Celest was a young, energetic woman, married to her husband of two years. She was 26 that year, working in a big security MNC as an account manager, having recently promoted after her hard work and perseverance.

With her long just below shoulder length silky hair, almost flawless complexion and C cup assets, one would imagine her husband as a very lucky man. She always wore her black rimmed glasses, as she was severely short sighted, complementing her large eyes. Standing at just 160 cm and weighing only 46 kg, she was the perfect example of a working woman whom just started in the corporate world.

She took occasional jogs around her condo and workouts at the gym, so her figure was pretty good as well, attracting the eyes from guys all over.

In truth, her husband was always overseas for business, leaving her usually alone at home. Sex for her was a once a month affair, sometimes even none. She came from a strict Christian family, her husband being her only sex partner in her whole 26 years. She did, however, occasionally succumb to masturbation at home.

It was a rainy Thursday at work for her and as usual, she was the last one in the office.

“Working late again?”

Celest turned around and shifted her black eyeglasses with her finger and saw Lee Huat, the security guard in charge of the shift on her level that night.

“Yup,” she replied, “Got a lot of work to do.” She smiled.

“Haha, husband not in town again?” Lee Huat asked as he slowly scanned her. She was wearing a white short sleeved blouse with a long black skirt that day, but it wasn’t enough to distract Lee Huat from admiring her long slender legs and her ample chest. Celest was slightly shorter than him, with Lee Huat standing at only 165 cm tall. Her hair was neatly tied up in a bun. And her eyeglasses turned her into a typical AV actress in the perfect venue, at least for Lee Huat.

“Nah, he just left again for work, will be back in another two weeks lor.”

“You very jia lat leh, like that, how to be satisfied? Need me or not? Hahaha, just kidding ah, don’t angry.” Lee Huat said cheekily.

Celest blushed, not knowing what to say. A brief image of Lee Huat painting her wet, pink pussy while she sat spread eagle on her desk, her skirt rolled up to her waist and her white blouse half opened, with her tits flowing out, bra thrown onto the chair, flashed through her mind unwillingly. She had seen JAV porn before with her husband, as an experiment to try and spice up their sex life, so sometimes she would actually fantasize about some of the situations in the movies.

“Haha, just remember to turn off the lights when you leave.” Said Lee Huat before he went back to his post.

Celest was glad that Lee Huat was in the building at that hour, since it was pretty scary alone in the office at night. She didn’t particularly like him as she thought he was too flirty with her, but his company was welcome.

She thought about his words again for a few moments, but immediately willed that particular image out of her mind. She had not gotten sex for almost three weeks already, she thought, as her hand unknowingly slid down to her crotch area for a moment. That last sentence had unwittingly made her slightly wet down there.

She cleared her thoughts and quietly went back to work.

Lee Huat meanwhile, was watching her through the company CCTV network, along with his colleague Ridzuan, till she left at roughly 9 pm at night.

“This girl damn sad case leh, husband always overseas, I think she lacks of sex sia.” Ridzuan told Lee Huat.

“Ya, damn wasted, her body fucking nice, just want to take her home and bang her all night long man. Shoot my cum all over those breasts.” Lee Huat replied.

“Hahaha, you every girl also want to fuck la.” Ridzuan commented.

“Bro you don’t want meh? We can threesome also leh bro, next time I call you.” Said Lee Huat.

“You crazy la bro hahaha.” Replied Ridzuan. Lee Huat could only smile back at him.

Lee Huat was in his 40s, single all his life, while Ridzuan was married and in his late 30s. Both of them really enjoyed their jobs, with all the OL’s, who wouldn’t? Lee Huat was the kind of guy who would be visiting Geylang during the weekends, but ever since he took up this security job, he had been setting his sights on all the OL’s in the office. He was the typical kind of uncle you would see at a kopitiam, drinking beer and talking to his khakis about life, the government and perhaps 4D.

That same night, having thought of banging Celest for so long since he started work, Lee Huat decided to put his blackmail plan into action. He was sick of paying for sex, and since he had nothing to lose anyway, he decided to go ahead with it.

It was a Saturday, just a few days later. Celest had turned up for work alone to finish up some of her overdue work. She left her hair in a ponytail that day and dressed in a light gray spaghetti top and a denim skirt, which just covered her knees. As her company was dealing with security, she had to occasionally access files in the company safe and put them back after. Lee Huat had planned to plant one of the documents in her bag when she was in the safe and then point it out to her later as she was leaving. It was a grave offense to bring company data out of the office.

