Bonking My Sweet Cousin Away


This is a story of my cousin and me. Samantha was my uncle’s daughter and we used to play a lot together. Our bond was very close since young. We went to the same kindergarten and the same primary school as well as Secondary school. One weekend, we were left all alone to play in her house. Her parents and mine went shopping and ask us to stay at home. We always have fun playing together but that day we were a bit tired and decided to rest in the bed.

She called me “Biao Ge, today I very tiring, wanna to sleep for a while”, I said “Ok, you sleep I also sleep.”

But before that, she says “Biao Ge sometimes at home I saw Papa and mummy in the room very long and when I peeped, I saw them never wear anything. What Papa and Mummy never wear anything? Maybe can we try also don’t wear anything?”

I was baffled, my cousin was so innocent at the age of 11!! I was at the age of 15 and Cousin Samantha is 11. WTF, for me at that time, I already know what is all that about. So just for fun I say ok, and we stripped down to our birthday suit. I tell you bros, my cousin Samantha at the age of 11 has a nice slim body but not much of a boobs yet.

Immediately, Samantha realized the difference of my body against hers and ask, “Koa (As in brother), why you have one stick there and I don’t have?” I went a bit blur for a while… Hello, my Auntie never give my sweet cousin some sex education. NVM lah, I her big brother I teach her.

“Mei, this is my didi, you girlgirl no didi but have a pussy.”

She was so eager to learn and ask why like this and why like that. Next question my cousin pose is, “Koa, can I touch your didi?”

Thinking very long, then I say, “Can but cannot tell anybody not even your parents.” She says ok.

Her hands comes forward and reach to hold my shaft. And asked again, “Koa, why your didi so soft, I say papa wants in the room very hard one le….”

Alamak, I was again kanna stoned. I say, “Meimei, you must stroke up and down with your hands and play with it to make it hard.”

She say “Is it? You bluff me want! I saw mummy put papa didi into her mouth, can I put my mouth into your didi and try for fun?”

Hello, whish direction is my this cousin coming from? Without an answer from me yet, my cock was already into her mouth. And let me tell you, the feeling was buay tahan, bei yu, sipeh song!!! This was only my second time being BBBJ, the first was my girlfriend in school at that time. And this time was my cousin that I was playing with for years. My shaft was getting harder and harder and my cousin was still sucking it away nonstop. I began to turn her over and finger her pussy.

When I started to place my middle finger into her, she scream and say, “Koa, very pain cannot, Koa stop if not later I tell Papa.”

When the word Papa comes out of her mouth, my hands and didi freeze to non-reactive mode. What will happen if Uncle finds out, I would be in deep trouble. Images flies through my mind and I dare not think anymore, my didi began to soften and my heart is beating faster and faster.

I stop my cousin from sucking me anymore and remind her, “Mei you really cannot let anyone know what we play today ok, if not we cannot play together anymore.”

Cousin Samantha says, “Ok, Koa, I will not say to anyone, this is our small secret.”

I tell her to get dress and get some rest. We slept for a while before our parents came back and I went back home. As promised, my cousin did not tell anyone about our small secret. How I know? We meet again the next weekend.

My cousin and I do not really have the chance to be alone for the next 6 months and we did not even dare to mention about it at all. Opportunity finally comes again for my cousin and me to be alone. This time, my parent is planning a Genting trip with the rest of my family 4d3n. Cousin Samantha is asked to stay over at my place so that Granny can look after her. The day comes when both families’ parents left for Genting. We bid them goodbye and went to watch TV program in the living room with granny.

Granny feels sleepy and she headed back to her room leaving ask both all alone. My cousin Samantha comes over to me and say, “Koa, granny sleep already, you see I so good so long never tell anyone, so can play your didi again, it is fun to put it inside my mouth and see it grow. Koa, let me play, let me play….”

I was really stunned!!! I say no as I know it was wrong. Having my girlfriend to suck for me is ok but this is my cousin – my sweet little cousin. Cannot continue like that! She began to cry and my granny came out of the room and ask what happened?

My cousin Samantha crying and saying “Koa Koa, don’t let me play!!”

My granny began to say, “You bigger play now, what your mei mei wants to play, let her play, don’t make her cry, ok. Be good.”

