Adventures with My JC Ex-Girlfriend


I recalled last time when I was in Junior College (Wow si bei long ago liao.), got into my second relationship (My first one was in Secondary 3, and we were both first timers and quite hum ji, so didn’t do much except held hands, kissed and light petting – didn’t even see my first ever pussy.). Let’s call me Ray and my ex Debbra (Deb.). This happened when I was in J2 and she was in J1.

Deb was quite well endowed, a figure to die for, with a B cup and perky nipples that can protrude out of those teen bras. She was slim, around 1.6 m, and always went around with a ponytail and specs. Got to know her through the CCA orientation week when we welcomed juniors and subsequently, we got closer and closer and got together in the end.

Deb was not the party kind of girl, but she was a very open girl. Even before we got together, or in our circle of CCA friends, she’ll complain things like: Her bra uncomfortable, discussed sex stuff with our friends and teased other people… She had 1 ex-boyfriend before, of which she told me she only gave him a BJ and let him COB, that’s all. No sex. Of course I wasn’t thinking of bonking her the first day I got together, it subsequently led to that. (Normal mah right.)

We were very touchy and lovey dovey in school and in front of our CCA friends, and they always made fun of us asking us to ‘go get a room lah’, or sprouting stuff such as ‘eh, don’t anyhow touch touch here k… Some of us very innocent one’, to which Deb will always laugh her head off and scolded them ridiculous.

We had a CCA BBQ at ECP one weekend, and ended up playing truth or dare (As usual lah.), in the circle of our usual friends Nick, Jean, Huixian and Joan. And as all young, curious minds were, they led to the topic of sex subsequently…

Nick spun the bottle, pointed towards Joan.

Joan: “Walao eh, me again!” (She tio for the past 3 times and always kenna dared to do stuff like approach strangers, declare her ‘undying love’ to a teacher… Etc etc.) “This time I choose truth liao lah!”

Nick: “Ok lor! Let me see… How many ex-boyfriend you have before and what have you done with them?”

Joan: “Eh, that’s two questions leh!”

Huixian: “Never mind lah, just answer! Quick you never told us before leh!”

Jean: “Ya lor ya lor. Even I say liao.” (Jean revealed she wasn’t attached before and was still a virgin.)

Joan: “Ok lah you all ah. I had 3 ex before, and yah, had sex with my 2nd and 3rd boyfriend lah.”

*Oooooo* came the reply from around the circle.

Deb: “How was it? How did it feel?”

Joan: “Why? You want to try with Ray ah? Shiok lor… But first time pain lah. Just a while only lah.”

Nick: “Eh, come to think of it, Ray you and Debbra so lovey dovey, what have you all done before?”

Now the attention came onto us. KNN. I was still fantasizing and imagining how Joan looked like when she was fucked by her boyfriend. Doggie style or missionary…

Deb: “Ai yah, you all rubbish lah. We never do lah!” *Blush*

Huixian: “You sure or not… Hahahaha we don’t believe you lor!”

Then they all started in that ‘you sure or not’ tone… Nobody believed us even though we insisted time over and over again that we didn’t do anything (That time haven’t done yet.).

Deb: “Ya lah. Pick on someone else lah! Huixian you leh! You got do anything with Eric (Her boyfriend at that time.), or not???”

Huixian suddenly blushed and kept quiet.

“HOR HOR! MEANS GOT LAH! HAHAHA!!! WHAT? WHAT?” We pestered her.

“Ai yah, nothing much lah!” Huixian replied. “Just… Everything other than sex lor. We want to keep it special for wedding night mah!”

“Oooo… Wah… Means very experienced other than sex liao lah! What did you all do? What were your fantasies or what does he like?” The girls and Nick started to ask questions.

“Nothing lah. He loves licking me… You know… Down there lah!” Her face turned redder and redder considering there were two guys here. We were a very close group of friends, but still, this perhaps was beyond the comfort level for her. Nevertheless, she spilled…

“So he likes to lick your chee bye lah!” Deb asked. “Did he tongue fuck you?”

