Adventures in Vietnam


Throughout all my sexcapades, I must say my fondest memories were when I was in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. So I will dedicate this story to my ‘Adventures’. Bros who have similar experiences, please feel free to contribute to the story with your own stories.

Although I have not been back to Vietnam for a few years now, but I still have very vivid memories of the place. The food, the continuous honking of the vehicles and simplicity of life there. I was there because of my first fling with a Vietnamese KTV gal I knew a while ago. Since my first trip there, I totally fell in love with the place. One of my favorite things I liked to do there, was to go visit this particular massage place. Sorry I kinda forgot the actual name but I remembered it starts off with the unit number of the place and it was right smacked in the middle of the city next to this very popular market that tourists go to.

So when I was there, I was first fascinated about the counter gals. They were dressed in their traditional cheongsam looking dress. I honestly find Vietnamese gals to be very attractive. Good figures and pleasant smiles. The dress was semi-transparent, which made a very good eye candy. But, they don’t do the massages though so too bad. Since my first time there, I was always serviced by this gal, Min. Sweet, petite size gal with a figure I give a score of 8/10. As I was there with my gal during my visits, she was always talking to my gal about me. Guess they had a thing for foreigners as she was saying how nice I was and blah blah (No intent of self-promotion so I will cut short on the compliments. :P). She will always smile at me when massaging me and her skills ain’t half bad.

Ever since I got together with my Viet fling, I will fly over to be with her when her visitation visa expired. So I was there quite often as you can imagine. I think it was during my 4th or 5th visit there, during one of my usual massage, Min was doing her usual procedures on my back then she suddenly did something very different today. She sat on my leg while I was lying on my front, I could feel her rubbing her bottom on my legs while moving up and down my back with the hot stone treatment. Was I imagining it? Was it accidental? I didn’t think too much about it though. Then just before the massage ended, she did her usual head massage for me and this time, I could feel her boobs on top of my head as she moved downwards to massage my chest. Ok! I am definitely not imagining this!! I was a botak, so when something so soft rubbed on my head… Walau!! Little bro instantly had a reaction and I opened my eyes and there it was, her boobs right in front of my face moving up and down. Although it didn’t touch my face (She made sure she didn’t!), but I was totally mesmerized by its size (B+ size.), and the fragrance coming off her.

I almost cannot tahan and wanted to auto-roam, but suddenly remembered my fling was there with me so had to control!! After the massage, we changed and got to the payment counter. But just before we left, Min was standing behind the curtains waving goodbye at us and I think she was smiling at me!!! What a tease! Obviously, fire was burning down below so once I got back to the hotel with my fling, we proceeded to have sex and throughout it all, I was fantasizing I was doing Min! My fling was also very pretty and her boobs were simply awesome!! Round butts!! Gentle lover on bed!! But I guess once you have a fling… You feel damn good about yourself and now there was a possible target… I wanted more… I wanted it with Min!!!

Finally, my chance came! During my 7th trip to HCM, my fling had to work at the local KTV so she didn’t have time to keep me company. She suggested for me to go massage to burn off my time and I agreed. She got a cab for me and directed the driver to send me to my favorite MP. I was greeted by the usual counter gals and Min was assigned to me again. I was very happy to see her! As she was preparing her stuffs, one of her colleagues was joking with her and was looking my way when they both were laughing. I was curious what they were talking about, but I didn’t understand the language. As she started her massage with me, I asked her what they were talking about earlier, as she knows a little bit of Chinese so she told me that her colleagues was saying how come my gal never came with me today and did I purposely came alone to look for her. So I explained to Min what happen and why I was there alone. Through our ‘broken’ Chinese conversation, we talked a lot more that day and that really helped to break the ice more! Her touches that day were different, more sensual. Not like a masseur but more like a lover. I was getting turned on and I knew she noticed the little tent pitching below. Her accidental brushes didn’t help with the situation and I could feel the heat on my cheeks starting to heat up! Like I mentioned, the place was kinda dark, so finally I cannot tahan and tried my luck to touch her legs and there was no rejection!! Damn it!! I was devising a plan to get ahead…