As the hours went by, Lee Huat waited for his chance to drop by her desk and put one of the documents in her bag just as she was in the toilet, preparing to leave for her meeting with her friends.

Celest returned and Lee Huat stood by the exit, preparing to check her bag, which was company regulation.

“Leaving so early today ah?” Lee Huat asked as Celest placed her tote bag on Lee Huat’s desk to be checked. “Yup, meeting friends for dinner.” Replied Celeste, smiling at Lee Huat.

Lee Huat smiled back and slowly checked through her bag. Lee Huat smiled to himself as he slowly pulled out the document that he had planted earlier.

“Hmm, how come this is here?” Lee Huat asked as he showed Celest the offending document. Celest showed a surprised look, her mind temporarily blanked out for a moment.

“Err, I think maybe I might have dropped it in there when I was working.” Replied Celest as she turned a shade of red.

Lee Huat said, “Sorry Celest but I will have to make a report to the upper management, just regulation ya?”

“But… It was just an accident, Lee Huat.” Celest said meekly as she thought about her job. She was just recently promoted and this would definitely affect her post. There was a case where the previous person who was caught got fired almost immediately.

“Sorry Celest, but rules are rules ah.” Lee Huat said as he put the document under his desk and took out his form to fill up.

Celest was pretty flustered at that point, she didn’t want to risk affecting or even losing her job over this small issue.

“Unless…” Lee Huat remarked as he paused for a bit and looked at her lustfully.

Celest looked confused, “Unless what?” She noticed him leering at her, from the top to bottom and blushed even more.

“Aiya, I think you also know ah, you’re such a beautiful woman you know…” Lee Huat said as he closed up to Celest as she stood there, putting his hand on her arm and slowly pulling her hand toward his crotch. “It’s regulation to report such issues, but I think you wouldn’t want the trouble of having to explain to your superior right? Anyway, I can always edit the surveillance video to take out the footage of me finding the document inside.”

Celest‘s hand was lightly brushing against Lee Huat’s crotch and she could see a bulge building up in his pants.

“Cannot la, I am married…” Said Celest shyly as Lee Huat held onto her hand firmly, his body coming up close to her.

“Ok lor, then I will just have to make the report.” Said Lee Huat as he let go of her hand and went back to fill up the report.

Celest took a few steps back into the office, her face totally red and her body sweating under the stress she was under. She looked at her hand, which had grazed Lee Huat’s crotch and thought about her job and whether it was worth it or not.

Lee Huat was slightly disappointed by this as he sat down at his desk and began doing the report. “Wasted sia…” He thought to himself.


Lee Huat looked up to see a still red faced Celest standing in front of him, her body glistening from the sweat due to her nervousness.

“Change your mind ah?” Asked Lee Huat as he felt his cock coming hard again from looking at Celest‘s cleavage covered with her sweat.

“Yea, but I will only use my hand, okay? And I don’t want to do it in the office…” Said Celest as she glanced up at the security camera above them.

Lee Huat was planning to have her do it in the office, but since she was willing, he scrunched up the report and said, “Ok, I finish work today at 7 pm, why don’t I get your number, then I will call you around 8 pm?”

“Ok…” Replied Celest as she passed him her name card. Lee Huat smiled at her. “Thank you, I will see you later ah chiobu.”

Celest smiled weakly back at Lee Huat, slightly disgusted by him, but at the same time, something deep inside her made her look forward to the meeting later.

She hastily left the office, with Lee Huat looking at her as she got onto the lift and left the office building.

Celest, you ok?” Amanda asked. “Yea, you seem so spaced out today, is everything ok? I will bet you’re overworked.” Said Rebecca.

“I am fine, just overworked.” Smiled Celest as she tried to keep the event that happened earlier out of her mind. “I will see you guys next week?”

“Ok dear, just get some rest alright? We’ll see you next week.” Rebecca said as the three of them parted ways.

Celest looked at her watch, “7:45 pm, he will call me soon I guess?” Thought Celest, her mind racing with thoughts on what she was about to do. Thoughts of her cheating on her husband flashed through her mind while her heart pounded hard. It was the longest fifteen minutes of her life.

She had never had any other man other than her husband, being from a strict Christian family. She had never even given a blowjob before.

Ring! Celest broke out of her trance and picked up the phone…


“Hello, Celest ah? I just finish work, where are you now?”

