A Nerdy Guy’s Encounters


After reading some amazing stories in this forum since six years ago, I had been tempted to try some of the methods and tactics shared by bros here. I am not trying to earn points, but trying to get something off my chest as I can’t really share this to my friends. I am writing all these solely to share my excitement and achievement to bros here with similar lifestyle and interest. Yes, that’s right. None of my friends actually know I am a predator even though I am nerdy and innocent looking.

For those bros here with high moral grounds and ethics, you can choose to skip or zap me. I don’t really appreciate the point system. And many of the things I am going to reveal will most likely be frowned upon by fellow bros here, but this is the only venue for me to share my encounters. So hope you guys understand.

Ok, just a short introduction. Currently working as an engineer in a MNC, graduated from NTU a few years ago with an engineering degree. Most of my friends know me as someone who is honest, hardworking, nerdy and pretty down-to-earth. For me, I work hard and play hard. And I will intentionally talk to attractive females and flirted with them if I feel I can get closer to them.

So below is a true story involving me and two other ladies and yes, I am still currently trying to hook up a few more. And the stories are very long and very few descriptions involving sex, so please be patient. Some details are changed to protect the ladies identities. This is especially true for my second gal. A detailed description of her will reveal her identity as she’s very prominent in university, so I have to change some details in case someone in my university cohort reads this.

It was my first year in university. I was bored in the first week and so I went to MIRC and tried to hook up gals. One was a nick known as Lady D, who claimed she was only fifteen years old and a self-proclaimed Chinese cutie. I was of course skeptical about meeting online ladies from IRC. Chatted with her on the phone and through MSN and exchanged pleasantries. She had one of the sweetest voices and I was thinking about plump chubby gals with those act cute voice. After a few days, we decided to meet up in the Kallang area near her place to study together. In my mind, I was thinking to meet up her for ten minutes before ‘fleeing’ as she didn’t reveal how and what she looked like and refused to let me see her picture although she had seen mine. I shall name her D since it was her nick in IRC.

When I met her in person outside the Kallang MRT station on one Saturday afternoon, my eyes nearly popped out! She looked like a matured nineteen year old lianish-looking lady with heavy makeup, big eyes, cute dimples but her face seemed to have some freckles. 1.62m, 32B-C boobs, amazing 23 – 24 waist and a stunning perky butt at 34 I believed. Her figure and her smile were just superb, really can bring shame to many of my university friends! She wore a long dress that further accentuated her awesome butt. She wore a normal blouse that was really low-cut, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off her big, cute and electrifying eyes!

We went to the KFC at the National Stadium as there was free flow of drinks. The journey wasn’t fun as we were stuck in the jam and the road diversions due to the construction of the Circle Line. Once we reached there, I bought her a meal and we ate finish, happily chatting and making her laugh. And yes, we talked about studies, her family, lame jokes and finally dirty jokes. And that’s when she told me she already had two boyfriends and her first boyfriend had already taken her virginity. She had developed a phobia of eating hot dogs as her first boyfriend kept forcing her to eat his cock and went for marathon BJ. Her current boyfriend was too quiet and was a virgin. Somehow she felt unsafe having sex with a virgin because she’s afraid virgin guys can’t control and will cum in her.

While chatting for over two hours, I noticed her cleavage when she leaned forward to look at some yellow-jokes sms and my cock hardened. At that time, I was still a virgin (Yes… 21 year old virgin who didn’t even touch a female’s boobs before. What a loser.), and I had wild lustful thoughts about her even though she was underage. Nothing happened during the first five meet ups, but yes, she trusted me and often called me to chat as she claimed I provided good listening ear and cracked lame jokes to make her laughed and also knew how to sweet talk to make her day.

Losing my virginity

It was one of the weekends the following year and she had officially turned 16. Things were progressing very slowly between A and me. I received a call from D that she had something to get off her chest and would like to share with me. I was delighted and literally rushed to her void deck. She was, as usual, dressed in her typical ah-lian style, heavy makeup, low cut blouse, but wearing a very low and loose type black mini-skirt. We proceeded to a wooden bench near the park.

“Hey! What are you looking at?!” She gave me a playful slap.

“Hmm… I don’t know to bio your top or bottom!” I teased back.