The whole massage session was horrible to go through. Not because the massage was bad, but because I was so turned on but I couldn’t do anything much because it was a common room and there were other people around. So in the end, I had to force myself to stop touching her legs and put my mind to thinking about something else… Something that won’t turn me on. She noticed I stopped and she also resumed back her normal way of massaging. Soon, the 60 minutes were finally over and I was getting up, I caught sight of her and we both had an uneasy look. I quickly looked away and went to change. As I came out of the changing room, Min was there waiting for me and she went to take my shoes out and passed to me to wear it. As I took my shoes from her, she also passed me a piece of paper, but I didn’t take a look at it immediately. She led me to the counter and I proceeded to make my payment. Then the counter gal helped me to hail a cab and directed the driver to drive me straight to my hotel. As the cab drove off, I finally opened the piece of paper Min passed and it was a series of number and I realized it was a mobile number. Her mobile number!! I was happy!! Damn happy, but I dunno what to do with it!!

I got back to my hotel and was greeted by the counter lady (Also got a story with her, but will elaborate in a later story.), and I smiled back. I went over to her and checked if it really was a hand phone number and she confirmed it. I thanked her and went straight to my hotel room. I contemplated on what I should do with it… Throw it away and ignore it or…??? Well, didn’t take me too long to decide though… I sat down and copied the number into my phone and decide to message Min. I dunno what to message so it was a simple “Hi! Guess who I am?” in English. There was no reply, maybe she was working? Maybe she gave me the wrong number or a wrong digit? Waited… And waited. From very excited to very sian. Eventually, I gave up hope waiting. Soon it was evening and I decided to go for dinner on my own as my gal will be working till midnight before she come back. As I walked around the corner to my favorite pho (Viet noodle.), place, I ordered my usual and sat down sipping my drinks and enjoyed the HCM night life.

Suddenly there was a message beeped on my phone so I turned on and it was Min!! She apologized for the late reply because they were not allowed to carry their phone while working. So we started off with normal and plain English messaging as too difficult she won’t be able to understand. So using the modern tech, I managed to find an app for translation and translated my messages into Viet. She was more than delighted and replied and there was copying the messages and translating it. We managed to chat the whole night away and as I saw the time was close to midnight, I told her I needed to turn in but actually was fearing that my fling will turn up anytime soon after work. Just in the last message, she asked if tomorrow wanna meet up as she was not working and I replied telling her I let her know tomorrow. Soon enough, my fling knocked on the door within the next 5 minutes and luckily I ended the conversation with Min just in time. We didn’t have sex that night as she was dead tired so we turned in shortly after she showered. Lying on my bed with her, I was thinking about Min and what possible scenario we could have together…

Morning came and I spent the rest of morning till 3 pm with my fling, then she had to go back to work and I had the rest of my afternoon to myself. The moment she left the room, I popped out my phone and started messaging Min. She responded almost immediately like as if she was just sitting there waiting for my message. We arranged to meet at this café near my hotel for coffee (Which by the way is their favorite past time.). We met up and started chatting and was having a great time. I was surprised how well we clicked and she was really nice. She was wearing this red hot pants and her legs was flawless, white and silky. I was checking her out non-stop… Browsing from head to toe. She caught me looking at her and gave me a gentle slap on my arm to snap me out of my trance… Hahaha… After an hour, we decided to go karaoke and I hopped onto her scooter while we made our way there. I was holding onto her waist and her smell was all over me!! Then the constant jerking I will always bump into her from behind… Awesome feeling.

At the turn of the junction, I suddenly got an idea and told her over her shoulder: “I suddenly have stomachache… Can we go back to my hotel first since its nearby?”

She nodded her head and we were back to my hotel in no time. She parked her scooter and we went to the lobby when we were greeted by the doorman whom had seen me a couple of times with my fling and of course now he gave me a weird look, I probably knew what was going on in his mind. My favorite counter gal was not there and somehow I was glad she didn’t see me with another gal going to my room. Min asked if I would like her to wait downstairs and I told her it was fine, just go up with me… And she agreed. Once back in my room, I told her to make herself comfortable while I excused myself to the toilet. Of course I had no poop in that instant, but I pretended to be in the toilet. Then after a while I went to wash myself… Taking the chance to wash little bro! As I came out, she was at the balcony, I looked at her from the back. The sight was simply too tempting so I made my way over to her quietly and grabbed her by the waist from behind…

She was shocked by my action, but there was no rejection. She returned in response by leaning her head back into my shoulder with a gentle moan. She turned herself, and wrapped her arms around my neck and we started to kiss. Her lips were soft and the feeling was great. She pressed her body onto mine and I could feel her bra pressing against me and my heart beat started to increase in speed. Both of us were in heat… We started to take off each other’s clothing’s then suddenly she looked at me and said something that caught me by surprise…

“I love you!”

