Blackmailing School Girls


“Please, don’t report me. I will do anything you want.”

“Anything?” I walked over toward her and whispered in her ear.

She mouth dropped as a shocked look formed on her face.

“I will be expecting you in my office after your CCA ends. Otherwise, I will let the principal know you’ve been smoking on campus, again.”

You may think that think that the story ends with me blackmailing school girl into sex. That’s partially true, just not in the way you’d expect.

At 7.25pm, Shi Hui walks into my office in her PE attire, all drenched from her practice.

“Did you do as I asked?” She nodded. “Good.”

Five minutes later, I heard a knock on my door. “Come in.”

Jiaying had a towel wrapped around her neck, water dripping from her hair. She looked like she had just bathed after training.

“Yes Mr. Lim, you wanted to see me? What’s this about?” She asked worriedly.

I motion to her to have a seat while maintaining a grave look upon my face.

“Shi Hui has told me she saw you smoking in the toilet this afternoon.”

“What?!” Jiaying turned to look at her friend. Why would Shi Hui lie about such a thing? It was true, Jiaying did smoke. She picked it up from her boyfriend, but she had been smart enough not to smoke on campus. She knew what would happen if she got caught.

Shi Hui’s eyes just stared down at the floor, ashamed.

“That’s not true, Mr. Lim. I have never smoked on campus. There must have been some case of mistaken identi…”

“Not at all.” I say confidently. “Shi Hui says she saw you. Isn’t that right, Shi Hui?”

The girl just looks up and nods meekly. Jiaying was still shocked at what was happening in front of her.

“Thank you. Shi Hui, you may leave now while Jiaying and I discuss disciplinary action.”

Still glancing at the floor, she picked her up bag, and ran out of the room as fast as possible. She had sold out her friend to save her own skin. The door slammed behind her.

“Please, Mr Lim, there has to be some misunderstanding. It wasn’t me.”

“It’s your word against hers, Jiaying, and I am inclined to believe her,” I stared straight into her crestfallen eyes. “Unless there’s something you can do to convince me.” I emphasized my words carefully so she would know exactly where I was heading with this. With such a choice of words, I could easily deny it if she made any allegations against me. Besides, I had Shi Hui in my pocket, for now. This was almost too easy

Jiaying sighed. “I will do anything you want.” Words I have heard for the second time in today. Blackmail is such a powerful thing.

“The word ‘anything’ is a very dangerous word, Jiaying,” I warned, standing in front of her and looking down. “Surely you’ve learnt that in GP.”

She looked up, confused, unable even to begin to comprehend what I had in mind, “I will do anything, Mr. Lim.” She decided she might as well get this over and done with. Confident in her sexual irresistibility, her hand went to my erect cock in my pants.

“So is there anything I can do for you, Mr. Lim?”

“You really are a slut, aren’t you, Jiaying?”

“Excuse me?” she replied, shocked at the sudden name-calling.

“How many guys have you fucked in school?” I continued the interrogation.

Her hand left my trousers, but she didn’t respond.

“How many cocks have you sucked?” I asked, continuing the verbal assault.

“Mr. Lim, please stop,” she requested, real tears now forming.

Jiaying. Let’s make this crystal clear. If you don’t want to get suspended, you will do exactly as I tell you. Is that clear? You are a slut and I could use my very own personal cheerleader slut,” I explained, as I unbuckled my belt.

“Please don’t call me a slut,” she whispered.

“But you are, aren’t you? I will ask you again, how many boys have plugged your cunt?” I asked, my pants falling to the ground.

“Four or five,” she whispered, humiliated to admit it. The rumours were true.

Releasing my cock from my boxers, I asked “And how many cocks have you sucked?”

“Even more,” she admitted.

“Well add one more to your tally, Jiaying.” I grabbed her shoulders and gently pushed her onto her knees.

She looked up, her left hand gripping my cock, “If I suck your cock, you won’t suspend me?”

“No. If you obey everything I ask you to do, I won’t suspend you,” I clarified, before instructing, “Now get sucking, my slut.”

She leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. For having sucked so many, she really was an amateur at it. She had no real style, no constant rhythm and no ability to deep throat. She would clearly need a lot of practice.

After a couple of minutes of her sloppy cock sucking, I said, “For a slut, you sure need some work on the proper way to suck off a man.”

She quit sucking me and said, her confidence back, “I have never had any complaints before.”

“Well I am a man, not a boy and I expect more. I expect you to worship my cock. To take it all down your whore mouth, to bathe my cock with your saliva, and to get in a constant rhythm. It should feel like I am fucking your mouth.”

Insulted, yet seemingly determined to prove me wrong, she began to bob up and down at a steady pace and although she never got all nine- inches of me in her mouth, she did get eight. I moaned, “That’s it slut, you may make a good cocksucker yet.”