At that time I was like: “Wa lao eh this zhar bo, my girlfriend, really very open and know a lot sia!”

Huixian: “Yah. He likes to 69… You know… I suck his cock while he licks my… Ai yah down there lah!” *Still embarrassed to say chee bye or pussy.*

Joan: “Wah! Did you ever… You know? Cum? Or did he cum?”

Huixian: “Yah, he did. When he’s cumming, he will turn around and cum all over my boobs lor.” *Can tell she was beginning to warm up using terms like ‘cum’ ‘boobs’ considering the shy Huixian we knew.* “Then after that he will continue to either lick me or finger me until I cum lor. He loves to tongue fuck me when I am cumming, or lick my clit continuously lor.”

*In my mind, I was already thinking: “Wahh… Shiok… Imagining Eric tongue fucking Huixian’s pussy as she convulsed in orgasms, or rubbing her clit hard… Wonder if she is shaven or hairy down there…”

We all were like: “Woah. Didn’t know this innocent SYT could be such an expert with these kind of things! Some more can control leh… 2 years of an active sexual relationship and still haven’t insert yet.” *Respects*

After that, we revealed a little more about each other: I told them I didn’t have sex before, same as Deb (Which they don’t believe but who gives a fuck lah.), Nick had sex once, but it was out of the moment, Jean, the most she did was to use showerhead on herself until she orgasm lor.

That night, I sent Deb home (She stayed at Woodlands while I stayed at Tiong Bahru. Damn far lah.). On the way home, we started talking about the BBQ:

Deb: “Haha tonight damn shiok lor. Got so many people to spill the beans on their ‘private’ life hehe.”

Me: “Ya lor. Haha, didn’t expect Huixian to be like that lor.”

Deb: “Ya ya! Omg I tell you… Even me and Jean were like: WHAT? She damn hiong lah!”

Me: “Actually, no lah, where got hiong?” *Hint hint*

At that point in time, 2IC already woke up liao, after hearing so many steamy stories. Almost wanted to go ECP toilet and ‘relieve’ myself, but it was a public toilet and damn dirty, so decided to hold it.

Me: “Actually, now we all also 17 or 18 years old liao, I think it is quite normal to be at this stage where Huixian is lor.”

Deb: “Really ah… But damn risky lor.”

Hearing that, my 2IC immediately senang-diri… I was thinking: “Risky? Haiz… No chance liao… Still thought can psycho her to do something or at least start the ball rolling.”

Deb leaned on my shoulders on the bus ride home, and even after a whole day of BBQ and being outside, she still smelled delicious! Plus she was wearing the CCA tee shirt (One size too big for her because her old one dirty.), so gave me a perfect view of the twin peaks with the bra on. Purple bra! 2IC started to sedia again… And I was trying hard to conceal my flag pole standing up with my bag…

Then, zun zun, the bus braked! And our stuff fell onto the floor, exposing my stiff rod in my berms! I think Deb noticed, but pretended to pick up our stuff and even placed my bag back into my laps! She went back to lying on my shoulder…

After a while, I heard her asking…

“Dear… Are you… Hard?”

*Gulp* Siao liao. This time kenna caught liao.

I turned to her, and said: “Erm… A bit lah… Sorry dear, I can’t control myself.” I thought she’ll be offended or pissed off, after all, we didn’t do anything yet. But surprisingly, she got up from my shoulder, turned to me and gave me a wink.

“Ai yoh silly… Apologize for what? What are you thinking of?”

I was thinking of how to reply her (Cannot possibly say: “I was thinking of Joan getting fucked and Huixian’s pussy getting licked and cummed on.”). However, before I can open my mouth, I felt her hand slipping past the bottom of my bag…

“Ohh…” My entire legs went jelly-like when she finally reached my dick and caressed it once through my berms.

