At the Beach


It had been a long and an incredibly boring day, and it was five hours before I spotted these two, frolicking on the beach with a group of their friends. This was why I had signed up to be a lifeguard, so I could sit on my high seat and ogle at the many SYT’s in their bikinis. I stared at them through my binoculars on the pretext of watching the sea for drowning people. Oops.

As night fell and the end of my shift approached, I continued to watch these two girls playing in the sand. By this time, the rest of their friends had already left, leaving only these two. Now, I studied body language at school, and I immediately noticed that the girl in the purple and black bikini (Girl A.), wanted a little more than friendship from the girl in the pastel colored bikini (Girl B.). She was constantly finding excuses to touch girl B’s chest, her ass, and would keep trying to bring her face in close to girl b’s, almost as though going for a kiss. I crossed my fingers and hoped something would spark between these two.

Alas, it was not to be. As my shift ended, my lifeguard buddies came over to my post with a few cans of beer, for our nightly drink before going off. All this while, the two girls were still there, now lying in the sand watching the stars. When we finished our drinks, the guys all made for home, while I headed to the washroom to answer nature’s call. I purposely walked closer to the place the girls had been, but dammit, they weren’t there. Their stuff was still there though, so I figured they had gone to the washroom. I quickened my pace, hoping to catch a glimpse of them at the washroom.

They weren’t outside, but I could hear giggling in the girls’ washroom. They must have been inside. I went on to use the toilet, and when I got out, standing there, facing away from me, was girl B. She was tall, maybe 168 cm, and had a svelte figure. And her ass. She had such a perky ass. She was shouting for the girl inside to hurry up, while playing with her bikini bottom. She moved it between her ass cheeks, giving me a glorious view of her perky little tush. My soldier immediately stood at attention, and I couldn’t control myself.

I came up behind her, wrapped one large hand around her mouth, while my other hand cupped her left tits, and pushed my manhood into her ass crack. She gave a muffled shriek, but I just squeezed her mouth tighter and whispered, “Don’t worry, I just want a little touch. Relax, don’t scream, and nothing else will happen, ok?” I could feel her nipple through the thin fabric of her bikini top, and it was hard. I knew she was turned on, and I figure she would let me have my way, so I slowly moved my hand from her mouth, and brought it down to her pussy. I started rubbing her pussy over the bikini bottom with my right hand, while my left hand started to play with her nipples that were by now so hard that they were showing through her bikini. She moaned softly, while still trying feebly to pull away from me. Her body wanted this, but she was having some sort of internal conflict.

“Oh my god, Rebecca!!”

I looked up. Girl A had finally come out of the washroom, to see me fondling her friend.

“Don’t worry, Rebecca likes this, don’t you?” I said.

Jolene, g-g-get… H-h-help.” Rebecca feebly whispered.

By now Jolene had had the time to take in everything. I noticed her eyes stopped at her friend’s erect nipples, and the growing wetness around her groin.

“I see the way you look at her Jolene. You want her don’t you? Well, come get her!” I said.

Jolene licked her lips, came rushing up, and then stopped with her face inches away from Rebecca‘s, “I am sorry Becca…”

And then proceeded to kiss her, hard. Rebecca tried to fight it, she really did, but eventually, she gave in to her body’s desires, and returned the kiss. All this while, I was still playing with her left tits, and her pussy, while Jolene had started work on Rebecca‘s right tits, and reached her hand around, probably to play with Rebecca‘s ass hole.

Instead, she brushed against my rock solid, throbbing manhood, and she started fondling my cock instead. We stayed like this for around two minutes, before I suggested we move to some place more private.

“Let’s go to the handicapped toilet, its clean and huge, we’ll have plenty of space.”

Jolene agreed and without stopping the teasing of Rebecca‘s helpless body, we half dragged, half carried her to the toilet. I turned around to lock the door, and when I turned back, both of them were on their knees, their kiss unbroken, while Jolene reached out with Rebecca‘s hand to fondle my cock…

I moved in closer, till my manhood, straining against the fabric of my pants, was touching both their lips as they kissed. This caused them to break apart. Jolene smiled up at me mischievously, while Rebecca looked a little stunned to have my cock so close to her face. Jolene pulled down my swim shorts and underwear, freeing my throbbing manhood. Upon seeing it, both of them let out a little gasp. Now, I am Eurasian, my dad’s white, and my mum’s Indian. Fortunately, I got a white man’s dick. At ten inches long, this was definitely bigger than most Asian cocks these girls may have seen.

