I Couldn’t Believe She Wasn’t Wearing Any Bra

“Welcome back home!” Evelyn excitedly exclaimed.

I smiled right back at her, “Hi Eve, how come you’re so bubbly today.”

Oh, by the way, Evelyn was a sweet nineteen year old tenant of my family. She always put on her best smile which was adorable in her own rights.

She just happened to be wearing this loose white top with spaghetti strap right now, which could clearly see her side boobs. It got my dick a little riled up for that instant.

Fuck, any moment I could just tear them apart. But I always viewed her like an innocent angel who let her guard down and always tried to resist myself from lusting over her.

After our initial conversation at the door, I went into the bathroom and got myself all cleaned up from a long school day in University and came out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped around my crotch while I walked to my room.

“Darren, is the internet down?” She asked frantically as stopped me while grabbing my hand, looking like a fricking nerd.

Her nipple slipped and I could totally see it from my angle while she was just frantically waiting for my reply.

“I think so. Sigh, I don’t have my games to play now.” I gave her a playful frown as she looked all down.

“How about we play a game, truth or dare?” She smiled cheekily trying to cheer me up or so as it seemed. “You go first!”

“Truth or dare with my towel on? Let me changed first.” I awkwardly asked, but she gave a no as an answer.

“Hmm, okay lor,” We sat on the living room couch as I asked, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” she replied.

“Do you have someone you like now?” I asked this as I was testing the water, while trying to elevate the intensity slowly.

“Yes.” Evelyn bit her lips as she replied which her eyes full of zest, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I replied.

“Did you fuck anyone before?” She asked with a serious face on.

“What the flying fuck.” Was my reaction.

“Yes…” It caught me off guard as I hesitantly replied while my mind was drifting away onto some erotic island with thoughts of her fucking me.

“It is my turn now. How about you? Did you?” I eagerly asked.

“Yes, but just one okay. It was my ex okay.” She answered with her eyes moving frantically, her being nervous was cute as hell. “Oi, you steam ah? Can see your boner la through the towel! Haha pervert!”

She stuck her tongue out and gave me a seductive wink.

“Truth or dare,” she asked with that quirky face of hers.

“Truth,” I replied, thinking what else could come out of her mouth other than my semen later as I was pretty certain I was going to make her blow my dick off.

“Since you made me so awkward already… Did you ever fantasize and jack off to me?” She asked as she placed her hand onto my inner thigh. Fuck, my hard on became even more obvious, this girl clearly wanted it.

“Err… Yeah, but, but, but… It is just because you are so hot and cute.” I replied with a fake awkward gesture, trying to boost her inner confidence to be more open. I meant she must be interested in me, why else she would ask me such a question.

Evelyn, since you asked such an awkward question. I think you should have a defaulted dare.” I asked. “How about you flash your tits, just for a split second…”

“Oi, what…? Hmm, okay bah…” She murmured with a pretty obvious blush on her cheeks.

Oh shit her boobs were so perky shit I couldn’t even resist, but I thought we should continue the game of word foreplay so I didn’t go for the boob grab. I couldn’t believe she wasn’t wearing any bra, she was so vulnerable at that point, I could pound on her that instant.

“How about you take out your dick?” She just spurred it out of her mouth.

My towel was unwrapped right before her eyes with my light saber fully exposed. “Shit that is huge.” She exclaimed with her face being all fascinated and clearly turned on.

“Since we are all ‘dare’ now, how about you give me a hand job, Evelyn.” I smirked with evil intent.

She slowly wrapped her tiny hand around my cock and moved it back and forth while her wet eyes were looking straight in my eyes. “You like it ma, Darren?” Evelyn whispered into my ears with her face next to mine.

I gave her a peck on her cheeks. “This is your reward.” I said while we continued ‘the game’.

“I dare you to make me cum using your fingers, I am fucking horny already.” She exclaimed while looking down onto her already soaked black FBT. I fingered her right underneath the thin fabric while she continued giving me the hand job.

She started moaning as if she was in pain, but I was sure she was enjoying it while her hips were erotic as hell moving back and forth as if she was riding me already. I shuffled myself closer to her on the couch and she started bending her head down and giving me a head. She started licking it like a fucking lollipop and cupped my balls with her hands while giving out hard moans as I fingered her with three of my fingers inside her, at that point my fingers were pretty much soaked all over her love juice.

“I guess it is my turn now, I dare you to make me come with just your thighs.” I said, knowing that would probably make her more aroused with her glory hole so close to my wankers.

Evelyn stood up and pulled her FBT down with her bare pussy right before my eyes and sat on my lap with my dick in between her thighs. She clamped her slender legs tight with my donger and moved her body back and forth while back facing me with her loose white top still on. I held her hips and started giving her love bites over her neck while she seemed to be enjoying it more than I did.

“Fuck. Darren, your dick is so close to my pussy, how I wish you could just fuck me upside down already.” She breathlessly exclaimed while pleasing my cock with her continuous hip movement. Her bubbly butt was ramping at me hard while I was holding my semen and enjoying every moment teasing her.

She turned around, looked into my eyes and asked, “Am I doing a good job for a second timer?” At that point she was clearly blushing and a little embarrassed to admit she loved my dick.

Her clits were entirely wet as she grabbed my cock and inserted into her, like finally…

“Darren, you’re inside me.” She smiled while she grabbed my butt and thrusted her hips back and forth.

“Babe you’re so tight, you’re fucking crazy hot.” I whispered into her ears as she was in a euphoric state with her eyes closed and moaning hard while grabbing onto the sofa tight.

Her curvy hips and perky tits only made my hard on even harder as she moaned loudly, “Darren fuck me harder, you’re so beastly. Uhhh…”

I hugged her and pulled her body up while I moved her to the window with her body pressing on the window ledge, “You’re so pervert, you want to tell everyone I am yours huh?” She looked at me with her soapy puppy eyes.

She continued moaning loudly at some random passerby along the street. Fuck it got me all even more jacked up and I motored her fucking tiny pussy giving it to her as she held my hands tight while she keep shouting, “Fuck me harder.”

I ejaculated into her while she just smiled back at me, we were finally one.

We continued moving around the house as if we were playing husband and wife already, we ended up in my parents room where she rode me like a cowgirl and fondled with her protruding nipples while moaning my name.

“Baby you’re mine forever now.” I whispered into Evelyn‘s ear as she just grabbed me with her nipples pressed onto my chest while we continued fucking my balls off.


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