Accident Does Happen!

I am tempted to share my experience with fellow bros here on my sister in law. Cindy, 29 years old is the wife of my wife’s older brother. She was born and raised in Hong Kong. Cindy came from a wealthy family and was sheltered and extremely pampered for all her life. The only job that this girl ever had was being a flight stewardess for six months when she was 22. Anyway, this girl was not the typical dumb kind, she was just ignorant. In my opinion, she had a black belt in shopping, fine dining and the luxuries in life. She just lacked proper knowledge. Her world revolved around luxury and luxury only.

Anyway, Cindy and her husband were back for the Chinese New Year last year. They had just had a Christmas baby boy. The in laws were very eager and excited to see their newly minted grandson. They had a nice big condo of their own, but they ended up staying at my place because theirs was rented out to some expat family due to their long absence. My brother in law was a banker based in Hong Kong. We only got to see them during this period of time unless we made a trip down to Hong Kong. My brother in law returned to his job on the third day of Chinese New Year. Naturally, my in laws demanded that Cindy and the baby stayed longer so they can spend more time with the baby.

Things were back to normal after the initial Chinese New Year rituals, dinners, ang baos, visiting and all that. My wife made a trip to France for nine days, it was usual for her to travel once or twice a month for her work. The only difference this time was that I ended being home with Cindy and the baby most of the time. My company did not allow employees to carry forward their leave. Anything from the previous year had to be cleared by the end of the following March or it will be forfeited. I had been with my company for fifteen years and had about thirty days to clear. I will be home from Chinese New Year till the middle of March.

It was quite bad in the beginning, we had no maid in the house. My wife had always been able to handle everything on her own. Along came Cindy and this baby, all hell broke loose. I was running errands for her day in and day out, buying food, Chinese magazines, diaper runs, I wished I was actually back at work. The only good thing was my mother in law would come over and take her out on most days returning with the baby only after dinner. I had the best time to myself playing Warcraft all day long. Things were different at night. The baby cried like every three hours for feeding and whatever other reasons his pampered ass felt like. Sleep was in the afternoons for me.

My relationship with Cindy had always been cordial, treated her nothing more than a little sister. I was eight years older than her. Other than her spoilt brat attitude and wanting things done her way, she was quite a nice girl. Cindy was a tall girl at about 1.7m and 50 kg. Nice tan and toned body. In my mind she always had a little abs to compliment those ‘C’ cup boobs of hers. I knew because when my wife and I went to Hong Kong the previous year, we went to the beach for a picnic and she was in a bikini. She was always very conscious of her body, she had a good diet, spent the most ridiculous amounts of money on skin care products and did what tai tais do, facials, spas, massages and all that.

One night, as usual the baby started to cry, I can hear her chiding the child in the next room, maybe feeding him or maybe trying to put him to sleep. After a few minutes the crying stopped. I heard her door open, did not think much of it until I heard a loud thud!! Damn this girl had just rolled down the stairs on her own after stepping on her own child’s stroller which was left next to the staircase. My wife and I lived in a mansion-ette, the old kind in the central part of Singapore. All the lights were off except for the one in her room. I ran downstairs to check on her.

Me: “You ok Cindy? What the hell just happened?”

Cindy: “I was just trying to go get a glass of water, did not think I would trip.”

Me: “Can you stand up?” (She was still sitting on her butt grabbing on her right ankle when I was talking to her.)

Cindy: “My ankle hurts, maybe sprained. I don’t know, I can’t tell, I am not a doctor.” (Not dumb, but ignorant, remember?)

She was wearing her husbands oversized college sweatshirt and the way she was rubbing her ankle back and forth. I could see that something big was also moving with the motion under that sweatshirt. I did have some sort of reaction, but not like a full blown hard on at that moment. I guessed it was more like, ‘Ok, let’s see how far this could go, just for fun’ thinking to myself. I bent down, lifted her up and put her on my lazy boy armchair. Damn, even my wife didn’t dare sit on that thing, my throne only reserved for me on game nights.

Me: “Let me have a look at that! This thing is gonna be swollen very soon, if you don’t do anything about it.” (I could see that there was an impact on the ankle with some minor abrasions, no sprain, nothing broken.)

Cindy: “Do I need to go to the doctor?”

Me: “Damn girl, it is 1 am in the morning. Let’s wait till tomorrow to see if it heals. I need to get you an ice pack and apply pressure to it.”

