Blackmailing of a Lecturer


Vivien never like the new class which she just she started lecturing. Partly due to the nature of the boys in this class which are more daring and mischievous than all the other classes which she had taught. But she convince herself, it will get better, since she only started teaching in this poly 6 months ago, and perhaps it will be a good learning experience for her. Teaching was her passion, though with her looks and figure, she could have easily be involved in modeling as a career. Standing at 1.65, weighing at 43kg and with a passion for fitness and aerobics, her trim body reveals an almost perfect symmetry of feminine figure which will make all male eyes turn when she walks. However, Vivien is a conservative lady, and at 25 years old, she had only one boyfriend and that is the only sex partner she ever had. Her fiancée is in in the finance industry, doing well, and they plan to get married later that year. Thus, she never wanted to flaunt her assets, being more comfortable with casual clothing which didn’t do justice to her figure. After all, she always believe that she has to dress up properly as a teacher. The only times she would dress up well, would be during weekends, or when she has social outings of when she has a function to attend with his fiancée.

Unknowingly to her, Vivien is a ‘Hit’ among the boys in the institution, for obvious reasons. Many would just look forward just to see her coming to their class, and would dream of what she looks underneath her clothing…and she is a popular character in their wet dreams….well boys’ nature. One of these many boys is James, who is a student in this new class mentioned earlier in the first para. James, is doing relatively well in this semester, in fact he is one of the top students in the class but he’s lazy in nature. He is one of those that had the audacity to openly ‘teased’ Vivien in class, on her figure, which resulted in his parents being called up to school for a severe warning. Did this episode change James? …obviously not.

James, just like other boys in his class would often fantasized about Vivien. As all 17 year olds, with raging hormones, he had never seen a naked woman before, except those on the internet and porn films. And Vivien was one of his favourite object in his fantasies. In school, Vivien had always regard James as one of those boys who had the intelligence, but didn’t put enough effort to further realise his potential. She didn’t put much attention to him, as there were other students who need her help more than him. Besides she didn’t have a good impression of him, and had always thought James as someone that always have something indecent up his sleeve.

James lived near where Vivien‘s home was, somewhere northeast of Singapore. Many HDB blocks were being built in their area, with at least 3 to 4 construction sites in their vicinity. Usually, Vivien‘s fiancée will pick her up from school to bring her home. For the occasional times, she would travel back by herself, usually by a cab. For James, he would travel by bus to reach home. There was a period whereby, due to the construction sites, a narrow path was created as a shortcut between the main road and the cluster of HDB blocks where both James and Vivien lived. This narrow patch cuts across two major construction sites, which has entrances to the sites and further up there is small park with some thick plants and trees. Most residents would drop off at a bus stop along this main road, and would walk about 5 min across this shortcut to reach their block. Else, they would have to wait for another round loop with another 4 bus stops to get nearer to the cluster of blocks. Some residents would also ask cabs to drop them off in the same place, instead of paying more just to drop off nearer to their blocks.

One night….

One night, James was on the way back home on the bus, when he started recollecting the day’s events in school, especially the class by Vivien. James swore he saw her white undergarment when she crisscrossed her legs while seated on the table. James was seated on the first row, when that happened. Vivien was wearing a tight skirt, which only help to outline her nice cute butt, and a white blouse. James only wished she could have unbutton more, so to provide a better view of her cleavage when she bent down in front of him while explaining some things to him at his desk. Oh, how he fantasizes to have a chance to pump her from behind, holding on to her slim waist, slapping hard on her butt cheeks…and squeezing her nice boobs as well. To James, Vivien was his utmost object of desire and fantasy. Even her looks are so captivating, with oval shaped face, sharp nose, perfect complexion and yet look so demure and intelligent.

The sound of the bus chime and the sight of his bus stop ‘awoken’ James from his ‘recollection’ and he prepared to alight the bus. It was already close to 11pm, much later than usual. He had gone to buy a camcorder to pursue his interest in movie making. He had just joined a filming interest group and had to convince his dad a long time to buy a camcorder for him. He can’t wait to get started with his camcorder, and had fiddled with it during the bus journey. He hurried to keep the camcorder and rushed down to alight for the bus, before the bus moved off.

Right after he alighted, he saw a cab stopping not that far from him and out came Vivien from the cab. She was still in the same nice skirt, and James couldn’t help look at her gorgeous behind as she bent down to take her bag from the cab before closing the door. James picked up his pace trying to catch up with Vivien.

