Alexis Jie



“Ah…,” I heard a soft moan from the bathroom.

Jie, are you alright?” I asked.

“I… am fine,” came the reply. I heard flushing and the door opened thereafter. Standing at the open door was Alexis in her black bra and white panties. She had sweat drops over her face.

“It must be hot in there,” I told her while wondering why she was dressed down. What happened to her shirt and pants?

I have been at her house for an hour now, getting myself tutored on my weakest subject, Combined Science. I am 16 and Alexis is four years older than me. She has been my buddy since childhood. We hung out after school, played in the playground and did many activities kids used to do. I am used to calling her Jie even though today she was my tutor.

Alexis had previously said she wanted to use the toilet, but the innocent me was unsure of what was going on. Why would she be dressed in her undergarment when she went in fully clothed?

“Let us continue where we left off,” she walked back to the table without dressing up. I could see that her clothes were thrown on the bathroom floor. I guessed she wanted to dry up a little before putting on her clothes.

I have never seen a girl in her undergarments before. In person. Except those in commercials, magazines or online photos. I felt my wiener getting harder as I took a peek at her slender body. What size are those breasts? I wondered.

Young and innocent, I never knew what was coming. She had one of her hands below the table and she started closing her eyes. Gasping bit by bit. “Ah…,” she moaned again. This weird scene only for a minute or less.

I have never watched porn in my life before, but I am starting to believe that she was doing something sexual. Or maybe she was just rubbing a bruise on her thigh?

As she finished marking my paper, she whispered in my ear, “I am going to teach you something today, alright?” I nodded even though I don’t know what was going on.

She told me to take off my pants and I was reluctant.Jie, what are you trying to do?”

“We have been buddies since young right? If you trust me, just take it off,” she whispered.

I took off my pants slowly and she noticed the bump on my undies. She started rubbing the area. It felt a little ticklish at first and I giggled. After a little while of her rubbing it, I got used to it and then she started licking. I felt kind of violated, but the curious me wanted to see what she was trying to do.

Alexis pulled off my undies after licking. At first I tried to stop her from doing it, but eventually gave up. Out sprung my small dick at just 5 inches long. Hardened.

“Small. But I believe it will grow,” she smiled at me and started to pet it, “Very cute. Just like you. Hehe.”

She started stroking it slowly, not wanting to hurt me. She felt like an expert to me because it was my first time. I don’t know the standards. And I still don’t know what was going on but it felt good.

“What I am doing right now is a hand job,” she explained to me, “You will have to Google all the stuff that I will teach you today. And maybe next time we can explore more, hehe.”

Next time? If today’s session will end off good then I definitely do not mind more ‘next times’!

Transparent liquid started coming out from the tip of my cock. She started touching it and played around with the sticky substance with her fingers. “This is your pre-cum, Rafael,” she said and started licking her fingers.

Right after finishing the sentence, she placed her head near my cock and started licking it. She threw me dirty looks while licking before she grabbed hold of my private part.

Then, she shoved it into her mouth and started moving inwards and outwards with her head. After about ten cycles, she pulled out, gasping for air, “Now, this is a blowjob. Do you like it?”

I nodded. It felt special to have a girl toy with your cock. But I still don’t know what was going on. She continued the blowjob for about three minutes before she stopped and sat on the floor, legs wide open.

“Now, what I want you to do is to use your master hand and start stroking yourself,” she inched forward a little and helped me place my right hand to the position. She moved my hands to stroke my cock and explained to me, “What you are doing right now is called masturbation. Many humans do it. Now, you continue stroking it on your own, and at your own speed.”

I continued rubbing and stroking my cock, slowly initially. Alexis sat on the floor and pushed her panties aside to reveal her private part. She started rubbing her area before inserting a finger into her vagina.

She moaned a little when she inserted. I could see that her area was a little damp while she was doing it. “And this is how female masturbate. Different from male,” she explained to me as if it was a sex education practical. She closed her eyes and continued moving her finger in and out of her vagina.

As I looked at her increasing speed on her hands, I increased speed on mine too. About two minutes in, there was a ‘peeing-out’ sensation. I could see thick and white liquid shooting out from my cock. Splat. It landed onto Alexis‘ abs.

“Oh my god, Jie. I am so sorry! I don’t know what this is and I couldn’t control it,” I started looking around for a piece of tissue paper. She opened her eyes and looked at her abdominal area. She smiled at me.

“Don’t worry, Rafael. The process that you went through was orgasm. You released the semen. You need it for making babies. It is also commonly known as cum,” she told me as she took a finger to rubbed it over her body and then licked her finger.

“Pretty sure you have learned about sperm and semen during sex education in school. First time tasting it. Very tasty, hehe,” she giggled. She continued masturbating and very soon she started letting out ‘water’.

“That is the female orgasm. Research says that some women find it hard to climax but today you helped me to it,” she stood up to grab tissue papers and cleaned up the place.

Alexis gave my cock a little tug then gestured me to put on my undies and pants. She gave me a peck on my cheeks and said to me, “I will teach you more after dinner. Meanwhile, use my computer to research what I just taught you.”

She went to the bathroom to bathe, so I booted up her computer and started going through what she taught me: hand job, blowjob, pre-cum and cum. I found out that she had some porn videos kept on her desktop and decided to open them out of curiosity.

