Bee Lian


Bee Lian was my Secondary four classmate. She is an Indonesian Chinese and is actually two years older than me even when we were in the same grade. She was not the pretty face type. Has a lian kind of look, definite CFM. But she is very busty, 36′ at minimum. Maybe she played a lot of volleyball – people always tell me that playing volleyball could expand the boob-compartment. Anyway, Bee Lian was very sporty and chio. And horny. There were always plenty of rich Indonesian male schoolmates hanging around her, doing things for her, buying her drinks and stuff. And she always liked to keep the first, or even two, top buttons opened. Flashing her boobs whenever possible to attract those horny male-dogs to hang around her. And she seldom wore sport shorts under her school skirt – most girls at that time would practice that – I ever heard of her being fucked in the school toilet by a gangster before. Not surprised, I never liked her. Always bossy, zi zi cha cha. Snobbish. Thinking that money over everything. Phew! Big fuck!! From the way it seemed, she did not like me either. I always imagined to cramp my cock into that zi zi cha cha mouth of her and shut the fuck up of her.

It was during a class drama rehearsal. She played a zi cha horny ah-soh arguing with some aunties in the wet market – the teacher sure had a good sense of humor to pick her for the role. As she was late and coming right after her volleyball practice, she was still wearing the school t-shirt, soaked with sweat. Her boobs jiggled liked volley balls in there and I could not remove my gaze from her front. She noticed my stare and she did more unnecessary bending before me to arouse me further. I felt my cock straining against my sport shorts and was getting very uncomfortable. Fear that someone could notice the obvious bulge in my groin.

Back at those times, my school being a Chinese conventional school, I could say that many of the local guys here had never bedded a girl before. Except me, who had the first sexual experience with Judy-jie. Anyway, I felt like going into the toilet and jerked myself off. Or maybe I should drop by at Judy’s salon later to get my head washed – the other head that is. In a part, Bee Lian stumbled over the AV cables and fell. I was just standing behind her – I played the fish seller – and she fell back into my arms. We collided and both fell to the floor. Her ass pressed hard onto my groin and I could no longer resist the temptation. My cock sprang within the shorts and I pressed him hard between her ass cheeks. I was sure I heard her “Oooohhhhhed…”

And I was sure she felt my hardness in her ass crank. She sat on my lap for quite a while, pretending that she was in shock. Not to be noticed by others, I pretended to get up as I gyrated my hip. Grinding my cock deeper into her crank. And I pretended that she had bumped into my stomach so that I could coil my body to hide the embarrassment between my legs. I even managed to take a deep glance down her t-shirt’s neckline at her fucking big breasts when she was leaning back onto me on the floor. When the practice was over, it was about time.

I was on duty that evening to clean up before we leave. After the rest was gone, I relaxed lying on the center stage. My mind strayed back to what happened earlier and I stroked my cock tenderly. Recapped of Bee Lian‘s ass and breasts. And how I wished to cramp my cock there and then into her from behind. Soon, I had a raging hard on and I told myself to hurry home. Maybe I could still catch up with Judy-jie. Some of the props were to be kept in the female changing room, so I anyhow gathered them and rushed into the female changing room.

After I dumped the stuffs down, I saw Bee Lian‘s school t-shirt hanging on a chair. She must have left it behind to dry. Or she probably did not want it any more since she was so rich. In the small room, I could smell her stench and my cock rose and hardened again. Actually, he remained standing hard after my fantasy about Bee Lian – and I suddenly had an evil thought. I walked over and picked it up. I brought it to my nose and inhaled, taking in her scent of sweat and the sensational scent of teenage breasts. Big ones. My other hand reached into my shorts and started pumping my cock. Straining. Stressed. Restricted. My lust took over my sense and I whipped out my cock in the open. I wrapped Bee Lian‘s t-shirt around my cock and pumped. I clad her t-shirt around my rod and I started to imagine Bee Lian wearing her t-shirt which was stained with my cum. Oh fucking genius. I laughed out loudly and pumped my cock faster. Then I positioned the tip of my cock at wherever her breasts should be and carried on pumping, thinking that my cum stain would be caressed her nipples the next day if she wore the t-shirt back on. Hahaha. Fucking shiok. Fucking fucking shiok. I felt my balls tickling. And I knew I was near to cumming. I thought of cumming in Bee Lian‘s t-shirt raced with the fantasy of cumming in her boobs. Cumming. Cumming. Cumming. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh. Aaaaarrrrggghhhhhhhh. Ssssshhhhiiiiiooookkkkkkkkkkkkk mmmmaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!!!!!