“Ya, right… Sigh. I really miss your jokes!” She then related how she broke up with her boyfriend as she found him too guai. Next I cheered her up by telling her how attractive she was and she could pick any guy that she desired, be it good or bad.

“Really?! Hmm… Are you saying yourself?” She quipped.

“Of course not. I am not as handsome as your idol Aaron Kwok, not as fit as bodybuilders and not as romantic as any Korean actors!” I blurted out frankly.

“No la… You are cute at times you know.” She came closer and turned her body ninety-degree towards me and we were shoulder to shoulder. My right elbow was touching her left boob. I suddenly felt a rush of adrenaline and my cock started to mari-kita.

“D… You are very pretty and attractive and sexy. I erm… Wow!” With my right trembling hand, I started caressing her shoulder length hair and leaned forward. Till date, she was the first lady I had ever gotten that close.

“Why are you so nervous? Let me sing you a song to soothe and calm you down.” She sang ‘Loving you’ to my ears softly, more like whispering.

My right hand went to her heavily make up face and caressed her face and I kissed her forehead. She cringed and let out, “Eek… You are so naughty…”

“I can’t help it. I erm… You are the first lady to make me think wild, open my heart and go wild!” I looked into her eyes, with barely three centimeters apart between us.

“You are so bad! You are supposed to be consoling me, now you are so bad! What is this?!” She pointed at my erected cock, giggling. “Sorry for making you feel so uncomfortable.” She then motioned me and held my hand and went to take the lift at her block to the top floor, about 30th storey I think (Those new rebuilt flats along Old Airport Road.). While in the lift, she held my hand and stared at me and smiled.

“You are so bad…” She leaned forward and whispered to my ear.

As I was about to kiss her, the lift door opened and she took me to the staircase. These new staircases had doors and were pretty secluded as most people took the lift nowadays. I went in, still wondering what was in store for me. She asked me to sit down and sat beside me.

“This place is quieter and secluded, so you won’t feel embarrassed.” Again she whispered into my ear, renewing my cock with fresh adrenaline. We chatted and I told her how fabulous and sexy she was and kept apologizing.

“You should be wilder and bolder… Gals do like that. That’s why you still have no girlfriend yet. You must be wild and bad at appropriate times to gals whom you have established close relationship.” She advised, giving me valuable lessons in my future sex journey.

“I see… Why are you so sexy? I really can’t take my eyes off you, I swear!”

“Really? Maybe because I always dance. I love to dance in front of my bedroom mirror and to my boyfriends. And you know what? I love doing dirty dancing to seduce and arouse my boyfriends.” She whispered into my ears. Somehow I sensed she was licking her lips.

“Oh wow… Hmm… Can I ask for a favor from you?”

“Sure… You have never asked before. I will do anything to help you.” She looked at me with her slutty eyes, but with an angelic smile. Under the dim HDB lights, she looked very sensual and appealing.

“Can you dance in front of me?” I literally blurted out, with a trembling voice.

She gave me a smile and said, “Sure!”

She stood up and then shook her hip and waist as if she’s doing hoopla hoop. Then she turned her back to me and started to sit on me, but she didn’t sit and started to grind with my face barely ten centimeters in front of me. Imagine a sixteen year old girl with superb perky butt shaking her booties in front of me. My hand reached forward and tried to touch it, but she playfully slapped my hand and said I only requested to see dirty dancing and nothing else.

She then took my specs and looked at me with a slutty look and then licked the tip of the frame. She leaned forward and asked me, “Is it enough, mister good guai boy?”

“Nope… I prefer to see you shaking your boot in circular motion.” I barely had enough voice to respond.

She returned me my specs and stood sideways and shook. Now suddenly I remembered her teasing me about being a guai boy and something just struck me. It was my only chance of being a bad boy and I must do anything and everything to cherish this golden opportunity. Taking a deep breath, I stood up and walked behind her and she was oblivious.

I hugged her from behind, with my hard-on touching her butt. She was shocked and tried to turn around, but I held her waist firmly. Then I leaned my head forward and whispered into her ear that I can’t control and told her I wanted to remember her forever.

“Huh? How?” She stopped struggling and tried to turn her head and look at me. I planted a kiss on her lips and she was momentarily shocked and tried to struggle. I groped her left boob using my left hand while I rubbed my hard-on at her butt.

