Bonking SYTs from Girl’s School


I remember when I was 19 years old, I had a work attachment term at a secondary school in Singapore. It was one of the top schools in Singapore and it was an all girls’ school. Honestly speaking, I was kind of worried about it when I took the job offer for the 6 months attachment period as I came from an all-boys school and it would be a totally different environment mah.

Anyways here is a bit of background info, I went overseas to study and as I went overseas early and the program I am in required that I complete some work terms related to what I am studying and teaching what I have studied is one of the jobs they ok. I was desperate that I cannot find a job elsewhere so I applied to most schools in Singapore and this all-girls school hire me.

So I arrived there and I was intro to the principal and all those people and finally meeting people that I have been communicating with for months over email and it was kind of paiseh when the principal intro me to the students. So the name I would be using would be James Lim. Anyways that was my first day there and it was a Wednesday loh and I was kind of sian lah. I got allocated 2 secondary 4 classes, 2 sec 3 and 1 sec 1. So that night after work I went to chiong and to my surprise I saw this bunch of girls at china black looking at me.

My friends were like “Eh James, there’s a bunch of girls looking at you leh.”

I am like: “No lah, impossible, I just got back only to Singapore. Cannot be my old friends one as I din really inform people I got back. I meant to surprise them lah.”

Anyways so those bunch of girls came over and we intro and then dance and stuff loh. One of the chicks call my eye and found out her name was Cheryl. So we were dancing the night away and it was hot. I remember she was wearing this tube top and hot pants with no bra and just a black thong. I was grinding with her and kissing and running my hands up her back and stuff. Then my friends was telling me to send Cheryl friend home as she got really drunk lah. I didn’t want to loh but as I am the only one that has a car, I am like ok loh but so ma fan. Because I stay near china black and it’s like a 2 minutes’ drive but I have to drive all the way to clementi to drop her home.

I got Cheryl number and I was about to zao with her drunk friend Rachel when Cheryl is like, “Eh James, you mind sending me home? I stay bukit timah.”

I am like “Ok lah, no problem.”

And then with Rachel being supported by Cheryl, made my way to my car and when Cheryl saw my car, she’s like: “Wah piang, your car?”

I am like: “Yea lah” because I came back to Singapore to work mah and so my dad gave me a car to drive lah.

It was my birthday present and it was an E500 so it’s really nice to pick up chicks with it. Anyways so I manage to get Rachel home and she din puke in my car and then I drove Cheryl back. She was kind of high so she slept lah. When I reach her place, I woke her up and I walk her to her house when shes like: “Eh James, my parents overseas for business, wanna come in?”

Wah I am like: “Ok sure”.

But of course I am damn happy lah, na bei never bonk Singapore girls so long, this one got chance liaoz, ho sei liao!

So I went in to her house and I held her hand and she din reject loh but just shy at me. Then we went up to her room and I started to kiss her. She din object and we were kissing for about 10 minutes while my hand was exploring her body. I realized that her body was very tight and there was no fat on her. I took off her tube and I was playing with her tits. It was really nice to be sucking at her pinkish nipples and it turn me on so much with her girlish moans. Then she told me to lie down and gave me a grin like a cat and she started to play with my balls. Slowly she alternate sucking my dick with her mouth and sucking my balls and it was really high. I was touching her all over the place all this time.

Finally she took her pants off and her panties and I was like omg, this girl has a completely shave pussy. It was damn smooth and I immediately ask her to spread her legs so I can eat it. It was already damn wet and as I was licking her, she got so excited and she’s like “Slow down can, my first time getting eaten out.”

I am like: “Ok ok lah.”

After a while I started to bang her but sadly she came like after 10 minutes and she was screaming in pain and beg me to stop. So I am like ok loh and I pull out but I was really enjoying her pussy as it was so tight and I was sad but after I pull out, she’s like: “Orz your didi still so hard ar, come let me help you” and she help me bbbj it and finish me off lah.

