Sexual Education 4


Story submitted by: Dan

This is a continuation of ‘Sexual Education 3‘.

Cara spent our last night at the resort teaching more techniques on sex and the sexual education that I was receiving from both her and Jane were fulfilling my fantasies.

“You need to learn how to get a girl horny if she isn’t. Satisfy her so she would satisfy you too.” Cara explained as she sat on the edge of the pool and opened her legs wide. She spread her vagina folds to expose the pinkish tissues. She pointed to various parts of the vagina and emphasized on the clitoris.

“This is the sensitive part of the vagina. Girls can reach orgasm just by rubbing this part. It is also why girls like to grind their hips when on top.” I thought of how Jane rode me last night and my body was restarting the engine already. No wonder she rode me like crazy.

“Use your tongue to lick me along the folds and circle around the clit.” I followed her orders and used the tip of my tongue to lick her timidly.

“Oooh, it is fine to use your tip to start off teasing, but sure to use your whole tongue afterwards.” Cara explained as she closed her eyes and started to breathe deeply. Her chest rising and sinking to her breathings. I was really timid at first as I was afraid of hurting her and it felt a little disgusting. But I decided to man up since she was already washed in the water. I changed to lick her with my full tongue and resulted in Cara moaning and twitching. I thought to myself I was doing a good job so I even quickened my pace and licked her clit more often. Cara was now moaning at her normal intensity and moved her hips rhythmically.

“You learn very well! I like it! You may want to try kissing with your lips occasionally too.”

“Muak muck.” I kissed her love hole hard and sucking some skin along. Her vagina started to secrete some smooth liquid very similar to my pre cum.

“Ahhh… I am getting close!” Warned Cara as she moaned louder and louder. I licked and twirled her clit even more. But I remember she played with me this morning so I wanted to let her know what it felt too. I kissed her vagina hard and pulled away.

“Ahhh, what are you doing? Don’t stop!” Cara pleaded as she grabbed my head to prevent me from escaping.

“Don’t run away, I have more to teach.” She commanded angrily. I was scared and I buried back between her legs.

“Do this again and I won’t let you fuck anymore!” She cupped my face and stared into my eyes. Damn, why she looked so attractive when angry. She withdrew her anger and asked to look at my fingers. She made me cut my nails before dinner, I thought she wanted to ensure my fingers were hygienic for the buffet but turned out it was for herself! She asked me to insert my middle finger into her carefully. She held my hand and slowly inserting and withdrawing it out like as if I was her dildo.

“Of course you need to learn how to finger a girl! You must cut your nails as a respect so you won’t hurt her!” She continued to lecture and asked me to insert my index finger too.

“Curl your fingers up as if you are telling someone to come over.” I was confused with what she wanted and tried to follow her orders. She explained that doing this you can find a girl’s G spot which is slightly rougher and spongy. I roamed my fingers carefully as it looked like I will hurt her.

“Stop, stop. I think you got it!” Cara shouted. I stopped immediately and felt the surroundings. I did feel something in the region where it was bumpy.

“Now thrust your finger in and out and make sure you rub that area too.” She ordered as she closed her eyes to be ready to get pleasured. I did what she told and also rubbed her clit whenever I entered her. She complimented me for that and motivated me along. The sounds of her juices and moans made my dick erect once again and I was getting horny too, seeing her pleasured and complimenting me with praises and moans.

“Woo ahhh Dan why are you so ahhh so good at this ahhh.”

I thought I should have some fun too, so I secured her hips by hugging her hips with my free hand and kissed her breasts which was missing a lot of attention. Her nipples were hard due to the waves of ecstasy travelling throughout her for the past few minutes. I was having my fun kissing her boobs and neck when she shivered violently.

“Waa ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh.” She shouted loudly as she hugged me tightly and crashed her head on my shoulders which kind of hurt. She was now having her climax and sounded as if she was about to faint. I stopped whatever I was doing in case anything went wrong. She was digging her fingers into my back and continued to tremble for an eternity as I was nervous about her fainting or anything.

Cara finally calmed down and now panting heavily, squirming occasionally. I stroked her back and head like a mother pacifying her child. She broke the hug and cupped my face with her hands and rested her forehead on mine. We stared into each other’s eyes and she moved in slowly to kiss me. We kissed really gently and slowly as she was still recovering from her orgasm, lovingly.

“You found my G spot and sent me flying to heaven just now, Dan. It felt so good like heaven, but so overwhelming I almost died. 欲仙欲死.” She whispered. I brushed her hair gently and asked if she was okay.

“Relax, Dan. Your jie had her best orgasm in her life, that’s all.” She smiled and kissed me gently.

“Your turn to sit down.” She walked into the pool and I took her position. My manhood was half erect due the intimacy and her moans.

“Using the mouth to please someone is called oral sex. Now let me demonstrate what a blowjob is.” She held onto my dick like a joystick and kissed the tip gently. This sent a wave of sensation down the shaft and I trembled. She then stuck out her tongue and licked me from the bottom to the top of my rod and I groaned as I was really sensitive from the cum shot just now.

“Muak muak.” Cara kissed the sides of my dick and sucked hard and made exaggerated sounds which was a turn on. The best was when she engulfed my dick in her warm mouth and rubbed her tongue at the back of my dick, which sent me deep trembles and I held her face, adoring her. She looked up at me, staring deeply into my eyes and smiling beautifully yet sultrily as she sucked my dick like she was eating a popsicle and sucked hard every time she pulled it out.

“How does it feel having your first blowjob?” Cara asked and used her lips to kiss my dick head repeatedly.

