A Simple Story


I will start with a story about Tanya. Early on in my career, I was a consultant. In this role, there will be occasions where I will get seconded to client’s offices to focus on what they do.

I first saw Tanya when I was sent to work with this IT company. She was one of a few women working in an IT firm then. But Tanya was truly a rose amongst the thorns.

She was tall, leggy and had nice-sized tits which made her impossible to miss. Like all gorgeous women, she was extremely conscious of her effect on men, including a fresh wide-eyed consultant like me.

Her dress sense was awesome, she would often wear pants to the office with a blouse under and close fitting blazer. She knew this showed off her figure to the maximum. Every so often she would come into the office abandoning her pants for a mini skirt. Her mile-long legs would look so inviting and I would wish I could run my fingers up those soft and milky thighs.

Being the sex addict that I was, I was often caught staring at her while I was working. Being a seconded consultant, I had no fixed desk and could plug my laptop anywhere. I of course chose the best vantage point every time.

I would know when she’s heading off to the water cooler for drinks and I tried to get chances to speak to her there every time. It didn’t work every time, but she had progressed from asking me “How old are you?” to “Aren’t you meeting your girlfriend for dinner?” I had told her that work didn’t allow me much time to make girlfriends, and I was actually quite a young boy and would need her to show me the ropes.

The good thing about that environment was that not many guys in the IT company can hold a conversation very well but I could. It was the only thing that worked for me. She started to invite me for lunch with her and we hit it off really well.

As consultants, we will sometimes work until the last person left the office and locked up. I must admit I sometimes worked OT just to see Tanya a little while longer and she knew that.

One night as I was finishing off a crucial phase of my project, I had stayed till around 10 pm… This time I was so worried about the project that I didn’t realize Tanya was the only one left in the office.

She was dressed in a hot outfit that day, a spaghetti strap white top with a blazer thrown over it with a matching mini skirt. Again, I was often left to fantasize as I watched her work at her desk. She had a cute pout when her work stumped her sometimes and when she got up to collect print-outs, the sight of her long silky legs made my dick hard.

At 10 pm, Tanya walked up to me and told me that she was leaving for the night and I should pack up. I told her to give me five minutes to save my work and pack up. She turned back and walked off to start turning off the office lights.

As she had to walk to the other side of the office, I was done by the time she started turning off the lights and kindly left the ones near me on. As she was walking back, I was struck by this gorgeous vision walking back to me. Her legs were luminous white which were only matched by the white top she wore.

As she walked closer, I could clearly make out the outline of her bra underneath that soft clingy top. She had taken off her blazer as the air-conditioning had long stopped working.

In the short few seconds that she took to walk to me, my mouth went dry and my cock started to grow hard. She walked close to me and mouthed a simple word, “Done?”

You could cut the smell of sex in the air with a knife…

In response to her question, I lifted a finger and brushed a lock of hair off her forehead and said, “Not really gorgeous, I haven’t had dinner.”

“What would you like to eat then? I will join you,” She said as she leaned in closer.

Emboldened by the quietness of the office and the dim lighting, I leaned in for a soft kiss. “If you’d let me, I had like to have you for dinner. You look ravishing tonight.” I whispered in her ear.

Her hands reached around me and we started kissing each other frantically. She wanted me as much as I wanted her.

She started to grind her pelvis against mine and relished the sensation of my hard dick against her crotch. I needed to lean on the desk for support.

I couldn’t wait any longer and reached under her blouse to squeeze her soft breasts. They felt so good in my hands, her soft moan-kisses heightened this entire experience. The blouse went over her head next and I fumbled with the bra catch. Not wanting to waste any more time I just shoved the fabric of the cups under her breasts.

Her cute small nipples sprang out and I immediately turned my greedy mouth on her left breast. Sucking her nipple in, nibbling it and flicking it with my tongue all at once while she grabbed my head and pushed it towards her chest. All she could manage then was an “Oooooh!”

I couldn’t take the tightness in my pants anymore and started to take off my belt, Tanya saw what I was doing and wanted to help but made the whole process worse.

As my pants dropped to the floor, she grabbed my dick through my boxers and cheekily said in a cute girly tone, “Oh my… Look what I have done…”

All I could think about was fucking her and I shoved my boxers down to finally free my throbbing cock.