Then I look at the clock and realize its 3am liaoz, I am like die, tomorrow my first day of classes. I better go home shower and grab some sleep.

Said a quick goodbye to Cheryl and on the drive back, than I realize I never even ask her what is she doing now and how old and stuff but I assume must be at least 18 lah cuz she was in china black mah. So there ends my first clubbing night in Singapore after a long absence overseas and as I doze off, I am like shiok ar. If only every night can be like this

I woke up finally at 6.45am and I was feeling so tired. I thought about Cheryl and I was like if only I can sample that pussy again. So bo pian loh, took a shower change and rush down to my car. When I saw a sms and to my surprise it read: “Hey James, its Cheryl. Thanks for a great night”.

I am like whatever since I am in a rush to get to work. Jump into my car start the engine and then get to work loh.

Haha being in an angmoh country for so long made me forgot the traffic there is in the morning when parents send their kids to school. So bo pian have to go slowly loh and finally I manage to reach the school at 7.10am. Luckily I am not that far from the school and I made it lah. Put down my stuff grab my timetable and went down to the form class that was assign to me and let the monitors give me attendance.

As I was standing there listening to principal talk, I just want to sleep lah as still too tired from last night.

Finally I taught finish my first class and it was nothing special and I was walking by the corridor back to the staff room when this bunch of girls was giggling as they greeted me.

And suddenly one of them was like: “Mr. Lim, had fun last night?”

My face has never turn so pale before in my life as the girl was Cheryl and the bunch of girls were the girls at china black last night. I am like die liaoz, this bunch of girls is secondary 4 and that means underage. No wonder the pussy is so tight. I am like die, hope the school dun find out about it. Then the girls started to just talk to me lah, it was really friendly talk and they were like so Mr. Lim you rich lah, drive such a nice car. I am like no loh and all of a sudden the bell rang. I am like go to your classes lah girls. I walk back to the staff room but I was so nervous. I din even try to look at the girls as in a girl’s school if you look carefully, you could see girls sitting open legged and zao geng for everyone to see.

I sat at my table in the staff room and was thinking through my options and I figured that as she is not a virgin so it’s probably ok and as long as she dun tell and I had use a condom last night. It’s probably safe. However my other head was telling me to bonk her again as 16 year old pussy is so tight and sweet.

Oh well, I push those thoughts apart and prepared for my next class.

So I prepared the various transparencies and slides that I needed to use for my next lesson after 1 hour. It was kind of a rush job as I was too paiseh to borrow from the other teachers lah. I went down to the canteen to makan a bit with my colleagues and came back up to blow air con a bit.

One thing I notice is that the girls in the school are so different in school and outside school. Outside school they are quiet quiet and also sit properly and behave like ladies. Here in school, they behave so rowdy and also zao geng for the whole world to see. But then again 7 out of 10 teachers are female and even than most of the male teachers here are either ah pek or kind of very feminine so I guess that explains the girls’ attitude in school as who would want to see their zao geng panties.

Anyways I look at the staff room clock and decided to go to my 2nd last class of the day. It was another secondary four class. I really dun know what I want loh. I mean teaching lower sec is nice as the girls are kind of more guai and whatever you say they listen but are so chatty. The upper sec girls are more rebellious and like to talk back to the teacher a lot but yet you know in your heart these girls are the cream of the corps as they are probably one of the best. I always thought my L1R5 score was decent as it was a single digit in my sec school days but wah come to this school I finally understand what is a top school. This school students dun have a single student getting above 20 so all can go JC and even than only 1 or 2 student got 15 points and above. Most of them have 10 points and below.

Was brought back to reality as I step into the classroom and I am like hoi sei liaoz. Turns out this class just finish PE and was sitting there cooling off in their pe attire and some girls were in their sports bra. Of course me being a teacher, I am like “Girls I give you 5 more minutes, hurry up and change and get ready for class”

I went to washroom to wash my face of the dirty images I just saw and when I went back they are all ready lah. After they greeted me, I started to read out the names I had on my class list so I could put a face to each of the names. I got the shock of my life when I read the name Cheryl and she raise her hand and said: “Here Mr. Lim”.