“It’s bigger than my boyfriend’s.” Whispered Rebecca, her lust filled eyes wide.

Jolene, on the other hand, wasted no time, and started to slide her lips over my cock, and started sucking it, while licking the tip. Rebecca was now totally in on what was going on, and she reached under, fondling my balls. They took turns sucking it, with Jolene even gagging on it while trying to deep throat me. It was the best blowjob I had had in a while. They kept at it, until I felt my orgasm rising up in me. I clenched my sphincter, holding it in as long as I could.

“I am going to cum!!” I managed to moan out.

Immediately, both girls took my cock out of their mouth and started to jerk me off, bring me to climax even quicker, while aiming my shaft at their faces, with mouths opened wide. I came all over their faces. Some of the thick white liquid even falling onto their bikinis.

While I recovered, they started to lick my cum off of each other’s face and mouth, swallowing it. Then they continued making out, while Jolene started to undo Rebecca‘s bikini top, freeing her tits from their confines. While Jolene took one of Rebecca‘s pink nipples into her mouth, I started making out with Rebecca, and guided her hand to my semi-flaccid cock, making her stroke it. I must have been more turned on than I realized, because within seconds, my cock was hard again, and ready to go.

Jolene meanwhile, had pushed Rebecca to lie flat on the ground, and had removed her bikini bottom, leaving Rebecca completely naked. Slowly, Jolene moved from Rebecca‘s left nipple, to her right nipple, then started going down, until she reached Rebecca‘s shaven pussy and started to lick it. While this was going on, I undid Jolene‘s bikini, so that now, we were all completely naked.

“Oh god, Jolene, oh fuck!” Rebecca moaned loudly, in between heavy breaths, as Jolene attacked her pussy with her tongue. I went to my discarded shorts and pulled out my wallet, pulling out my emergency condom. I put it on, went behind Jolene, and then thrust my cock into her pussy, making her gasp right into Rebecca‘s pussy. I started pounding her, feeling her tight pussy though the thin latex of the condom I was using. Three minutes in, without warning, Jolene and Rebecca came at the same time, Jolene with a sudden clenching of her pussy, Rebecca arched her back and screaming.

I pulled out of Jolene, looked at Rebecca and said, “It’s your turn now!”

Rebecca looked at once both worried and excited, “I don’t think it’ll fit.”

Meanwhile, Jolene had seated herself on the toilet bowl. She placed each leg on the railing on either side of her, and said, Rebecca, come and lick my pussy.”

Without hesitation, Rebecca went to do as she was told, bending over to lick her friend’s pussy, sticking her ass out in the air. Again, I moved in behind her, and slowly eased my way into her pussy. She wasn’t kidding. This was a tight fit. But slowly, I managed to push my way in, drawing moans from Rebecca in the process.

“Fuck me, please.” Came the muffled voice of Rebecca from Jolene‘s pussy.

I obviously complied, and started to thrust in and out of her, slowly, but gradually picking up speed, matching it to the rhythm she was licking Jolene‘s pussy at. Eventually, both of them started to show the telltale signs of an orgasm, Rebecca‘s moans getting louder, and her pussy clenching around my cock, while Jolene arched her back, curled her toes and her eyes rolled to the back of her head, as she moaned. This time, though, I could feel my orgasm coming too, so I started to pound her faster and harder, urging her to keep up my rhythm. Again, the girls came simultaneously, and I pulled out of Rebecca, and took the condom off, and continued to stoke my cock, while both Rebecca and Jolene (Who had slid off the toilet bowl.), slumped against the toilet bowl. I moved up, stroking my cock faster, and told them I was going to cum all over them again. Both looked excited while tired, Rebecca took hold of my cock with her mouth, sucking it, while Rebecca licked and sucked on my balls. Within seconds, I felt my orgasm arriving, so I pulled out of Rebecca‘s mouth, grabbed both their heads by their hair, and came right into their faces.

As they licked the last drops of my cum off my cock and off each other’s face, I pulled on my pants, and prepared to leave. I turned around to see them going at each other again. I pulled out my phone and took a quick picture of the two naked girls making out, as a keepsake, and left the toilet.

God, I love my job.



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