Before I could even stand up, the baby was crying again. Maybe got woken up by the commotion in the house. The baby was obviously crying for his mother’s attention. I ran upstairs, grabbed the baby and brought him down to his mother while he was still wailing away. One thing I was not very good at was definitely pacifying the baby.

Me: “You take care of the baby here, I’m gonna go grab an ice pack for your ankle.”

Cindy: “Ok! But hurry because it hurts!”

I just walked over to the freezer, took out the ice tray and emptied its contents into a Ziploc bag. The funny thing was while I was doing this, I did not realize that the baby had actually stopped crying. Took the bag, went back out to the living room, and what greeted me was… I guessed a mother’s greatest gift and love to her offspring! She was breast feeding the baby right in front of my eyes. The baby was suckling on her left breast. All I could see was the sheer size of that breast, no nipple. Damn kid was in the way. The other side was still covered by the sweatshirt.

Cindy: “Eh… Can you come back later? I’m kinda busy here.” (Could see her blushing.)

Me: “Ok, but if you end up with deep-veined thrombosis later don’t blame me. Your ankle is gonna swell to the size like elephant feet by tomorrow. Not my fault.” (What the hell was I saying? Deep-veined thrombosis? What the hell was I thinking? LOL. Must have read that on one of those long haul business trips to Europe with my wife where they tell you to move about the cabin once in a while to prevent swelling of the feet due to the long flying hours.)

Cindy: “Ok, ok, ok. I think you better help me with my ankle.”

I could see that her face was already red and while I was placing the ice pack on her ankle, her feeding the baby, her eyes remained closed maybe not wanting eye contact with me. I decided to push the boundaries, just to see how far this would go.

This had got to be the closest I had ever come into contact with her. Normally I would even stay away from her just because of her ego and attitude. I figured I better do something to calm her or make her feel better just in case she complained to husband, then husband to sister, then sister (My wife.), would obviously skin me for not taking care of Cindy.

I found out from my wife years earlier that Cindy used to go to a private all-girls school for the elite. When I say elite it meant girls who attended that school were from wealthy families. Wealthy meant it would take you a few generations literally to squander all the wealth away. I seriously questioned what the hell they actually taught these girls in school. She couldn’t tell her foot from her ankle, calf to her knee, OMG!

Me: Cindy, how long does a feeding session normally take for the baby?” (Seriously, I had no idea, no kids of my own yet.)

Cindy: “Normally about fifteen to twenty minutes. Why do you ask?”

Me: “I was just wondering if you always feed him this way. Tiring isn’t it?”

All this while I was just watching this baby suckling on that nipple, occasionally catching a glimpse of her dark colored nipple when he released his mouth swallowing and gasping for air. How can a grown up be so envious of this baby I wondered.

Cindy: “After a while I get used to it, but I prefer to carry him on my right arm.”

(Thoughts of what I could do to those nipples kept running through my mind. A little unease was rising downtown, having to squat while holding the ice pack was a bit too tight for my crotch’s liking.)

Me: Cindy, so fifteen to twenty minutes, position doesn’t change? Hand cramp?” (Hoping she would swap breast so I can get a full view at least to please my curiosity.)

Cindy: “It’s not too bad.” (All this while her eyes had been closed. I need to think of something else before I let this chance slip by.)

Me: Cindy, did you know that if you keep feeding this baby on one side, eventually your breasts will be uneven and lop-sided?” (Now my other head was asking the questions, even though speaking through my mouth.)

Cindy: “Is there any difference? Not like the other side has a different flavor. All the same. Where you get your info?”

Me: “I read in the health journals…” (I must have been imagining that I was squeezing her breast because I almost squashed that ice pack that was in my hands. She let out a squeal of pain, but sounded like delight to me.)

Cindy: “Ouch! Easy on my ankle, hurts very much! But I am not used to holding him with my left hand and feeding him.”

Me: “You better get used to it girl, otherwise you will be walking sideways for the rest of your life.” (I can sense the unease rising in her, she must have been contemplating whether to swap or not.)

Cindy: “Er… Ok, but you must help me a bit. I need you to hold the baby a second while I adjust my sweatshirt.”

Me: “Why don’t you just take it off? Look, it’s a long sleeve, so hot with no air-con. I’m not worried about you. Look at this poor baby he is already perspiring from you wrapping your arms around him.”