Geez!! WTH!!! Who says that to someone you barely know…? But little head was ruling over big head… I had to continue… I didn’t respond but just smiled and kissed her on the lips to prevent her from saying anything else. I know I am being a bastard and I should have stopped there and then, but horny level already at peak. I picked her up easily as she was really small size and got her onto the bed. I kissed and licked her tummy while undoing her hot pants and pulled it off slowly, exposing a sexy pink lacy underwear. She was definitely expecting some actions today or else she won’t be wearing this today. I continued to tease her tummy and blowing air in between her legs and I could see a small patch of wetness forming up at her crotch area. I got her to get up and carried her to the bathroom. As horny as I was, I was actually a clean freak so I loved it when my partner was clean and proper…

The bathroom was really spacious and I put her down, standing in front of the mirror. She looked into the mirror and watched me while I continued to kiss her neck down. As I moved down… I slowly pulled off her underwear from behind… Yup… She was soaking wet down below as I could see some of her love juice tingling down her thigh. I ushered her to the shower and we started to french under the running water from the shower head. She was all over me… Running her heads up and down. Then she bent down and held little bro close to her face. She gave it a few pecks and gave me the CFM look and slowly inserted little bro into her mouth. Started with the tip of my shaft on her lips and licking the head… Then she moved it in a little more and soon the whole shaft was in her mouth. I was not too well endorsed so little bro fitted into her mouth nice and easy. Her hands reached behind my butt and I was mouth-fucking her and damn it felt so shiok!!

I gazed upon her face as she BJ me… The water running down her face as she tried to keep the water away from her eyes… She was sucking and slurping it so hungrily and the sight of it was getting to me. I had to stop her as I told her I was almost coming and she was amazing. Could see a slight blush on her face, but this was definitely not new to her! We continued showering together and she applied lotion on my back to scrub for me… Love the way I was being treated.

She cleaned me up when we were done, but still teasing little bro when she was drying me up. We made our way back to the room and she climbed onto the bed and reached for the condom next to it… I had left all the condoms there for my sex session with my fling. She capped me and moved towards the end of the bed… Looking at me… Longing for me. I made my way over, but I inserted myself slowly into her and it was wet and tight. We both gave out a soft moan as I inserted and began to thrust her slowly. I looked downwards and was admiring the sight of my shaft going in and out of her. Her pussy was slightly trimmed but not shaven… Her breast bouncing up and down in front of me… Her nipples were a slight pinkish color. We made love like long lost lovers… Nothing too violent or exaggerated. Her moans were soft and gentle… I admired her face as she closed her eyes and she took my hand and placed it over her breasts… It was a good size… Definitely more than a handful. We continued in that position for a good 3 ~ 4 mins.

She then signaled to me to get off and she got me to lie down this time, she climbed onto me and started to ride on me also slowly. Her breasts were so tempting when they moved that I couldn’t help it, but cupped them as she rode me. Suddenly her tempo got faster… It was a signal that she was cumming and I too felt the urge, but was controlling so now I was free to release with her. Almost within seconds, she came and I followed suit shortly. She collapsed onto me and I laid my hands on her ass… Caressing it and feeling her heartbeat on top of mine. It was a good session…

My fling never found out about us as we were quite discreet about it, but we kept in contact via messaging for a good 4 ~ 5 months. Eventually she stopped messaging me and I didn’t bother to text her and so the relationship ended silently. Just the way I like it. My relationship with my fling sorta ended 6 months after that when she no longer came to Singapore as she was being raided… We kept in contact and she was assigned to go Penang instead but soon the romance between us also died so another silent break-off. But I knew I was hooked to Viet gals and they are definitely not the last…

My next story happened in the middle of the time I was in HCM. I had not gotten to know Min so well then. So what happened during that time was that I was supposed to meet my fling in HCM but last minute due to some family emergency, she had to rush back to her hometown. She did ask me to join her, but after my last experience of missing my flight after my first Viet gal when I went back to her hometown, I totally dished the idea (Story written in my other stories.).

