“You sure you want to do it here?” Wenqi asked as she glanced around, hoping they were not seen by anyone.

“Yes, baby. Don’t worry, here is always very quiet one, confirm nobody one.” Her boyfriend, Shane replied, as he then placed his arms on Wenqi‘s shoulders, pushing her downwards a little to signal her to kneel down.

“Mmm, okay, let’s make it quick? I am excited now, but I don’t want to get caught either.” Wenqi said as she hurriedly unzipped his pants and in it was a bulge not any unfamiliar to her. “Hehe someone is so hard already?” She giggled as she then took the hard member out and began stroking it gently, making Shane moan a little to Wenqi‘s delight.

Wenqi was a JC student while Shane was a poly student. Both of them got together in secondary school and it wasn’t till recently did they start going towards the sexual phase of their relationship. Stress in school was always the issue for Wenqi, and doing these sexual acts was perfect for her to destress.

“Mmm mmm mmm.” Wenqi sucked as hard as she could as she moved her head in and out of Shane’s penis. “It’s so… Ahhhh… Good Wenqi, your skills… Ahhhh… Are improving day after day.” Shane tried to speak in between his moans. Wenqi took a quick glance at Shane and seeing his satisfied face was such a turn on for her, and she took the extra effort to swirl her tongue around his dickhead, making him shiver. And she knew he was close.

“Ahh ahhhh ahh i’m… Cumming Wenqi…” Shane tried to warn her and he thought he was a bit loud and was sure Wenqi heard it. But Wenqi sucked even harder and faster this time.

“Ahh ahhhhhh.”

Streams of sperms shot into Wenqi‘s mouth and she took them all in. It took a full minute before Shane’s dick stopped throbbing and began to shrink back to its normal size. Wenqi then licked the dick clean before carefully keeping it back into Shane’s underwear.

“You swallowed all of it???” Shane on the other hand was surprised Wenqi swallowed it, for the first time that was. Wenqi nodded her head, looked at Shane and smiled.

“Yeah, to be honest… I quite like the taste actually.” Wenqi looked away shyly, her face as red as ever. It was such a cute sight Shane could not help but looked at her delightfully. “Awww, I’m glad you liked it. Come, go to my house and I would then help you out?” Shane said as he took her hand. “Mmm! Let’s go!” Wenqi said excitedly and off they went.

What they did not know was that on the opposite block, someone saw what they did and even took photographs of their act. As he looked at the photographs, he was in all smiles as he had a great idea in his mind…

“I got a mail? Cool, wondering where it is from?” Wenqi took the letter that was delivered to them two days later. The mail looked ordinary, but Wenqi had yet to receive a mail for quite some time now, plus she had no reason to. Nonetheless, she took it and headed back into her room, curious to see what the letter will be about.

Ripppppppppp! Wenqi tore off the top of the letter and photographs of her giving a blowjob to her boyfriend flowed out. Wenqi was astonished. “What is this!” Wenqi thought as her pupils dilated with horror. Just as she poured the remaining contents of the letter, a small note flew out and this was what it said:

Hi there!

How do you like your photographs? It’s splendid isn’t it? But do note that these pictures aren’t for free… I have saved them on my hard drive and these are so good… I wonder how much will the internet pay me to see them? I have no idea who you are, but you made me interested in you. Anyways, call me xxxx xxxx. I would be expecting you. Or else I would make you famous overnight.



Wenqi could not believe her eyes. It was not the first time she gave a blowjob outdoors, but definitely the first time she got caught for it. She thought very hard about it, not knowing if she should approach the police or not. She can’t let her parents know either. And she definitely did not want the public to see those either. Imagine how the teachers, her friends and her schoolmates were going to look at her disturbingly.

She took her phone and punched in the number, and dropped a text. The stranger seemed to know when to expect the text, for it came almost immediately.

“Hi. I got your letter. What do you want?”

“Oh, hi there. Well, simple. Come to this place, xxxxxx by 3 pm today. And follow all my instructions via text. Then I might give you back all your photos.”

“Why should I listen to you!? I will call the police.”

“Go ahead. Like I would get arrested for taking photos. On the other hand, I think you might get arrested instead. So you have decided to make yourself famous then?”

“Wait! Never mind. See you at 3 pm then.”

Wenqi glanced at her watch. 2.15 pm. Time to go.

“Okay. I’m here already. Now what?”

“Take the lift up to my floor, of course. Message me when you are at the door.”

“Okay. I’m at your door now. Can you give me the photos now?”

“Hahah not so easy. I have unlocked the door already. Just go in. I want you to blindfold yourself, I have placed a blindfold on the table already. You’ll see it when you enter. After which, I want you to be on fours.”

“What the fuck does he want?” Wenqi thought, but she couldn’t care less, she needed the photos and she was not going to leave empty handed. She pushed the door open, and sure enough, the blindfold was set on the table, ready for her. She took the blindfold, put it on before kneeling down. Then she placed her hands on the floor and waited.

Footsteps could be heard, before the door was locked. She stayed still.

“Oh dear, such a cutie. Do not move.” Wenqi squirmed a little when she then felt his hands on her breasts and he began to fondle it, giving a little squeeze, and then flicking her nipples through her shirt and bra.

“Give me my photos.” Wenqi demanded, but she was ignored, the hands still busy fondling and massaging her breasts, exploring as though he had never touched one before.

“Please give me my photos!” Wenqi got louder this time and she was then shoved onto the floor. A hand held her neck down.