“Hey! What the fuck! What the f are you doing with my shirt?!” a familiar horny voice pierced the silence of the room from behind me.

Fuck me, I knew that voice. And the phrase spelled out the truth. Bee Lian. Fucking Bee Lian was still around!!! Just then, my cock got shocked and spurted his loads of cummmmm. Onto her t-shirt. In her t-shirt. And my cock fucking shrieked from the scare of Bee Lian‘s voice.

“Hhhuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh?” I was caught red handed and did not know how to respond.

“You are dead. How dare you. I will get you fixed.” I knew she would call on some of her friends and come after me. Shit!

“Hhhuuuuuuuhhhh? What? I don’t know that this t-shirt is yours. You got name written there mah.” I tried to argue my way out.

Maybe I would get lectured for shooting my loads – and become a laughing stock of the school. Or a hero. I turned around to face her. Bee Lian was standing at the entrance. Her shoulder length hair kind of wet, just after a shower. And she had a towel around her upper body that covered her busty breasts. And she only had her bra on, it seemed. And the sport shorts of course. My cock sprang back to life immediately at her wet chio CFM face. Her cum-stained t-shirt was still hanging on my rod, sort of liked hanging a white flag to surrender.

“How could you? Oh shit! What am I going to wear now?”

“Hei. I am sorry. Ok, I don’t know what get into me. But you are so horny. Earlier, I… I guess I got hooked.” I tried to say that it was her that made me horny and acted this way.

But my eyes kept staring at her heaving breasts. And my cock got more hardened and excited that he jerked with her t-shirt, waving it for attention. She saw her t-shirt and my hard rod.

“Hhhhmmnnnn. Wow… I never, never expect yours to be this… This… This size.” Bee Lian stared at my throbbing cock.

Her face blushed. I thought that I could have a chance out of this. I walked over to her, my cock dangling.

“Me too. I… I never think that you are so beautiful.” not completely a lie as she, in that moment, was so fucking chio and hot. She blushed even more. “Look, Bee Lian. I am an idiot. I am sorry about cummmmming in your t-shirt. Because I was too excited about you feeling your tight ass on my cock. I could not tahan. Please, I am sorry.”

I squeezed out the most pitiful face I could master. Her anguish seemed to subside, but she was still staring at my groin. I pulled off her t-shirt from my cock and handed it to her.

“This is your t-shirt. You could wear mine now. And I will pay you back tomorrow.”

My cock sprang for freedom without her t-shirt hanging and I could see Bee Lian‘s eyes widened. Subconsciously, she reached out and received her t-shirt. One side of the towel fell off her shoulder. One of her big firm breasts came into view, heavily packed in a white bra. Round firm and big. My eyes popped and my cock wowwwwwwwed! Bee Lian swallowed her gulp when she saw my cock jumped and did not pull her towel back on. I dropped her t-shirt just when her hand was about to touch it and held her hand. It was smooth and warm. Still a bit wet from water or sweat.

“Sorry. Please forgive me.” and her hand was trembling in mine.

“Hhhmmmnnnnnn… Hhhmmmnnnnnn. Your… Your… Oh… hhhhh…” she was speechless.

Seizing the opportunity. “You like him? I call him Joey. You want to shake hands with him.” and I placed her hand on my cock.

She did not resist. Instead, she wrapped her fingers around Joey. Wrapping on the cum-coated shaft.