I am like “Wah wth man, so qiao meh”

And then I realize than some of the girls I saw at china black last night also in the same class as her and she giggle at me.

Then I was teaching the class the material for the day and I am just thinking. These girls are damn zai sia – party until so late still got energy to come school and I am dying to sleep liaoz. Whatever lah. I was just hoping for the bell to ring as I want to get out of the class quick as Cheryl and her friends were asking me smart alec questions. Finally the class ended and before I zao I told the class that they were very good students and were very guai. Therefore I rewarded them with Godiva chocolates. They immediately so guai man and thank me front and back. Yea I did that for all my other classes. I handed out merci for my lower sec classes and handed out Roche and Godiva. It’s a really good tactic actually. Before you bribe the students, they are damn bad attitude. You give them some nice stuff they will be guai guai and less smart alec lah.

Finish off the day and nothing much lah but I was thinking if I take a camera and come here take pictures sure can make a lot of money selling their pics and then later kanna police! Finally done all classes so went back to my table, chuck my stuff down and wanted to zao liaoz as arrange to meet up with my ex-gf for lunch lah. Than just as I was leaving, my HOD wanted to see me. She’s like James ar, so how’s the school and the girls so far? I am like ok ok lah, the girls are very smart and this school is nice.

Here’s a bit of hint about the school I am at. The school that I used to study at is so much more nicer than this girls school even though the students here are more academically smarter than my own sec sch. Anyways my HOD concern me for like 5 more minutes and ask me how’s work and whether can cope and stuff before she told me. Oh yea I am allocating you a CCA too. I hope you do not mind lah, it’s actually netball so you have to go training with them and competition. Haha I am like “No no its ok, it’s a great learning experience”

In my head, I am like shiok man. Netball girls are the best. Nice tan body and nice figure.

So I went to my car and hope that along the way I will not meet Cheryl and her friends lah. Got into my car no problem when I receive a sms from Cheryl: “Eh James, saw you going to your car leh. I am going to orchard now, you mind giving me and my friend a ride?”

I am like whatever lah, can take the chance to talk to her to diam diam also as I am going to orchard for lunch.

I sms her back: “Pick you up in 10 minutes at this place 10 minutes away from the school”.

I on the air-con and wait a bit loh. I ask them to go further away cause not nice mah. Drive my car out of the school and later people see I have two girls in my car, they sure talk this talk that one.

Pick up the gurls eventually and turns out there’s 3 of them. The other girls were like wah Cheryl, you and Mr. Lim very close is it? She’s like ok ok lah.

So Cheryl sat in the front seat and I took the chance lah as I drove to orchard which is like a 15 min drive. But din really talk much as her friends were in the car but they were from last night too. They were jasmine and Sarah. Ok lah Sara is cute and jasmine is just tall loh but Cheryl is the chio one.

Drop them off at Heerens and I went off to meet my friends lah. Cheryl was telling me will talk to me later and when she got off the car, saw her white panties. I am like wah.

Met up with my friends and my ex-gf. It was really nice as I have not seen them for a while. The sushi was decent at sushi tei at paragon and it was mostly the desert and it was really nice to catch up and tons of plans were made as to what to do. Stuff like going on a cruise ship, going on a short vacation all were plan. However I notice that my ex-gf Janice has really grown up. She is to be very very girly one but now more matured and also the figure also improve liao. She still has no bf lah and when we had a moment alone she’s like “Hey James, so how are you?”

I am like: “Ok ok loh, how’s your life?”

Janice is like: “Ok lah but still miss you a bit”

I have to admit now that I am kind of a flirt and I had many gfs while at the same time having a steady gf. Then I would break up with the 2nd gf after like 1-3 months telling her that I cannot concentrate on my studies so break up lah. Surprisingly I have to admit I never got caught before even though most of the girls I jio are from girls school so the community is small as I know some of them know each other. Guess luck has to be on your side when you play around but I tone down a lot when I went overseas to study.