Without warning, I just released both my hands off the ice pack. Grabbed hold of the baby and motioned her to give me that sweatshirt. For some reason there was no protest, she did turn away from me while she took the sweatshirt off and handed it to me. All this while sitting on my lazy boy armchair. I flung that oversized fuck ugly thing to the other end of the living room onto the sofa with my other hand. It would take her a few more moments to walk over there topless to retrieve that thing later if she can still walk.

Cindy: “Please hand me the baby.” (I can see that she had one hand covering both her very ample bosoms, the other reaching out for her baby.)

I handed her the baby, which she received with both hands. The moment I had been waiting for. Her lactating breasts at its full glory. I can only describe them as papaya shaped. Not really round, but damn perky. Nipples were dark colored and can tell that the left side was damn swollen compared to the right as the baby had been suckling on it for a good ten minutes. I think I will have to put both my hands together to completely cup one of her breasts. It was quite huge and firm, maybe a ‘D’ due to her breast feeding.

Cindy: “You are not staring at me are you? Because I sure don’t feel the ice pack on my ankle.” (Damn back to her demanding ways again. But what the heck, I could do this all night just to ogle at her.)

Trying to regain my composure, I picked up that neglected ice pack that was left on the floor. I placed it on the ankle that was now about five inches from my face. I held it tight, pressed on it firmly and felt like another baby waiting in line to be fed!!! Right in front of me was this baby, suckling away hungrily, while drooling at the same time on that breast during intervals when he had to swallow. There was a combination of saliva and excessive milk trickling down towards her stomach.

Seriously, many wild thoughts were running through my mind. I could be fondling her, I could be teasing her or I could just be bold and lean forward to lick up the excess nutrition, which was by now being absorbed by her very tight Paul Frank shorts. The thing about this situation, it needed to be handled delicately. Any wrong move, the whole family would come after me. I applied extra pressure on that ankle in an on off motion. Press and hold for three seconds and then release, repeating the action each time.

Now every time I pressed on it, even though I wished that she moaned for me to feed my appetite, she did not. Instead, she just took a deep breath and exhaled when I released the pressure on her ankle. During the next few minutes, many more thoughts emerged. It wasn’t exactly of a sexual nature like how was I going to bonk her? Did she give good head? It had not gone that far, in fact, it was more like… Now that I had seen her breasts, what did her milk taste like? Was her butt still firm from the birth of her son? Did she have pubic hair or was she clean shaven?!!!

Me: Cindy, are you asleep?” (I knew she was not because she still breathing in tune with my hands pressing on that ankle.)

Cindy: “My hand is tired already, I think the baby is done with feeding already.” (Can see that the baby had released his iron tight grip from her nipple.)

Me: “What does your milk taste like?”

Cindy: “I don’t know, I have never had it. You don’t be naughty with me. You were a baby once, so if you don’t remember too bad!!!” (Attitude again.)

Me: “Damn girl, it was just a decent question, you don’t have to give me attitude…”

Cindy: “Just mind your own business and we will get along just fine!”

With that, it just triggered some sort of childish rage in me. Even my wife didn’t talk to me that way, even though she was bossy and here I had a young woman dishing it out on me. I just squeezed hard on that ankle, she screamed. The devil in me just wanted her to feel the pain.

Cindy: “It’s… It’s… Really painful, can you just go easy?”

Me: “Look Cindy, no pain, no gain alright?”

Cindy: “Yeah… But… But.”

Me: “No buts! And stop screaming, you gonna wake the baby up again.”

Cindy: “Ouch!”

Me: “Please! Keep it down. I’m trying to concentrate here otherwise I’m going back to bed and I will go buy you a wheelchair tomorrow when I wake up in the morning!”

With that, the protesting stopped. But now, instead of exhaling while I applied pressure, her eyes closed tightly, she took deep breaths and held them until I released the pressure. I tell you, God really works in mysterious ways, and I truly believe that he put women on earth just to pleasure men. No offense to the ladies, just my thoughts at that moment under intense heat.

I could see that with each motion I pressed on that ankle, pressure was slowly building up. She was holding her breath, holding back the pain, maybe even holding back her tears. Her face was red, she was starting to perspire a little. Her facial expression was one that was in pain, teeth showing, cheeks drawn back and eyelids batted shut. What greeted me next was something I had never seen in my 37 years on this earth.