“I have already felt it.” I blurted carelessly as I was enjoying it deeply.

“You feel before already meh?” She asked in surprise and stopped her sucking.

“Uhh, I meant I felt like cumming again la aiyo, I get a blowjob from where sia.” I stuttered as I avoided eye contact.

“Just keep sucking jie, please, please it feels so different from a vagina.” I begged as I rocked my hips to prompt her.

“Actually, yah la you still so fresh sia.” She shrugged it off and kissed my dick gently again.

That was a close shave man! I didn’t know what will happen if I let her know I had sex with Jane also. She might get jealous and confront Jane, getting both of them angry wouldn’t be beneficial for me! I will just let them go ahead thinking they each had my first so they will have the initiative.

“Should we close the curtains in case Jane wakes up?” I asked, executing the evil scheme that I just thought of.

“We were having so much fun we forgot about it! Hope she didn’t hear me climaxing just now sia.” Cara said as she walked into the room and drew the curtains, sliding the glass doors but not locking them. I admired her angelic curves as she walked, paying particular attention to her jiggling butt and boobs.

“Now we can have some private time.” She whispered as she bit her lips, hugging me by the neck and french kissed me. I held her by the waist and we kissed slowly and gently, as if time had stopped for us and we were the only ones left in this world. *Insert lovely piano tune* (Joke.)

I caressed the curves of Cara‘s back and tickling her by sliding her back with my finger lightly, which will induce her goosebumps and made her shrug her shoulders a little while hugging me tighter. I ran my hands down from her shoulders down to her butt ever so slowly and caressed her delicious butt and things got fired up when I slid my two fingers along the cleavage of her butt and stopped outside her love hole. I curled my fingers repeatedly there which made her break the kiss and knocked her forehead onto mine. She then looked up into my eyes and her lustful mode was on.

“Fuck me already Dan.” She demanded. I grinned at her and sat down on the edge of the pool again, wanting her to straddle me. She knew what to do immediately and kneeled with her pussy above my dick, wet with (I not sure), the water from the pool or her juices. She positioned my dick and sat down on it moaning hungrily as my dick was into her completely. She held on to my shoulders for support and started to rock her hips, stimulating her clit. I secured her hips in case she fell and also rocked my hips. It took a few seconds to synchronize our pace and now we were one and enjoying the sex we were having. We moaned with each other while staring into the eyes, exchanging signals of ecstasy. Cara didn’t last long as she was very much hornier than me. She stuck her forehead onto mine and cupped my face.

“Ahhh… Dan I love fucking with you.”

“Ahh, same with me jie huuuh I love yohooooo.” I answered in the midst of my deep breathing. I quickened my pace for her and caressed her boobs. She responded to my efforts and rocked her hips harder, tensing at the same time.

“Uhhhhhhh.” She moaned.

She stopped for a while after she just had her climax. She was panting with her head resting my shoulders and I was just sitting there waiting to fuck her again.

“Come with me.” She said as she got up and walked to the railing at the other end of the balcony, where the sea view was available. She stood behind the railings / fence and bent down to expose her pussy and butt. Her torso was outside of the railings now and any neighbors that popped out of their balcony could see her naked.

“It feels so wild 刺激 to have sex while being exposed.” She explained as she signaled me to come over. I stood behind and penetrated her roughly in one swift movement, causing her to shout seductively into the empty beach. (Of course the part of the beach was inaccessible to the public.). She looked back while I grabbed her hips and fucked her deep and relatively roughly, sending piak piak sounds all over the balcony.

“Uh uh uh uhhhhh.” Cara moaned especially loudly as if she wanted the neighbors to hear. Somehow I was joining her in this madness as the sound of our bodies slamming was also loud. It got really exciting as I fucked her longer. (We actually forgot about Jane, but I guessed the glass door was quite insulating.)

Very soon enough, we heard moaning from next door and Cara looked back to me and laughed cheekily. They must have heard us fucking and got horny too. This only motivated us more.

I joined Cara by bending down and reaching out of the balcony. I peeped next door and saw a pair of hands grabbing the railings. I diverted my attention to Cara‘s neck smooching her neck and grabbed both her boobs, kneading them around like two joysticks (But huge.), and occasionally squeezing them, making Cara moaned even louder. I peeped next door again and saw a young lady’s head popping out. She and Cara had the same expression, yearning for more sex. Cara moaned at the direction of them as if challenging them. The other lady, whose side view was blocked by her hair, heard Cara and shouted for her partner to fuck her faster, which he did as that lady was moaning at a faster pace.

“Let’s not lose to them!!” Cara turned back to command and she also slammed her butt at my pelvis to make the penetrations harder. Somehow we won the ‘Race’ when Cara had her third orgasm of the night, shouting:

“Ahhh… Dan fuckkkkkk.”

I also orgasmed immediately after her so I couldn’t stop her from shouting my name. I collapsed onto her back and continued to pump, but irregularly because I was pulsing and shaking from the intense orgasm. Cara also trembled very hard, her legs gave way. I tried to support her, but we both fell to the floor. I was still cumming when we were on the floor, but my penis slipped out so there were some semen on the floor and her thighs.

“Awwww so erotic, fucking nice.” Cara tried to speak in between her panting. I was also hugging her from behind horizontally on the floor and it took us quite a while to recover and wash ourselves. Our neighbors were also silent, so I guessed they finished too. We dried each other and went to sleep as it was 2+ am. I knocked out the moment I laid down on the sofa.


Source: Dan

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