Avril’s Le-V


Story submitted by: Eden

It was the first day of school and somehow it felt different. It felt like we all took a promotion. The days of short pants seemed like a distant past. The only thing that seemed the same was the loathsome drag to school. With heavy eyelids, and being unaccustomed to being awake at this unearthly hour, the muscle memory in my legs brought me to school as I was half asleep.

As I was making a turn into a block, someone smacked me from behind. I was rudely awakened. I was about to turn around and let loose a chain of vulgarities when my brain registered this individual as someone familiar. I rubbed my eyes to clear my vision and before me, stood my bros.

“Bro, slept at 3 am again is it?” Ryan asked.

“Yup, stupid school! Now I have to wake up at 6 am. Holidays, everyday wake up at 2 pm. Urghh, hate school!” I replied.

“Eden! Bro, tell you good news. I heard there’s a new transfer into the school. Heard she’s quite chio leh!” Tim said with a glint in his eyes, almost licking his lips.

“Ya bro, I heard she’s half Japanese. Can’t wait to bang her. I mean meet her!” Chuckled Neil.

I was suddenly motivated to go to school. We hurried our footsteps so as to get to school and establish the best position to sit and to observe our new ‘Target’. Soon, the minutes passed and the familiar ‘School stand’ rang through the sound system.

The national anthem played and the pledge was taken. After the announcement, we filed back to class. My group of bros and I were quite disappointed we didn’t manage to spot this new girl. The thought of going to a new class and having to be seated next to someone who might be a stranger put me off. All of a sudden, I dreaded starting school.

Once we got into class, the group of us headed to the back of the class. Every other seat was filled, except mine. I was seated right at the back of the classroom furthest away from the back door. Suddenly, Mrs. Goh, the discipline mistress stepped into the class.

“Class stand! Class greet!”

“Good morning Mrs. Goh!”

“You may be seated! Now I want to let you know that, there is a new transfer student, her name is Avril. She will be joining us shortly. As she only touched down in Singapore two days ago, she is getting fitted for her school uniform and will be joining you shortly,” announced Mrs. Goh.

As Mrs. Goh finished, Ms. Lee walked into the class.

“Hi class, I will be your form teacher! I want to introduce Avril to all of you. She is from Japan and can speak very little English. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand English, she’s just very shy and unconfident about speaking it.”

Ms. Lee walked out of the class temporarily and walked in holding Avril‘s hand. At that instance, every other male in the classroom sat up at attention, probably not the only thing that was at attention. She had the most slender of bodies and her smile and her big eyes could melt anyone’s heart.

Ms. Lee introduced her as Avril, and she quickly scanned the classroom and located the only empty seat in the class. She walked Avril to that seat and I was so excited that I was the lucky one to be sitting beside this goddess.

I had trouble concentrating on the upcoming lessons, as her scent was so intoxicating. Her natural scent lingered and I found myself stealing glances at her. Halfway through Maths period, she accidentally brushed her hands across my arm and I immediately felt some commotion going on in my pants.

I smiled politely and immediately tried to hide the activity going down south. Last period finally arrived and I wrote down my hand phone number and passed it to Avril. I told her that if there’s any help she needed, she could contact me.

I headed off for lunch with my bros. During lunch, I felt like I was hauled into an investigation. Questions like, “How did she smell?”, “How big her boobs were?”, “How soft her skin was?” Started bombarding me and I tried my best to feed my friend’s hunger.

“Lucky la you, get to sit beside the chio bu! Still give her your number. Is it you all tonight going to…” Ryan asked lecherously and giving that look.

We headed back to the train station where I was asked how I was going to deal with my new pretty gem where we parted ways. I made my way back home, showered, and was ready to finish up that one piece of homework when suddenly my phone buzzed.

“Hi Eden, it is Avril. Thank you for being such a gentleman in class today. You sure helped me fit into class and life so quickly.”

Before long we were exchanging texts for a few weeks. However, she was so shy in class she hardly spoke a word, but on Whatsapp she was so fluent. One day she texted me to invite me to her place for her birthday. She stayed in a condominium a few streets down, so I agreed to go to her party.

When my friends found out, they were teasing me and told me to take more pictures because we would be having a swim first. Thankfully, I was on the football team, and I was in pretty decent shape. I decided to hit the gym just to tone myself up a wee bit more.

On the day of her birthday, I went out to pick up a gift for her. I knew she liked bears and her favorite color was purple. I spent the whole morning looking for the perfect gift, got it wrapped and left for home. I quickly packed my bag and stuffed the gift inside and headed to her place.

It was about four when I reached her place and she opened the side gate of her condo to let me in. She took my hand and I was shocked at her gesture. She chuckled and blushed a little seeing me so stunned. She led me to the swimming pool and told me we could swim for about an hour before going to the back to have a BBQ at the pit. Her cousins and friends were all in the pool swimming. She told me to put down my bag and quickly head in for a swim.

Right before my eyes, she took off her shirt and her FBT shorts and revealed a purple bikini. In order not to be caught staring, I quickly removed my slippers and my shirt and pants, and packed it into my bag.

As I was the only classmate invited, I felt so out of place so I just decided to swim the length of the pool until time was up. After fifteen laps, I was so tired I took a break at the opposite end where no one was hanging out at to catch my breath.

I was so bored and was zoning out when I felt someone tap me from behind. It was Avril. She told me her female cousins thought I was hot and was wondering who I was. All this time, I was just staring at her boobs, firm and round, and listening to that alluring sweet voice. I couldn’t help but feel my member standing at attention.

