How I Broke My Cousin’s Cherry


Late 2005 was when I fucked my Cousin. I was 27 and had never had a serious girlfriend. My Cousin was the daughter of my third uncle, she’s eleven years younger than me. I watched her grow up and unknown to my families, I had been using her as a sex machine since she was young.

When she was between eight to ten, I used to carry her and put her on my lap, right on my dick. I will pretend to let her watch the cartoons, or sat behind her when she’s playing the PC or X-box. Then I will rub my dick against her butt, till I cummed into my underwear.

My Cousin was not really pretty, just average. But she was very tall for her age. Even at ten, she was just ten centimeters shorter than me (I was 178 cm tall.). And being tall meant she had long legs, which was what I liked best in a woman. So being with her, I sort of imagined her as a teenager (Not difficult with her height.), and used her to masturbate whenever possible. Needless to say, I went to my third uncle’s house very often and all along they just thought I liked to go play X-box with my Cousin.

Although I was not into kids sex, being with no girlfriend, she was the next best thing for me to cum in pleasure (Not to mention free.). It was really wonderful while having her sitting up against me with her butt on my dick. And I will wrap my legs around her legs, feeling our tight touching each other skin to skin. Then I will move against her, rubbing, imagined I was fucking a gal. You would be surprised that sometimes she was so engrossed into the X-box that I can reach my hands into her panty and rubbed her underage pussy till it got wet.

This continued until one day when she was eleven years old… As usual, I was doing my groin exercise again, with her playing the X-box and my aunt in the living room watching television. As I was about to cum, an evil thought came into my mind…

Why don’t I try to cum into her pussy? I never tried it before and just the thought of it set me crazy. So I pushed her up and asked her to stand still and proceeded to take off her shorts and panty. I pulled down her panty, bent her over and fingered her pussy. That’s when she stopped playing the X-box and looked at me with her eyes… And said, “If you do anything else, I will tell mom…” It was at that moment I figured out she somehow knew what’s right and what’s wrong…

I never used her again after that and was feeling very sad that I never had a chance to try her… Until that fateful day…

Hmm, I noticed I never gave my Cousin a name… Let’s call her Tina.

My uncle had a business overseas, he often had to leave for work for over a week to places like Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Whenever he went off, my aunt followed him and my Cousin was left with my grandma…

This went on till she’s reaching sixteen years old. One night, when we were having a family gathering at my grandma’s house, I overheard my uncle talking to my grandma, about leaving Tina with her this weekend.

“Pa, I am old enough to live by myself. You don’t have to leave me with grandma. It is ok, you can just leave me some money for my lunch and dinner. You will only be gone for a week.”

“You sure of that? I don’t want you to get into any troubles.”

“Yes, I am sure pa! You should trust me, I am not a kid anymore.”

So it was decided, my Cousin would be staying by herself for a week. Yet I found it strange, as my Cousin rarely spoke out like this, hmm, I was beginning to smell something fishy.

After dinner, she approached me, whispering, “Kor…” (She called me ‘Kor’ since young.) “Can help me with something or not, ke ke…”

It turned out that this coming week will be her sixteenth birthday. She was planning to go out with her friends, but if she was staying with grandma, she will have needed to go home early. Thus, staying by herself gave her a great chance to invite her friends over for a birthday party. And since her friends were all around her age, she needed someone who was old enough to help them buy the one thing that all parties cannot do without – beer!

Needless to say, I was more than willing to help her. In my mind, imaginations of sweet young teenage gals drinking themselves dead drunk came to my mind…

The party was a blast.

I bought her dozens of beers with the money she and her friends gave me and I even bought a couple of wine with my own money and presented to her as a birthday gift.

Throughout the party, I was doing small things like getting more beer, clearing trash, preparing the food, etc. Anything to get my mind off what’s going to happen tonight. Whenever I was thirsty, I will drink fruit punch instead.