“Hey. Please control yourself. Don’t be naughty!” She tried to talk, but I kept kissing her and tried to force myself on her. Suddenly her struggles turned me on. I realized my left hand had slipped into her low cut blouse and touching her bra.

“不可以! You are not my boyfriend!”

Despite her struggles I managed to slip my hand into her bra with some force and cupped her left boob and felt her raisin. Taking a cue from my porn collection, I playfully twitched and pinched her nipple with my thumb and index finger to arouse it. I thought I heard a bit of moaning.

She finally struggled free and sat on the staircase and said we were getting out of hand. As she was talking, I leaned forward onto her and kissed her despite her struggles.

“Stop it. I know I may be an ah-lian looking gal but I am not a slut!” She raised her voice.

“Sorry I can’t control. But I want to be the first bad guy and you are going to be my first victim because you are the only special gal in my life so far!” Somehow I managed to find the correct words. She stopped struggling and looked at me. I caressed her face and touched her again. “Don’t go overboard k?” She muttered.

Suddenly her hand phone rang. She stood up and answered the call. It was her family. She motioned to me to keep quiet and she said she was meeting her friend at a nearby coffee shop and told her to go to sleep first as it was already 11 pm. I hugged her from behind again and held her waist and my head literally resting on her shoulder trying to kiss her neck. She was a bit startled, but continued chatting with her mother. I can hear her mother’s loud voice and she seemed like berating her for being out so late. My right hand went underneath her mini skirt and realized something. She’s wearing G-string! She struggled a bit, but she was concentrating on talking to her mother.

With renewed courage and boldness, I pushed her to the wall as she continued pacifying her mum through phone while trying to quietly struggle against me. I grabbed her ass cheeks and kneaded them while feeling the awesome curves she had. I proceeded to feel her G-string and finally found a damp patch which should be her pussy area. With her back still facing me, she slapped my hand to stop me, but couldn’t make any sound as her mum was still berating her. For the first time, I pulled aside her G-string and felt her abalone! I could hear her breathe heavily.

I then pulled her to sit onto my lap while I sat on the steps. All of a sudden, she hung up the phone and shot an angry stare at me.

I guessed the following installment may draw some condemnation from bros here. As I mentioned earlier, I just needed to let out some of my long hidden secrets to share. Please enjoy.

“What are you doing? Do you know that you are molesting me?” She raised her voice.

I pulled her onto me tightly such that her back was touching my chest and I sucked her neck while flicking her hair one side with a bit of force as she was struggling. Unknown to her, I had already unzipped my berms and my cock was out.

“You are so irresistible!” I made a luscious bite onto her neck. An ‘Ooph’ sound came out of her.

With that, my right hand went into her super short mini skirt and pulled open her G-string. She turned around and stared fiercely at me and slapped my hand. But with one thrust, my cock touched her abalone outside and she froze. Then I pulled her tighter towards me and my cock actually penetrated an inch into her!

“Hey no! Please don’t!” I continued pulling her tighter and she had no chance of escaping.

“I need you and I want you! Please!!” I begged her and I felt an incredible tightness and wetness and warmth around my cock head. I knew I was halfway inside her and she was very wet. She broke free and stood up and tried to rush away, but I went from behind and held her firmly on her waist with my left hand before plunging into her again, feeling the urge to cum.

As I continued thrusting her, I could hear a bit of sobs but I was oblivious. Yeah, maybe it was a rape (Feel free to flame.), but the feeling was fantastic. I felt like cumming and I loosened my grip and she broke free just as I cummed… Onto the floor. She adjusted her clothes and walked to me and gave me a slap and stomped off, leaving me in a daze, a feeling of awe and wonder for giving my virginity to a super hot ah-lian, and the reality of raping her and getting into jail. I adjusted myself and went to her as she was fuming at the lift lobby. I held her hand, but she brushed off me, saying she was disappointed with me, etc. We took the lift in silence and she went to her flat without saying goodbye.

As I went home, I felt guilty and sms her. Normally she replied within five minutes. But I did not receive any from her. As I reached home at about 2 am, she replied saying she was disappointed with me and indicated that’s the end of our friendship. I replied her admitting it was my entire fault and that I hoped she can accept my sincere apologies. That was the last time I heard from her. She changed her phone number a month later and I had totally lost contact with her. Her Friendster account was also removed.