“Dear… What are you doing?” I asked. (Kinda stupid to ask her that also.)

“Relax… Isn’t this what you like? Like the view from the top of my shirt?”

Tio caught a second time! *Slap forehead* She knew I was bio-ing her all while on the bus! Deb‘s hand started to go faster, rubbing my dick harder and in a circular motion. We were on the upper deck of the bus, and it was around 11 plus so there wasn’t anyone, considering we were seated somewhere towards the rear of the bus.

“Ooo… Dear… Damn shiok! Damn shiok!” Automatically, I reached into her shirt from the bottom…


She didn’t resist! Wah! Shiok to the max!

I reached up her smooth stomach skin, ran my fingers over her chest, and slowly brushing past her bra. As her bra was those kind of soft, thin material, I could feel her nipples slowly turning hard, as I continued to grope her under her CCA shirt, while she occasionally grabbed my dick and rubbed it through my pants…

Unfortunately, the bus reached her stop and we had to stop our ‘operation’. Kinda sian diao when we realized, “Eh? So fast?” KNN. Should have started earlier. We alighted, held hands and walked all the way to her block in silence. In my mind, I was thinking: “Wah… What if she did that on a one-time basis, out of impulse and never want to do it in the near future? Does that mean I won’t get to feel her hands over my dick again?”

Reached her block… Her unit was on the 10th floor… Went into the lift, pressed 10… And we rode up in silence. Thoughts of her getting angry or offended ran through my mind… (Back in the days I was quite hum ji one…)

The lift door opened, and instead of turning right to her unit, she pulled me to the left down the stairs to the landing between two floors! WTF?!

“Silly boy… Why your hand so cold and you refuse to talk leh? Scared I angry ah?” She asked as she ran her hands over my body all over again, giving me goose bumps. My didi started to wake up again…

“Huh… Ai yah people scared you mind me touching you mah… Do you? Really leh… If you mind must tell me k?” I told her, just holding on to her hand, don’t dare to go any further in case tio slapped or later pissed her off.

“If I let you go back like that, you’ll be very xin ku right? Hehe…” *Pointing at my now already standing dick.* “And ai yoh silly dear… Why would I mind? I am your girlfriend!”

Once I heard that, I straight away pulled Deb to me and kissed her, my hands roaming her back and her hands roaming mine. Without delay, she broke off from me and in one swift motion, slid her hand into my berms (I was wearing those elastic ones without buckle and zip, so damn easy to go in.). I gasped when I felt her hand over my underwear, slowly tickling the sides of my thigh and twirling up and down…

“Ohh… Dear! You’re teasing me!” I moaned.

“Shhhhh… Not so loud! You siao ah… Later, my neighbours wake up we’re fucked. Keep quiet, and enjoy k? Hehe.” Deb cooed.

Deb slowly teased me with her fingers, and finally, opened my underwear and slid her hand inside. I felt her hand on my pubic hair, slowly sliding down and for the first time ever, I felt her soft warm hand and fingers stroking my erected dick, which was already leaking wet!

“Ohhh… Yes, darling… That feels so good!”

“You like that?” Asked Deb. “Then what about this?”

She started grabbing my entire length of my dick and stroking it up and down, all this while with my pants still on! To muffle my sudden loud moans, she locked her mouth against mine and kissed me.

“Grab my breasts dear… Grab it!” She encouraged me.

I wasted no time, reached up under her shirt, and didn’t even bother to unhook her bra to allow more space. I forced my hand through her bra (Wasn’t very tight so wasn’t uncomfortable for her I guessed.), and groped and squeezed her B-cup tits. It was my first pair of tits I ever grabbed, and my first hand job in my entire life. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

A few minutes later, (And also because of the fantasies I had earlier on at the BBQ.), I felt that familiar tingling sensation in my balls and dick. I knew I was about to cum.

“Baby… Cumming! Cumming!” I warned her.