Hello, Granny, your granddaughter is asking to play with my dick!! Wait till you know what she wants. But of course, never tell granny like that lah.

I approached my crying cousin and tell her ok, she can play but this time last time cannot always play. She says ok. We proceeded into my room and lock ourselves in there. I took off my pants and exposed my dick. She was so happy and when she saw my dick, she grabs it and put it inside her mouth. She was sucking happily away. I take the trouble to teach her how to suck a dick because I wanted now to enjoy the feel. She was a good learner. And for 15 minutes she was learning the different suction stroke and power of BBBJ. I was at the verge of exploding my load when I ask her to stop for a while. She asks me why? I tell her I wanna to come already and she ask me what is that. I tell her and she says can show her. I tell her only one time only. So I PCC in front of her and she sees with her eyes open wide, she says she wants to try and I let her. Guiding her HJ stroke cause I don’t want to hurt my dick, I teach her again how to HJ! Under my guidance, her HJ reached almost perfection to my liking and before long I tell her, “Mei Mei I cumming, Take tissue, quick take tissue!!”

She replies, “Why need tissue! Where Tissue?”

She was looking around the room for tissue. Her hands was still doing HJ on my dick. Reaching this moment, I cannot tahan anymore; I shoot out my entire load and some of my load landed on her face!! She gives out a scream and asked “What’s that!” I ask her to keep quiet and don’t shut, telling her what is that. Next came a knock on my room door, CCB, this time siao liao. Sure kanna cane! Lucky the door was locked; my granny was outside and asks what happen? I say nothing, I telling Mei Mei ghost story and she scare only. What a LIE!!!

Granny then asks, “Mei, you okay? Come out don’t play anymore.”

Cousin Samantha reply, “I ok, granny. My face very dirty now, Koa Koa just spill something on me.”

I think die lah! Why must cousin talk like that? But lucky me, she continues, “Granny, but it is okay, I still want to play with Koa.” PHEW what a relief.

I clean her face up with her tissue and ask her to go wash her face with water and again tell her cannot tell anyone. She says ok.

We continue to play this game for the next 3 days. And I began to really enjoy my this sweet cousin.

I knew the small play that I have with my cousin was wrong and I decided to stop. I started to avoid her. As I mentioned earlier, my cousin Samantha and me study in the same school, but that only lasted till Secondary (I repeated Sec 4 twice). We began to meet less due to our studies and circle of friends as you know there is an age difference between my cousin and me of 3 to 4 yrs different. I was busy with my groups of JC friends and not long after, I have to serve my NS.

But we do meet each other during festive seasons. We still talk and chat but never has we mentioned about our small play when we were younger.

Cousin Samantha soon grown into a beautiful teenage girl. If I can still remember, Age 17yo, height 155, waist 23, more to B cup size, Long hair and charming eyes. I was already ORD from army and helping my father in his business.

During one Chinese New Year gathering. Cousin Samantha approached me and started talking to me and ask how I am, how my work is and so on… (PS* we are standing at the void deck,) I reply her and say like is good and working life is also good. She then hit the topic of Girl Boy relationship. Asking me I got girlfriend or not? I say yes and she also reply me that she also have a BF. I was thinking, WTF, your figure so nice sure got boyfriend lah, talking cock!

Next thing you know, she says, “Though I have a boyfriend now but I still miss sucking your dick Koa. I think now it is more bigger now right?”

OMG, when is it that my cousin has become so horny, is it my doing? I dragged her down the house and went to the playground to knock some sense to her, telling her this should not be the way to react and live, it is not correct, she will lose out as a girl. She must learn to control.

I tell her all these to make her understand and she reply with a sweet cousin kinda of voice: “Koa, I know, but I love to suck for you. Now I also big girl already, I wanna try more, you teach me can?”

I say, “You can ask your boyfriend to teach you what, better.”

She reply, “Different, Koa, no feeling, I always think about your dick in my mouth and the spill on my face. Cannot picture anyone else in my mind yet. Can you have sex with me?”

I WAS REALLY jammed and a goose feeling runs down my cord.

“Koa, do me a favour, take me. I am willing to learn,”

Oh boy, what can I say, facing me is a SYT and asking me to take her first! What can I say? I was already a 21 years old teenage adult boy who is crazy about sex. I tell her we must be discreet if she wants to do it. We will have to meet someday where our parents is not around. Both agree to fix a date.