James: “Hi Vivien, so late?”

Vivien: “James! Yes had a dinner with my boyfriend just now. U are late too?”

James: “Went shopping…say don’t your boyfriend send you home?”

Vivien: “Usually yes, but he had an urgent call and had to go off for a conf call, so I told him I would take a cab back.”

James: “Why does your cab stop here?”

Vivien: “I normally ask the cab to drop me at the block, but I am short of cash today….so better not take the chance…wait no money to pay the uncle…”

James and Vivien then continued to walk along the shortcut path back to their blocks. By then, the path is already quite deserted with no one in sight, except for occasional cars driving by from roads nearby. About halfway through the walk, a group of 3 men suddenly appear in front of them. It startled both of them, and they quickly noticed that they are all brandishing knives. One of them is a Chinese, and the other two are dark, all don’t look local, and smelled of alcohol.

The Chinese guy: “If you do not want to get hurt, follow us!…”

Vivien: “What do you want? We…”

But before she could complete her sentence, the Chinese guy got hold of her and put up the knife to her throat “Listen again, if you do not want to get hurt, follow us!”

The two other guys had gotten hold of James as well who was too shocked to say or do anything. Vivien and James had no choice but to follow the 3 men out of the walk path and towards one of the construction site. It has a small opening along the fence, which they were forced to go through it.

Vivien was terrified, this can’t be happening to her. It cannot be, this is Singapore. It is supposed to be the safest country on earth. How could this be? At this juncture, she had no choice but to follow the orders. She is still being held by the Chinese man, and she may not feel it due to her fear, but this Chinese man was feeling up her body as he put his arms around her waist, clutching her closely to him, as he hold on to the knife close to her face ensuring she could see it.

James on the other hand, had mixed feelings. He was initially shocked but had since calmed down and much more composed than Vivien for obvious reasons. He had nothing much to lose, except for some pocket money in his wallet and well, his new camcorder.

They had entered the construction site and into a store like room, something like a makeshift shelter for machineries. The site seemed deserted there was definitely no one else in this room. Lighting was soft, and it came from two bulbs hanging from the ceiling of the shelter. There was a metal table in the middle of the room.

“Raj, Teeju! Bring them to the table” ordered the Chinese man. The Chinese man is likely in his mid-forties, with a beer belly, balding and around 1.7m. The two dark complexion guys are likely foreign workers, from Bangla likely.

“What do you want” cried Vivien. “If you want money, please take my purse, and whatever is in there.”

“Raj, take their bags and see what they’ve got” barked the Chinese man.

As their bags were ransacked….“Ah Boon….see this, a new camera” ….” I see, what do you have here, a brand new camcorder! …interesting” …Ah Boon walks towards the Raj and take over the camcorder, while still holding on to Vivien. Vivien dared not struggled, though Boon had kept his knife, she knows there’s no way she could run away. Boon let her go and gestured to Vivien to move towards the table and instruct Teeju do let James go as well.

“Okay, we are after $$ but my or my, what a catch…..i’ve never seen such pretty lady here …..What a bonus we have” Ah Boon grinning as he look towards Vivien, then to both Teeju and Raj, clasping his hands.

“Hey, you can’t do anything funny okay ….we will report this to police and u will be caught!” James retorted.

“Report to police???!! …haha, sure later okay?”

Vivien had never felt so terrified in her life. She still couldn’t believe this is happening, she’s so close to her home. What can she do?? She wondered. It is clear what the guys want….she suddenly fear got the better of her, panicked and started to run and screamed “Help! Please somebody!!”

Her earlier instinct was right, she didn’t go far, Ah Boon ran towards her clasped her mouth, brought out his knife “This is my last warning, if you do such stupid thing again, I will cut thru your face with this knife, and u will never want to see yourself in the mirror again! You got me?”

Vivien nodded her head, sobbing…..Ah Boon pushed her back to the table, and Vivien collapsed to the floor. James went down to pick her up. James was helpless, he is mischievous perhaps, but no way could he ever do such thing to another human being. He wanted so much to fight, but he knows no way he can fight 3 men, and all bigger size than him.

“I tell u what, why not I go home and get more money for you….u let us go, okay?” pleaded James.

“Who is she to you my boy?” Ah Boon asked. “She is my teacher……”

“Ho ho ho……, a student and his teacher!” Ah Boon walked around in circles, contemplating for a moment, and then turned to both James and Vivien, his hands still holding on to the camcorder.