She fished my entire dick out of berms, and suddenly sped up in jerking me off! “OHHHHH… MY GOD!” I swear if any of her neighbor’s doors were open, confirm can hear us moaned and we will be in deep shit. It was really a sight to behold, thinking about it, a guy with his erected dick out of his berms, and his hand underneath a SYT’s shirt, and the girl jerking him off while they kissed by the staircase landing.


Squirts and squirts of cum flew out from me while Deb continued to jerk my dick off. The first squirt splattered onto her FBT’s, and she jumped and immediately turned my dick towards the drainage hole by the landing and continued to milk my cum out of my dick. It was probably the longest cum I had ever experienced in my life, I came and came and she continuously squeezed my dick hard to push out any further drops of semen dripping from it.

After that, she handed me a piece of tissue and smirked at me. “How? Enjoy that? Shoot so much and so far you even shoot onto me lah! Hehe… Time to go home liao lah! Get dressed, and you got water or not? Wash that down leh!” *Point to the drainage area now splattered with cum.* “Later morning, someone walks past see how come got cum there one!”

I immediately tucked my dick back into my berms (Damn hard to walk with a boner still.), washed away the remaining traces of cum on the floor, wiped her FBT’s clean (From my first squirt.), and sent her to her doorstep.

“Good night, dear! Be careful on your way home ok?” Deb said as she stepped into her flat.

“Good night darling. I love you!” I replied.

As I turned away, she called me back…

“Psst! Dear!” As she motioned me to go to her so she can whisper into my ear… “Next time my turn to shuang k? Hehe.”

The next Monday when we went to school, Deb and I pretended nothing happened, but deep down, I knew she gian as much as me to continue where we left off. We were now both hunger filled for each other, though deep down we did know that we still loved each other (She told me that later after we broke up.). It was difficult to concentrate in school, and all I could think of was feeling her soft breasts squashed against my palm as I rubbed and teased her nipples while she stroked my dick and watched me cum. It was the first time ever that a girl saw my dick (Excluding when I was young.), stroked it, made it cum, watched me cum and more importantly, let me touch her.

In between lessons, I met up with Deb and we headed off to the canteen for food.

Deb: “Dear, how? Enjoy it last Friday?”

Me: “Of course lah! Wa lao… First time leh. I walked all the way to the bus stop with my didi standing up, luckily nobody lor so paiseh!”

Deb: “Hehehe!” *Giggles* “Dear, I want you again leh! Friday I made you happy… You never make me happy.” *Pouts*

Me: “Ok, ok.” *Something stirred in my pants, but I figured this isn’t the place to do it! We were in school sia.* “Later k? After school.”

Deb: “But after school nowhere to go leh… Your grandma at home, my sister at home… How?”

Me: “Go your house, ask your sister to join lor hehe.”

Deb: “Siao ah you! Crazy.” *Slap me on the arm.*

Me: “Kidding lah ai yoh! I only want you and you alone ok? Hehe.” *Sweet talk a bit, but hey, I did mean it at that time.*

Deb: “I know lah! We go XYZ centre! There the toilet quite ulu one! You dare? Hehe.”

*Wow! Now my girlfriend is the one making advances asking me if I dare to go make out in a public toilet! This has got to be the first time I am doing such a stunt!*

Me: “Sure ah? How you know? You always go ah?”

Deb: “Ya la last time my piano lessons there mah… The toilet so ulu, the teacher got to go with me. But there got offices lah, and the handicap cubicle is inside each of the male and female toilet one. So you want or not?”

Me: *Contemplated a bit, though I was a bit hum ji, later kenna caught how? Some more in school uniform!*

But however, upon seeing her in our JC uniform with her ponytail and specs and SYT looks, don’t even need to contemplate further.

Me: “On! After your class we meet here, then we go k? Hehe I am so hungry for you baby!”

Deb: “Naughty boy lah you. Ok, ok, see you! I zao first… Got prac now.”

