got closer and closer to the edge.

“Jonathan stop – I am really going to – cum.” Was all Cassandra could manage before she squirted all over Jonathan’s hand as she moaned sensually. Hearing Cassandra moaned from her orgasm was exactly what he needed to send him over the edge, he reached for Cassandra‘s head with his hand, which had been soaked with Cassandra‘s juices and roughly pulled her head down over his dick. He forced her mouth open with his cock and started thrusting. The thrusting did not last long as his cum exploded into Cassandra‘s mouth, some leaking out over his cock, while a majority ending up in Cassandra‘s gullet. Cassandra couldn’t believe she had just swallowed a man’s cum and she just froze while Jonathan used her mouth to suck his dick clean. This was just the beginning.


Source: Valerie

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