There were videos of two naked Japanese girls playing with each other. There was also a video of a lucky guy getting tortured by two Japanese girls.

It was my first day watching porn videos and Alexis made me cum. I felt like a lucky boy.

It was my first day watching porn videos and Alexis made me cum. I felt like a lucky boy.

Nothing happened after dinner. All she taught me was the science topics we stopped at before dinner. I was kind of disappointed.

Five years later, a week before my 21st birthday, I accompanied Alexis to Bangkok for shopping. We flew in at midnight and were knocked out before we could unpack our stuff in the hotel room.

The next morning when I woke up, I felt as if something was crushing on my body. I opened my eyes to find Alexis sitting on me. In a black tank top and a black shorts, she bent down and gave me a peck.

“Rafael, other than shopping, we are here for another mission. Tell me frankly, are you still a virgin?” She asked me while still sitting on top of me.

I nodded. “Remember when we did not have sex after dinner five years back? I wanted to leave it for your 21st birthday. I kept myself available for you and stayed a virgin,” she explained.

Jie, you have feelings for me?” I asked her. She got off me and I could see her blushing. She sat down on the bed with her back facing me.

I hugged her and whispered into her ear, Jie, you have feelings for me? If you like me, just let it be known. Who knows, I might just be interested in someone older than me?”

She turned around and started kissing me, “I love you!” I could still see that she was blushing from the confession. And I decided to cut off the kissing by asking her why she developed feelings for me.

Alexis explained that she had always wanted a younger brother and treated me like one. After many years, she started developing feelings for me because her previous boyfriends did not treat her well.

Jackpot. As a nerd boy, I only had one girlfriend in my poly days. I definitely do not mind an older woman like Alexis since we knew each other well enough. I have liked her before but never thought that we might get together due to the age gap.

With all that said, she took off her tank top and threw it on my face. Before I could take it off, she was already removing my boxers. Hello, Mr. Morning Boner.

“It grew bigger, hehe,” she exclaimed and started stroking my cock and kissing it.

A little while later, she started putting my dick into her mouth and blew it. It has been a while since I last gotten a blowjob. Well, five years in fact.

She took off her bra out popped her beautiful B-cup breasts. She gave me a titty fuck while licking the tip of my head. That sight of her naked with the increase of pace made me lose control and I came. Thankfully it only shot onto her chin and the hot cum dripped down to her breasts.

Through those five years, we have watched porn together but did not have any sexual relationships. That day, I thought I would have gotten to pop her cherry, but she stopped me right after I came, “We are going shopping, then you will go deep tonight, hehe.”

Shopping was boring and after what felt like an eternity, we went back to our hotel after a good steamboat dinner. Alexis tried on the clothes and undergarments she bought that day and my, she looked gorgeous. Those beautiful dresses, shirts, pants and skirts all fitted her well.

She got into a pink bikini and turned one round to ask for my opinion. Cheekily I told her, “It would be better for me if I saw you naked.”

She slapped my back saying, “Naughty boy!” And continued trying on her clothes. Halfway through, she told me to close my eyes and turn my back to face her. I guessed that she wanted to change into something to surprise me. “Now, turn back slowly and open your eyes,” she said.

I did what she instructed and there she stood, in a white lace top with a short blue skater skirt. “I knew you had a thing for girls in skirts when we watched porn together, so… how do I look?” She asked while she turned one round like a model.

I do have a thing for girls in skirts but never really thought dirty about it. After all, porn is porn and does not apply to real life. Except for that night. Without saying a word, I went up to her and starting kissing and caressing. I lifted up her skirt while kissing her and grabbed her booty. Firm. I have never touched one before.

“Those squats sure helped you,” I whispered. I kneeled down and lifted up her skirt like a perverted young boy. Pink panties! My heart fluttered for a moment. “You like those porn stars in pink or red panties, don’t you? HAHA,” she asked me again.

I started rubbing her inner thighs and Alexis let out a soft moan. I rubbed her vaginal area over her panties and then proceeded on to take that pink undergarment off. While keeping her skirt on, I fingered her.“Ahh…,” she let out another soft moan. This horny girl was wet already.

I guided her hands to the window pane and lifted up her skirt (Because it dropped and I could not see her round beautiful ass). Taking off my pants and undies, I placed my dick near her pussy to tease her. “Put it in, Raphael. I want you in me!” She pleaded.

I slowly placed my dick in and then told her to remove her top. A matching lace pink bra. This girl knew what I liked. I grabbed hold of her breasts and started pumping her while placing my naughty finger into one side to rub her nipple. We were high up on the hotel and thankfully nobody would see us doing it by the window.

I pulled out and went to the bed for her to start riding me. She took off her bra without any instructions from me and boing! A little bit of exaggeration with that ‘boing’ but her natural B-cup breasts popped out. They jiggled up and down together with her riding motion. Beautiful sight.

She stopped riding and lay on the bed asking me to penetrate her. I did it, missionary style. I look at her in the eyes and thought about our relationship being in the next level. It made me so excited that a minute of pumping her made me pull out and shoot my hot load over her naked body.

We were panting while we kissed each other. It marks the start of a new adventure in my life.



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