“Ooohhhhhhhh. He’s so… So lively. Hot. Ooohhhhhhh. Fuck.”

I released my hand and she started to pump slowly. Joey throbbed with excitement.“Hhhmmnnnnnnn…”

Bee Lian looked up at me and went back to pump my rod. When her other hand joined in, the towel dropped to the floor and both her melons were exposed before me. Still packed in the white bra.

I put my hands on her bra, fumbling her heavy globes. Lifting them. Weighing them. Squeezing them.

“Oooohhhhhhhh. Joe. You… You… You…” Bee Lian looked at me with lusty gaze.

(Later she told me that she too was too excited about my hard cock cramped in her ass crack that she masturbated herself in the toilet when she had her shower.)

Then she slipped her bra strap off and her two big round breasts jumped forth. They are shaped like papaya, but not falling like most aunties’. Her pointy nipples are small as compared to her breasts. Perky. I touched her, running my palms over her nipples, gently teasing them to a thumb sized erection. Feeling them grew in my palms.

“Hhhhmmnnnnnnnnn.” Bee Lian closed her eyes and enjoyed my hands toying with her boobs.

She shivered and felt her knees getting weak. I supported her by lifting her breasts, pinching her nipples. And I kissed her, probing her mouth with just the tip of my tongue, scraping her teeth, searching for her tongue, licking her lips moist. Slowly, she opened her mouth and her tongue came up to dance with mine. I exerted pressure on her breasts and she automatically brought her hands onto my naked cock and rubbed on his erection. The up and down movement of her hands seemed to increase the size of my cock by another inch. Not wanted to alarm the janitor, I moved her gradually into the room and closed the door. Leaning her up against the wall, I bent down to kiss her big busty boobs, lifting them to my lips. I lapped my tongue all over her globes of flesh. My hands squeezed her globes tight and I buried my face in her cleavage, inhaling her sweetness and kept licking. Licking. Licking. Bee Lian squirmed in my hold. And she kept ooooooohhhhhhh and arrrrrrggghhhhh and hhhhmmmmnnnnnnn. Both my hands grabbed her each breast in full contact and pinched her hardened nipples between the fingers. And my tongue lashed relentlessly over her entire boob compartment. She was in a frenzy, jerking her head wildly. Pulling on my cock liked he was her only lifeline. I pressed her hard and flat against the wall and I forcefully groped her chio big boobs together. She moaned. Sounds a bit painful, yet she urged me to go on. I tried again with more force to push her breasts together until their nipples met and seemed to merge into one. And I engulfed both nipples into my mouth and suuuccccckkkkkkk. Hard. Wet. Swirling my tongue all over their hardness and pointedness.

“Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh. Fucking jjoooooeeeeeeeee. You ar… You are gggggoooooooooooooddddddddd.” and her body quivered in her climax.

Fucking chio bu. Sucked you neh neh until you cummmmmmed. I kept sucking her nipples and lashing my tongue on her breasts. Turning my head left and right while my tongue stuck out to sweep from her left nipple to her right nipple in rapid movement. Left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right left right… And she “Aaaarrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh.” another fucking high orgasm. I could feel her lower torso jerking when she cuummmmmmed. And I liked that. Fucking snobbish chio rich bitch cummmmed under my tongue. What an achievement!!!

I released my grab when I felt her jerking ceased. Bee Lian stared at me in disbelief, yet total content and sex-tifaction. Her hands were still holding on my throbbing cock, harder than ever. With confusion in her gaze, I knew she was making a decision. I throbbed my cock in her hands and I stared at her. Fueling her lust and sex. Then I put my hands on her shoulders and pressed slightly. She kept her stare at me with lust as she went down on her knees.

“Pull my shorts down.” I commanded.

