Army Days


Lead character: Ken Tan

The prelude to army days

I looked at the enlistment letter with much sadness. Damn. Going to be enlisted tomorrow. I foresee days of tough garang training and of course no girls!

As a horny JC student, I always looked at chiobus in the canteen. I just loved those sluts who wear short skirts showing those creamy white thighs. Horny thoughts filled my mind as I moved to touch my cock.

Suddenly, I heard a voice from afar, “Ken! We enlisting on same day… We might be same platoon… Haha”

That’s my good friend Leon. We met to have some kopi. I always jealous of him because he got a sibei chio girlfriend named Lucy (Later chapters will introduce.). In fact, KNN every time see those couples in school caressing each other bodies in school uniform, I feel du lan. All right, time to adjust the mindset to serve the nation!

1st week BMT

Well, those who went NS before should know enlistment day parents come then show around then say bye bye those crap. My company is T Company. Opposite my block of bunk is a rather empty block with only the top level occupied. I wonder which platoon is that. Hmmm.

Next day morning, I woke up with a morning erection. Damn, can’t PCC in army camp. Then we marched to the cook-house. Along the way we marched past a platoon of rather small sized soldiers. I looked closer. Wow, they are girls wearing grey army t-shirts!

In cookhouse, I heard a soft cheer from the girls after they Keluar Baris. Then the whole platoon of girls swarmed in, queue up. Most of them are in a pony-tail and wear grey admin t-shirt and army shorts. Some well-endowed ones can see the mounds protruding out of the grey tee. Then they walked past me with the boobies bouncing. The morning horniness and the sight of bouncing boobs awaken my small brother. Then I saw a very pretty gal with at least a C cup among them wearing no. 4. I overheard another 2 gals calling her sergeant. I looked at her name tag: Jane Lee. How nice for a recruit to fuck a gorgeous sergeant? Haha…

Later I realize they are from W company. It is a women company with only 1 platoon who are female regulars who just signed on receiving BMT. They are just opposite my block.

In the evening, I went for my bath as usual. I looked opposite, then I saw the gal recruits also going bathing as they are holding towels… I started fantasizing stripping them and fucking them. I got so horny that I secretly I went over to opposite block and tried to go up the top level. At staircase I bumped into someone and I fell down…

I looked up then I saw it was Sergeant Jane in no. 4. She bent down and lent me a helping hand. As she bends down, through the uniform I saw white soft melons and a deep cleavage…

Looking at my bald head, she said “Are you ok recruit?”

Me: “Yes, Sergeant!”

Jane: “Why are you here?” (Change to stern tone.)

Me: “Errrr…”

Jane: “KNN trying to peep at my recruits is it? Knock it down 50!”

So I ended up doing push-ups. Bitch. One day I will squeeze those C cup boobs and fucked till she cry.

Me: “Permission to recover Sergeant!”

Jane: “Recover!”

She leaned forward towards me and whispered: “Don’t let me see you here again horny bastard!”

As she leaned towards me, her C cup boobs pressed on my arm lightly. Damn it is so soft!

Arghhh I must fuck this voluptuous sergeant to appease my anger.

Me: “Yes, Sergeant!”

Then I ran back to my company and have my bath… That night my mind keep replaying the sight of her boobs and how soft they are.

Operation W company

I started to have wild thoughts of boobs and fuck. I decided to do something daring. Maybe it is because I too long never PCC. I used to PCC everyday while in JC. One night I decided to ‘keng’ and report sick to siam the 4 day field camp. Drank some hot water before seeing MO. At first the doc suspected me then I say I am ok, just give me some medicine can liao (Reverse psychology.). In the end, no MC but let me 3 days attend B. Hehe plan succeed.

After all the people in my company moved out. It is quite empty. That night I went to the gal bunk. But before that I need to get past the sergeant on duty at the staircase. Damn.

I glanced and saw a female sergeant but it is not Sergeant Jane. Then I saw her looking at watch and mumbled: “Time to change shift liao…” Then she walked to the office 3 steps away. At this juncture, I ran up the stairs softly…

So I proceeded on. Next, I went up to the women recruit bunk. I peep through one of the windows and damn… Can’t believe my eyes!