A few weeks later, I received a call from Cousin Samantha and she says that her parents will be going for a holiday in another 3 days’ time. Asked me whether I can accompany her then. I know where she is coming from and what she means. I did not answer her straight away but tell her I got to see my schedule. For the next three days, I was really thinking hard, should I or should I not? After much pondering, I come to a decision. WTF, if I don’t bonk my cousin somebody else would, so why not?

So I took up the courage on that day to call her and asked her whether her parents still around. She says they have left so I tell her I will come to her place in 45 minutes time. She say she will wait for me to come. I make a call home first telling my parents, I will be putting up at my friends place tonight before heading to Cousin Samantha‘s house. Reached her house and knocked on the door, opening the door surely is my cousin Samantha. She was wearing a white T-shirt and a tight shorts. Phew! She is not wearing any bra!! Compared to the cousin Samantha at the age of 12 and now! It is like the link way between heaven and earth. Her B cup size (.)(.) Was really catching all my eye movement on her. Can also see her small nipples too. My dick was getting a bit erected already. But tell myself to control. Say hi and asked her have dinner already, she says not yet, so offer to go dinner with her. She asked me to wait, she needs to go and get change.

Not long after she comes out of the room wearing the same T-shirt and hot pants.

I comment and say. “Hello you where got change, same what!”

She replies, “Got lah Koa, you never realize meh…, I go put on my bra what!!!”

Took a look at her (.)(.) Now and fuck, she indeed is wearing a bra now. Long story cut short, we proceed to go for dinner and come back to her house again.

As I was a bit tired after work, I decided to take a shower first. I have brought along my own gear as I have prepared my mind to stay over. Went into the bathroom and slide the door close behind me. I was shampooing my head when suddenly, the shower room door opened! Standing at the door was my cousin Samantha, naked some more…. Looking at her figure, 33B 23 34, and especially her (.)(.), so fresh and young. Red pointed small nipple head. Fuck, I like it!

Without any words made, Cousin Samantha walks into the bathroom, close the door behind us and starts getting into action.

“Koa, I wanna have your dick inside my mouth now, I miss sucking it.”

Such a beauty standing naked in front of me, how can I resist? Where got time to think so much even if she is my cousin!! I pull her near to my wet body because I wanted to feel her 33B (.)(.) On my chest. Without delay, I was busy frenching her and my hand was caressing her firm breasts. Twisting her small nipple head once a while.

“Argg…Arrg… Arrg… Koa, I like it. Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

My hands found its way soon to her pussy and I discover that knn she was wet, damn bloody wet. I can feel her pussy juice on my finger. My finger was really busy playing at the outer layer of her pussy, trying to find the g-spot. She was all the while enjoying herself with my fingering. Making out all the sexy moan. I am damn sure this is not her first time having sex cause from the CFM look on her, and the way she let me finger her, I knew she lied. This is not her first but WTF who cares then! In my mind then, was, I am going to screw my cousin!

At this point of time, I began to spread open he pussy more to allow my middle finger to penetrate in. Slowly I insert my middle finger into her pussy. Mother fucker, she is real tight man! But she is wet so I can slide my finger in without any resistance from her. She was in the meantime moaning herself away… arg…arg…arg…! I began to put some momentum on my middle finger. I started to move it around inside her CB. Lifting up one of her leg to place on the toilet bowl and her arms around me, I started to finger fuck her. She was getting real horny now. Her soft moans become loud stereo…. I started to give her a few hard trust and she give out a few screams but never stop me. I finger fuck her for almost 10 minutes before I stop ask her to kneel down in front of me to take in my now harden dick. Cousin Samantha was really eager to please this big cousin of hers, she immediately give me a smile and the CFM look. Hands now of my harden rod and looking at me, her tongue was licking the tip of my dick. WOW… sensational feeling! My girlfriend also cannot give me this feeling then when she was BBBJ me.

She plays around my dick head using a tongue for almost 5 minutes but was going slow in giving me the hardcore BBBJ that I like. She would give me a few blows and then stop to lick my shaft and play with my dick head with her tongue.

“You like it, Koa?”