“Bend over the desk,” I told her. She seemed astonished at my request, but hastily complied.

I nearly came on the spot when I saw her tits dangled over my laptop as she bent over. I wanted to suck on them, but I wanted to fuck her even more.

I barely could stop my hands from shaking as I reached under her mini skirt and nearly ripped her panties off.

“Please be gentle.” She said softly but I knew she didn’t really mean it. Why? As I held my cock to split her labia, she was so wet that her juices started to ebb down her soft thighs.

“This gentle enough?” I said as I eased my first stroke into her soft pink cunt. All I heard was a satisfied moan.

I started to thrust into her cunt really hard from the next stroke and was overjoyed to see her ass move with every pelvic slap I gave her. Her skirt was bunched around her waist with her legs spread wide and she even had her shoes still on. What a heavenly sight this was…

It was such an erotic sight that I only needed a few quick strokes before I felt the familiar feelings of cumming. As I wasn’t wearing a condom I told her, “I am coming soon Tanya.”

The moment she heard this, she immediately pushed me out of her beautiful love box and turned around. She grabbed my cock and started jerking me off really hard.

The sight of her sweaty tits combined with her soft moans of “Come baby, come baby.”, made me erupt into her hands and onto her tummy. Leaving white gooey trails of sperm.

I was incredibly high and horrendously spent then… It was an intense fuck. She cleaned us both up with Kleenex from the next desk, we dressed up and went for dinner. Before I left her for the night, I kissed her fingers and said, “I promise I will make you come the next time sweetie.”

As I went home, I couldn’t stop thinking about Tanya and her fabulous body, my only regret was not being able to experience her climax.

She was mostly trying to restrain her moans while we were going at it.

Over the next few days, I couldn’t take my mind off Tanya and always pictured her naked body under her clothes. But there was never an opportunity to fuck ourselves silly again.

She knew what was on my mind.

One of those days, she came over to my desk to ask an innocent question, “Do you have these figures to plug into your spreadsheet?” She flipped open a folder and showed me a bunch of numbers.

“What figures?” I asked back like a typical blur block.

She bent closer to me as if to explain what she meant and her finger pointed at some random numbers. But all that registered to me was the top of her loose blouse which drooped to show me a clear view of her luscious globes. To top it all off, she wore no bra…

On another occasion, she was wearing her hot mini skirt again. All I could see was her pert butt and those long silky legs and had a permanent hard on the whole day.

It all came to a head when she asked me to go over to her desk and discuss some strategy with her. Strategy my ass!

She asked me to sit down and rolled her chair next to mine, knowing that I had stared at her thighs. As she rounded her table, she spread her legs just wide enough for me to see up to her crotch.

All I saw was a light tuft of nicely trimmed hair over her smooth vagina.

The look of lust on my face as I excused myself to the toilet made her smile and she laughed as she said, “Take your time!”

That was the first time I ever masturbated in an office toilet.

After I came back, I found a note slipped under my laptop. Opening it with trembling fingers, it read, “The Beaufort. This weekend. Just you and me. Meet me at the ferry terminal.”

I thought I nearly blacked out at that moment. I realized that the weekend was only two days away. Nothing was going to stop me from this dirty weekend.

Not work, not football, heck not even Chinese New Year…

The moment I reached home that day, I told my parents that I won’t be visiting relatives with them that Chinese New Year as I got free tickets and accommodation to Bangkok.

They knew better than to ask. I packed some clothes, a few choice CD’s and some condoms all in anticipation of Saturday.

The next two days couldn’t roll by any faster and by 7 am in the morning, I was waiting at the Burger King in Sentosa’s ferry terminal.

She didn’t tell me the time to meet, and deliberately teased me when I asked about it. “It really depends on how excited you are.” She said.

At 7.30 am, I saw her strolling past Burger King looking for someone. I decided to observe her first before waving my arms like an idiot.

What a vision she was. She wore a bright orange sundress which stopped halfway down her thighs, her long hair slightly untidy and caressed by the wind and her figure for all the world to see as the sun rose up behind her.

I got up and walked towards her. “Fancy seeing you here!” I said.

“Am glad you’re here bright and early,” she smiled at me. “Let’s go check in.”

As we were checking in, I realized that she had somehow managed to get one of the villas. The thoughts of what I could do to that woman ran wild the moment I heard that.

