All Because of a Spur of the Moment


Wei Ling (WL), was a popular girl in school due to her killer body and angelic face. She had a pair of perky 34D boobs, long and slim legs, bubble butt and she stood at a stunning height of 1.70m.

She was from a wealthy family and both her parents were highly respected businessmen and had very little time for Wei Ling. They also had very high expectations of Wei Ling and expected her to pursue a degree in law at university.

As one of the top students in a top junior college, she excelled in everything in life. As the president of the student council, she was constantly bombarded by stress from academics and the pressure from the school to be the role model for the student population. Coupled with the immense pressure from her parents, she was on the verge of breaking down.

One typical day after school, Wei Ling took a cab to a nearby shopping mall with her clique to have lunch at some atas café as usual. After lunch, they left the café and was on their way home. As they were walking, her ‘eagle eye’ friend, Sam, saw an iphone being left unattended on the table of a food court. Jasmine, a hot girl in her clique with an athletic body from her netball training in school, challenged Wei Ling to steal the iphone. Wei Ling was so shocked as she knew she shouldn’t be doing this. After an intense internal struggle between the need to be a role model and the peer pressure, she eventually succumbed to the peer pressure as her friends jeered at her for being such a loser.

Spurred on by her clique, she went to steal the iphone. Her heart was racing and she was sweating profusely. Adrenaline surged through her body as she slipped the phone into her pocket. She immediately ran back to her friends and they left the mall immediately. “Wow Wei Ling balls man that was awesome!” As her clique cheered for Wei Ling. Wei Ling felt a sense of guilt, but at the same time was surprised by how good it felt. She realized at that moment that thieving helped to relieve her stress.

This was the turning point in her life which she would regret for the rest of her life, because little did she know that her act had been secretly recorded by the owner and his friends and the nightmare for Wei Ling was about to start.

When Wei Ling reached home that afternoon, she took out her stolen iphone and was admiring her act of courage. Just as she was checking out this ‘Trophy’ of her achievement, the phone beeped.

“I know you have stolen my phone. I had the whole process recorded down and it is in the link that I have sent you. Meet me at block XXX now or I will report it to the police. You have 30 mins to get here. Good luck!”

Her heart skipped a beat.

Never in her entire life had she felt something as terrifying as what she was experiencing right now. Her sweat trickled down her forehead as she stared at the message, horrified by the fact that she was caught, and her act was even recorded.

Her mind went blank.

Thoughts of her getting caught and disappointing her parents flooded her mind as tears rolled down her cheek. She looked at her clock and she only had 20 mins left.

After realizing that she was running out of time, she immediately rushed out of her house and hailed a cab to block XXX.

When she reached there, she was panting heavily. “Bitch you’re ten minutes late! How dare you to be late! Do you want me to send this to the police?” Shouted Dan (D.), the owner of the phone.

Wei Ling was terrified and she absolutely did not want her parents, teachers or anyone else to know about her guilty pleasure. Panicked, she replied frantically, “Please don’t report me, I am so… I am so sorry, there was a traffic jam.”

“Shut the fuck up, and stop giving excuses! Aren’t you the president of the student council? You should understand the importance of punctuality more than anybody else right?” Dan snarled. Wei Ling had no choice but to nod her head.

“Take off your shirt and kneel down.”

“No Dan, please don’t ask me to do that, please. Anything else but that.” Wei Ling pleaded. “I can give you money, how much do you want? Is $1000 enough? Please don’t ask me to strip…”

“You fucking bitch, just because you’re rich, you think your filthy money can solve all problems? I have always hated people like you, always waving your dollars at others to get things done. Looks like you’ll need to be taught a lesson that money does not get you out of every problem.”

“But…” Wei Ling protested.

“No buts, you either do as I say, or you can kiss your reputation goodbye. Just imagine how your parents will feel. They’ve put in so much effort to groom their beloved daughter into the current president cum top student, and now she’s going to get charged in court. Imagine how disappointed your teachers will be, after finding out that the president that they have chosen is actually nothing more than a thief? How are you going to pursue law in the university when you yourself had broken the law?” Dan carried out his emotional assault on Wei Ling.

At this point in time, Wei Ling could no longer hold back anymore and broke out into tears. “Stop crying and get to work you fucking bitch.”

After much contemplation, Wei Ling finally removed her t-shirt, stripping down to her white cotton bra. “Wow, you’re already seventeen and you’re still wearing that cute thing haha.”

Wei Ling blushed with shame and used her hand to cover her boobs, not allowing Dan to enjoy any further.

“Eh, you better not cover your boobs or I will make sure you regret it!” Shouted Dan as he’s getting impatient. “You’re so fucking slow, well, I guess I will have to help myself.” With that, Dan ripped Wei Ling‘s bra off, followed by ripping her black FBT shorts. “What a sight to behold, look at your pretty perky tits, I am so gonna enjoy them later hahahahah. And look at your white cotton panties.”

“I’ve stripped for you already, can I please leave now?”

“Not so easy miss president, you’ve gotta suck my dick first.”

“What the fuck!! That’s so fucking disgusting!! I am never gonna do…” Just as she was about to finish her sentence, she felt a tight stinging slap across her cheek.

“Shut the fuck up bitch, I am giving you one last chance or you’ll seriously regret it.” Dan hissed as he took out his phone, threatening to call the police. “For your disrespectful behavior, you’ll be receiving a punishment from me, since you’re the president of the student council, you’ll receive double the punishment, you understand?” With that, Dan removed his belt and lashed it across Wei Ling‘s tits without mercy or hesitation.