She is driving me crazy at this moment. I cannot tahan this erotic play anymore…


I push at the back of her head and make her mouth take my whole dick in her.


I was pushing her head to suck my dick with the momentum that I want. After a while she was used to it and was really sucking me away. Her BBBJ was 100 percent to my liking; she will suck and suck till you stop her. I was really eager to bonk her now. Give her a few trust in her mouth before pulling my dick out and I tell her that I want to fuck her now.

She replies, “In here? How to? No Place for me to lay down!”

She is damn new to sex, without telling her much; I pull her up, turn her over and ask her to bend down. Asking her to put her hands on the wall and I spread her legs wide. My dick was really fucking hard now. That time still young so never think of CD. I get her into a ready position. Her round ass was now facing me and she was looking at me and I asked her, “READY. DEAR?”

She gives me a sluttish look and fuck, the more I wanna to bonk her. I hold her on her hips position my dick and with a single trust, my dick disappears into her CB! She let out a scream and says pain but at this point of time how can I let go!! I hold on to her hips and started to give her a few soft bonks follow by a few hard ones. I think she was not used to this kind of hardcore sex yet. I can see tears in her eyes and she was trying not to scream when I am trusting hard into her. Man! She was tight, real tight. I can feel her cunt squeezing. My dick was also feeling the tightness in her. As I wish to CIM, I pulled out my dick from her and ask her to suck for me. Can see she is most happy to do that because I think she is feeling a bit pain in her pussy now.

She started to give me her power BBBJ and about 5 minutes later, “Mei, I cumming! SUCK ME DRY!”

I was ready to realize my shot anytime. I want Cousin Samantha to have my entire load in her mouth; I again push the back of her head to hold my dick in her mouth, (I think bros know what I mean here). Holding her head, I push her to take my dick deeper into her mouth. The rhythm gets faster and faster. Now my turn to let out some noise. With a few more push on her head, I finally shoot my cum in her mouth and she was really happy to swallow all of it. After that, my cousin was still slowly playing with my dick before we cleaned ourselves up and headed out of the bathroom.

After the wonderful session in the bathroom, I get changed and sit down to take a rest in the living room.

I managed to take a peep at my cousin while she was changing in the room, she did not close her door. I saw her applying body lotion to her body and that scene was really tempting. Her hands was going from up to down her body and when she was applying the lotion to her (.)(.), I can feel my cock hardening again. Feel like rushing into the room and give my cousin a good fuck again!

I quickly PCC to make my dick more hard so that I could rush into the room and immediately BONK her. I switch on my turbo PCC and with thin minutes my dick is so fucking hard. I was making my way to my cousin room, pushing the door open and showing once again my manhood to her when….

WTF, my phone rings!!!! FFF… really FFF!!! No choice got to detour and go answer my phone. The caller: “My GF..!!!”

I signal to my cousin to ask her not to make any noise before answering, “Hello, yes dear.”

She asked me where am I? I told her I am at my friends place. My girlfriend was a very nice gal. She does not ask much of my stuff then. TCSS a while with her and hang up the phone. FFF…!!! My plans has been spoiled by a phone call. By this time, my dick also soft already. The entire mood also gone.

My cousin was also dressed in T-shirt and shorts now. Bloody sian already. Continue to watch TV… Cousin Samantha come to sit beside me and I can smell the fragrance in her hair. She knows the caller is my girlfriend and start asking long and short, But I do not want to spoil the night so I tell her nothing much just some SOP stuff from my GF.

She begin to cuddle near me and I can feel her body heat. My hands again starts to find its way around again.

My hands was slowly finding its way into her pants when nnbccb, she grabs my hand and ask me to stop. I was a bit pissed off then, why is she stopping me now? Is it just a ONS kind of stuff to her?

She then says, “Koa, just now you fucked me so hard now my CB a bit pain and sore. This is only my 3rd time having sex.”

She tells me all this in a sexy voice and how can I still be pissed off? I believe why she says cause I know how rough I can get when fucking a gal… But something bad comes into my mind once again….

I tell my cousin, “You pain where, I help you. Make you less pain.”

“How to, Koa?” She replies.

“Don’t worry, dear trust me.”

“Why call me dear, I not your GF!” She replies angrily.