So in the end, I was left alone in HCM for the next 3 days. I used to fly in on Friday via budget and left on the afternoon flight on Sunday. So my fling left after having dinner with me on Friday. Of course, I didn’t let her leave until I had some fun with her. Sent her down to the hotel lobby and she left on her scooter. I was kinda tired and not sure what to do there without her, I decided to go to the hotel cafe for a coffee.

Now there was this hotel staff, Laurie, whom I had taken a fancy since my first time checking into this hotel. She was tall, perhaps 165 cm? Skinny and pearly white skin. Wears specs and her hair was always nicely tied up. Just based on her uniform, I concluded then that she was a B+ cup gal. Her uniform consisted of a black suit with a black skirt, her skirt was knee length, but it totally showed off her perky ass and silky long legs. I never failed to check her out whenever I was doing my check-in. She always wore a white top inside and the material was always quite thin so it became a little transparent. She normally wore a white bra, but occasionally black colored ones. What I did notice was her lacy designs on her bra from what I could see from her top. And often, when she moved, there would be a gap in between her buttons and a peek-a-boo will escape, allowing me to steal a glance at those beauties. She was a very friendly gal, slightly prim and proper type, but with a pair of very seductive eyes. I did notice that she behaved slightly differently with me. She became more talkative, a little hinge of flirty and her eyes kinda sparkled when she saw me. In comparison with her usual interaction with other guests, I definitely felt more special treatments from her.

So that night, as I made my way to the coffee house, I noticed Laurie was on duty and our eyes met as I walked past the counter. Gave her a little smile and she smiled back. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen between me and her. Sat down and ordered my favorite ice coffee and stared out into space from the cafe. Suddenly, a sweet and familiar voice approached me (She knew a little English.):

Laurie: “Mr Kxx… Alone tonight? Where is your girlfriend?”

Me: (I looked up and was surprised to see Laurie.) “Oh… Hi… Ya… She had something to do back home so she had to rush back.”

Laurie: “Ahhh… Had your dinner?”

Me: “Oh yes… We have eaten. You working night shift tonight?”

Laurie: “Yes, one of my colleague fell sick so I’m standing in for her tonight. Not planning to go out?”

Me: “I see… Hahaha… Nah, I dunno know how to speak your language so also dunno where to go… Dunno later will be kidnapped or not.”

Laurie: (She laughed at my lame joke.) “You are funny… Too bad I’m working tonight or else I can offer to bring you around…”

Me: (Sensing a little flirty going on here, I played along and tested water.) “Hahaha… You not scared your boyfriend gets jealous?”

Laurie: “Hahaha… I am single… Well, gotta go back to work now. If you feel bored and can’t sleep, you know where to find me.”

With that… She smiled and left. Was that an invite? Hell!! I had no idea and that somehow got me turned on. I left after 10 minutes and as I walked past the counter to the lift area… Laurie saw me and gave me a wink! Damn!! She was such a cock-teaser!! Should I try? Hmmm… Slowly plotting in my mind on how I should play this out…

It was near to 11 pm, I was lying on my bed surfing aimlessly through all the Vietnamese channels. I wasn’t watching that’s for sure, my mind was fixated on Laurie. Thinking about our earlier conversation, thinking about all her little hints and actions. Could it mean something else? I was going mad on my own thoughts. Suddenly… There was a knock on my door. I wondered who could be knocking on my door? First thought was… Laurie?? OMG!!! Really?? I walked towards the door with high anticipation… I slowly edged forward to look through the peephole, eager to see my pretty counter gal… Standing in front of my door, wanting me. But the image disappointed me, it was some other guy in the hotel uniform. Nonetheless, I was surprised because I wondered what he wanted at this hour, but I did notice that he was holding a tray in his hands with a cup. I opened my door with the ledge on, he said orange juice for me. But I didn’t order the orange juice. He got it wrong? He shook his head and replied in broken English. “Counter…” was his reply. Took me a while, but then it suddenly hit me. Counter = Laurie! Wow! I opened the door and took the cup from his hand, gave him a small tip and he left.