The places were filled with teens, both beautiful and damn sweet looking ones, some were so high I swore they were intoxicated with something more potent than beer. But all night I only had eyes for one person – Tina. Tina was enjoying herself whole night, with toast after toast of beer. We counted down to her birthday at midnight, by that time she was so drunk she almost couldn’t blow off the candles on her cake. Eventually the teenagers all left one by one. Predictably nobody volunteered to stay to help clean up the mess. The last gal, Tina‘s best friend helped me to carry a totally wasted Tina onto her bed and bade me farewell.

As I closed and locked the main door, I could not believe the situation I found myself in. I knew it. This was it. I was finally going to do it to my Cousin. I did not know where to start. If you have never been in this situation you won’t understand it and really can’t judge it. I had a beautiful sixteen year old virgin unconscious on the bed.

I decided to make my own porno movie. I would be able to watch myself fucking Tina over and over again. How many guys in the world had videos of them fucking a sixteen year old virgin – who was their Cousin? I got my 6630 Nokia out and checked. I had about an hour charge in the battery and I plugged in the charger just in case.

I felt myself getting excited as I slowly pulled her t-shirt, bra, shorts and underwear off. She looked so fucking hot, so peaceful. It was like she was giving me permission. I had to touch her. I spread my Cousin open, naked and helpless on the bed and began kissing her wet little mouth. It was fun, but her teeth were in the way so I moved down to her neck and sucked her hard for a few minutes. I wanted to cover her entire body. Her breast were small but firm, her warm nipples clearly needed to be sucked. I spent several minutes there, cupping, rolling, massaging and kneading her, while licking, sucking and flicking her nipples. First one soft tits, then the other, then both. I did not hurt her, but I marked her. I marked her real good.

I could smell her body now. She was getting wet, getting ready for my cock. I wanted to prolong this, to enjoy her body for as long as I could. I also needed some before and after rape pictures. I took a few pictures of her in compromising positions to go along with the video. Then I set up my hand phone, making sure the lens will capture her entire body from the side, as well as making sure it will not capture my face.

I pushed Tina‘s legs down flat against the bed and climbed between her thighs in a traditional missionary position. I figured that position would give me the best leverage for breaking through her maidenhead in one swift and powerful stroke. I first decided that I had better put a little more pressure on her hymen in an attempt to make sure that she was still out cold enough. I wanted to make sure that she was not going to regain consciousness from the pain associated with the breaking of her hymen.

I felt very certain after applying the pressure that I just used, that she was still out cold enough to proceed. I laid the full weight of my lower body on her, reached down beneath her and took the both cheeks of her ass in my hands. I pulled the head of my cock back until it was just barely inside of her opening. I think at that point, I was so totally consumed with passion and lust for Tina‘s young body, that I was willing to take almost any risk to achieve my own sexual satisfaction. I knew that I just had to finish the act, even if it meant taking whatever consequences that came my way. I was now poised at her virginal opening and in the next second or so would have her completely impaled on my rigid manhood.

Soon I was at her hymen. I pressed myself against it softly. She gave this breathy little grunt and her face frowned a little. I pressed into her again a little harder and her breathing picked up. As I swiftly and forcefully pushed forward, I felt Tina‘s hymen give way, allowing me to bury the full seven inch length of my cock in her young virginal womb. I felt Tina flinched from the pain. She let out a harsh gasp and her body recoiled, shook and shuddered as her tight pussy tried to expel me. I rested for a few seconds and allowed her to get used to me being inside of her. When she calmed down a little I began a slow rocking motion.

I could not believe how tight, hot and wet Tina was on the inside. This was not going to take long. I wanted desperately to relieve the pressure that had been building in my balls. I slowly and steadily increased the tempo at which I was moving in and out of Tina. I would pull my cock all the way out of Tina‘s vaginal opening, then back in until our pubic bones bumped together. I thought that I had died and went to heaven. I was unable to remember anything ever feeling so good to me.

I want to be as deep in Tina‘s flat little tummy as I possibly could get. I had Tina right where I wanted her and was now racing toward my own orgasm. I was on the verge of emptying the contents of my balls and that was the only thing on my mind at the moment. I was already readying myself for a quick withdrawal when suddenly she started to groan, a frown came over her face, she brought her hands to the side of her face and her eyes lids began to kind of flutter.