“Keep quiet or else you can forget about your photos. Now put your hands behind your back.” Wenqi obeyed as she knew if she disobeyed, she was going to leave the place empty handed and she’s not risking it. Just then, she felt a rope around her hands. She was being tied up.

“Why are you tying me up? Let me… Mmmmmphhhhhhhh!” As Wenqi struggled to get her hands free, a ball gag was then shoved into her mouth, and it was then secured tightly behind her head. She struggled, but to no avail, as the ropes that held her were too tight.

“Stand up and move.” She was pulled backwards and forced to his feet, before a collar was then secured around her neck as well. She felt herself being led to a room via a leash, before she was then pushed to a bed.

“Mmmmph mmmph mmmmph.” Wenqi tried to scream through the gag, but the ball gag was secured too tightly for her to do that. Her legs were then spread apart and were tied to the ends of the bed. She struggled to break free, but the guy knew his knots well.

“There you go cutie. I shall see what I can do to you.” He left the room, probably going to take another tool or two to play with Wenqi. Wenqi took this chance to see if she could get out of her restraints, but not being able to see really made it hard for her, plus the bonds were too tight and it hurt to struggle. So after a struggle or two, she resigned to her own fate and just lay still, waiting to see what will happen to her. Needless to say, even though she was not into BDSM, the teasing of her breasts, plus the possibility of being raped made her wet a little and she hoped the guy hadn’t noticed it yet.

“Alright, we are gonna try this today.” The guy returned and he seemed to have plugged something to the power point. And a switch was turned on and a loud vibrating sound could be heard. “Can you feel it?” He laughed as he then placed the vibrator on her pussy. Despite still clad in her shorts, she could feel the vibrations against her pussy and she squirmed with pleasure.

“Mmmph mmmph mmmph.” Wenqi moaned through her gag. She didn’t usually use a vibrator, because she didn’t own one, so this feeling was something beyond what she had always felt. It was too good to resist and Wenqi was wet, very wet. And she couldn’t last any longer.

“Mmmph mmph mmmmmmmmmmph!” Wenqi moaned and moaned, and arched her back as she climaxed. She squirted her juices all over her panties and the vibrator was switched off thereafter.

“Since you came… It was good right? Hahahahaha.” The guy laughed at how helpless Wenqi was, now succumbed to lust and pleasure.

“I can make you cum even more times than that. But you do know you have to help me out too right.” Wenqi froze as she then knew she had to sacrifice something in return for her own photographs. But it was too late as she was restrained and all. What other choices did she have?

She felt her shirt being removed, followed by her bra. Then the shorts and then her soaked panties. She was naked, tied up, blindfolded, collared and gagged. “What is he going to do next?” Wenqi wondered as she perspired from her activity earlier.

“You are so hot. I was jealous of your boyfriend, but not anymore.” She felt his hands on her thighs and then a light blow to her pussy, before she felt a tongue touching her pussy lips, giving it a lick. She shuddered out of pleasure.

“You like it don’t you slut?” He sucked on her clit while playing with her vagina with his finger. It was so wet, his fingers entered her vagina with ease. He twirled his fingers a little and then motioned it in, and out. In and out. Wenqi moaned at every stroke of his fingers, it felt good and she wanted more.

“Looks like you are wet enough, so let’s do it.” This time Wenqi struggled as she wanted to stay a virgin till marriage despite giving blowjobs and all that. And she knew he was going to fuck her. “Nnno mmmppph!” Wenqi struggled and screamed, but it was too late. A single thrust and the six inch penis went into her, the sheer pain and pleasure made her moan and she arched her back a little.

“Oh my, you are so tight. You’re a virgin?!?! Don’t tell me you are a virgin! Hahah.” He continued to thrust her, while she struggled and screamed, but the gag made her screams sounded like moans and this kept him going.

Wenqi couldn’t believe her body thereafter when she realized her hips were moving in sync with his thrusts. It was painful initially, but now that he had given her a few thrusts, the pain became pleasure, and gradually, Wenqi couldn’t help but started moaning too. It was too good for her to resist.

The rape continued and Wenqi lost count the number of times she came. The more she came, the more the guy felt her vagina tighter than ever, and he continued to fuck her knowing he’s close.

“Since you are so good, I shall be nice for once and not cum into you.” The guy said and not long after, he took his dick out of her vagina, moved to her head, and removed the ball gag.

“Finish it off.” Wenqi opened her mouth without resistance and sucked his penis, tasting her own juices. She imagined it to be Shane’s penis. He was already close and the warmth of her mouth and the swirling of her tongue made him closer.

“I’m… Cumming.” The huge amount of load came thereafter and Wenqi swallowed them all. It tasted as good as Shane’s cum. One more lick to clean up the penis and he pulled it out when it finally shrank. Both Wenqi and her captive panted with exhaustion.

Wenqi was then untied, but she was warned not to take off her blindfold. A hard disk was passed into her hands.

“Here are all the photos. Now wait for two minutes, take off your blindfold, get dressed and out you go.” He left her and after two minutes, she took off her blindfold, wore back her clothes and left the house.

This incident made Wenqi realized her submissive side and she became interested in BDSM, even suggesting to Shane and even told him to carry out acts similar to that of the stranger on her. Of course, Wenqi never told anyone about the incident.

Back in the stranger’s house, the guy turned on his desktop and on it, a folder that named ‘Blackmail’, and it contained several pictures. Was Wenqi exactly free from being blackmailed? Maybe not. The guy looked outside, waiting to seek the next victim.



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