Lights off already… All soundly asleep. But I saw a pony-tailed gal very chio look like those sweet, sweet type… Wearing a pink bra and white panty and she is fingering herself through the panty!

What a horny gal… Originally I wanted to steal some bras and panty only… But now I got greater plans… Anyway, I took a few bras and panty at the corridor.

I crept into the bunk and slipped on to the gal bed and covered her mouth. Shocked and wanted to push me away, but I turned her over using 1 hand and the other still covering her mouth. I stuffed a stolen panty into her mouth and using bra to tie her hands.

Next I pull a blanket over us and I started to cup her B cup breasts from behind. I started to kiss her ears, neck and my hands caress her back. My fast expanding cock is rubbing against her soft ass. I took off my underwear and shorts…

Next I unhook her own bra… I grabbed the boobs roughly… So soft and nice… Next I took off her panty and touch her vagina lightly… It is already wet from her fingering just now… I inserted my middle finger in slowly… She squeaked a bit, although she is gagged… By now my cock is going to explode at any time… Then I realize it is unsafe… So I whispered to her: “If you don’t want your platoon mates to see us naked… Follow me.” She nodded. So we crept into the toilet, went inside a cubicle and locked it.

Under the light I can see her innocent sweet face clearly…

I whispered: “I saw you masturbating…”

The girl was gagged but she looked stunned and ashamed. Her face turned red.

Me: “I can help you feel better…”

I proceed squat and lick and attack her pussy… Although gagged, she closed her eyes and seem to enjoy… I buried my face between her legs licking hungrily while my hands roam her breasts. Her body moved left and right in pleasure… Next I stood up…

And said: “I remove your gag, but you must not shout otherwise I fuck you till die…”

She nodded.

Slowly I remove the gag and pushed her down: “Suck my cock!”

She held my long and thick rod with trembling hands and lick the head. Then slowly she swallowed… Then she sucked faster and faster… Then I moved my rod to fuck her mouth hard… In out in out of her small mouth while I grabbed her head…

Arrgg, this is heavenly… Then I cummed inside her mouth, but I refused to take out my cock. Then I saw her swallowing my cum…

She looked so innocent with her big big eyes staring at me blankly and cum on her cheeks… I hugged her tightly… And ask her what’s her name…

She: “Ade”

Me: “You are so beautiful and cute. Are you angry with me?”

Ade: “Nope. Actually, I want to thank you. I just grad from poly. I never had a boyfriend before as my mother don’t allow. I want to meet more guys so I join the army! What’s your name?”

I was stunned by what she said. Suddenly I got an idea.

Me: “Ken. Errr, but just now I saw you…”

Ade (Blush.): “Naughty boy… I was feeling horny mah… The training so tough and I feel so lonely…”

Me: “Be my girlfriend.”

Ade nodded.

I moved forward to french kiss her for about 5 min… During kissing I heard some noises outside, but I saw nobody when I came out… Oh well… Maybe it is a mouse? We exchanged hand phone numbers and memorized. (Never bring.)

Next, I sneaked back to my company line and slept satisfied. I started thinking of being able to fuck Ade… Heh.

Unexpected visitor

The next day I was alone in company line. So I took out the FHM magazines and looking at those sexy models and cleavages… Then I thought of last night encounter with Ade… I started hardening… Inside the bunk, I took off my underwear and shorts… And started shaking my cock… Argggg.

Suddenly, the door opened… It is Sergeant Jane!

She looked stunned. I quickly pull up my shorts and stand up.

Jane: “Recruit! I know what you did last night. You are in deep trouble.”

KNN… How she knows???? Don’t tell me she peeped at us??? I was so scared… Will I be charged and sent to DB??

Jane: “Actually, I peeped at you and recruit Ade. You seemed to be very daring eh??”

So there is really a person peeping!? It is her… What should I do??? KNNCCB.

Next, she closed and locked the bunk door. She picked the FHM magazine of Fiona Xie issue and said: “Wow Fiona figure is good eh? You must be dying to suck those breasts right?”