The villas in Beaufort came with their own pool and had two wings. It was large and spacious, its occupants really had no need to ever leave its confines.

After we checked in, the bellboy came and showed us the facilities and what to use. As he was explaining the bathroom, the pool, the living facilities, all I could think about was how to bang her in each and every corner of the villa… Including the black marble pool.

The bellboy wished us a good stay with a twinkle in his eyes and ten bucks in his hands. I looked at Tanya and suddenly felt slightly lost… All the fantasizing about fucking her disappeared and I was faced with reality. I could really fuck her now and I was not sure what to do!

But Tanya was much more experienced than I was. She let out a girly giggle and held my hand, giving me a deep french kiss.

This instantly stirred me and got me hard. She let her forearm brushed my cock as she turned to lead me to one of luxurious bedrooms. As we got there, she turned around and said, “This time, let’s take it slow.”

She hooked her thumbs under the straps of her sundress and brought them both down over her supple shoulders. I took her cue from there and gently lowered her dress down past her hips and watched it fall silently on the floor.

I massaged her half covered breasts and easily unhooked the catch in front.

As her breasts sprang free, I cupped one of them with my hands and gently pinched its rock hard nipple. She offered the other breast willingly to my hungry seeking mouth.

My other hand was already exploring her crotch through her G-string. Fingers teasingly tracing the outline of the tiny triangle covering the pot of honey beneath.

When I finally reached for her labia, it was pleasantly wet and she pressed her groin into my hands. She was moaning and wanted more.

I looked up from the attention I was paying to her breasts and said, “You’ll love my tongue.” And got down on my knees.

I could see her legs trembling as I rolled the front of her G-string aside and took in a deep whiff of her slightly tangy smell. She really had a beautiful pussy, well maintained and inviting.

I used both my hands to part her vaginal lips and started with a strong, slow lick that started from the very bottom curve of her torso and ended with a gentle suck of her very swollen clit.

Her legs went soft the moment I suckled her clit. “Oh my god!! Please let me lie on the bed baby,” she pleaded and went ahead to sit on the king-sized bed and lay down.

She bent her knees and spread her legs so wide I needed only to keep her vaginal lips apart. I continued with strong and slow licks as each one elicited a sexy ‘Ooooooaahhh’ from her.

Sensing that she wanted more, I suddenly plunged my mouth onto her vagina and sealed it with my lips. My tongue then went into warp speed and flicked her clit like my life depended on it.

This caught her by such a surprise that she screamed, “Aaaarggghh!!” And clamped her thighs around my head. I could hear no more as she wrapped her legs around my head like a vice and started grinding my face.

In a matter of minutes, her grip loosened and I could breathe better. Her juices were slathered all over my face and as I looked up, I saw a very satisfied smile beyond her ravishing breasts and very loving eyes.

As I shifted myself up to face her, she cradled my face and asked, “Did I hurt you baby? Where did you learn how to do that?”

I lied and told her, “I was just lucky at reading your body.” I had tried this move countless times on women who were ready and asking for sex. It had seldom failed me.

“That was the best tongue fuck I ever had, I think I came three times.” Tanya breathed those words into my ear.

“Well, I made a promise to you, didn’t I?”

The rest of my two day stay at the chalet was a complete fuck fest.

I fucked Tanya on the counter top, she woke me up in the middle the night with a world class blowjob. I doggied her facing the room mirror, she rode me like a cowgirl in the bathtub.

But there were two specific fucks here, which I would like to detail.

As evening approached on the first day, she called for room service while we were still naked under the covers. Only the best seafood, no less.

She told me that dinner would arrive in an hour. “Please wait for me outside while I get dressed for dinner sweetie.”

“Why can’t I watch you get dressed?!” I protested.

“Well, it would take away all the fun. And be patient, it’ll be worth it,” she said in a most sultry tone.

So I put on some clothes and off I went into the living room, closing the door behind me and wondering what to expect.

I was so exhausted then that I fell asleep on the couch with the television on. The next thing I heard was the doorbell and the bellboy announcing room service.

I groggily got up and let the bellboy in, washed my face as he set up dinner, complete with candle lights. As he left, he dimmed the lights of the living room, heightening the room’s ambience.