Wei Ling let out an agonizing scream as she took it all the pain from the leather belt. “Still wanna disobey you slut? I am the boss right here and from now on you’ll address me as your master. Now get over and suck my dick!!!”

“I don’t want…” Wei Ling whimpered as she gasped for air.

Dan lashed the belt across Wei Ling‘s tits relentlessly, drawing deafening screams from Wei Ling. “You better get the work now and suck my dick, or I will fucking rape your fucking cunt you fucking understand me, slut? Show any more hesitation, I will call the police right away, you hear me?”

With no other way out of her plight, Wei Ling kneeled down in front of Dan, as tears continued to flow down her cheeks. Dan unzipped his pants, releasing his seven inch monster for some fresh air. Wei Ling was embarrassed, but at the same time surprised at how huge his dick was.

“Wow… So big and thick.” Wei Ling blurted. After realizing that she had said such disgusting words, she looked down in shame. “Like what you see, very soon you’ll be craving for it haha!!” Dan grinned.

“Spit on the tip and lick the tip.” Dan ordered. Wei Ling had no choice but to follow his orders.

Dan wasted no time and immediately shoved his entire length of his cock into Wei Ling‘s mouth, making her gag at its sheer size. Wei Ling felt like her throat was going to break as Dan continued to slam his cock into her tight, warm and wet mouth. As Dan began to thrust his dick harder and faster, Wei Ling felt even more painful. Dan was laughing at how cheap Wei Ling looked.

“Look at you, a respected president now on her knees sucking my cock like a cheap Geylang whore hahahahah.” Dan humiliated Wei Ling even further. “Open your mouth wider you stupid slut!” Dan commanded. Wei Ling forced her mouth open to take in more of his massive monster. “That’s right, heh you’re learning fast slut, aren’t you?”

Wei Ling remained silent.

Dan slapped her face and bellowed, “Motherfucker you better answer me, you fucking slut!”

“Yes, I am learning fast.” Wei Ling whimpered, not wanting to suffer from the pain any further.

Dan rained his belt across Wei Ling‘s boobs once again, and Wei Ling screamed at the top of her lungs. “I told you to address me as master you stupid bitch!!! You fucking understand me, you dumb slut. A top student like you can’t even follow simple instructions?” Dan continued his assault as he spoke.

“OMG Dan, I mean master, master please stop… Please stop caning me it hurts so much… Stop… Please…” Wei Ling pleaded.

“Beg, or I won’t stop.” As Dan increased the strength of his whipping, driving more pain into Wei Ling‘s body.

Wei Ling almost passed out from the excruciating pain, but still managed to force out a few words, “Please master… I beg you to stop… Please I beg you it hurts so much…”

“Promise me that you’ll suck me properly? If you don’t do a good job I will whip you till you can’t walk for a week. You get me, you fucking slut?”

“Yes, master…”

Wei Ling immediately sucked on Dan’s cock harder and faster, for the fear of punishment. Looks like Dan’s plan was going smoothly.

“Hahahahah look at you, behaving like a whore and sucking my cock so desperately. Do you really like it that much? Guess you’re a slut after all. The good student image of yours was just a facade. Deep down you’re actually a cock craving slut, am I right bitch?”

Not wanting to anger Dan further, Wei Ling reluctantly replied, “Yes, master, you’re right, I am a whore master.”

Dan thrusted his dick into Wei Ling‘s mouth harder and faster, almost on the verge of cumming. “I am cumming bitch, you better swallow every single drop of my cum or I will fucking make you pay.” Wei Ling nodded her head.

After a few more hard thrusts, Dan cummed and released his entire load into her mouth. Dan took out his phone and said, “Don’t swallow it just yet, and open your fucking mouth bitch!” Just as Wei Ling opened her mouth, Dan snapped pictures of Wei Ling with cum in her mouth.

“What a fucking slutty president with cum in her mouth.” Wei Ling was utterly humiliated, but there’s nothing that she could do. “Now swallow it bitch.” Wei Ling complied as she grimaced at the fishy taste of Dan’s semen.

Just as Wei Ling thought that her ordeal was finally over, Dan crushed her hopes. “Now bitch, it is time for your punishment for being late.” Dan chuckled as he pointed the camera at Wei Ling.

“Now fucking face the camera and swear that you’re a fucking slut and would be our obedient sex toy and satisfy me. After that, get onto all fours and bark like a dog that you are. If you don’t, I will report you to the police and I will share the images of your whore face swallowing cum to all the students in your school.”

Resigned to her fate, she blurted out the degrading words: “I am Wei Ling and I am your obedient sex toy, your bitch, your slut and your personal cum dumpster. I will do anything my master wants me and if I don’t do well my master shall punish me. I am just a cock craving cunt and I deserved to be used in whatever way my master deem fit.”

After that, she quickly got onto all her fours after Dan belted her ass in succession. She screamed in agony while barking like a dog in front of the camera.

“You may leave for now, but I will call you again soon for your next training session. If you don’t turn up then you can be prepared to be the biggest student slut in the history of Singapore.”

Wei Ling wore back her clothes and left. On her way home, she couldn’t help but to recall what had happened just now. She was completely disgusted at herself for her slutty behavior, but there’s little that she could do. She’s now completely under Dan’s control. When she reached home, she laid onto her bed and broke out into tears once again. Her life was never going to be the same again. All because of the spur of the moment, she had ended up being in a situation that she would regret for life.



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