On a side note, I told my good friend, X, about my encounter and he congratulated me for fucking her, saying he also knew the gal, but he failed to even touch her, let alone screw her as she was those ‘Heavy investment’ type, needed a lot of time, effort and money. X was a super playboy who always looked for ONS, flings, etc of different types, sizes and races of women. One could say he was a true player cum predator.

To D, if you are reading this, I am really sorry for everything on that faithful night. I will never forget you throughout my life. And I wish you the very best and hope you can find a good man to marry.

And I shall move on to my second target – A! And yes, it was my university mate.

After ORD, I failed to make it for the university orientation due to the tight schedule. So I went in there without knowing anyone, which may be a good or bad thing if you guys knew what I meant. As a university freshie, the first few friends whom I made left the most impression. Now there was an overlap of time frame between D and the next gal I am going to introduce – A, so it may be confusing to some.

In the second week, the tutorial started and I got to know one group consisting two ladies and three guys. The first gal looked very normal and short and plump and I had no interest in her. I remembered her being very loud and noisy and chatty, which was kind of a turn off for me. The second gal was about 1.6m, 34B 25 34 tanned looking gal sporting shoulder length hair. She seemed to be a sha-da-jie type and looked real cute and blur. But in terms of looks, I would say she was just slightly above average looking. Let’s call her A. So I managed to chat up with the shortie and A and my initial impression was that A had a cute, warm personality, but she loved to talk cock and said very lame jokes. She dressed well and her low cut blouse and short tight skirt were eye appealing for sure. The other three guys did not leave much impression to me except Z, who was fit, muscular, tanned, humorous, pretty decent looking and was from a good JC and drove a decent car to university. After exchanging pleasantries, I can tell Z and A seemed to have some sort of instant chemistry on-going and was comfortable with him, including some playful tugging and pinching.

After about a month, I seemed to hit off pretty well with both of them and frequently sms them as well. Sometimes during tutorial classes, I sat either beside Z or A, and we did copy notes, tutorial answers, quizzes, etc. A wasn’t a bright student, so she often relied on Z to teach her. Also one thing I noticed was that Z did grasp the method of knowing how to speak to gals and made them interested in him. Of course I knew he was a playboy, but it was not my business and of course I didn’t tell A about him with different group of gals after school.

So during the one week recess, I sms A and asked how she was doing. To my surprise, she called me and a tearful voice broke over the other side. She told me Z had been ignoring her for the past few days. After probing deeper, she revealed that Z tried to get fresh with her at one of the roof top of a walkway a few days ago at night. Of course I felt excited, but had to act like a gentleman and calmed her down.

“He hugged me from behind as I was looking over the view and told me how good looking I was and how I changed his life. He said so many sweet stuffs to me that I felt very loved and appreciated. Suddenly I felt a peck on my forehead and I realized he kissed me. I looked up and he kissed me on my lips. None of my ex-boyfriends ever kissed me so passionately. I felt so loved. He slipped his right hand into my blouse and I couldn’t resist. Everything was in a blur and before I knew it, my panty was pulled down to my ankle.”

“Wah, how he pulled down?” I asked, getting excited and trying hard not to show to her.

“I was wearing a mini-skirt to school to meet up with him to discuss some tutorial questions, that’s why.”

“Hmm, what happen next?”

“He went behind me. Then suddenly I felt something rubbing on my erm… Private part!”

I found it hard to concentrate talking to her at that moment of time. “I see, hope you guys used contraception that time.”

“Hey, nope! I pushed him away k?!” She raised her voice and literally screamed into the phone. I had to dig my ears and made sure my ears were still ok. What a loud bitch, I thought.

“I am not an easy gal and none of my ex had ever touched my breasts before and he had the cheek to initiate sex!”

“Ok, that’s good. You held on to your principles.” I removed my pants and briefs to let go of my poor member who was gasping for air, while pretending to be a concerned friend of hers.

“He sounded a bit pissed off and sent me home. I sms him whether he loved me and he gave no replies. I went to his place the next day and he told me he was unwell. Then I went home angry and confused. Then one of my friends saw him happily discussing schoolwork with two other ladies later that day. I called and sms him, but he just ignored me.”

Silly gal I thought.

“It’s been three days. Do you think he still loved me?”

“Give him some time. Some guys are scared of commitment. If the situation does not change for the next few days, then you should have a good heart to heart talk with him. Even if can’t become a couple, you two can still be friends!”