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t wait for my lecture to be over. In my mind, kept cursing the lecture, “Ka gin lah (Faster lah.) Lim pei in a hurry to go and do covert ops!” Seemed like a whole year passed before the lecture ended and we finished our lessons for the day.

My friend Jonathan called out: “Eh Ray! We are going Mac leh, want to go or not?”

“Don’t want lah. Got to rush off somewhere. Meeting Deb!” I shouted back, and rushed to the canteen.

Deb was already there, and quite obvious she was excited about our upcoming romp too. So without further delay, we took a bus down to the centre. It was a 10 minute ride, but felt like 100 minutes (Nabei.). We kept stealing glances at each other and giggling, knowing that we’ll soon enter a whole new realm of exploration today. Come to think of it, I didn’t even think of buying condoms if I really end up having sex with her that day lah.

We reached XYZ Complex and strolled into the centre, went up to level 4 (The highest level – where all the offices are.), because the complex was relatively old, there were few offices that were actually operating. Headed straight for the toilet, then we stood outside with a question:

“How ah? Boy toilet or girl toilet?” Deb asked.

“Chin chye lah (Anything.). Go boy toilet lor.” Natural instincts took over me. I went into the boy’s toilet, took a look to make sure nobody was around, looked outside and made sure nobody saw us going into the boy’s toilet together, and that no CCTV was around, and snuck Deb into the toilet.

We entered the cubicle… Only to discover the lock was spoilt. NNB! Frustrated. So we left again via the same ‘spy’ technique.

“Girl toilet lah. Cleaner also. Heh.” Deb suggested, so we snuck into the toilet and headed for the handicap cubicle all the way at the end. The cubicle was huge, had a toilet bowl at the end of one side, and a sink on the other (Just nice, can wash up hehe.). We put down our bags, and started locking lips smooching each other.

“Dear, here got to be quiet ok? Noise can echo then if people walk in we got to stop what we’re doing so they don’t suspect anything.” Deb told me. Directly beside us were two squat cubicles.

“Hmmm… Hmmm…” I couldn’t wait or bothered and continued kissing her, caressing her entire body through her uniform. Slowly, I ran my hands across her back, from the rear to the front, and until I reached the first button, and I started to unbutton her uniform. Her hands, meanwhile, were busy unbuckling my pants (Smart eh, go for the good stuff first, then the shirt later then settle muahaha.).

Soon, her top was off, and I was seeing her for the first time standing there in nothing but a light pink bra. I let my pants drop to my ankle, and undid my shirt. There I was, in nothing but just my underwear, and my didi desperately calling for attention to be released out into the world to get some air. I reached to hug her, and at the same time, unbuckled her skirt, unzipped it, and let it drop to the floor.

My darling was standing before me in just a pink bra and white panties (Yeah, she didn’t wear PE shorts that day like normal girls would in secondary school / JC.). I leaned forward, kissed her hard and reached for the bra buckles at the back. First time trying to take off a woman’s bra, and of course I fumbled. *KNS* But finally managed to get it with her help. Hahahhaa. She giggled at me and in one swift action, slid my underwear down to my ankles as well. I was now naked, with my dick fully standing at attention pointing at her.

“Woah… So huge! Omg. You’re bigger than my ex leh!” She exclaimed.

I let her bra dropped to the floor, and similarly, slid her panties down to the ankles. There she was, in her full glory, and to my surprise, she was shaven! Her breasts bounced as she wriggled out of her panties, stepped out of her skirt and shoes, and stood back to admire me (And at the same time, let me admire her.). This was one gorgeous SYT here in front of me with a clean shaven pussy and nice firm tits! And she’s my girlfriend! I thought. I immediately pulled her to me, hugged her tight and started frenching her again. My didi was pressed against her stomach, but she didn’t care, and returned my kiss even more vigorously.