Increasing my pressure for giving me grief earlier, without her even knowing, I got an immediate hard on! I noticed that milk was literally spraying out of those nipples. Yes! On both sides together. Not flowing out, it was like an angry volcano spilling out its lava!!! I could swear that some of that yellowish transparent liquid ended up on my face!

I really almost couldn’t taste it. It wasn’t like the normal milk we were used to drinking. Nothing special, did not taste like honey. But the fact that it actually sprayed fascinated me. I always had the impression that breast milk would simply flow out, ooze or drip off the tits at the most.

I must confess by now my erection was quite obvious. My wife was away, so the only solution was self release I reckoned. But I was not going to let Cindy off lightly for getting me all hot and bothered.

Me: Cindy, you feel better? You can open your eyes now. Your ankle should be fine.” (Releasing my grip from her ankle and dropping the ice pack on the floor.)

Cindy: “I’m gonna be ok?”

Me: “Look at me by the way, your breast milk is all over my face, must have been the pressure you exerted when you were trying to hold the pain in earlier.”

Cindy: “I… I… Did what?” (Can tell that she was in shock and distressed, her face was totally flushed.)

Me: “You squirted on me! That’s what!”

Cindy: “I’m so… Sorry! Please don’t tell anyone about this!! Please you need to promise me!!”

Me: “I won’t tell anyone if you let me touch your breasts!!”

Cindy: “You want to do what? But… But… But!!”

Me: “Don’t worry, I just want to feel them. You might have too much milk in there. It’s not healthy for you or the baby if you don’t discharge the excess.” (Me playing doctor again!)

Cindy: “And you know this how?”

Me: “I read health journals!”

I stood up in front of her, she must have seen my massive hard on. (All I had on were my boxers when I rushed out of the room!) Picked up the baby from her arms and proceeded to move the baby back upstairs to his bed, all this while staring at him. This baby might just be the best thing that had happened to me since I cleared an 8-game parlay four years ago. He could be my ticket to sexual heaven!

I returned walking down the stairs slowly, staring at her. I could tell that she was somewhat uneasy. Both arms folded across her topless chest covering her bosoms. She was like a little girl sitting in a dentist’s chair for the first time, not knowing what’s going to happen to her. I walked over to her and sat on the armrest of my oversized lazy boy.

Me: “Come on Cindy, don’t be shy. Raise your arms.”

Cindy: “You sure about this? Do you even know what you are doing?”

Me: “Do you feel like you are swelling all the time? Is your bra constantly soaked?”

Cindy: “I do, but how would you know all this?”

Me: “I read health journals…”

I moved to raise both her hands up, put them on the head rest and instructed her to hold them there. Right in front of me were a pair of glorious creations. With my right hand, I reached for her left breast. Starting from the bottom of the breast, I cupped the underneath, holding the whole breast while squeezing them gently. I can see the milk slowly oozing out, within a few seconds, there was milk all over my hand. I could sense that she was relaxed a little by now knowing that it wasn’t going to hurt a bit. Her eyes were shut, I proceeded to stand up, moved behind the chair, stretched out both my arms, now I was cupping both her breasts. From up here, I had an eagle-eye view of those melon shaped tits trickling milk down her stomach.

With my thumb and index finger on both hands, I started to rub her nipples in a twirling motion. Yes, it was like tuning the radio. Slowly both nipples got bigger and surprisingly quite hard. I could feel her heart beating really fast and she was slowly releasing soft moans I could hardly hear. My manhood was throbbing, I could no longer take it.

Me: “How do you feel Cindy?”

Cindy: “I don’t know. It’s weird with you touching me like that. But it kinda relieves the swelling I guess. I kinda like that tingling feeling.”

Me: “What do you mean tingling? You are not supposed to be enjoying this.” (Trying to hold a straight face!) “You better not be treating this as a sexual issue!”

Cindy: “I… I… But… It does feel good!” (In a whispered voice.)

Me: “When was the last time you had sex?”

Cindy: “I can’t remember, my husband hasn’t touched me since I got pregnant.”

Me: “Guess he doesn’t want to hurt the baby heh?”

Cindy: “How did you know? That was what he told me.”

(In my mind, I was like damn girl, your husband was screwing someone else behind your back.)

Me: “Do you masturbate? Like touch yourself?”

Cindy: “I guess only in the shower when I wash myself.”