Shit! I pushed myself in tightly against Tina‘s pubic mound and then held there perfectly still. I could feel my balls starting that familiar tingling that always did immediately prior to ejaculation. I lay there gritting my teeth, trying as hard as I could to keep from moving and trying even harder to keep from shooting my load. I dared not try to pull out now for fear of bringing Tina to full consciousness. I was paralyzed by the fear of being caught. I sure never intended on leaving any evidence inside of Tina to make her aware that I had been there and then Tina for some reason suddenly started contracting her vaginal muscles around the shaft of my cock. I wasn’t sure if Tina was having an orgasm, or if she had just become aware of the feel of something foreign inside of her? Regardless of the reason, it was more than I was going to be able to take. It caused my balls to tighten ever further, then the throbbing of my cock started. I knew right then, there was no way that I was going to be able to stop my balls from emptying their contents deep down inside of Tina‘s belly. And I knew without question that I dare not move for fear that she would awaken and catch me there. I just lay there perfectly still and braced myself for what was to come.

It was Tina‘s next contraction that sent me past the point of no return. I was given no choice but to just lay helplessly on top of her, spurting jet after jet of my hot baby making seed into the depth of her womanhood. I couldn’t remember ever having a more intense climax than I had just had. I was experiencing pure heaven and I didn’t even have to die first. I could feel my sperm starting to bubble out from around the shaft of my cock and ran down and dripped off of my ball. I had just pumped one hell of a massive load into Tina‘s pussy. There was going to be no way of hiding that I had been there for sure…

I laid there for what seemed to be an eternity. I was sure that it was no longer than five minutes. But my cock was still more than half hard and it didn’t appear that it was going to get much softer. I was thinking that I just fucked my virgin Cousin and I was the sole person that knew what was happening. Then I remembered, that there was another witness to my act. I looked up at my hand phone which was taking in everything that was happening. From now on, I can watch myself fucking Tina over and over again.

I just couldn’t resist the urge to move my cock inside of Tina a little, so I slowly pulled out and then pushed back in again. I was not sure if it was the slickness of Tina‘s cum drench twat, or the squishing sound that my cock made as it moved in and out of her that made it starting to grow completely hard again. I was going to let myself ejaculate one more time inside of Tina‘s belly before I quit. I was planning on trying to get myself off just as fast as I could. I had already taken enough risks. I figured that I had better get it over with. I was already pushing my luck. I knew Tina wouldn’t be out forever.

I put my legs on the outside of Tina‘s and then clamped them together tightly between mine. I had her legs squeezed together so tightly that it made her already tight little snatch felt like a vise squeezing my cock. The massive load of semen that was still oozing out of her would be more than enough lubrication. I was now preparing to see how quickly I could pump another heavy load into her. Oh! The wickedness of my act!

I quickly picked up the pace at which I was fucking Tina. I was already feeling the effects of her vice like grip on my rigid prong. I wanted to ejaculate again so badly. It was not going to be long achieving my goal. I could already feel my balls starting to tingle. I only had one thought in my mind. That was emptying the remaining contents of my balls inside of Tina. I was beginning to pant like a dog. I could feel my shaft starting to throb and picked up the pace that much more. I couldn’t hold my load any longer and began to spray Tina‘s insides with blast after blast of my hot slimy spunk. I rammed forward and held myself tight against her pubic mound as I continued to drain the last few spurts deep inside of her. I could feel much of this last load spurted out around the side of my shaft. I had filled Tina‘s twat so much more than it had the capacity to hold.

It didn’t take long for my cock to whither this time. I released the grip that I had on Tina‘s legs and my limp cock slid out on its own will. I looked down at Tina‘s pubic hair, it was coated with a layer of my white semen. I took a few pic of my sperm coming out of her filled pussy, then cleaned the mess up as best as I could.

After the fantastic sex, I was feeling very tired… I set my hand phone as an alarm and laid down beside Tina, hugging her body, cupping her breasts and fell asleep.