WTF, must be not happy when my girlfriend call just now…

I say to her again, “I make love to you already what, like that you are my dear already mah.” Whole bunch of keke acting to make her happy.

“Don’t angry lah, I help you to make the pain go away. You will also like it want.”

“I don’t care, you call me dear, I also will call you my dear from now on.” She says.

“Ok lah, my good cousin, you can call me whatever you like. Now you help me to help you with the pain or not?”

She gives me the blur look but agreed in silence.

I tell her to stand up and when she was standing in front of me, I pull down her shorts. She pushes me away and asks, “What are you trying to do?”

I reply, “Relax, dear, I am not trying to be funny, trust me.”

I pull her nearer and Cousin Samantha seems to be ok with it now. She was wearing red color panties. I nearly lose control that I feel like turning her over and start ramming her again.

I proceed to take off her panties and face right in my face is her nice shave cb hair. I cannot resist the urge to touch her but I was careful not to touch her CB.

I asked my cousin to sit down on the sofa and I spread her leg wide. Positioning myself in front of her, I tell her, “I am going to ease your pain now, don’t worry ok?”

I lower my head and I started to lick her on her thighs, slowly finding my way upward. She was breathing a bit heavier now. I think she is enjoying the thrill.

Soon, my tongue found her cunt. I begin to use my tongue to lick the outer layer of her CB. Her breathing becomes panting and her motion now is more vigorous. Her leg started to open wider. Her CB getting wetter, and wetter…

Right now, she is giving soft moans when my tongue goes in to her CB. I know right now she is enjoying my pussy licking because she is holding onto my head and pushing it nearer to her pussy…

I wanted to tease her a bit so I stop!

Keke I asked, “You feel better now? The pain?”

She look at me with them disappointed face and ask, “Dear Koa, why you stop? The pain now come back again once you stop. Why you so bad?”

I know what she wants because she really enjoy me to lick her pussy. Out of curiosity I asked, “Is this your first time getting lick, dear?”

She replies, “Ya, lah need to ask meh?”

“A lot of first time also with you what..!”

“So, Koa, can lick for me again, I feel like I cumin when you lick me just now.”

“Koa, lick for me again, please.”

As I have something up my sleeve, I tell her, “Lick you can but you must let me make love to you again later. I want to be more rough later can?”

“You lick me and I will do anything you say later.”

Hoo, hoo hoo, this is going to be hell of a bonk later. But before I start painting her pussy again, I ask her for some appetizer first. That is…” SUCK MY COCK FIRST.”

Without much delay, she pulls my shorts down together with my underwear. Grab my dick with one of her hand and within seconds my dick was once again inside her sweet small mouth. My cousin can really suck a dick man, the stroking and the playing of my dick head with her wet tongue was really bring me to cloud nine. I was enjoying every moment of it and all of a sudden, she pulls my dick out of a mouth and stop!

“Now, your turn.” lan lan I pull my shorts back and go down on her again.

She gives me the devilish smile in her face. CB, she also learn this move… Never mind later then she know…

She was really inviting this time. She sits herself on the sofa again and I started to paint her cunt. I started to use my tongue to play with her outer cunt; she was catching for breath now.

“YOU LIKE IT?” I asked.


Before she can finish her sentence, I shift my tongue I gear higher and start licking faster and harder this time. Using my hand, I spread her cunt open now trying to find her g-spot. Not long, I found the spot that she is most sensitive to my licking because her panting becomes faster and her sexy soft moan start again…

She was really wet now and I can feel her pussy juice flowing out of her CB nonstop. Lucky it was not that much of a smell so I still ok with it. I started to attack her g-spot and she was getting more excited. I would lick a while on her g-spot, remove my tongue from there for a while, and then back to her g-spot. This really makes her ki siao….!

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4 Responses

  1. Malaysia says:

    is a good experience but it is still wrong doing it with your cousin and she is just so small

  2. Bob says:

    I see potential in this, but my dick went limp as I struggled though this horrifying grammar. It cannot be considered as anything but an insult to English.

    • admin says:

      We understand what you mean, but all grammar issues are from the source material. There are stories with better grammar. -Admin

    • malaysia says:

      you have to know that most people share this stories from a singapore forum . They use singlish a mix of many different dialects with english , so you have to bear with us here

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