Me: “Not like showering, maybe pleasure yourself while you were showering?”

Cindy: “Never tried before.”

Me: “Ok, that’s enough for one night. I’m gonna carry you to your room now.”

Cindy: “What about my breasts? They gonna be ok too?”

Me: “I’m gonna go get you some breast pumps tomorrow!! That will really do the trick.”

Waking up in the morning, stepped into the shower with a massive hard on, just by thinking about what happened last night. I could have just released myself instantly in the shower fantasizing about the whole incident. But I decided to resist and accumulate my load. All this while plotting my next move, after all I had a good seven more days before my wife returned.

I got dressed, jumped straight into my car and headed for the hospital down in the Tanglin area. Parked and then raced into the extremely well stocked pharmacy. My shopping had started.

Salesgirl: “Good morning, sir, can I help you?”

Me: “Indeed, miss, I need two breasts pumps please!”

Salesgirl: “We have many different models, different prices and different capacities for different situations.”

Me: “Two of the most expensive please.”

Salesgirl: “Sir, normally one will be enough to do the job… Two?”

Me: “I have twins!”

Salesgirl: “You are a very lucky man!”

Me: “Thank you!” (Lucky, I thought? You have no idea how these things are going to change my life?) Handed her my credit card and off I went.

Driving down Orchard Road and trying to get onto the CTE heading back home. I suddenly remembered when I accompanied my wife shopping once, the sales girl actually told my wife that there were creams for slimming which she was looking for and also some to remove stretch marks on the body including scars. Swung straight into Paragon and was headed to the Clarins counter. Guys, these products really do exist, but they don’t come cheap. Bagged my items and headed straight for home.

Dropped the items on my bed, went straight to the room next door.

Knock! Knock!

Cindy: “Yes?”

Me: “Your feet still hurting?”

Cindy: “It’s a little swollen, but it’s better now. Mind your own business!” (Attitude!)

Me: “I got something I want to show you, stuff that I purchased this morning that will help you feel better.”

Cindy: “I don’t think I need those pumps and I don’t think they will make any difference for me. Mum just told me that as long as I’m with the baby 24/7, I won’t need pumps!!!!” (Mum!!! What the hell are you talking about? How could you say such a thing?)

Me: “I just spent $600 bucks buying slimming creams and anti stretch mark lotions from Clarins for you!”

Clicked! The door opened…

Me: “I am not sure what mum told you, but these items are non-refundable. I rather you try them and if it doesn’t work, you can dump it in the trash.”

Cindy: “Mum said that by pumping the milk out, it loses its freshness when the baby consumes it.”

Me: “Look girl, you and I both know that you have plenty of milk. And the reason that we are pumping it out is so that you won’t feel so swollen and you won’t be constantly lactating. You can continue to breast feed the baby, just lose the excess!”

With that, I pulled her into my bedroom and made her sit on the edge of my bed. The baby was of course sleeping. Ripping off the bags, tore off the packaging, it just felt like Christmas morning, tearing up all my presents under the tree when I was a kid.


Two motorized pumps attached to wired plugs.

Two long rubber tubes.

Two bottled containers.

Two transparent breast caps.

Simple as it was, the way these things work was simply to attach the breast cap onto the bottle, attach one end of the rubber tube to the top of the bottle, the other end into the pump which created the suction, plugged it in, switched it on and Voila! With this top of the line French model, you get to adjust the speed and the frequency of the suction!!!

Me: “Come on, don’t be shy, let’s give this thing a try! It’s not like I have never seen your breasts before.”

Cindy: “You sure about this? I still don’t feel very comfortable.”

Me: “I have already put it all together, all you have to do is to lift up that sweat shirt of yours.”

Cindy: “Can’t I just do it myself?”

Me: “Nope, I need to make sure that you are doing it properly and these pumps aren’t hurting you. Come on don’t be wasting my time.”

I moved over to her and motioned her to lift up that sweatshirt. Boy, I was ready! Pump in left hand! Pump in right hand! Just like the emergency room doctor trying to revive a patient holding the defibrillator!!! Power up, charging… Charging… Clear!!! The moment that sweatshirt came up, both tits exposed, I plunged those two pumps right onto the target!

She gave out a little shrill, not sure if it was my quick action or the sudden response to the pump suction. Within the first three pumping action, I could see the fountain of nutrition flowing at its ultimate glory.

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