And she did as she was told and she looked up at me again. Dazed. Confused. Panting. Blushed as my cock stood mighty, towering in her face. I kept my stern look and silently commanded her to suck my cock. She gave me a final stare and looked at my cock. And she bent my massive cock so that he was pointed at her face, holding him in level with her lips. I jerked forth a little and almost hit her lips. My cock head had grown into a swollen purple and was bigger than the shaft. She pumped my cock and then squeezed him so that the cock head bulged out of her fist. A thick gloo of pre-cum oozed from my pee-hole and I slowly pushed my hips forward so that my cock touched her lips. She held my cock and moved him back and forth across her full lips. Smearing my pre-cum-juice on her lips until her lips were slick and shiny with my jism. I knew her stubbornness had subsided, inhibition gone. She stroked my cock, fingers caressed across my shaft. Measuring the length, the thickness. And she started to pump my cock in front of her face. Her hands, up down up down up down up down up down up down up down up down up down up down up down up down up down. All the way tightening her fist around my cock head and all the way down till her fingers wrapped around my cock base.

I started to moan. Thrusting my hips, fucking her grip. Her other hand came lower to fumble my balls, her fingernails lightly scraped the underside. And she rolled them liked marbles. Big marbles. When she pressed my cock flat on my stomach, I knew what I hoped for was about to come true. Yes! Bee Lian pointed my cock at the ceiling and she leaned in to stick out her tongue and licked my balls. Slowly. Tenderly. Expertly. Slurping. Oooohhhhhhh. Wet. All wet. She slurped on one of my balls and gently sucked it into her mouth. Swallowing my ball into her warm mouth and played with her expert tongue, while she continued jacking me off with a steady rhythm. She then let it slide out of her mouth and took the other one into her mouth, rolling it back and forth in her mouth. Oh fuck. After she was through sucking my balls, she slid her tongue up the underside of my cock. She licked and lapped wetly, painting my cock bottom-up with her saliva. Her hand was moving in a screwing unscrewing motion on my cock. Pumping him. And gradually, her tongue reached the cock head. Flicking fast to the crown. Wwhhhheeeeeeewwwwww. Fucking shiok!!! She swirled her tongue around on the cock head, and sides of the cock head. And she probed her tongue tip at my pee-hole, sweeping up my pre come. Oh fuck. She was not bad in cock licking at all, even though I had only so far experienced from Judy-jie.

Bee Lian was not bad as compared to Judy-jie. Then she looked up at me, seeking my praise. I licked my lips and closed my eyes. And I felt she blew her warm air on my crown.

“Don’t you want to see me putting him in my mouth. It will feel even better if you watch.”

Ooohhhhhh. Fucking chio cock teaser. My cock twitched in total anticipation as I opened my eyes. My dream was coming true. She gripped my cock tightly and pumped. Oval-shaping her lips, lapping the head for a while and plunging her mouth over my cock. I eagerly forced my cock past her lips, watched the thick shaft sliding over her tongue. Stopping just before touching the back of her throat. Bee Lian knelt still and in silence, only gasping her hot breathes onto my flesh pole. Yes yes yes!!! The fucking chio busty Bee Lian finally had my cock in her mouth. I had finally jammed my sausage in her zi zi cha cha mouth, stuffing her. Silencing her forever zi zi cha cha mouth. She was like falling into a trance with my meat between her lips. I could feel the pressure / pleasure her lips exerted all round my cock base and her tongue was bathing my shaft wet of her saliva. As she inhaled and sucked hard, I saw the hollows in her cheeks. Liked trying to draw all the smell of my cock meat to fill her nostrils, her lungs. I bet she was comparing my cock in her mind with those of other men she had sucked. Maybe she was remembering all the blow jobs she had given in their bedrooms, in the backseats of their cars. In the theatre. In the park. On the beach. Or to that hunky gangster in the school toilet. I felt my cock jumped in her mouth from that thought.

“Suck me.” I jerked my cock in her mouth to remind her.