“Please, let us know what do you want, but please let us go…please” Vivien pleading though she knows it will be of no use. Her mind is already playing tricks on her, as if trying to tell her to be mentally prepared to what would be happening soon. When she look at Ah Boon and the two foreign workers, she shook her head and sobbed…No…No….she is going to be raped by them??…..she can’t imagine this is happening….Raj and Teeju look like any Bangla worker…thin, unkempt, shiny curly hair, and they were just standing still waiting for orders from Ah Boon.

“Why not we do this….I have great respect for teachers….I had wanted to strip you off right now and arghhh…..showing his face of ecstasy” Ah Boon muttering as he look at Vivien and James. “Hey u boy, show me how to use this camera!”

James went over and spend a good 2 mins instructing Ah Boon. “Wait…wait, Raj u come here and learn!” Ah Boon then asked James to teach Raj.

“Ok my pretty lady, here’s what we gonna do” Ah Boon walked towards Vivien, and put his face so close to Vivien, she could smell strong alcohol coming out from his mouth.

“U choose, u want to serve us …” “…or u want to serve him”

“I don’t understand…” Vivien sobbed.

“I will make this clear….this boy having such a gorgeous teacher, must have been fantasizing fucking you for a long time!! …haha”

“Hey,” “If you do not, there must be something wrong with you!!”

“So why not you my dear lady, put up a good show for us, entertain us, and we may consider letting u free …deal??”

James was stunned, but deep inside, he can’t help but felt aroused, and he was mixed about this, getting Vivien to ‘serve’ him? What do they mean???

“You boy, move towards the lady…” Ah Boon barked. Vivien kept shaking her head. James moved closer to Vivien.

“Raj, are u ready with the camera ….?”

“Yes boss” replied Raj.

James was thrilled, shaking, but thrilled and aroused. Vivien, on the other hand kept shaking her head. She was thinking, okay perhaps not the three men, but my student, still a shameful act?? But there’s no other way…perhaps that’s all there will be, and they will be let go if they do a ‘show’?? But how far should this go? All these were running thru her mind.

Vivien and James found themselves facing each other.

“Come on boy, go ahead, and remove her clothes!” Boon pat James on his shoulder. “If you don’t, I will do it!”

James look into Vivien‘s eyes. Tears began to stream down Vivien‘s face.

“Raj, camera rolling or not???”….

“Yes boss” Raj replied.

James was stunned, he didn’t know what to do. Ah Boon went up close to both of them, and speak kinda bit calmer “Ok, here’s the deal, if you don’t proceed with anything, me and my gang will take over, is this clear?”

Vivien took James hand and bring it close to her chest. As she looked at James, she nodded her head. James could feel his bulge against his pants. This is a fantasy coming true! He is embarrassed with himself, but it is only this morning that he was fantasizing about Vivien‘s blouse, and buttons and her shapely behind….and he has the ‘permission’ to strip her! James looked up to Vivien again. Vivien had closed her eyes. Vivien had tried to imagine herself in a dream, a dreadful nightmare that she hoped will be over soon. She nodded again…asking James to proceed. James move towards the first button, this time with two hands and began unbuttoning. She was wearing a white blouse with a knee high skirt and her perspiration had allowed the material to stick her skin, and from the back, it is clear to see a beige bra strap. As James start removing the buttons, Boon, Raj and Teeju stared at them, the bulge on their pants began to grow.

“Oi, faster lah, u need me to help you or not!!!” Ah Boon ordered. Quite clearly, Raj and Teeju had not seen such sight unfolding in front of them. Ah Boon on the other hand, was making sure Raj kept the camera still, while encouraging James…

“Boss, why not we go and help now” Teeju suggested quite obviously couldn’t understand why Ah Boon had resorted to such ‘striptease’ show when they could have Vivien there and then.

Ah Boon slapped him on his head “You shut up, and just listen to me, just enjoy the show first!”

James’s hands were trembling and as he unbuttoned, he could see Vivien‘s cleavage clearer, and when the last button was loosed…he just froze there, not knowing what to do. He could see Vivien‘s nice bosom in front of him. Her cleavage peaked through the slit of her blouse, and her bra was still on.

“Oi, remove her clothes leh!” Ah Boon raised his voice…“Come one boy, dun by shy!”