I was thinking actually I want to suck yours leh…

Me (Standing in Sanang Diri position.): “No Sergeant!”

My mind is very confused… No idea what Sergeant Jane wants?

Suddenly, she unbuttoned her no. 4 camouflage uniform, exposing the pair of magnificent C cup boobs wrapped in a lacy red bra… The creamy white breasts are half-exposed as they are too full to be covered completely. I stared at the deep cleavage and swallowed saliva.

Jane: “Recruit from now on follow my orders exactly otherwise you know what would happen. Watch your front… Sedia! From now on you cannot move or make a noise without my permission. Is that clear?”

Me: “Yes, Sergeant!”

At this point I was standing at Sedia position beside my bed watching a C cup sergeant unbuttoned exposing a pair of white melons bouncing around as she strolled back and forth in front of me.

Then she stepped behind me and hugged me from behind tightly. Her soft big breasts pressed tightly against my muscular back. I can even feel the lace of her bra… Hot blood rushed to my cock and it expanded… Then she rubbed her boobs on my back… Rub and rub… And her hands roamed my well-toned chest… By now my rod is hard like reinforced steel… It is making me feel very uncomfortable with the underwear…

But I can’t move…

Me: “Sergeant… Can I take off my shorts??? Errr…”

Jane: “No! I take off for you… Don’t move…”

She rubbed my erected cock for a while to tease me then in 1 move pulled down my shorts and underwear down, exposing my rod into the air…

From behind her soft hands grabbed my shaft and stroke it…

Damn should I fuck her? But I will be disobeying her orders to keep still… Never mind… See what’s her next move…

Suddenly, she moved in front of me and kneel down… Her eyes looked up to me in a seductive manner… I looked at her and her face reminds me of Fiona Xie… Then I looked at the pair of boobs they looked like they are dying to be freed from the bra…

Her hands reached back and unbuckled her bra… Down comes her bra… Exposing a pair of round firm breasts with pink nipples while wearing a no. 4 uniform… She squeezed her own breasts and let out a soft moan: “Ahhhhh…”

Then she licked my shaft and her hands massage my balls… Next she lick the head, then she swallowed half of my cock and started sucking vigorously… Then she places my rod in between her big breasts and started moving up and down… I am breast fucking Sergeant Jane!

Her soft boobs engulfed my cock and I can only see my dickhead moving in her cleavage… Unable to endure anymore, I sprayed my cum on her breasts… I let out a loud cry as I orgasm then I dropped on my bed…

I saw Sergeant Jane stripping off her pants, panty and shirt, exposing her well-trimmed pussy…

Jane: “I am going toilet to shower…”

I stared at her pussy not listening to her…

Jane: “Oei!… Just now not enough ah? Don’t think of entering me eh… Because I only let my boyfriend fuck me… He’s your company OC, Captain Lee. Is that clear? Recruit? Haha.”

Then she went to shower…

I lay on my bed thinking… What a bitch… Not only last time she made me do so many push-ups at one go… Now she said all this crap… I started becoming very angry… After a while, I looked at the clock… Half an hour past liao… Have not come back…

So I went into the toilet… I saw her back… White creamy shoulders and back with hourglass figure… Nice round ass… Wahhh she turned back and saw me… I gasped and ran back to my bunk…

Sergeant Jane

She opened the bunk door with a towel wrapped around her, but her cleavage still visible. Water flowed down from her long hair to cleavage…

I thought of the angry thoughts just now and looked at her… I pulled off her towel and covered her mouth… Then I pushed her onto the table… I grabbed her panty on the floor and stuffed into her mouth… She to push me away but I grabbed a toggle rope and tie her hands up…

I whispered to her: “Now it is your turn to keep still… Sergeant Jane!”

I massaged her big boobs roughly… Kneaded them like dough… Then I licked her nipples… Then sucked her big breasts trying to swallow the whole breast… Then I bury my face in between the pair of melons… By now my cock has recovered and is awakening…

I kissed her from neck to breast, then to pussy… Licking her pussy like a lollipop… Her body wriggled in pleasure… In the process her panty in mouth dropped out…

Jane: “Please… Please stop… Otherwise, I will cum…”

Me: “Isn’t it good?”