I woke up on my own at 8:30 and Tina was still out of it. I could not help it. I had a morning hard on and I wanted her again. This was the best feeling in the world, sleeping with a SYT, fucking her first thing in the morning. I decided she was just moist enough and did not give her any foreplay. It made the fuck even better for me. I really had to work to get it in her. I took my time and gave her a gentle rape.

She had been out for over seven hours and I knew the beer would be wearing off soon. She was breathing differently. Before it was like she was unconscious. Now it was more like she was in a deep sleep. The longer I fucked her the less deep it became. As my climax approached, she actually began thrashing around and mumbling to herself. I tried to control my thrusts as I rubbed her clit and tits gently. I was on the verge of cumming when it happened… She opened her eyes…

As she just woke up, it took her about ten seconds before realizing what happened. As I looked into her eyes, I can see the eyes looking blur, from just waking up from sleep, to sudden shock as her mind registered who was laying on her and the fact that we were both naked.

“What the, Kor what are you doing!” She shouted as she tried to push me off her naked body. As she tried to move her leg, her face twisted up in pain, that’s when she realized that not only was I laying on her, but that I was also… Inside her!!! “No!!!! Kor! Get off! What the fuck you are doing!!”

Obviously I was not going to let her off so close to my cumming. Without thinking twice, I grabbed her waist and pushed her down back to the bed. My Cousin was crying openly now… She tried to raise her hands while at the same time moving her leg from under me. But my strength kept her arms down and I used my thighs to open up her legs and began to increase the pace of my fucking.

I can see the desperation in her eyes now. “No… Kor, please stop. It hurts, please…”

Before I was doing all the job while she was out cold, now it was a totally different feeling. Her thrashing and pleading made the whole rape felt even more erotic than anything I had encountered before. It beat even the last two sex I had with her. As I looked into her eyes, I felt myself going in and out of her, feeling the inside of her pussy trying to expel my hard dick out.

Then it came… I can feel my sperms coming out… I pushed myself deep into her as deep as I can and stayed there… Feeling… Heaven… She must have felt my dick sudden swelling too, as her eyes opened wide in shock and closed in despair. She clutched her teeth, trying to imagine that she was in a different place, that all this was not happening to her, but as my hot sperm hit the back of her pussy wall, she let out a long “Nooooooo!!!!”

She stopped struggling now. Her body lay down in defeat. As shot after shot of hot sperm invaded the innermost area of her most private part.

As much as I wanted to fuck her again, I knew after three times in a few hours, I will never be able to make my dick hard again so soon. I finally let go of her arm and collapsed on her body. Tina lay on the bed, sobbing, while I lay on top of her, shivering after the extremely intense sex I just had.

After a few minutes, I felt my dick softening and slipped out of her pussy, I pushed myself up and looked at the cum slipping out of her pussy and onto the bed. As I pushed myself out from the bed, she curled up into a ball and said, “Why? Kor… Why you do this to me? Kor…” Her tears soaking the pillow she was laying on…

I went up to her, holding her head in my arms and whispered into her ears…

“I have a taste for you now, Tina. I enjoy your pussy and I plan to make love to you again often. I am going to try not to rape you anymore. I want you to willingly surrender yourself to me. I want you to like it. Just give me a chance baby. I will be so good to you, I swear to god I will. Please don’t make me rape you again. Let me be your lover. Don’t answer me now, take some time and think about it.”

Tina had a stunned look on her face as I softly kissed her goodbye. I playfully gave her tits a good night tug. I was walking to the door when I heard her say under her breath, “Never again.”

I waited until I closed the door and answered, “We’ll see. We’ll see.”



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  1. Lemon says:

    Hey I really hope this story isn’t real , I am a guy And I am guy who is horny af as well and I love to read these kind of stories but rape is really not okay I hope everyone knows that. Yes we can imagine and visualise but we should never take action on a girl. It’s just extremely immoral and just wrong

    • Seriously? says:

      story waaay too fake how could you fall for it lol

    • McTavish says:

      Lemon, you lickarse gobshite idiot *laughs*, are you brainless ? Leave this site before your mom beat you up and stop slapping random on your keyboard, if you have nothing to say, type nothing. Bloody stupid bloke! *lol*

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