I gave her an accommodating smile and challenged her to a swim race, to hide the fact that I was having a full blown erection. As I counted to three, she cheated and kicked off from the wall at two. Somehow, in all that confusion in the water, part of her leg brushed past my groin, and I was sure she felt the bulge in my trunks.

I was shocked for a moment, but I kicked off from the wall, attempting to gain back the lost ground. I overtook her on the way back, but purposely slowed down and lost to her because she was the birthday girl.

After a while, the time passed by and we had to change out and head to the BBQ pit. When I was in the toilet, I realized I had forgotten to pack a set of underwear as I was wearing my trunks to the party. My trunks were quite wet and my shorts were white, and I didn’t want to have a wet spot on my pants so I decided to just wing it and go commando.

I put on my sports shorts and put on my A&F tee shirt. It was tighter than usual; I guessed the gym paid off. During dinner, she was busy with her guests and I got so lonely and bored. As I was done with dinner, I decided that I would just pass her a gift, make an excuse and leave. I took out my present and walked over to her all ready to pass it to her.

As fate would have it, one of her younger cousins, running around with a drink in his hand, crashed into her and spilled the drink all over her. Drama soon ensued as the kid started crying and everyone started to crowd around. I took her hand and led her out of the crowd and asked her if she wanted me to follow her back to her place while she changed. She nodded and I walked her back to her apartment.

During the whole journey back to her apartment, she did not let go of my hand as I walked her back to her place. I entered her place and waited in the living room while she changed. After five minutes, she shyly stuck her head out of her room and said she needed some help with the zip on the back of her dress.

I went into her room and unzipped her and her dress fell to the floor, showing her in a matching purple bra and thong. I was aroused immediately and my member stood at full attention. She blushed and then looked at me and asked, “You like what you see?”


Before I could finish replying she ran over to me to hug me. I pushed her off slightly and passed her the gift and wished her happy birthday. She tore open the wrapping and saw a purple bear and she exclaimed in joy. She walked over to me and pushed me against her wardrobe and planted a kiss on my lips.

As a teenager, with hormones raging and a full blown erection, I kissed her back and slipped her the tongue while kissing her. Soon it progressed to a french kiss. Her hands started roaming up and down my body and I saw that as a green light for me to do the same.

I unhooked her bra and pushed her onto the wall on my left and kissed her hard. While kissing her, my hand went over to lock the door. After that, my hands wandered to her breasts and gave it a soft squeeze. I planted a kiss on her pink nipple and sucked on them. It was clear to me she was aroused as her nipples were erect.

I returned to kissing her while my hands roamed down south. I split her thighs and used my fingers as a spider crawling up her thighs. It was so soft and tender. However, I focused on the task, before I reached the golden gate, I decided to take off her thong.

I then carried her in my arms and put her on her bed. I kissed the inside of her thighs and inched closer and closer to the destination. I gave it a whiff and the smell was heavenly. I could see she was wet and I gave it a rub. I kissed her pussy and slipped a finger inside and started going in and out, she gave a small moan and soon after I slipped two fingers inside. I started using my tongue to play with her clit and her moans grew louder. I tried to move my mouth away and I found her hands behind my head, holding it in place and I just continued giving her clit the attention.

Before long, she released the floodgates and my face was wet with her fluids. She was a huge squirt-er and her essence dripped down my face onto my chest. She apologized and I told her not to. She sat at the edge of her bed and looked at me shyly. Before I knew it, she removed my shorts and my erection sprung out which shocked her, maybe because she was expecting it to be inside my underwear.

She looked at my full grown member and said, “Wow, it is long.” She then proceeded to put her lips on it and gave me a blowjob. Seeing it on a computer screen and experiencing it was such a different feeling. To me, she was my first one, and that was the best blowjob I ever had (At that point of time.). Before long I shot my load into her mouth. I apologized profusely.

She swallowed the load and said, “It actually tastes pretty nice.” That was how I knew I was her first as well. I was about to pull up my shorts, but she told me to stop. She opened the drawer beside her bed and took out a condom. She passed it to me and I rolled it on. I was so excited that my member was back at full attention.

The moment I capped myself on, I proceeded to french her. I continued to finger her and she became more and more wet. I teased her by rubbing my dick across her lips like I had seen on the screen. She was moaning and was so high I decided to take the opportunity to put it in. She let out a scream when I tried to put as much of my seven-inch monster into her. I pushed my lips onto her and kissed her throughout this process.

She soon got relaxed and I slipped my member in and out of her. After a short while, she let out a moan and I knew she climaxed again. I wasn’t able to hold it much longer and I blew my load into the condom.

She told me to take a quick shower in her room and she changed into a new dress. We exited the apartment and went back to the BBQ pit. She slipped her fingers into mine and walked with me to the BBQ pit.

Her father asked where she went and she told him that I walked her back home to change and she had a hard time deciding what to wear. Her father bought the explanation and ushered her in front of the cake and everyone gathered to sing her a birthday song.

After the party she walked me to the side gate and opened the door for me. Before I left, she kissed me again and it led to ten minutes of frenching. Before I left, she hugged me, gave me a kiss on my cheeks and whispered in my ear, “Come over for a swim next Saturday love.”

I walked back home and was so worn out by the day’s events and fell asleep. Throughout the week we kept exchanging texts. I couldn’t wait for Saturday to arrive, what a great start to the year…


Source: Eden

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