Anyway, I shall leave out all the mumbo-jumbo. The summary was that he avoided her and totally left that group to join two other groups of gals, even avoided me unless we absolutely needed to chat. And that episode made me closer to her and I gained her 100% trust. She often called me and chatted with me and shared me her problems and complaints. For me, I just listened more than I chatted while all the time, I was playing games and doing tutorials in my hall. A continued to attract attention, due to her often relatively skimpy wear and nice skin tone. After having some guys’ talks with some of my male friends in my other khaki group, it seemed A was in their list of hot babes to bed. And the fact that I was so close to her added to further excitement. It would be many guys’ dream to bed her, and I was determined to bed her to boost my ego, as I just managed to lose my virginity to D at this time. Please feel free to flame me for this, but I know I will get a huge sense achievement if I could bed another man’s girl.

Fast forward a few months later, she told me there were two guys after her. So to cut the story short, she was together with a hunky guy from NUS, while I was wooing another lady from a different faculty. We did have lunch together and occasionally I drove my dad’s small little car and gave her a lift home as she stayed quite near me. I still lusted after her, but it was hard to break the barrier, especially since she was attached. She often called me and invited me for supper. I happily obliged most of the time and had great fun and laughter while filling our stomachs. She also told me her brother was abroad studying, while her mom worked in the city area and won’t be back till 2 am. Her dad was in China for business work and as a result, she felt lonely and trusted her boyfriend and me only. The ugly incident in year one damaged her reputation as Z spread around how she seduced him, etc. Oh well, that’s how ridiculous the world was.

Before long, it was a few months before graduation. We were so close that she invited me to her empty flat and studied together. We even watched porn and talked about all the movements and actions. She was like, “Eek, so dirty!”, “How come the guy so big??”

“Wa, why complain so much? Don’t tell me you are still a virgin?!” I quipped.

“Of course. I love my body and I want to leave it to my hubby. None of my boyfriends at the moment are worthy to even touch me!” She retorted.

“Ya ya, wait you become an old virgin next time!” Amazingly, I still couldn’t seduce her to bed. I was getting real bored and demoralized as I couldn’t believe none of her boyfriend can lay her, let alone me. I decided to just focus on studies and remained friends with her without lusting about her.

Another incident was during one of the suppers, she introduced me to her childhood friend whom she grew up together. Let’s call her B. B looked demure and fair, but she spoke quietly. She had big eyes, but her smile looked awkward though. I was amazed at her figure, though. She was short, but boy was she voluptuous. At least a 36C 26 36. That night, they ordered beer (Mixed with stout.), and I found an excuse not to drink as I was driving. Amazingly, B felt tipsy while A was relatively somber. It was at the coffee shop near her place.

“Eh, help me move B to my room leh.” A told me.

“Hmm, together, ah. It is about three blocks away and B is not exactly very petite.”

“Ya ya, can tell you were ogling at her throughout, right?”

“What to do? I can’t ogle at you.”

“Continue fantasizing me ba!” She stuck out her tongue and together we moved her.

When climbing the stairs, I supported her back and ‘accidentally’ held onto her perky, round firm butt. Her tight fit black pants further accentuated her wonderful butt and I felt a reaction underneath.

“Hey, don’t anyhow touch her k?” A told me while helping B at shoulder level.

“I am a gentleman k?” I lied while enjoying the feast.

After reaching her place, she grabbed some warm towel and wiped her face and laid her on the sofa, before going to bathe. I felt excited and tried to act like a gentleman.

“Hey B. You still ok?” I shook her shoulders.

Hmm, no response. I caressed her face. Wow, smooth face and skin fair like tofu. I thought.

I couldn’t resist slipping my hand into her blouse and I felt her large bra cup. I was breathing real hard and I couldn’t concentrate. Believe me, anyone can hear my heart thumping.

“Hmm, very itchy…” She mumbled. I jumped and pulled my hand out. She turned to the other direction and I began caressing her awesome butt. I tried finding her panty trace, before realizing she actually wore a G-string! I touched, squeezed and felt her butt outline and lowering put my face to it, marveling her wonderful figure.

Suddenly I heard the bathroom door opened and out came A. She looked sexy with an oversized t-shirt and short pants. I looked at her and wolf-whistled and she threw the towel at me.

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