She looked up at me while she sucked, her lips began to move back and forth over my hard cock. I watched her engulfing my cock, inch by inch he disappeared between her lips. And inch by inch he re-appeared. I watched as I fucked my cock in her mouth and she was staring back at me. Her mouth oval-shaped around my shaft. Her lips widened and narrowed over the veined contour of my cock as he drove in and out. Her cheeks swelled with my cock toying with her tongue within the cavity and hollowed when I withdrew against her suction. The fucking bitch is an expert in giving head. Her breasts danced and bounced to the rhythm of her sucking. They bobbed and swayed slightly and I bent down to pull on a nipple, pinching it slightly between my fingers. She groaned and shivered from the electric-sensation from her nipple being pinched and pulled on. And she sucked my cock with more vigor. And she shivered from watching my cock fucking her mouth. My hips worked in a steady rhythm, pushing my thick cock to the back of her throat. I knew she liked that. Getting her mouth fucked. Fucked by a thick cock. Pulsating between her tight zi ziz cha cha lips.

I watched my cock pumping. Sliding in and out of her mouth, the cock head almost escaping her lips before I shoved him deep again. I watched my cock stuffing into Bee Lian‘s chio horny CFM face. The thought of finally jamming her mouth with my cock gave me more pleasure from actually fucking her mouth. And of course, the actual fucking her mouth added life to just the thought – what was I talking about… KNN, I also lost. No more playing psyche game – just shut up (the thought.) And fuck. I told myself.

Bee Lian spat my cock out to catch a breath and she spat some saliva on my cock head. Some more. Some more. And more. And more. Then she grinned. She smooched the cock head and slid her lips off my cock. She then thrust her big breasts out, bending my hard meaty pipe and rubbed his head around her breasts. Teasing her nipples. I held at the cock base and whipped on her heavy mambo jumbo, enjoyed the view of them heaving and bouncing under my cock-whip. Bee Lian gasped and held her breasts tight, crushing them. I swept my cock left and right. Left and right. Smearing the pre-cum. The saliva all over her erected nipples and those firm fleshy melons.

“Hhhhmmnnnnnnn.” Bee Lian moaned and cramped my cock in her cleavage.

She moved them up and down. Her breasts fucking my cock. My cock fucking her cleavage. I spat onto her breasts. More saliva. Drools wetted her cleavage. Better. Smoother. Easier access for my cock to pump through, driving her wild. I reached lower and pulled on her nipples.

“Yes… Yes… Joeeeeeee. Fuck. I… I… Cccuuuummmmmmiing. Ooohhhhhhhh. Cccuuummmmmm.” and she climaxed with her breasts cramping my cock.

Fucking. Her body shuddered and convulsed. My cock felt the collapsing of her breasts walls. Shattering, earthshaking breasts walls tightening. I kept my focus, controlling myself from cumming. And I pulled out from her heavy weight busty boobs. She understood and immediately parted her lips and opened her mouth. She looked up into my eyes and took my cock into her mouth again, sucking at the head just before sliding her lips down the shaft again. I shoved in all the way till my cock head felt the back of her throat. Bee Lian choked. Yet her hands came wrapped around my ass and pulled me deeper, sucked me more into her mouth, her throat. Swallowing the entire length. Her fingernails dug into my ass cheeks. I had my hands behind her head and I fucked her face in short, rapid strokes, not wanting to choke her. Bee Lian bobbed her head a little faster to catch up with my strokes. Yes! I was getting into it. I was fucking Bee Lian‘s mouth. Yes! I held her by the hair and I increased the intensity of my fuck strokes. Long driving in and long withdrawing. Powerful plunges. And ram and jam and thrust and shove and stuff and… any way you called it. Her mouth was stretched to the max. Her head bobbed up and down faster and faster and her face was totally blushed like a tomato. Squashed tomato. She knew I was about to come. At first, she was about to push away from my groin. No way. No fucking way. I wanted her to drink my cum. I had dreamt about this and I was about to make it happen. I held her head still and sank half of my cock into her mouth.