This only seemed to excite her more as her hand disappeared under her skirt.

My balls boiling, I demanded, “I am going to come in your mouth soon, my slut. Don’t you dare miss a drop.”

Impressively, she continued her eager bobbing and soon was rewarded with my salty seed. She didn’t miss a beat as I coated her throat and I figured I might have to reassess her cock sucking talent.

Once all spent, I pulled out of her mouth and demanded, “Bend over my desk.”

Clearly horny now and I imagine desperate to finish a fuck she started over an hour ago, she eager complied.

I lifted up her skimpy cheerleader’s skirt and caressed her tight ass. I slid two fingers inside her damp pussy and she let out a pleasurable moan. I pumped her cunt for thirty seconds and pulled out and used her juices to lubricate her ass.

“W-w-what are you doing?” the pretty cheerleader stammered in a panic.

“Well your cunt has been used way too many times for me to use and feel safe in, so I am going to get your ass ready for my cock,” I replied rather casually.

“No. I don’t do anal,” she adamantly refused.

I chuckled, “I wasn’t actually asking your permission. You do what I say you do or you are suspended.”


“But what would your parents say if they knew you had fucked four boys at school?”

Suddenly defiant, she countered, “I will tell on you.”

I laughed again. “Who are people going to believe, the respected discipline master or some slut cheerleader?”

Shifting from confident to desperate, she pleaded, “I will suck you off again.”

“Oh yes you will,” I agreed, “But right now you are going to become my ass-slut. Have you ever been fucked in the back door?”

“God, no,” she replied, clearly repulsed by the thought.

“Good. I like when I am first,” I smiled. “Now bend back over like a good slut.”

Tears began streaming down her face as she obeyed while pleading, “Please don’t.”

I ignored her plea, sliding two fingers rather easily inside her pussy. I asked, “Why are you so wet?”

She let out an involuntary moan.

“Is it because you are excited about your first ass-fucking?” I asked, pumping my two fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Noooo,” she moaned, enjoying my fingers.

I pulled out and placed a sticky finger at her virgin puckered entrance and slowly pushed forward. She whimpered slightly as my finger broke through the tight resistance.“Aaaaah, please stop,” she begged.

“I am only just beginning,” I said, pushing my finger deeper in her.

“It hurts,” she pleaded.

“The pain is temporary, my dear. Or your cheerleading coach, Mr. Lee, always says ‘no pain, no gain.'”

I wiggled my finger around attempting to slowly expand her tight asshole.

Her whimpers of pain continued as I pointed out, “This slight pain is way more tolerable than if I just shoved my cock up your tight ass, my dear.”

Again she pleaded. “I can get you money. What do you want?”

“Your ass, Jiaying,” I replied and her tears again streamed down her face. Her wealthy family would not get her out of this.

I wiggled my finger a bit more before pulling out and quickly added a second finger. Fuck she was tight.

She screamed, “Oh my God, I can’t take it anymore.”

I smiled as I pondered the fact that next was my cock, which was longer and wider than my two fingers. Ignoring her pleas yet again, I continued penetrating her with my fingers all the while wiggling inside her tight butt.

Her scream simmered down to whimpers as my two fingers disappeared between her tight ass cheeks. I explained, Jiaying, your ass is slowly getting used to being widened or as the books call it gaping.”

“It still hurts,” she whined.

“As much as it did originally?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, realizing it for the first time.

“Just relax and I think you will feel the shift from slight burn to sweet tingle,” I explained.

I continued the wiggle inside her sweet ass slowly widening her. Her whimpers continued, yet her complaining had ceased.

Finally, content I could fit in her virgin ass, I pulled my fingers out and looked at her open ass. It would still be a tight squeeze, but that I liked.

I got behind her, my cock ready for action. She looked back scared, her puppy dog eyes desperately pleading me to reconsider, but I just stared back. I was not going to lose to her like I imagine many had before me.

Her perfect ass looked so deliciously inviting. Pulling her ass cheeks apart, I surprised her by burying my face between her cheeks and rimming her slightly still gaping ass. She let out a surprised moan as I teased her puckered hole. Swirling my tongue, her anal resistance weakened as I slid a finger back in her ass. She again whimpered, although it sounded more like a whimper of joy than pain. I wiggled around before sliding a second finger in.

“Aaahhh,” she let out, as I widened her virgin ass for my cock.

I explained, “It’s okay, Jiaying, your tight ass is almost ready for my cock.”

“Oh god,” she moaned, as I explored her insides with my fingers.

Finally confident I had prepared her as best I could for her anal deflowering, I slid my fingers out and quickly moved my cock into position again. Her ass immediately tightened, but I warned, “This will go a lot better if you relax, Jiaying.”