“I am at Suntec… Where you want me to meet you?”

“Hmm, why don’t you come over my place? I stay alone and it’s in an old estate so there won’t be anyone there to recognize you lor.”

“Okay, I will come over, just sms me the address ba…”

“See you there, dear.”

Celest hung up and waited for his sms, then left Suntec for his house.

She arrived at Toa Payoh, one of the older estates in Singapore. Celest parked her car just below Lee Huat’s block. She sat in her car, trying to calm herself down.

“It’s just one time, just for my job…” Celest thought to herself as images of herself in states of undress fondling and stroking Lee Huat’s cock went through her mind.

She breathed a heavy sigh and went up to Lee Huat’s unit. It was one of the older type three bedroom type units with corridors racing the outside.

*Knock knock*

“Wait ah.”

Lee Huat came to the door, clad only in his security outfit pants, his top bare, showing off his beer belly. He was still fairly fit despite his age since he was a frequent swimmer himself.

“Paiseh ah, take a seat first, I go take a shower. Haha, you haven’t gone home to change ah?”

“No la, just came from dinner only…” Celest replied shyly.

He invited Celest in, his home was a humble one, with all the basic amenities, the tiles and doors were in its original condition.

“Want to shower with me or not Celest? Haha.” Said Lee Huat cheekily. Celest just blushed and looked away.

She took a seat in the living room while Lee Huat went to the bathroom to take a shower. Celest‘s heart began beating faster as the inevitable was about to happen.

Lee Huat finally came out of the shower, dressed only in his boxers. His cock already bulging through. Having eyed Celest for so long, having her in his own house was like a dream came true.

“Haha, sorry ah, my little brother too excited to see you already. Damn pity leh your husband always overseas, cannot enjoy properly.” Lee Huat said with a smirk.

Celest blushed and looked away, “So you promise to delete the surveillance video right?”

“Yup, don’t worry dear, already deleted.” Replied Lee Huat as he went closer towards Celest, his boxers covered cock almost in front of her face as she was sitting down.

“Let’s go to my bedroom ba, more privacy.” Lee Huat held Celest‘s hand and led her into his bedroom.

A queen sized bed lay in the middle of the room with almost no space for other items.

He sat Celest by the edge of the bed and sat behind her, his hand slowly touching her shoulder, fondling with the straps on her top.

“Just hand only ah…” Said Celest as she turned around to face Lee Huat on the bed.

Lee Huat laid down on his back and motioned Celest to kneel down in front of him on the bed, showing her ample, sweating cleavage as she bent down slightly lower. The room was only cooled with a fan and Celest‘s nervousness didn’t help as she began to sweat more. Celest didn’t notice a mirror at the back of her on the wall and Lee Huat was enjoying both the view of her cleavage and her tight ass as well.

“Wah, damn swee leh dear, can touch or not?” Asked Lee Huat as he slowly reached his hand towards her tits. Celest pushed his hand away gently. “Don’t shy leh, we’re already in my room liao.” Lee Huat said to Celest.

“We promised use my hand only, right?” Said Celest.

“Ok lor, then just slowly stroke me lor.” Said Lee Huat as he grabbed Celest‘s hand and put it on his hard, throbbing cock. Celest tried to pull away, but Lee Huat was using considerable force and in the end she relaxed and used her fingertips to slowly stroke the head of his cock. With his other hand, he slowly pulled off his boxers, showing his cock in full glory.

“It’s huge.” Celest thought to herself as Lee Huat’s cock stood less than a meter away from her face, her right hand now at the base of the penis. “What you waiting for dear?” Lee Huat asked as he saw Celest staring at his huge member.

Celest began moving her right hand slowly up and down the shaft and occasionally used her fingertips to stroke the head. She slowly used more grip as she stroked, going into a steady rhythm. Her left hand placed on the bed to steady herself.

Lee Huat could only moan and stare at Celest as she masturbated for him, sweat rolling down her cleavage when she lowered her body. She was trying to look away, but still she took quick glances at Lee Huat and at his cock. Her long hair was still in a ponytail and her eyeglasses drooped down slightly as she was looking downwards at him.

Celest continued on for about ten minutes, Lee Huat meanwhile, was trying hard not to cum so soon. He still wanted Celest to take off her top at least.

“Eh, dear, you know, if you took off your top I would cum a lot faster leh.” Lee Huat remarked.