Then I hold my rod preparing to enter her pussy… Her thighs shut suddenly…

Jane: “No… You cannot fuck me…”

Me: “Why?”

Jane: “Because… I am still a virgin… Every time Lee (Captain Lee.), wants to fuck me I blowjob him…”

What she just said only make me more horny.

I pulled apart her legs and thrust into her pussy hardly…

Jane: “Ahhhh… Pain… Please… No… Ahhhh”

I continued my thrusts mercilessly.

Me: “Cannot fuck you right? Knock me down right? Knnccb… I thrust, I thrust…”

I increased my thrust speed and strength fucking her virgin tight pussy with wet juices.

Jane: “Ah ah ah… I don’t dare already… I don’t dare already… I can’t stand it anymore… You are so big…”

Then I pulled her up and pushed her to the window with her ass facing me… Then I thrusted her pussy from behind…

Piak piak piak… The sound of me banging hardly on her soft round ass… My left hand reached forward and squeezed her left breast as hard as possible while my right hand pulled her long-hair… Then I slapped her butt and shouted: “Bitch!”

Jane moaned non-stop in pain and pleasure…

At last I cummed into her pussy…

So she dressed up after I untie her. Before she left, she said: “Don’t tell anyone what happened today…”

Then, she went off in a hurry… Suddenly, my hand phone vibrated. It is Ade.

The Esplanade

After the encounter with Sergeant Jane I did not see her for anymore for the next few weeks.

Days passed and every night I sms or call Ade and it is time to book-out after confinement very soon. After I booked out, I called Ade to meet her at night at the Esplanade.

I was waiting for her patiently at the rooftop of the Esplanade, then I heard a cute voice calling me.

I turned back and saw Ade. Her cute face reminds me of the singer, Jin Sha. She is wearing a low cut pink spaghetti top, exposing a bit of her B cup breasts. She is also wearing a mini-skirt showing her white and slender legs.

Without hesitation, I hugged her and her petite body leaned on me.

Me: “Do you surf porn?”

Ade: “Why you ask? No, I don’t.”

(She looked down on the ground.)

Me: “Are you sure? Then how you finger yourself? Where you learn that from?”

Ade punched me on my arm and whispered: “Don’t say so loud la… So many people around us!”

I looked around and it is indeed rather crowded, mostly couples and some students. Standing quite near us are 2 teens who look like ah bengs with long yellow hair and wearing slippers. They keep staring at us and look quite buay song.

So I stared back at them and at the same time I hugged Ade… With my left hand squeezing her breast… Then the right hand slipping into her mini-skirt and fondle her ass.

The 2 ah bengs came over and said: “Knnccb your girlfriend very cute leh… Why not… We…”

Before they finished, I quickly pushed 1 of them away and grabbed Ade’s hand and started running away…

After a distance, we stopped.

Ade: “Dear, you are so brave… Lucky got you otherwise don’t know what would happen to me. Just now so romantic running away from bad guys, just like movies!”

Then she kissed my cheek. I returned the kiss by kissing her breast. Then I slipped my hand into her top and pull open.

Me: “Wow, sexy pink bra again.”

Me: “Just now we are in romantic movies. Now, we should imitate more exciting movies…”

Ade (Looking puzzled.): “Like what?”

Me: “Porn. Don’t tell me you don’t watch.”

Ade: “Ok la… I admit I got watch. Especially those hardcore and rape ones. The thought of guys throwing me about and fucking me hard makes me horny.”

Me: “You watch how often?”

Ade: “Actually, every night…”

Me: “Really? You never get caught by your parents before?”

Ade: “Nah. They always not around one. Tonight also no one at home. Haiz.”

Me: “Why not we go your house now and watch movies… I show you some good sites…”

Ade: “Ok… Watch only ah…”

Ade’s house

We took a cab and reached Ade’s house. She must be quite rich as it is a condo look quite high-class.