Although you could see and feel her nervousness, she did relax the best she could as I pushed forward, ever slowly, breaking past her tight entrance.

A whimper escaped her lips as she grabbed the corner of my desk for grip. Not wanting to hurt her, I continued my anal invasion at a snail’s pace. Her whimpers were constant, yet not the kind of howls of pain that she had earlier. It was obvious she felt some discomfort, but it was also obvious she was feeling some pleasure. I was half in when I heard the first moan and a smile crossed my face. All girls deny it, but once they have felt a big hard cock up their backdoor, they are addicted. I began to slowly fuck her ass, each forward stroke going deeper into foreign territory. The mixture of whimpers and moans as the 18-year-old attempted to deal with the mixture of pleasure and pain was incredibly hot. I had fucked some pretty girls in my life and taken a few anal cherries as well, but she was the hottest and tightest I had ever had. Luckily, I wasn’t 18 anymore and could control my orgasm as I focused on making her my new anal-slut.

Each push forward widened her no longer virgin back door and allowed a whimper to escape her sweet lips. Slowly, but surely, over fifteen minutes, the young girl took all my cock and once completely buried in her ass, I asked, “How does my cock feel in your ass, Jiaying?”

Her breathing was already erratic as she managed to say, “It… it doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.”

“Does it feel good?” I asked, leaning forward a bit, going even deeper.

“Aaaaah, it feels okay,” she said, uncertain.

I promised, “Don’t worry, Jiaying, pretty soon it will feel a lot better than ok.”

Attempting to keep my promise, I began long slow strokes inside her ass. I wasn’t fucking her really, but rather prepping her for the fucking that was to come. Slowly her whimpers faded and were replaced my moans and like the other first time anal sluts, she started to like the sensation of the cock up her ass.

I continued the slow burn, waiting for the words that always, always finally come. The anal tease lasted a couple of minutes more, her moans increasing before she begged, “Please, harder, fuck me harder.”

“Fuck what harder?” I asked, wanting to hear the 18-year-old say it.

“My ass, fuck my ass, please,” she begged.

“But I thought you said anal sex was disgusting?” I questioned, actually slowing down.

“Oh god, please don’t stop. You were right, Mr. Lim. It feels so fucking good.”

“What does?”

“Your cock in my ass,” she admitted frustrated, wanting desperately to be fucked hard, fucked like a slut.

Satisfied with the declaration, I picked up the pace substantially. Her moans accelerated, and she was a screamer. I hoped that no one was still around at this time to hear her scream.

“Oh yes, oh, oh, God, it… It feels so good,” she moaned, “So fucking good.”

“But only sluts like a cock in their ass, Jiaying,” I pointed out.

“I’m… I am a… I am a slut then,” she admitted, adding, “Your slut, Mr. Lim.”

“And this ass is mine whenever I want it?” I asked as I begin really pistoning inside her ass.

“Oh yes, it is, it is yours,” she struggled to offer, moaning like a boar in heat.

“You’re my slut, Jiaying?” I asked.

“Yes, Mr. Lim,” she moaned.

“My personal fuck toy?” I pushed.

“Oh God yes,” she eagerly agreed.

“My anal cum deposit?” I questioned.

“Oh yes, whenever you want,” she moaned, her left hand now frantically rubbing her pussy.

“Don’t you come till I allow it,” I ordered.

“Oh god, I am so close, Mr. Lim,” she whined. “Beg for it, Jiaying,” I demanded.

“Oh please sir. Can I come like a slut?” she moaned, as my cock continued hammering away in her ass.

“You can come when I do, slut,” I grunted, before adding, “And I am close.”

All she could do was moan as she rubbed herself.

Thirty seconds later, both of us doing all we could to come, I said, “Get ready, slut. Here it comes.”

“Oh yes, fill my ass with your cum,” she moaned, so opposite to her earlier rejection.

“Get ready to come, slut,” I demanded, “In five.”

“Four,” I said, as her screams echoed.


“Two,” I grunted, my ball boiling over.

“One,” I declared, my cum exploding out of me and inside her tight ass. “Now, slut, cum now.”

A couple of seconds later, the 18-year old quaked as an intense orgasm exploded out of her. She screamed, “Fuuuuuuuck, I am cumming. Fuck, fuck, yes Mr. Lim! Harder, harder, don’t stop!”

As I deposited my load in her, I watched the most animated orgasm in my life. She shook, she screamed, she talked dirty, it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I finally pulled out and demanded, “Clean my cock, slut.”

This time she obeyed with lightning speed as she fell to her knees and took my cock that as just in her no longer virgin ass and began bobbing on it as if to retrieve any last remnants of cum still stuck inside my cock.



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