“H-huh?” Said Celest as if she was just in a trance. Lee Huat sat up and put his hands on the straps of her top, slowly caressing her shoulder. “Your two big sister lor, if can see more, I sure cum faster, then you can go back faster also.”

“Err… Cannot la.” Said Celest as she took her hands off Lee Huat’s cock and crossed her hands across her chest.

Lee Huat slowly peeled the straps off her shoulder and off to the side, seeing a little resistance from Celest as she held her pose.

“Can la, just a while more only, got nice things must share mah.” Lee Huat said as he slowly moved both his hands downwards towards Celest‘s crossed arms.

He held onto both of Celest‘s hands and pulled them down from her crossed position. Then he reached to her shoulder again and pulled the rest of her top down, all while Celest looked sideways, her face blushing and her body perspiring even more.

“Wah, nice bra leh.” Exclaimed Lee Huat as Celest‘s gray spaghetti top revealed a white lace bra underneath, her breasts almost flowing out of them.

Celest kept quiet as Lee Huat moved his hands onto her hips, slowly feeling his way up to the side of her chest, reveling in his partial conquest of this young nubile woman. He could feel her shivering slightly from his touch, it wasn’t the cold since his room was still warm, so it was definitely her getting turned on by the situation.

“Dear, continue leh,” Said Lee Huat as he finally moved his hands onto her breasts and cupped them with both hands, slightly squeezing them. They were firm and bouncy, just like he thought they would be. Celest bit her lip as he did so, herself getting turned on as Lee Huat slowly squeezed her tits.

She finally put back her right hand onto Lee Huat’s cock, by now his pre cum had covered pretty much the entire head of his cock. She gripped his cock softly, her hand now sliding slowly up and down, with his pre cum acting as the lubricant.

Lee Huat continued massaging Celest‘s breasts, while Celest continued stroking his cock with her right hand, her left hand moved up to Lee Huat’s right hand to try and slow down his movements.

Lee Huat finally looked up at Celest and saw her eyes were dilated, meaning she was already aroused.

“Can take off the bra?” Asked Lee Huat cheekily as his hands slowly glided from the front and to the back of Celest. “N-no… P-please.” Said Celest softly. “Can la dear, just a while more only…” Explained Lee Huat as he finally reached the clasp and unhooked her bra, letting it fall onto his cock.

Celest was already very wet when this happened, her tits now in full view, her pink, rosy nipples now hard from the stimulation from Lee Huat, enticing him to come and lick and bite them.

Celest could only continue stroking Lee Huat when he suddenly put his face onto her chest. His tongue fiercely attacking her left breast, his left hand grabbing the right breast forcefully as Lee Huat let loose his inner demon. “Mmm—mmm so soft and nice Celest, I just want to lick them all night long…” Said Lee Huat as he continued.

“Mmmm…” Moaned Celest she looked down at Lee Huat as he attacked her tits, his saliva mixing with her sweat, her hands slowly but surely increasing its speed and grip on his cock. Both bodies were now soaked with sweat, as Lee Huat came close to climax and Celest getting turned on immensely.

“Mmm… Ya-mmm… Fas-faster… S-stroke me f-faster…” Said Lee Huat as he spoke while at the same time licking and gently biting Celest‘s nipples and breasts.

Celest picked up the pace, her mind slowly slipping from finishing the job at hand and to the pleasure that was coming from Lee Huat’s actions. Her head slowly arched upwards, as the pleasure got more intense, her hand increasing in speed.

“I… I am cumm-ming…” Said Lee Huat as he suddenly stood up. Celest looked stunned for a moment, her hand released from his cock, as Lee Huat stroked himself furiously, his cock just inches from Celest‘s angelic face.

“A-argghh!!” Shouted Lee Huat as streams of white, hot cum splashed onto Celest‘s face, some in her hair and on her specs as well. His cum slowly slipped down her face, some of it entering her mouth.

She gagged slightly from the taste, having never tasted cum before. She stayed motionless for almost a minute as Lee Huat unloaded all of his hot sperm onto her face, which by that time had slid down her face to her breasts.

“Wah, fucking shiok ah.” Exclaimed Lee Huat as he finally stopped and looked down at Celest‘s cum covered face. “So, nice taste or not? I save it just for you only leh dear.” Said Lee Huat, his face flushed from his orgasm.

Celest took off her specs and used her hands to wipe the cum off her face, coughing and gagging at the same time from the alien taste of sperm.