Anyways I din really care lah as at that point I just wanna chill with my kakis as we foot the bill. We walked around a bit and I realize that wah Singapore really change a lot in the time I was gone. Buildings look the same but many shops have been change and some minor changes here and there but one thing is for sure, Singaporeans are still as kiasu as before. Anyways it was time for me to go as I have a class to teach at the clementi area. Well actually here’s a bit of the class I am teaching. It’s actually a karate class and I use to be very active and my coach loves me. I recall that tonight is the night where classes are conducted so I pack my gi before I left the house today and stuff it in the trunk of my car.

I wanted to go surprise my coach lah. I said good bye to my friends and Janice and she gave me a good bye hug. Arrange to meet up soon and that’s it.

So on the way I drive there, I am just thinking if any of my brothers are still there and if my coach is well and stuff. However too long never go liaoz and last time also take bus there one or parents drive. Now I drive there myself and got lost lah. Eventually I made it there and when I change and I walked in, everyone din know me lah. I mean the ones that saw me bow to me but most of the people there din as they did not know who I am and my coach was at his car.

Suddenly I spotted this kind of chio girls and she was running by me. I was checking her out and I am thinking wah hopefully I can teach her 1 on 1 and know her better.

Just as I was thinking I heard: “JAMES, is that you?”

I turn and I saw one of my brothers. We have been learning karate together for many years now and he was also one of my coach favourite students. I have not saw Ben in a long long time and he’s like: “Wah you come back never tell me, bastard sia”

I am like: “Surprise mah”

He’s like: “Haha u come at a nice time leh, coach went to his car, let’s go surprise him.”

I am like: “Ok steady” and at the same time everyone is trying to figure out who the hell is this black belt that appear out of nowhere and he walk around like he own the place.

Cause I am one of my coach favourite students so I know sometimes I have that sort of lan lan attitude like I am boss lah.

Anyways as we walk, I ask ben: “Eh who’s that girl I saw just now? The girl that was wearing a red belt, kind of chio leh”

Ben is like: “Orz u horny bastard, u mean Jane ar? Yea she’s chio horz, she join the club shortly after you left that’s why you never see her but she’s on and off lah but she’s in jc now. J2 I think and yea got one time I pass by the washroom and saw her changing, nai bei I swear that her tits are kind of big loh”

Then Ben saw my coach and he’s like quick you hide here. Ben went to talk to my coach and he’s like: “Eh sir, guess who is here to visit you?”

Coach is like “Dun play lah, who lah, knn dun waste my time”

I step out and I am like: “Me lah sir”

Lol my coach is so surprise and he’s like: “You come back also never tell me? I can go fetch your aero plane mah”

Then we just stood there and he ask me some stuff lah about my studies and family lah.

Then he ask: “Eh James, your NCAP still never expire horz?”

I am like: “No lah still got a while”

He’s like: “Good you can be the main instructor tonight, come let me intro you to the class.”

I am like thinking: “Ho sei liaoz, my coach put me in charge just as expected, hopefully I can manipulate and get to know Jane tonight.”

My coach than lead me to the class and he called the whole class to order, he’s like: “Class this is James. He’s one of my best students and he would be instructing some classes from now on. You are to treat him with full respect and bow to him and call him Coach James”

Then he brought me over to the black belts and repeated the same thing except saying that as I have NCAP so I would be left in charge whenever he’s not here. I am happy lah and I ask ben “Eh what you wanna do?”

Ben is like: “You in charge leh boss.”

I went to the class and as its grading time so I split the class according to their belt levels so they could learn the patterns and the moves needed to pass grading. I was thinking if I should teach Jane’s group myself but then as overall instructor its best if I dun be so obvious lah and besides I have 6 months here lah, a lot of time.