I sat on my bed, taking a small sip of my juice and didn’t know whether if it’s psychological, but the juice tasted exceptionally nice and sweet! Stupid thoughts then rushed into my mind, could Laurie drugged the drink or put some spell like what I heard from friends that went to other foreign country?? Hahaha… “You think too much la!” I told myself. It was past midnight and I was very tired, so I decided to turn it in. But the moment I closed my eyes, I can see Laurie and her tempting figure. So in the end, I PCC myself to la la land…

Morning came and I woke up around 7 am. I decided to go down to café for breakfast but was disappointed as I couldn’t see Laurie at the counter. Took my breakfast and waited to see if I can bump into her. After an hour and still no show of her, so I decided to go to the counter and asked for her instead. The counter people then told me that she had left work then it hit me! Stupid la… She was working night shift, of course she will go back by now. So I left a message for her with the counter, I still remembered what I wrote: “Dear Ms. Laurie, kindly call me in my room once you are at work as I need to discuss that proposal you mentioned to me yesterday.”

Ya, right… I was so full of shit!! I left the counter and back to my room feeling a little defeated. Knowing I had no other plans for the day, I bought a call card and rang my fling to check up on things on her side. Chatted only for 20 minutes before she had to run off and do some errands. Watched a bit of television and feeling hungry not long after, I decided to take a quick shower and went for lunch. Went back downstairs, still no signs of Laurie. Requested the counter to make an appointment with my massage joint (Where I met Min.). I called a cab to take me to my favorite pho. 2000 for my pork chop rice and walked around a little to digest before the massage. Cut the long story… Was about 5 pm when I was finally done and back to the hotel, still no sign of her!!

I was starting to get a little disappointed as it was already Saturday and will be flying back by tomorrow noon. Until now no kan tao sure jialat. Waited and waited, finally buay tahan, picked up the room phone and called the reception to see if they had forgotten to pass my message to Laurie. Then the news came, she was on medical leave. WTF!! Nooooo!! I should have made my move last night!! Now I missed the window of opportunity!! Fuck me!! Totally no mood!! So the rest of the night, I spent it mulling over what I should have done and all the possible outcome that could have happened!!

Next morning, I was awoken by another a call on my room phone. I didn’t remember asking for morning call so I thought it must be a wrong number and decided to ignore it. By the time I finally got out of bed, it was almost 8 am. I was feeling blue over what happened last night. Brushed my teeth and decided to skip breakfast and pack my bag. Halfway through, there was a knock on my door and I went to see who was it. Finally!! This time the person standing behind the door was whom I am longing for, Laurie!!!! Without hesitation, I opened the door and greeted her. She took a glance at me and immediately blushed and gave me an “Ahem”… Shit!! In my excitement of seeing her, I forgot I was only in my boxers!! She laughed with her hands covering her mouth and I was totally mesmerized by her! She looked so demure with her glasses on and her uniform today was looking tighter than usual, showing off her curves in all the right places. Being a normal guy, little bro couldn’t hold down his excitement to see this beauty and started to rise to attention. Laurie kinda noticed and looked away and focused on my eyes:

Laurie: “Sorry Mr. XXX, I was not feeling well yesterday, so didn’t come into work and missed your message. Tried calling you, but you didn’t answer your call. Waited for you to come down for breakfast at café but also didn’t see you. Can I help you?”

Me: “Oh… Ah… Wait ah… Let me put on something more decent… You wanna come in??” (Turned around quickly and accidentally kicked my toe against the wardrobe.)

She giggled at my clumsiness, but it didn’t offend me, in fact, I found that even more alluring!! The moment she stepped in, the room was filled with her fragrance. Never smelt it before, but it smelt very nice. She quietly walked in and closed the door behind her, but stood at the entrance though. I quickly put on my Bermuda’s and slipped on my shirt and told her it’s fine, don’t need to stand so far: “I don’t bite.” She smiled again and came in a little closer but still a distance away…

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