“A-are we done?” Said Celest shyly as she clumsily picked up her bra and put her top back. Lee Huat by then was already lying exhausted from the bed. He had never cum so much in so long before.

“Yar, thanks dear, you’re the best, especially your tits!” Said Lee Huat as Celest finally stood up. “Okay… I am leaving then…”

“Eh, you don’t want to be satisfied also ah dear?” Joked Lee Huat. Celest looked at him for a moment, her mind still reeling from the pleasure earlier, she hadn’t cum and her body wanted more, but reality snapped back. “Sorry, but I have to go already.” Said Celest as she picked up her bag and hastily left Lee Huat’s house.

Celest went home straight after and straight went into the shower, trying to wash off the taste. The cold water hit her face as she tried to clean off the images of what happened earlier. She looked down at her stripped panties and saw that they were already soaked when she was still at Lee Huat’s house.

“Why? Why was I getting turned on?” She asked herself as a tear rolled down her face, her mind flashing back to the event earlier.

For the next two weeks, Celest refrained from working late nights, fearing meeting Lee Huat in the office after dark. Even though he did promise to delete the data, she was still scared and each time she saw him, images of Lee Huat fondling her would flash back in her mind, causing her to involuntarily become horny. Even at home, she talked less to her husband and kept trying to push him away from sex, afraid that he would find out that someone else had taken her body just two weeks ago.

“Honey, what’s wrong? You’ve been quiet the whole week I am back.” Celest‘s husband, Richard, asked her during dinner one night. He was a typical businessman, 30 years old and working his father’s business. Standing 1.75m tall, he was the kind of guy whom you would see carrying his kid around as the wife shopped around.

“Nothing, dear, just really tired with my new post, by the way, you’re leaving tomorrow again?” Celest replied, her eyes looking downwards as she was still afraid of Richard finding out what she did.

“Yes, honey, sorry I haven’t been here enough for you…” Richard said.

“It’s alright dear, it’s just work anyway.” Replied Celest as they continued their dinner.

Richard left the next day for London as Celest saw him off at the airport. It was a Saturday morning and after two weeks of leaving office early, all of her work was beginning to pile up. She really had to finish up her work, lest it affected her job stability.

She walked towards her car, dressed in a white V-neck sleeveless blouse and a slim fit jeans and drove off to work.

“Today so early ah?” Asked Lee Huat as Celest walked towards him at the security desk.

Celest just nodded, took a quick glance at Lee Huat, scanned her card and went in to her office.

“Eh, don’t so dao leh, still friend right?” Said Lee Huat as she walked through the door.

Lee Huat kept his promise of deleting the surveillance data, but he did have another trick up his sleeve that day, the next part of his plan.

The day seemed long as Lee Huat waited for Celest to finally finish her work.

Celest finally finished up at around 6 pm, preparing to leave for home.

“Wah, work late got no OT pay leh, why work so hard?” Asked Lee Huat as Celest approached him at his desk for the check.

Celest didn’t say a word, the incident still fresh in her head. She looked sideways as Lee Huat checked her bag.

“Ok, no problem.” Lee Huat said as he handed over her bag.

As Celest turned to leave, Lee Huat said, “Eh, got something I need to tell you.”

Celest stopped for a moment and turned back.

“It’s about the incident, follow me for a bit.” Lee Huat said as he beckoned Celest to follow him into the security room, Celest had no choice but to follow him in.

He sat Celest by one of the chairs next to the small dining table inside and motioned for her to wait there.

“Got something I need to show you.” Said Lee Huat as he sat down and pulled out his phone.

“I am sorry, but I just can’t stop thinking about you Celest.” Said Lee Huat as he scrolled through his phone, looking for something, “That night was just too good, your soft hand stroking my dick, my tongue licking your soft breasts…”

“What are you talking about?” Celest suddenly asked, not sure what Lee Huat was about to show her. Her face turned red and her body began to feel flush.

“This.” As Lee Huat finally found what he was looking for.

It was a video of Celest, giving Lee Huat a hand job, her face was clear in the video as she seemed to be enjoying Lee Huat’s licking of her topless body.

“Y-you recorded it??” Exclaimed Celest as she stood up, angry over the video.

“Sorry dear, you’re just too sexy, must record down and let myself enjoy the moment a few more times mah, old already cannot remember things well you know.” Said Lee Huat as he stood up as well, putting the phone back into his pocket.

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