The moment he left, I heard the soft click of a door opening and turned to see a vision of such stunning beauty that I was left open-mouthed and dumbfounded. Tanya‘s already a pretty lady, but when she deliberately cranked up the sex factor, no man will be able to resist her.

Tanya strutted out of the bedroom with a slow sexy catwalk. She was dressed in a red sleeveless qipao that barely covered her thighs. As she walked towards me, I could see that the slit on its side went all the way up to her hips. The qipao was teasing me with hints of an equally red G-string that was fastened with a dainty ribbon resting on her hips. Her nipples were easily visible under the sheer cloth and I thought her breasts were begging to be freed.

I had lost all my appetite for dinner.

She nonchalantly told me, “Let’s tuck in for dinner, I am famished.” I reluctantly sat down on my side of the table, partly because my cock was so hard it made sitting difficult. While she sat and hid the bottom half of her body from my view.

“Mmmm, I love prawns,” she said as she started peeling one. I silently watched her as she started sucking on the fucking lucky thing. “Especially when it’s fresh and juicy, I love sucking its juices out.”

I stretched my leg out to trace her calves with my toes and slowly inched my way up her legs. As soon as I got to thighs, she slapped my foot away and told me to behave myself. I knew I was in for it.

She would manage to find sexual references from the mussels to the freaking salad that came along with the dinner. All I managed to eat was a battered piece of fish. My cock was hard the whole time, but was starting to grow soft due to lack of action.

Finally, she sensed that I was growing bored and stood up. “Alright C, you’ve been a good and patient boy. Here’s your reward… But you have to work for it. I am going to start stripping out of this qipao. But if you make a single move to touch me, I will stop and we’ll call it a night.”

All I could do was nod.

She walked towards me and stood right in front of me. Her breasts were only a couple of inches away from my face. She started by spreading her legs out wide, and because she was wearing four inch stilettos, and that sight alone was worth a million dollars.

Her fingers started to unbutton the cloth catches that held her qipao together, and revealed her round, soft breasts. I instinctively went for her nipples and she stopped everything and covered up!

I desperately said I was sorry and would never do it again, then she continued.

She parted the short qipao and showed me her red G-string. She turned to the side and said, “Take it off with your teeth.” Staring at the little red ribbon, I gingerly bit what I hoped was the right cord and pulled.

The smell of her pussy came wafting through the air as the G-string fell to the floor.

She asked me to stand up next and not to even think about touching her. As I stood up, she massaged my balls through my shorts. Her lips were enveloping the tip of my cock.

I was doing all I could to keep my hands behind my back when she pulled the shorts down and took all of me into her mouth. As she slowly let my cock slide out of her mouth, she looked up into my desperate eyes. “Go lie on the couch sweetie.”

After taking off my top, I laid on the sofa and watched her approach me, her qipao still hanging off her shoulders. With one leg on the floor, she lifted the other over my head and lowered her very wet cunt to my face. No words were required as my mouth went to work. Her hands reached back to slide up and down my cock.

She was soon letting out her moans of ‘Oooohs’ and ‘Aaaahs’. I decided that I couldn’t take this anymore. My hands grabbed her waist and I forcefully pushed her back. “No touching me!” She protested, but she was not in control any more. I was.

I forced her shoulders down and pushed her onto her back. Her qipao flew open and exposed her succulent boobies. I put my hands under her knees and spread her legs wide. “No, don’t touch me!” soon became “Fuck me baby, oh fuck me!”

I gladly plunged my cock into the welcoming cunt and she exclaimed in pleasure and sensuous laughter. As I fucked her hard, I sucked on one of her breasts and bit down hard. She exclaimed out loud, “Oh fuck!” And started her contractions immediately.

Feeling the pussy gripped my cock tight, I was about to lose control as well and after a few more strokes pulled out of her. I scrambled off the sofa and moved quickly to aim my cock at her face.

She saw my meat hanging right in front of her and immediately opened her mouth wide, somehow smiling at the same time. At that very moment my sperm erupted like a geyser and hurled streams of hot white fluid right at her pretty face, landing on her nose, her eyelids and some right smack into her open mouth.

Tanya was proving to be the mistress of seduction and cock-teasing while I was the ever willing victim.

On the afternoon of the second day, we were lounging by the black marble pool and recovering from a heavy lunch.