Suddenly, the main door of the toilet opened, and heels clicked as someone walked into the toilet…

“Shhh!” Deb made the hand sign to me to keep quiet as we stayed hugged together, my dick still pressed against her stomach. The heels clicked right straight into the cubicle next to us, and we heard the door close.

That moment, I was so scared that I swore I was dripping sweat. What if I accidentally made a noise (E.g. Cough.), and we’ll be found out! Two naked people in a handicap cubicle!

We hugged against each other, heard her adjusting her steps inside. Then, we heard the familiar sound of water splashing and a loud hissing sound. Deb sniggered and whispered into my ear: “Hahaha 她在尿尿!” (‘She is urinating!’ in Chinese.)

I felt my dick twitch, and my memories went back to when I was young and I saw my cousin at home squatting over the toilet peeing. Back then I was wondering why she couldn’t stand up like us boys, and had to squat over the toilet. But I was caught by my mum and subsequently didn’t dare to broach the topic again. But here, there was an OL in the next cubicle peeing so loudly that aroused me. I didn’t know that I had this ‘curiosity’ in me about peeing but I just knew girls did it differently from us. Furthermore, the hissing puzzled me.

The OL finished her business, flushed, exited the cubicle to wash her hands and left the toilet. I heaved a sigh of relief, and so did Deb. We were both sweating in the humid toilet, but I was full of questions to ask her now that I had heard something that triggered an innate curiosity in me.

“Dear… Just now that lady niao niao how come so noisy?” I asked Deb, still caressing her body and occasionally brushing my hands across her B cups.

“Noisy meh? Normal mah. Niao niao all this sound mah.” Deb replied.

“No… What’s that hissing sound? The ‘shhhhhhhh’ different from the water splashing one.” I probed, not knowing if she was comfortable with it.

Deb appeared to giggle and chided me, “Silly boy… I don’t know leh. Girls’ niao niao is like that one. Got the hissing sound. My sister told me it is because of the way our *pussy*…” (She made a cringing face for the first time she said that.) “Is shaped lor.”

I was burning with curiosity, wanting to know how it was like and how did girls pee. But nevertheless, the curiosity within me exploring my first ever female body in front of me was stronger. I slowly sank to a squatting position, and Deb was standing in front of me, fully naked. Her shaved pussy was now in my face. Anticipating my next move, Deb slowly stepped outwards to spread her legs more so that I could take a better look.

“Nah… Easier for you to ‘access’ right? Hehe.” she said. I just grinned at her. My fingers ran across her stomach, down to her abdomen, and finally, to the holy place I was dying and so hungry for. I ran my right index finger across the entire slit, and Deb shuddered when I hit her ‘spot’ from the outside. Slowly, I spread her lips using my thumb and third finger, and my index finger reached in…

Deb was wet. Very wet. She was glistering with juices, so much that a little of it was actually flowing down her legs (One small drip only lah, not those loose tap kind of gush.). I probed the most visible pink stub there, and Deb moaned a loud moan that echoed throughout the entire toilet.


I knew I hit her spot. I had touched my first clit in my life. With my dick oozing lots of wetness, I slowly circled my finger around her clit, and looked up to see Deb groping her own breasts with her eyes closed, enjoying and savoring the moment as I fingered her sweet young shaven pussy. I slid my finger further down the warm and wet cave, and reached the entrance of her vagina. I looked up at Deb, and she nodded at me, and said: “Go in baby… Stick your finger into my pussy… Now.”

I needed no further encouragement. I slid my index finger slowly in, enjoying the warm and slippery tight space that engulfed my finger, and watched as Deb‘s face changed from surprise to a whole new look of sexual pleasure I had never seen before in my life. I began to slide my finger out, and in again, and out again…

“Ohh yeah dear… Yes… Finger fuck me… Oh my god… That feels so good.” Deb cooed as I finger fucked her and stood up to slowly place my mouth over her breast. I took one nipple into my mouth, and gently nibbled on it, sucking it in, and flicking my tongue over it. Deb shuddered again, and gripped on to me tight.

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