Me: “Wow rich leh…”

Ade: “Ok la… My parents are doctors. They wanted me to be doctor too, but I lazy, in the end study nursing in poly. Then last month I signed on army as a medic…”

Me: “Wah then wear your nurse uniform for me to see la…”

Ade: “Ok”

Within minutes, she changed and I saw a cute nurse in front of me… I suddenly thought of my plan and asked her to surf the net together.

So I showed her hardcore porn sites and then we come across a nurse porn site.

Me: “You look more chio than the porn star leh…”

Ade: “Really? Hee.”

Me: “I swear.”

Then I leaned forward to kiss her, while my hands grabbed her boobs…

Me: “Missy, I am sick. Can you cure me?”

I hold her small hand and place it on my cock.

Me: “My cock is ill can you check?”

All this while, she looked down in embarrassment. Next, I unzipped and stripped off my jeans and underwear.

She started stroking my fast expanding cock and then she gave me a blowjob… I looked in the mirror, I saw an image of a nurse blowing me… Then I decided not to strip her as it seems more erotic.

I pushed her down on the bed and caress her thighs and slowly moved north, flipped up the uniform, exposing her pink panty. I pulled it down and threw it away, exposing a well-shaven pussy.

Next, I bent down and taste her pussy. Hmmm…

I placed my rod near the pussy and rub the pussy with my dickhead…

Ade: “Aahh… I scared… I never do before…”

Me: “Never mind, I will be gentle…”

I slowly penetrate her super tight pussy, even tighter than Sergeant Jane’s. I increased my speed…

Ade: “Ahhhhh… Not so fast… Gentler… Ahhh, so shiok… Dear… You very li hai…”

Me: “Call me doctor!”

Ade: “Yes, doctor! Fuck me doctor… Ahhhhh… I think I’m cumming… Ahhhhh”

Me: “Me too! Ahhhhhhhh…”

I unloaded my cum into her pussy and lay on top of her, dick still inside. So after a couple of minutes… I fell asleep… Suddenly I was awakened! Her pussy contract… Wow, she knew how to tighten her pussy muscles and gripped my cock.

Her pussy contraction is too tight for me and my brother started awakening! (Maybe due to confinement too long.) So I laid down and she rode my cock… This time she rode like there is no tomorrow… Up down front back… I looked at her fully-clothed in nurse uniform riding on top of me… She started unbuttoning pushed up her bra cup, exposing her naked breasts and bent forward, with her breasts hanging centimeters away from my face…

I started stabbing her pussy with my rod mercilessly and started sucking her delicious bosoms hungrily like a wolf.

Ade: “Ahhhh… Hao li hai ah…”

My hands hold her breasts and I bury my face in the cleavage and have a ‘Breast facial’. After a while I delivered a final thrust hard, banging her soft ass hardly in the process.

1 round away… Boomz

The ferry ride

Very soon, the weekend is over and it is time to book in. Sianz…

Ade and I take the ferry to Pulau Tekong together in no. 4. (Kind of weird to book in with girlfriend… Haha.)

During the ferry trip I took the back seat looked at the vast sea and think about the meaning and philosophy of life. Ade is too tired and she slept on my shoulder. Suddenly I saw a familiar face… It’s Sergeant Jane. As she is a sergeant, she is booking in civilian clothes. Damn… Her outfit is hot like hell. A red tube and hot pants that’s almost as short as panty. The red tube shows her C cup assets proudly, screaming to be devoured by horny beasts. She came over and sit on my left. (Ade on my right.)

Me: “Hi Sergeant.” (A bit pai seh as 2 weeks never see her liao.)

Jane: “Hi, so you 2 together liao eh? Congrats…”

Then she moved closer and kiss my neck. I stared at her ‘river valley’ and heaving breasts.

Stay calm… I am on ferry in no. 4 with Ade beside me… I can’t do anything stupid.

But she continued to lick my ears and blow air… Her strong, seductive perfume is overpowering my rationale. I started having a hard-on and my hand hold Ade tighter while I stared at Jane’s breasts.

Then Jane slipped her hands into my pants and into my underwear and grabbed my cock and started pumping furiously. My hand on Ade started roaming to her breast and squeeze lightly…

Ade replied sleepily with her eyes closed: “Don’t disturb la… Tired…”

Jane became more bold and unbuttoned my no. 4 pants fly and take out my rod and pump… Stunned by this action, I took a newspaper and cover my cock while Sergeant Jane pumped it hard.