Holding her by the hair, I jacked myself off, in her mouth, and began spurting big blobs of thick, white cum into her throat. My first memorable load, directly down her throat. She was caught off guard and shocked and choked. I pulled my cock out of her lips, her teeth scraped on my skin. I pulled her hair and tilted her face slightly upwards and I placed my cock close to her face. Bee Lian was so excited that her body trembled in anticipation. Globs of pearly white cum splattered onto her lips and chin, liked a cum-pistol. The subsequent huge loads splashed across her face. She shuts her eyes, not wanting to be blinded by my thick cum. Gloo and globs dripped from her forehead. She seemed to love it now as she gasped and opened her mouth to receive more spurt on her tongue, and another. And another. She gulped it down and smiled and stuck her tongue out for more. Her tongue pushed the cum from her mouth and it oozed down her chin. Hanging in long strings that dripped down to her breasts. A fucking chio and stimulating sight. I kept cumming and her tongue kept lapping up more and more cum splattering on her. I rubbed my cock round and round on her face, wiping her lips. Smearing warm cum across her chin and up over her cheekbones.

She opened her eyes and stared at me and looked at my still spurting cock. She took him with her hands, fingers wrapped around the thickness as she pumped him for more cum. I spurted more thick and warm cum all over her big breasts. She squeezed my cock and watched the cum leaping from my cock tip until it tapered off to a thick glob oozing and sliding down between her fingers. Liked the melted wax dripping down the candle. She released the cock and smeared some cum on her breasts and wiped it on her face. She looked at me with a big sex-tits-fuck-tion smile. I smiled back at her.

“Suck me clean.” I said.

Bee Lian happily put my cock back into her mouth and sucked reflexively on my cock. More cum oozed from my cock head onto her tongue and she sucked hungrily. And she sucked. Until I felt that my cock go soft in her slimy mouth. She pulled him free of her mouth and looked at him. Then she spit cum onto it. Both of us watched the cum-drool slide from her mouth onto my cock head. She pushed it around my cock with her tongue, wrapping my limp cock with my own cum. How cute!!! My legs weakened from the intense orgasm. My knees buckled and I fell to the floor, totally spent. Bee Lian fell sitting down as well. We both laughed. And suddenly, she looked sexy. With her face smeared with my cum and her big breasts streaked with my cum as well.

Lying on the bed, stroking my aroused hardness, I could not imagine that I had just stuffed my cock into Bee Lian‘s zhi zhi cha cha mouth. Oh fuck. What a memorable sexperience and I shot my fucking load in her mouth. Oh sure fuck I will remember that. We quickly packed up and left. She did not say a word on our way to the bus stop. I of course kept my mouth shut liked a door, I hoped she would not report me to the Head.

The next day, when I saw Bee Lian in the corridor. She was as bossy and bitchy as before, mixing around with her usual gal-gang end enjoying her fly-like boyfriends pooling around. Liked nothing had happened. Me, though my cock stood half-mast at the sight of her, but I was actually chilled. Afraid about her so called friends coming after me for what happened last night. Well, nothing happened until the late afternoon. I was sipping my drink in the canteen when Bee Lian suddenly appeared.

“Meet me at the tower. Ten minutes’ time.” and she walked off.

Still bossy and bitchy liked usual. My spine was chilled to my cock, I thought of confessing to the Head Disciplinary and asked for protection. I thought of running home and asked my parents to transfer me to another school. Well, well, I found myself walking towards the tower and climbed out the stairs. And I sat there, on the top. Alone. Awaiting for whatever was going to happen. At the top of the tower, it was just a small platform with a door leading to the outside balcony. There was an always locked storeroom at the side and the place was always quiet. Eerie and deserted. Footsteps up the stairs, Bee Lian came alone.

“What you did to me last night was terrible. And I could report about you and you will definitely be expelled.”

I was speechless.

“But I had thought about it over. That won’t do me any good except becoming a talk-about topic in the school and the other rich boys will no longer consider me their princess. And you probably think that you are the hero, doing such things to me.”

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