So I split the class up and I went around instructing kao bei a bit to make sure my instructors are doing their jobs and when I went to Jane’s group to check I help out a bit lah as there was about 9 people. Heh as I was helping them I notice that Jane and 2 more students moves were very weak and as it was nearing 9pm, I am like thinking to give them a break. I inform the group that they could go for a short break of 10 mins to get some water and also if they want they can stay behind and I can help them secretly hoping Jane will stay back.

Turns out that Jane and 4 other people stay back so I was going through their mistakes individually and letting them practice taking care to let Jane be last. I finally proceed to Jane and I was teaching her when she’s like: “Eh sir where you from? Dun think I seen you before leh”

I am like: “Just return from overseas lah, now doing my work attachment before heading back.”

She’s like: “Wah so zai ar, teaching at that school. Eh btw how old are you ar? You seem very young to be a teacher lah.”

I am like: “19 only loh.”

She’s like: “You sure a not?”

I am like: “Aiyo I bluff you for what. You so kaypoh for what so what school you going to now?”

She’s like: “HCJC lah.”

I am like: “Orz smart sia.”

Then we small talk a bit but I did not want to be a wolf on first time talking lah so I left it at that. When the break ended, I assemble the whole class and started to work on their chops and kicks. Then I was thinking, why not let them try to do a jumping front kick too so I can see Jane tits bounce.

So I am like “Class jumping front kick on my command” and I gave the command and ben was not lying, her tits were really big as it really bounce.

Just as I was having fun seeing her boobs, my coach came and he’s like eh James, wanna talk to you so I pass the class over to ben and told him to train a bit more than dismiss lah and I went to talk to my coach.

My coach was asking me on stuff like how’s my schooling and all that stuff and he was saying that the job I got my attachment is damn zai. And he was asking me to go for supper and I am like ok lah when he’s like “Eh James there’s a bunch of school girls giggling at you” I looked and to my surprise its girls from my school.

I told my coach I will deal with it and I went over and as I walk there I am like wah die liaoz, its Cheryl and her friends.

So I went over and I am like “Can I help you girls?”

Cheryl pretend like she din know me lah and they were like: “No lah we are here to see a friend, she’s the one learning there and I saw them pointing to some pimple face girl.”

I am like “Ok lah see than see but dun giggle and affect my students lah.”

Just as I finish saying, one of them was like: “Oei dun you think this guy look familiar? He looks like the new teacher that join our school and went on stage recently wat.” And all of them were like oh yea!

They were like “Wah cher, you so zai ar, black belt some more.”

I am like: “Ok lah.”

But all this time I was looking at Cheryl. She was wearing sandals and shorts and just a school pe shirt but it showed off her nice legs and I am guessing she has a figure of like 34b-24-32. It’s really a damn zai figure and we just chat for a while before I went off to finish my class but just I said bye to them Cheryl wink at me and pointed at her phone. So the minute I finish class I check my phone and saw the message she send me. It went like: “James wanna go for supper and then you send me home? My parents still not back yet. I wait for you by your car lah”

Heh Jane made me damn horny throughout the session liaoz and I already check the class register already and Cheryl is above 16 years old so I am like shiok. I told my coach paiseh that I have to go as I have class tomorrow and I have something urgent to attend to and I sms Cheryl back telling her ok and I will be at my car in 10 minutes. I pack up my stuff and said bye to ben and zao.

I took my time to go to my car so no one notice me as it would not be good if they see Cheryl waiting at my car lah as she’s still in pe shirt lah. I went to my car finally and sure enough she’s there. She’s like hello and she got into my car lah. Haha I never so kan chiong to start the car and I sped out of the car park so fast as I scared people see and when I am like 2 minutes away, I ask her so where you wanna go eat? She’s like sui bian lah, if you want just buy macs at KAP loh and come my house eat. I am like ok so I drove there and I ordered a meal for her and just a drink for myself and as I drove we talk lah. Turns out that the day she met me at the club she broke up with her bf and she was damn depressed and that bf was her first bf lah.

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