Vivien, nodded and she mumbled a few words “…go ahead James, it is okay, I will not blame you”

Vivien sounded a bit calmer. Perhaps she realised that, it is better to proceed quicker, before the other men ‘took over’, and there may be a slim chance they could be let go?

With the words from Vivien, James became bolder. He pulled out Vivien‘s blouse from her skirt, and opened up her blouse, exposing her bra. Vivien closed her eyes. James proceeded to remove the blouse, dropping it from her shoulders. As he did it, he was so close to Vivien‘s face and he could hear her breathing, which was getting heavier. James arms was now around Vivien‘s body, as he slowly peeled off the blouse from her body and arms. James put the blouse on the table. Vivien‘s body was exposed with the bra covering her bosom. James could smell her nice perfume and was staring at her nice shoulders and bosom. Sweat began to trickle down her cleavage and James could see Vivien‘s body slightly trembling.

James froze for a while, before the familiar voice again “Go on! Strip her down, I want her completely naked…Walau eh, I think I have to do it already lah”…Ah Boon took 2 steps closer to both of them.

James replied “Wait uncle, I will do it”

Vivien‘s nightmare had begun. Soon, she knew, she would be standing naked in front of 3 strangers and her student, and the worst is, that will not be the end. Teeju, Raj and Ah Boon eyes were locked on her…almost not blinking.

James put his arms around Vivien again, this time her waist, and unhooked her skirt from behind. His arms then proceeded to pull down the skirt, and while doing so, his palms skirted across her bum, exposing her panty. Her skirt was tight, and need some effort so James had to pull a few times, and thus his hands had to push against Vivien‘s waist and bum. James bulge was growing…his actions quickened, and his excitement took over him. He couldn’t have imagined he would be able to touch Vivien in such a way. Vivien was now only in her panty and bra. The skirt dropped to the floor. She couldn’t bear to open her eyes, and before she could think further, he felt James fingers on her bra buckle. James had no experience with this, so he had to go close to Vivien, and look over her shoulder to see the buckle to unhook it. He could feel Vivien‘s hair on his shoulders, and then her head. Vivien‘s was resting her head on James shoulders as she started weeping quietly. James felt a twitch in his crotch. His bulge was pressing too hard on his pants, and something in him was pressing him to proceed. He managed to unhook the bra, and gently he lifted the straps from Vivien‘s shoulders and remove the bra from her. As he did that, Vivien moved closer to him, pressing her breasts on his chest. It was a natural instinct for her, to keep some dignity, but even she knew won’t be for long. James held Vivien‘s on her shoulders and told her “I am so sorry Vivien. Vivien nodded her head, knowing it was not his choice. Vivien pulled out from James chest, and put her hands on her mouth weeping.

Vivien‘s breasts were exposed now. The three guys tilted their heads, to catch this sight of Vivien‘s topless body.

“Raj, hold the camera still! Please don’t anyhow point …basket!” Ah Boon while enjoying the sight, still have the mind to ensure all this was recorded properly.

James arms were still on Vivien‘s shoulders, as he held her …her breasts were just two inches from him.

“Boy, turn her around so that we can see her front clearly”.

James rotated her shoulders accordingly, so that Vivien could face the three men. The side view of her breasts and now with full frontal view, the three men’s bulges were clearly visible now. Vivien was blessed with a pair of nice tits, nicely pear shaped and standing out perfectly. Her disciplined regime of exercises had helped carved out a nice toned body, there was no sight of fats.

“More, more……boy proceed!” Boon commandeered.

James took a step to Vivien‘s back, and with his hands on her waist, he slide his fingers into her panty line and started slipping it down her waist. As he glided it down, he lower himself to a squatting position. James was right behind Vivien, and his face was so close to her naked buttock, as he dropped her panty to her feet. James felt so much like gripping her buttock and felt so much kissing her on her butt….perhaps that was the animal in him that was dying to come out. With such as sight and proximity, which men won’t? The stripping of Vivien is now complete. Vivien could feel the cold air of the night licking her exposed body, especially her sensitive spots. She opened her eyes slightly, hoping with some sort of a miracle, that it was all just a dreadful dream, but all she saw was Boon, Raj and Teeju staring back at her, mouths wide opened. They stared as they were amazed with her body, breasts, toned body, even her pussy was well trimmed. Vivien, could still feel James fingers on her waist. Vivien instinctively turned around and hugged James, hoping for some comfort, shielding her nudity. This only turned on the 3 men further, because now they are rewarded with a fantastic view of Vivien‘s behind, her tight butt cheeks against a slim body, and a pair of long, never ending legs.