More than that, I was recovering from a wonderful session in the morning where I woke up with a huge hard on. Turning to my right, I saw Tanya sleeping soundly, her soft hair tussled and covering her forehead.

Her slightly open mouth only reminded me of the blowjobs that she gave yesterday.

I started giving myself slow wanks while examining every inch of her body. Her soft breasts, small brown nipples, slim waist, well sculpted pubic hair and the hairless mound of her pussy.

I decided my cock deserved more attention than it was getting now, eased myself down to her vagina, and started licking her softly. Slowly, like a flower blooming in the morning, Tanya‘s thighs started spreading apart, giving me more access to her pussy and allowing me to suck on her clit.

“Mmmmmmph, fuck me.” She said.

Happy to oblige, I got up and planted my rock hard cock right at the opening of her cunt. Smiling at her half closed eyes, I plunged my dick right in and fucked her rough. She enjoyed every single stroke and started yelling, “Fuck me harder baby, harder!”

I pulled out of her, grabbed her waist and turned her around. “Get your ass up in the air.” I commanded, and she willingly raised her pert round butt up.

My cock plunged itself right up to my pelvis and I heard a very satisfying ‘Aaaaah!’ and I started pounding her hard again. Every slap of our flesh brought me closer to cumming, and as she started to move her ass in rhythm with my thrusts, I couldn’t take it anymore and unloaded everything into her pussy.

I know I could get her pregnant, but I didn’t care anymore at that point and just wanted to cum inside her.

The best part of the morning was when she turned around and smiled at me. She stuck a finger into her vagina and scooped out my cum, stared right at me and sucked off her cum-topped finger…

Back at the poolside, I was slowly falling asleep enjoying the afternoon sun.

Tanya had nothing on and was reading a magazine, her naked body was always a sight to behold. But the afternoon sun, a heavy lunch and a busy morning was lulling me to sleep.

Half an hour had probably gone by before I felt a soft tugging of my swimming trunks. I pretended to be too sound asleep to notice. Before long Tanya had taken it off to expose my already hardening cock.

As expected, she started kissing my rod and surprised me by sucking on my balls. At which point I pointedly pretended to wake up with a start. “What a way to wake me up sweetie,” I smiled as I looked down at her.

She stopped momentarily, smiled sweetly at me and kissed the tip of my cock before proceeding to take the entire length of my cock into her mouth. I could feel my tip at the top of her throat. The sight of her bobbing head on my cock was sensational. I tucked her hair behind her ear to get a clearer view of her working on my dick.

As I sat back to enjoy the experience, she slowed down on her sucking. She looked up and told me, “Fuck me in the pool baby.” I was disappointed that I couldn’t come in her mouth, but the thought of fucking in the pool wasn’t too bad either.

She dived into the pool and I jumped in right after. She swam to the other side and leaned back against the pool wall, spreading her legs wide and beckoning me to her with a crooked finger.

I swam towards her and as I neared, I dived underwater and headed straight for her wide open pussy. Grabbing her thighs when I got there, I pressed her against the pool wall and started eating her. When I ran out of air and surfaced, I saw her eyes closed and mouth gasping for breath.

I lifted up her right leg with one leg under her knee and started to fuck her. The pool water washed away some of her lubrication and gave me a new sensation on my cock. Her vaginal flesh felt like it was stuck to my cock and every thrust into her had much more feeling than before.

Remembering that I came in her that morning, I withdrew and wanted to run into the room to get a condom first. She whined when I took my cock and asked me, “What’s wrong?”

“I need a condom.” I said. She laughed and told me, “I am on the pill you silly boy.”

I should have known. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I would have not bothered with condoms at all!”

“It’s sweet to see you all concerned about getting me pregnant,” Was her reply.

“Why don’t you punish me for not telling you,” Tanya said with a girly voice. She swam slightly to the pool ladder and took one step, resting one foot on the second lowest rung of the ladder. In doing so, she had effectively spread her pussy wide open for me.

She turned around and blew me an air kiss. I immediately swam over and started fucking her like a crazed animal. But the water prevented me from the hard and furious action. Tanya seemed to enjoy this and I was happy to hear her moans of pleasure.

But after a while I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “I need to fuck you harder.” She immediately hoisted herself out of the pool and went to one of the deck chairs, resting her legs over each arm of the chair. Her come-fuck-me look turned me on even more.

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