I tried to avoid making noise, but finally I feel like I am going to cum and I reached orgasm and at the same time squeezed Ade’s breast so hard that she woke up. At this juncture, the newspaper dropped on the floor and exposed my cock… (Lucky Sergeant Jane withdrew her hand fast.) Next my cock fired a shot at Ade’s just awaken face.

Ade was stunned by this scene.

Ade shouted: “Darling! Why you suddenly cum on my face??!”

Stunned, I quickly put back my cock without cleaning up. Everyone on the ferry turned their heads and stared at me and smiled.

I turned to my left and saw Sergeant Jane staring in front pretending nothing happened.

So later I marched back to the company line with cum in my underwear. Damn.

Guard duty prowling

Everyday training is hard, especially SOC. KNN the monkey bar made my hands blister, but soon my palm became thicker liao…

Weeks and months passed. I did not see Sergeant Jane often anymore. But once I overheard my OC Captain having phone sex with Sergeant Jane in the company office. Seems like they are happy fucking each other. =)

As for me, I also fucked Ade once every 2 or 3 weeks. I wanted more but she always said tired. Very soon I will leave this place. Tomorrow night is CO night.

“Recruit Ken Tan tomorrow night you do guard duty!”

That’s my Platoon Sergeant. Damn. Cannot watch SAF MDC perform.

On CO night with a heavy heart, I started prowling…

My partner happened to be my good friend, Leon, whom I mentioned in Chapter 1.

Leon: “Bro, we very suay leh, cannot watch CO nite.”

Me: “Yah la… NB… I heard got girls come sing songs leh…”

Leon: “Haiz… Nvm tml book out. I am going to fuck Lucy (His chio girlfriend.)”

Lucy is also my best friend. Actually, I wanted to be her boyfriend, but too bad she likes Leon. Maybe I should have persisted in jio-ing Lucy in school, today she will be my girlfriend.

Unlike Jane and Ade, Lucy is attractive in another way. She likes to wear black specs with a pony-tail. Her flawless skin and D cup assets made every guy in the class drool. However, she looked like the kuai kuai and demure type and she always study in the library. Normally her clothes are also conservative, however, PE lessons her D boobs will bounce and bounce. If want to compare faces, Sergeant Jane is like Fiona Xie. Ade is like Boa. Lucy is like the Zhou Ying in ‘Together’. I had always wanted to fuck Lucy but no chance. Furthermore, Leon is my buddy.

Me: “KNNCCB, you fucked Lucy liao??”

Leon: “Yah, she is damn nice to fuck… Can’t tell hor? But anyway, I always fuck till she begs me to stop leh…”

Me: “Wah… Wat a beast. Good job bro.”

Deep inside my heart, I was cursing. KNN 1 day I must fuck your girlfriend.

Leon: “You also not bad wat. Ade is quite cute leh. Show me her nude pics let me PCC leh… Haha… I took a lot sex videos of me and Lucy… Haha…”

Me: “You!”

That’s it. I vowed to fuck Lucy to teach Leon a lesson… And to satisfy myself…

For now, I will wait for the right opportunity.

Guard duty contacted!

All the earlier description of Leon and his girlfriend Lucy sex videos made my mind fantasize about Lucy. The normally demure Lucy being fucked must be shiok… One day I must do it… The fantasies were making me a bit horny.

Suddenly, Leon tapped my shoulder.

Leon: “Shhh… Did you hear something?”

We looked at the bushes near the jungle. There seemed to be someone!

I shone the torch and I saw 2 people drenched. 1 middle-aged man about 45 years old and a young girl about 15 years old.

Me: “Who are you?”

Old man: “We are illegal immigrants from Malaysia. She is my daughter. We just swam here. Please don’t arrest us! Tolong!”

I looked at the drenched daughter with long hair. Her wet white t-shirt showed off her white bra underneath. Look like C cups. This helpless drenched teen is very seductive I thought. I think the same goes for Leon, the beast.

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