James put her arms around Vivien, trying to comfort her. Just a few minutes ago, all this was just a fantasy, now…a reality….hugging this beauty lecturer who is now completely naked. Vivien tightened her embrace of James … This was her only comfort, she didn’t know what else to do. James hugged her tighter as well, his crotch pressed against Vivien, he was sure Vivien must have felt it. But Vivien was numb, and she has only James body to shield her now.

Ah Boon: “Ah Boy, stepped aside!”

Ah Boon moved closer to the couple. He can’t stand it any longer….and he had to have Vivien. The teasing was over, as he gestured Raj and Teeju to stay put.

Ah Boon: “U guys wait, and keep the camera still!”

Ah Boon put his hands on Vivien‘s buttocks, and started caressing them. Surprisingly, he was gentle with her. Oohh, it felt so good, thought Ah Boon to himself. Vivien‘s skin was fair and smooth. Ah Boon had never touched such a pure, delicate skin before. The prostitutes that he frequented doesn’t come close to this…it was heavenly….. As he caressed Vivien, he started squeezing her butt checks…his left hand started roaming from her back to the front, and cupped her left breast. It was a nice handful, soft yet firm, and fit in nicely in his rough, tanned and weather-beaten palms.

Vivien knew this was coming, as she bite her lips. She started hugging James tighter as if asking James to do something. Ah Boon’s hands felt rough, as he roamed around her butt and her breasts, fondling and squeezing them. She had never felt so humiliated before. But she felt a tingling sensation on her crotch…she’s beginning to get aroused as well! She was ashamed, but she couldn’t’ control her body reactions. Somehow all these had played out in an unexpected way for her. She couldn’t understand, how she could be aroused. And what’s more with such audience! Even her bf had not seen her completely naked like this. Even during their intimate times, she had insisted to be covered by blanket. And they had only sex occasionally, when her bf insisted. She lost her virginity after 2 years of being attached to him, and that was about 6 months ago. She had wanted to preserve till wedding day, but she knew with today’s expectations, that was a foregone conclusion if she had wanted to keep her man. So her sex life had so far been pretty straightforward, and perhaps ‘boring’ because she had wanted to keep it that way. That could be the reason that her body was now having a mind of its own…

Ah Boon pushed James away, prying Vivien from James’ embrace. Vivien had to let go of James. Ah Boon now had Vivien all to himself, kissing Vivien‘s face from the back as his hands are still touching Vivien‘s breasts, butt, feeling up her legs, thighs, groin and slowly moving closer to her crotch. Vivien could feel Ah Boon’s stubby chin on her neck and face, and felt very awkward, ticklish even, and wanted to move away, but she couldn’t because Ah Boon’s arms were pulling her close to him.


James: “Hey, you had asked us to put up a show, please keep your promise! I am not done yet with the show”…James tried to raise his voice, but his voice was trembling….

Ah Boon paused for a moment. He was surprised at this boy’s comment and his reaction. He would have expected James to just walk away.

Ah Boon is a person that doesn’t like to be called someone that breaks promise. He may be bad in other ways, but to him… Keeping promises and loyalty are fundamental principles to him. In fact, his original intention was to rob, never rape nor molest…it was never in his agenda. In fact, he had never done such crime before but Vivien‘s beauty turned him on….The only thing that prevented him to ‘take on’ Vivien much earlier was that she’s a lecturer/teacher. He had utmost respect for this profession, because as an orphan himself, it was his teachers that took care of him during his early years. But he couldn’t control his inner urge, because he knew…he will probably never have a chance with such a beauty again…

Ah Boon turned up to look at James, while both of his hands were cupping Vivien‘s breasts and his crotch was pressing on her butt. Vivien was just slightly shorter than Ah Boon, and it made all this fondling easier for him. Though he is already at a heightened state of arousal, with his dick exploding in size already, the thought of seeing a student making out with his teacher interested him greatly as well.

Ah Boon turned Vivien around, and tried to give Vivien a french kiss on her mouth, but Vivien struggled with this awkward kiss…..Ah Boon then let Vivien go.

Ah Boon: “Ok boy, you continue…but please be faster! Else I cannot tahan already. I want to see you meet your fantasy, and I let you go first….. I wait!”

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